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The Animal Health Co Classic

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News and results...

The Animal Health Company Classic, started in 2014, might get you or your dog wet! The Animal Health Company Classic will welcome all sizes of Agility dogs in a Steeplechase-style course that features the Westcotts Water Jump! Reports from each of the heats by Graham Taylor.

The Animal Health Co Classic Might Get You Wet

The Animal Health Company is delighted to announce that it will be continuing its Agility competition in 2017. The Animal Health Company Classic will welcome all sizes of Agility dogs in a steeplechase style course that features the Westcotts Water Jump!

Animal Health Company's Sales Manager Jennie Westcott said 'We are delighted to continue sponsorship of this Agility competition with new heat hosts in 2017 and I look forward to meeting everyone at our first heat at the Scunthorpe Championship Agility Show in April.'

With heats across the country - some especially for Medium and Small dogs - there are 12 opportunities in 2017 to qualify for the Autumn final. Click on the name of the show below to read the report and find out who qualified for the Final.

Click on the show for a brief report.





  • Just Dogs Live Peterborough - Cambridgeshire


  • Pembrokeshire by The Pond - Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire

  • Welsh Kennel Club Championship Agility Show - Builth Wells, Powys

  • The Summer Show - Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire


  • North Derbyshire Championship Agility Show - Southwell, Nottinghamshire

  • Paws In Park - Detling, Kent

The 2017 final of the Animal Health Company Classic will be held at The Autumn Food & Country Fair at the East of England Showground Peterborough on Sunday, 8th October 2017, kindly judged by Championship Agility Judge Allan Mitchell. RVA hold their weekend autumn show over the weekend and are joined on Sunday by The Autumn Food and Country Fair so a great day out for all the family to watch the final.

The Animal Health Company wishes everyone a successful 2017 and looks forward to meeting you at an Agility show near you.

The Animal Health Company offers a range of products that will be ideal for the Agility dog including their new food, Westcotts. Unique to the market, it contains HypercCoat Prime, a popular supplement. Westcotts, formulated with high levels of chicken and rice, is hypoallergenic, pro-biotic and has no added flavourings or preservatives produced from quality ingredients helping dogs with a sensitive palate. The Animal Health Company website has all the details.

For more information, contact Animal Health Company Classic, 2 Medley Grove Leamington Spa CV31 2GA 01926 315335 /07831 548911 email rover.pro@outlook.com

Heat 1
Scunthorpe O & ADTC

It's not true you know... what they say about Scunthorpe. The sun does shine in Scunthorpe and the ice-cream van seems to have an inexhaustible demand from Agility folk, some of whom took part in the first of the heats to find our Animal Health Company Classic winner for 2017.

With the competition moving into its third year we were delighted that those from the ‘frozen north’ had the opportunity to take part in this fast moving competition under the watchful eye of Championship Agility Judge Charlie Wyatt.

With the competition open to all sizes of dogs there is no guarantee Large dogs will take the top places and last year’s final was won by a Medium sized dog !

Scunthorpe winners qualifying for the final are:-

  1. Hayley Laches with Hayleys Comet Uppan Atom - 23.657 secs (C)

  2. Sarah Crouch with Batfink Twist of Fate -24.069 secs (C)

  3. Amy Pearce with Bumble Bree - 25.617 secs (C)

  4. Jackie Smith with Borderstorm Dare to Shock - 25.630 secs (C)

  5. Maria Jenkinson with Devongem Freedom of Flyte - 25.913 secs (C)

Heat 2 sees us joining Hatton Festival where we look forward to finding our next five qualifiers for the 2017 final

Heat 2
Hatton Agility Festival

Charlie Wyatt does a bit of judging but what are the chances of him judging both the first heat of the AHC Challenge Cup at Scunthorpe and then the second heat of the Animal Health Company Classic qualifier recently held at Hatton Festival.

Well, that’s what happened! He definitely chose the better Hatton day weather-wise even topping up his tan as he worked his way through 250+ dogs

Hatton Festival winners qualifying for the final are: -

  1. Jackie Gardner with Jacirra Bertie Boy - 23.996 secs (C)

  2. Rebecca Leatherbarrow with Cuppa Teaser Turner - 24.077 secs (C)

  3. Emma Gamble with Dynamite Dinky Diva - 24.096 secs (C)

  4. Jan Gordon with Lilhaze Nisa By Far - 24.257 secs (C)

  5. James Brown with Up An Atom - 24.516 secs (C)

Heat 3 see us heading eastwards to Colchester where we will find our another five qualifiers for the 2017 final.

Heat 3
Stonebridge DTC

For many years, Tatton Park Cheshire used to host both Agility and Carriage Driving which made for a great sporting weekend. It seems the mantle has been taken over by the lovely venue of Ashfield arriage and polo club, where not only can you watch Agility, but see majestic horses and carriages going out on exercise. Located near Colchester this provided the venue for this year’s Stonebridge DTC three day Agility show where we held heat 3 of the Animal Health Company Classic 2017.

Judge Shelly Christmas superbly set out the course with more than 200 dogs having a fabulous time competing Small, Medium and Large all against each other for a placein the grand Final.

As ever, trying to get all the winners in one place for a photo proved impossible here but we have a clearly delighted winner here, junior handler Richard Davies. I am sure he and the rest will be in the right place at the Final later in the year.

Stonebridge winners qualifying for the final are:-

  1. Richard Davies with Lunarlight Wotta Sir Prize (Owner Mrs C. King)

  2. Tamara Hollands with Jakovall Smith's Tuyere

  3. Michele Curtis with Ben

  4. Deanne Nash with Fly Bys Limited Edition

  5. Rosalyn Tiller with Fizz

Heat 4 sees us heading to the bright lights of Dog Vegas at Matlock where we will find our next five qualifiers for the 2017 final

Heat 4
Dog Vegas

It's not that often Agility is held on a UNESCO World Heritage site. Within the Derwent Valley and in the shadow of Richard Arkwrights’ first water powered cotton mill, the Dog Vegas Road show hosts a five day event alongside the Cromford canal, the M6 of it's day.

Whilst none of our lady qualifiers are a day over 21, there seems to be an 'old fossil' that officiated here and, despite the many efforts of the fellas, it seems only ladies found favour with Kevin’s fast flowing course today with collies to the fore.

Dog Vegas winners qualifying for the final are: -

  1. Claire Hodkinson with Ear Comes The Kaiser Chief - 26.005 secs (C)

  2. Yvonne Horner with Too Hot to Handle - 27.559 secs (C)

  3. Lesley Wilkes with Upanova Let Me Entertain You - 28.057 secs (C)

  4. Carole Stapley with Spooky Star - 28.079 secs (C)

  5. Ande Smith with Mr Jonty Foxtrot - 29.036 secs (C)

 Heat 5 see us heading across the border to Monmouth where Wye Valley will find our next five qualifiers for the 2017 final.

Heat 5
Wye Valley DTC Premier Show

Ellie Curtis and her dog Cacciatore Greenfinch had a good day at Wye Valley Premier Agility Show held within spitting distance of a lazy flowing River Wye. A member of the YKC Agility Team GB for the European Open Junior Championships 2017, Ellie took 4th place in Animal Health Company Classic class. She finished the day in style by winning another qualifier at the show so that’s another day Mum and Dad will be up early!

Seen here are some of his winners is our judge today, David Sweeney, with Monmouth’s famous church spire glistening in the sunshine. Top placed winners receive vouchers with others bags of Westcotts Dog Food which is hypoallergenic, pro biotic and has no added flavourings or preservatives and produced from quality ingredients helping dogs with a sensitive palate. 

Wye Valley winners qualifying for the final are: -

  1. Rhianedd Thomas with Llandyfodwgs Ci Cil Fach - 23.051 secs (C)

  2. Gill James with Meisterwerk Kia - 23.591 secs (C)

  3. David Carlile with Heidron High Perfection -25.743 secs (C)

  4. Ellie Curtis with Cacciatore Greenfinch - 26.022 secs (C)

  5. Aimee Kerton with Basilea Little Lionheart - 26.514 secs (C)

 Heat 6 see us heading back over the border to see if we can ride a cock horse to Banbury cross where we will find our next five qualifiers for the 2017 final.

Heat 6
Chipping Norton DTS Premier Show

We arrive at Chipping Norton’s Premier Agility Show for the halfway point in the 2017 Animal Health Company Classic competition with some 30 of our finalists now found.

Judge Malcolm Jones set a course which used the Westcotts water jump three times. This seemed to cause a problem or two amongst the assembled multitude although, as you can see, some familiar faces took centre stage today.

Chipping Norton winners qualifying for the final are: -

  1. Jane Chenery with Blackengine Dusk

  2. Jane Everett with Rosmarinus Shooting Star

  3. June Ashfield with Lottie

  4. Rebecca Leatherbarrow with Seren

  5. Sue Culmer with Little Black Bugetty Boo

Heat 7 see us heading eastwards to Just Dogs Live where we will find our next 5 qualifiers for the 2017 final.