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News and results...

Dog Vegas would like to thank their sponsor First Contact for their support and help with organising and running the heats and final. This year's third Large Grade 6 Final took place at the Dog Vegas show at Winterton on 29 July 2013 and was judged by Alan Bray.

The 2013 Final
Dog Vegas Show
26 to 29 July 2013

 The results are as follows:

Position Ring No. Handler Dog's name Result Time
1 565 Emma Braisby Red Hot Totalli Taboo Clear 35.829
2 517 Sarah Woolley Astra Cruze Clear 37.131
3 101 Ann Hinz Bell's Destiny Clear 38.255
4 382 Nigel Staines Elfinvale Legend AW(G) Clear 38.758
5 100 Ann Hinz Reach for the Stars Clear 39.333
6 403 Claire Todd King's Skye High Clear 41.759
7 257 Janet Melville Mylickle Diamond Deeba AW(G) Clear 41.984
8 93 Yvonne Croxford Oxy Jenny Meister Clear 44.016
9 520 Kim Kraushar Shock of Tollcarne 5 37.186
10 238 Sharon Reeder Bryning Bright Star AW(G) 5 37.93
11 582 Claire Mason Spot the Difference 5 39.092
12 409 Roger Anderson USA Sweep 5 40.418
13 106 Gemma Miles Flash of Devil Red 5 40.606
14 62 Catherine O'Rourke Meisterwerk Smiler 5 41.266
15 296 Gary Wilkes Walking Dynamite 6.288 46.288
16 588 Kate Davidson Dashing White Mistress 10 36.654
17 600 Vicki Warwick Locheil Miss Independent at Ruffs 10 39.94
18 688 Karen Harland Dapple Mia of Chapelte 10 43.343
19 331 Susan Izod Malaweena Megan AW(S) 17.146 57.146
  32 Angela Fiddimore Upanova the Name's Bond E 0
  88 Lesley Short Jetrik Rustler E 0
  95 Steve Croxford Joe Motion Pacemeister E 0
  206 Sheila Williams Perranfell Magic Tricks E 0
  213 Colin Veal Wiccaweys Magic Magpie E 0
  358 Jan Grayson Blakanis Harriet's a Flyer AW(S) E 0
  504 Mike Markey Elston Bracken E 0
  518 Sarah Woolley Harrjak It's All About Phaze E 0
  521 Kim Kraushar Pippin Yankee Doodle E 0
  599 Vicki Warwick Bryning Don't Stop Me Now at Ruffs E 0
  622 Judith Leonard Kizzi Makes Three E 0

The 2012 Final

The Final was kindly sponsored by www.dogvegas.co.uk and was held at the Dog Vegas show at Grantham on Saturday, 28 July 2012. It was judged by Mr Ian Dobison. There are approximately 10 qualifying classes for Large Grade 6 dogs. The final consisted of approximately 50 dogs with a total prize fund of £250  awarded between the top five places. The winner also received a trophy and money off vouchers for future Dog Vegas shows. Second and third places received T-shirts and rosettes were awarded to fourth to tenth place.  All unplaced finalists received a commemorative rosette.

The Winning Competitor's Report
by Stuart Doughty of Screaming Agility Dog Training.

After qualifying for the First Contact Grade 6 Final, back in July 2011 at Dog Vegas Show, Winterton I had almost forgotten about the final. It was only due to  Kevin Lampitt reminding me of it that I didn't miss it all together! Anyway after scrounging a lift with Kevin we set of to the UK Arena and arrived with 30mins or so to spare, so we checked in. I fuelled up on a can of coke and chocolate, checked the running orders to find we were running fifth out of 23 dogs and looking at the list of competitors, I thought well this is going to be fun, this could be any ones.

I walked the course, set by  Judge Ian Dobison, and what a great course too, fast, flowing with plenty of places where it could be won or lost! So I get the boy out of the van for a run and stretch out, our usual ritual of a muscle rub for Quin and a game of tuggy to get the blood flowing and, before I knew it, the competition was under way! Gulp, here we go! 

Caroline Johnson with Moffatdale Dazzlin' Sun running first and gaining an unlucky 10 faults, but no elimination - a good effort. Next up Dawn Cavanagh with Heathlands Dawn Flyte, a clear! Pressure on... Running next Ray Ellerton. After seeing Ray over the previous week at another show and having a bit of friendly competition between us, this was the one for me to watch, unlucky for Ray with Dragondaze Into Gear - elimination. Belinda Fox next to go with Happy Go Harry, cracking run, fast clear, more pressure! I'm up and a quick tuggy with Quin (Stillinn Dought) and to the start line we go. Deep breath and after struggling with a start line wait recently, this was the time to see if all my training had worked? Well it did, Quin sat strong and tense ready for my release command. 'OK' and we're off. The course went by in a blur, my boy was on fire, foot perfect, clear in a stonking time of  30.450 sec. A big game of tuggy and some big hugs and back to the van for a final rub down and a well earned drink of water. Well done Quin! Unfortunately I dared not watch any other runs apart from my lift -  Kevin Lampitt with Brie (Cheesy Wotsit), clear, but what time? 32.750 secs -  just off the pace, but a great run. Hiding in the back all I could do was listen to the cheers and clapping of clear round after clear round. Sweating now! 

Competition over and still not knowing the final result, it was only then with everybody congratulating me, that it was obvious Quin had done it for me! Whohoo! Just what we needed after a few months of struggling with competitions after recently giving up work and setting up Screaming Agility Dog Training, trying to pass on my training and competing knowledge to others and trying to help others get as far as they can with their four legged companions. 

Well done to the top five who stood on the podium with us. Winners of the Dog Vegas First Contact Large Grade 6

  1. Stuart Doughty with Stillinn Dought (C-30.450)

  2. Kim Krausher with Charly of Tollcarne (C-31.029)

  3. Georgina Baker with Borderstorm Dare to Have Fun (C-32.319)

  4. Belinda Fox with Happy Go Harry (C-32.445)

  5. Kevin Lampitt with Cheesy Wotsit (C-32.750)

 A massive thanks to Hazel, Jackie and the rest of the First Contact/Dog Vegas crew for a great competition and a great final. Well done to all who made the final 2012 and good luck to all who qualify for 2013!

Running Order:

1. Caroline Johnson with  Moffatdale Dazzlin’ Sun

2. Dawn Cavanagh with Heathlands Dawnflyte

3. Ray Ellerton with Dragon Daze into Gear

4. Belinda Fox with Happy Go Harry

5. Stuart Doughty with Stillinn Dought

6. Steve Hutchinson with Meg Lamaniac

7. Kevin Lampitt with Cheesy Wotsit

8. Jo Hyslop with Bonvivant with Extra Zoom

9. Susannah Thomas with Jedeyes of Valgrays

10. Catherine Rowlands with Perfect Bright Skye

11. Georgina Baker with Borderstorm Dare to Have Fun

12. Kenny Waddell with Obie Owes Me Nothing

13. Judith Leonard with Dancing Kie

14. Steve Hutchinson with Sox in the City

15. Emma Quincy with Bushy Boy of Bards

16. Kim Kraushar with Charley of Tollcarne

17. Nick Cirket with Nedlo Swoft or What

18. Steven Pluves with Novamberten

19. Pete Wells with Meisterwerk Jo Soap

20. Sandra Spruce with Dodgin’ Rags to Riches

21. Helen Aucott with Jakoval Blueberry Ice

22. Anne Marigny with Cories Afkka

23. Candy Hanby with Friendly Freddy


        1.   Stuart Doughty with Stillin Dought - 30.4502 (C)

        2.   Kim Kraushar with Charly of Tollcarne - 31.029 (C)

        3.   Georgina Baker with Borderstorm Dare to Have Fun - 32.319 (C)

        4.   Belinda Fox with Happy Go Harry - 32.445 (C)

        5.   Kevin Lampitt with Cheesy Wotsit - 32.750 (C)

        6.   Catherine Rowlands with Perfect Bright Skye - 35.001 (C)

        7.   Nick Cirket with Nedlo Swift or What - 35.202 (C)

        8.   Judith Leonard with Dancing Kie - 35.723 (C)

        9.   Dawn Cavanagh with Heathlands Dawn Flyt - 42.759 (C)

        10. Pete Wells with Meisterwerk Jo Soap - 31.025 (5)  

        11. Emma Quincy with Bushy Boy of Bards - 31.946 (5) 

        12. Annie Marigny with Cories Afka - 35.166 (5) 

        13. Sandra Spruce with Dodgin’ Rags to Riches - 35.681(5R)

        14. Steven Pluves with Novamberten - 35.694 (5) 

        15. Steve Hutchinson with Sox in the City - 41.715 (5R)

        16. Caroline Johnson with Moffatdale Dazzlin’ Sun - 39.903 (5.5R)

        17. Ray Ellerton with Dragondaze into Gea - E

        18. Steve Hutchinson with Meg Lamaniac - E

        19. Jo Hyslop with Bonvivant with Extra Zoom - E

        20. Susannah Thomas with Jedeyes of Valgrays - E

        21. Kenny Waddell with Obie Owes Me Nothing - E

        22. Helen Aucott with Jakoval Bluberry Ice - E

First Contact rules

  1. The class must be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club Rules in force at the time of the competition.
  2. The top five dogs from each heat (top three if the heat is split into two parts), will qualify for the final.
  3. If the entry for a heat exceeds the KC limit for a judge in a day then the class will be equally and randomly split and another judge appointed for the second part.
  4. Handlers may enter more than one dog in the competition and may qualify more than one dog for the final event.
  5. Once a dog has qualified for the final it may enter further heats. as long as it is still eligible for Grade 6.
  6. Handlers who have already qualified their dog for the final must report this fact to the appropriate Show Secretary before running in class. If the already qualified dog then qualifies again, the place will be awarded to the highest placed unqualified dog.
  7. The first five dogs from the heat will be invited to compete in the final. The next five dogs will be held as reserves.
  8. If the class is split, the top three dogs from each part will be invited to compete in the final. The next top three in each part will be held as reserves.
  9. In the event of a dog being unable to compete in the final due to availability, illness or injury the reserves from that heat will be called up in numerical order.
  10. In the event of a handler being unable to compete in a heat due to illness or injury a substitute hander for the qualifying dog will be allowed to run the dog.