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Will seven be your lucky number...

Skinner's, makers of high quality dog and puppy food for seven generations, is sponsoring the Skinner's Sevens Steeplechase Pairs competition for the second year. Based on the number seven for fairly obvious reasons, there will be seven heats with opportunities for the top seven pairs in each heat to be invited to the Skinner's Sevens Grand Final in August 2013. The competition is for pairs of Large dogs Grades 3-7 Combined, using a steeplechase-style course with a baton change between handlers. The class must be judged using the current Kennel Club rules. The course will be made up of a minimum of 17 jumps and tunnels, but no weaves, and it must contain at least one rising spread set at maximum size.

The Final
Judge's Report by Dave Deaville
Chatsworth Country Fair
31 August 2013

Skinner's Seven - Grand Final finalists

Set in the splendid and bustling atmosphere of the Country Fair at Chatsworth, it was a privilege to be invited to judge this yearís Skinnerís Sevens Final. It offered an opportunity to showcase the best of Agility to a wider audience. With this in mind, I set a course that was flowing and which gave the dogs a chance to show off their full speed.

Congratulations to Emma and Pete on their well deserved win.

Possibly the most unfortunate finalist this year was Miranda Bladen who, due to her partner's withdrawal, did at least get to run the final course, posting a fluent clear as the white dog.

The very first pair of Eve Price and Sarah Williams set the final alight with an excellent double clear in a time under 50 seconds, which gave all the other finalists a challenging target to aim for.

Pam Cashmore and Katie Melville came very close with a double clear and the pair of Georgina Baker & Lisa Adamson was a real threat until a late rolled pole ended their chances.

Some of the pairs had travelled from across the country to take their places at the Final and double clears for both Debbie and Emmy Figg from Kent finishing 4th and Linda Thomas and Hilary Warren from Pembrokeshire finishing 5th, made their journeys worthwhile  by taking home some of the £777 Skinnerís Sevens prize money on offer, although neither pair could beat the early pacesetters.

Being drawn 13th was anything but unlucky for Lincolnshireís Pete Wells with Meisterwerk Jo Soap followed by Emma Quincey with Bushy Boy of Bards, giving a determined blast and a superb  double clear again, which earned them the lead.

By this point, the remaining pairs realised they had to go for broke which resulted in a few errors until only one pair, Jackie & Kev Kenny, remained.  Unfortunately for Kev a single brick fell from the wall to mar what was the quickest time posted in the final. So close yet so far yet again.

My thanks go to Will Delamore and Skinnerís Pet Food for sponsoring such a great competition.

Skinner's Seven Grand Final 2013 winners - Pete & EmmaThe results of the Final are as follows:-

  1. Pete Wells with Meisterwerk Jo Soap & Emma Quincey with Bushy Boy of Bards

  2. Sarah Wiliams with The Stigs All White & Eve Price with Eve's Golden Bear

  3. Katie Melville with They Think it's All Nova & Pam Cashmore with Foxtwist Sheís My Gem

  4. Debbie Figg with Oobs Doob Scoobs & Emmy Figg with Emmy's Willo the Wisp

  5. Hilary Warren with Elthea Endless Rocket & Linda Thomas with Elthea Great Sensibility

  6. Jackie Jenny with Cories Kinder Surprise & Kev Kenny with The Bone Collector To

  7. Georgina Baker with Dreamchart Red Alert & Lisa Adamson with Redanmuir Shoch Tactics

Heat 7
Pembrokeshire By The Pond
13 to 15 August 2013

Jackie Kenny & Kev Kenny - Skinner's Seven Heat 7 winners

Gentleman's Day at Pembrokeshire by The Pond hosted the last Skinner' Sevens qualifier for 2013. With the Chatsworth Final, there was soon stiff competition from both Welsh and English Partnerships to gain one of the last seven places for the Final. Eventually last yearís finalists, Jackie and Kev Kenny, with dogs Cories Kinder Surprise and The Bone Collector To, succeeded and took the top spot.

Finishing the first day of Wales's largest Agility show Pembrokeshire by the Pond, judge Darren Stokes set a challenging course to give us the top seven pairs. The Final at Chatsworth Country Fair will offer the 49 qualifying pairs a chance to win a share of the biggest prize fund of £777 within Agility.

Skinnerís Pet Food together with Final judge Dave Deaville and show officials wish everyone good luck at this yearís Skinnerís Sevens Final.

  1. Jackie Kenny with Cories Kinder Surprise & Kev Kenny with The Bone Collector To

  2. Lesley Jones with Canen Smarti with Attitude & Joan Gilbert with Two Chips Bob

  3. Joanne Health with Gwyneth Winnigogo & Sue Shaw with Something of a Lad

  4. Helena Cross with Nightmare on Leo Street & Becky Leighton with Runaway Flynn

  5. Jennifer Newton with Tancoombe Ponty Pandy & Jackie Tracers-Spencer with Boomerang Fudge

  6. Hilary Warren with Elthea Endless Rocket & Linda Thomas with Elthea Great Sensibility

  7. Lorraine Rule with Showgirl Sensation &  Linda Griffiths with Lindaís Logic

Heat 6
Rugby Championship & Premier Agility Show
13 & 14 July 2013

Skinner's Seven Heat 6 winners

The penultimate Skinnerís Sevens attracted over 100 pairs attempting to qualify for the August final. Judge Mike Haines, one of last yearís finalists, set a quick and testing course which saw Lorna and Dennis take the top spot.

With £777 up for grabs at the final we hope that all the qualifiers will be making their way to Chatsworth Country Fair. Skinnerís Sevens last 2013 qualifier is at Pembrokeshire By The Pond in three weeks time.

  1. Lorna Goodban with Syaluacam Meg & Dennis Macauley with Syaluacam Tag

  2. Emma Quincey with Bushy Boy of Bards & Pete Wells with Meisterwerk Jo Soap

  3. Lisa Adamson with Redanmuir Shock Tactics at Borderstorm & Georgina Baker with Dreamchart Red Alert

  4. Michelle Griffiths with Minka Phoenix Jazz AW(G) & Gill Raddings with Minka Prospect Cash AW(S)

  5. Sue Baker with Adventurous Apple & Georgina Baker with Crazy Crumble

  6. Shirley Wells with Waggerland Jodie & Catherine O'Rourke with Meisterwerk Smiler

  7. Moira Bowden with Dot Dot Dash & Sally Walker with Tan Bellina

Heat 5
Wellingborough DTC Open Agility Show
6 & 7 July 2013

Skinner's Seven Heat 5 winners

A podium finish was in store for Skinner's Sevens winners at Wellingborough. In weather really too hot to work dogs, the partnerships were regularly ' hosed down' to keep everyone cool and 'walking tents' provided much welcomed shade to the collect queues!

We'd like to give a special mention to Lesley Wilkes who, struggling to gain fitness after damaging a knee bone, was delighted that her dog completed the course without mishap, although partner Hayley Bray's dog took the first pole out, spoiling their chances of qualifying for the final for that chance of winning some of the £777 of prize money. To add insult to injury, the round was several seconds faster than the eventual winners.

Anyway, Wendy Clay's course found favour with those below and Skinner's Sevens moves on to Heat 6 at Rugby's Championship show.

The results are as follows:

  1. Debbie Figg with Oobs Doob Scoobs & Emmy Figg with Emmy's Willo the Wisp

  2. Sally Turner with Minka Prairie Vixen (AW(S)) & Kim Smith with Deeann Follow my Dream

  3. Moira Bowden with Dot Dot Dash & Sally Walker with Tan Bellina

  4. Carol Jones with Logins Lad & Malcolm Jones with Dualling Banjo

  5. Greg Boden with Mad Max Mischief Maker & Debbie Coles with Mollsy Moppet

  6. John Arnett with Fernhaven Eternal Flame & Teri Wightman with Morgan's Red Hope

  7. Katie James with Jane's Scatty Matty & Vickie Boswell with Digby's Dodgy Dealings (AW(G))

Heat 4
Tweedbank Open Agility Show
22 & 23 June 2013

Skinner's Seven Heat 4 winners

Skinners Sevens Scottish hosts Tweedbank found some really good weather for this year's heat after last year's cancellation. Judge Alastair Baillie set a great course and even an Agility Champion managed to secure a chance to share some of the £777 prize money at the Chatsworth final. Some great names for dogs north of the border too!. 

Congratulations to all seven pairs who qualify for the final on Saturday, 31 August 2013.

The results are as follows:

  1. Laura Short with Redanmuir Take a Chance on Me & Alan Short with Give it Some Juice Irn Bruce 

  2. Donna Kerse with TriíníFly Crackerjack & Karis Leckie with TriíníFly Extri Cool  

  3. June Swan with Special Rainbows Dream & Marion Alexander with Take the World by Storm

  4. Peter Dall with Gee Hits the Spot & Marion Mackie with Pause at Midnight 

  5. Lynn Lawrie with Maddieness in Lindilin & Brian McDougall with Aero Sol Can

  6. Tricia Elms with Jaffís Ma Easterdale Lad & Peter Elms with Ag.Ch. Josh Ma Lad

  7. Malcolm McCallie with Astra Mac & Marylyn Melbourne with Bonnie Bobby Dazzler

Heat 3
North Derbyshire Agility Festival

7 to 9 June 2013

Sue Taylor and Miranda Bladen

We're nearly half way through the year and Skinner's Sevens has already found 21 partnerships all whom have a chance to share the £777 Final Prize Money.

Congratulations go to Sue Taylor and Miranda Bladen who took the prize money and the top spot at North Derbyshire Premier Show, qualifying for the Grand Final at Chatsworth Country Fair on Saturday, 31 August. Joe Upsall's course found favour with those noted below and Skinner's Sevens now moves north of the border to the Tweedbank June show for Heat 4.

Congratulations to all seven pairs who qualified for the final.

The results are as follows:-

  1. Sue Taylor with Lie Low Lilly & Miranda Bladen with Canen Luna

  2. Pam Cashmore with Foxtwist She's My Gem & Katie Melville with They Think Its All Nova

  3. Nikki Collins with Hotshots Little Dweet & Emma Bralsby with Red Hot Totally Taboo

  4. Neil Wallter with Caystal Dream & Lynn Cotton with Diamond Bill

  5. Debbie Brentnall with Anston Wild Star & Gary Beamish with Kickay Candle

  6. Rachel Hathaway with Betsy Boo & Debbie Brentnall with Levliann Northern Star

  7. Sue Smith with Westcliff if Only & Nikki Collins with Hotshot's Little Angel

Heat 2
Severnside DAC Open Agility Show
6 May 2013

Skinner's Sevens had some glorious weather at the North Somerset Show for the second chance to qualify for the Grand Final at Chatsworth Country Fair on Saturday, 31 August. Paul Peytonís course found favour with those noted here all seeking a share of £777 prize money.

Skinnerís Sevens moves northwards to Osmaston early next month and then onto Tweedbank for Heat 4 of Skinner's Sevens 2013. Have you entered yet ?  

The results are as follows:-

  1. Chantel Hutton with Brecks Secret Weapon & Vicky Hutton with Bekkis Run Free

  2. Pauline Jackson with Trivial Pursuit & Sue Roberts with Anmeetue River of Dreams

  3. Fran Newman with Canburne Pelita AWS & Pearl Dormann with Harsett Tamar

  4. Nicola Dew with Brueway Cruise Control & Bob Kempster with Lenny Three Socks

  5. Sandy Thompson with Gunran Zephyr & Katherine Harding with Rhia Wonwell Wanderer

  6. Lyn Tucker with Mister Woody Two Shoes & Kathy Williams with Running with the Tide

  7. Alison Catterall  with Ruby Jump for Joy & Jamie Gordon with Roclaire Delice Fleuri

Heat 1
Wallingford DTC Open Agility Show
20 & 21 April 2013

Lydia & Ian Smith - Skinner's Seven Heat 1 winners

The first heat of the 2013 Skinnerís Sevens attracted over 100 partnerships to Wallingfordís weekend hoping to book their place at this yearís Grand Final. Judge Tina Stocktonís double tunnels seemed to cause a disaster or two.

Congratulations goes to all our finalists who will be invited to attend this yearís final on Saturday, 31 August at Chatsworth Country Fair.

Who will win a share of £777 Prize Money?

The results are as follows:-

  1. Lydia Smith with Rujaff Red Hot Chilli & lan Smith with Detania Red E Sted E Go 

  2. Sarah Woolley with Astra Cruze & Dan Millwood with Astra Thai 

  3. Lorna Peachey with Fueled for Life by Diesel & Simon Peachey with Rosmarinus Rum Twister 

  4. Sue Rolfe with Tamerrye Take That & Will Rolfe with Ag.Ch. Nedlo Black Magic

  5. Helen Cook with Savath Neo's the One & Jeff Holloway with Touchango to Boldy Go

  6. Sarah Williams with The Stig's All White & Evelyn Price with Eve's Golden Bear

  7. Sandra Southernwood with Brentmoor Loon & Nikki Turner with Brentmoor Jynx

2013 Competition

This year Britainís premier country fair at Chatsworth will host the Skinnerís Sevens Grand Final on Saturday, 31 August 2013. Chatsworth Country Fair regularly attracts over 100,00 people and the Agility ring is in a prime spot for the viewing public. This is bound to add to the tension along with the high stakes of winning some of the £777 of prize money on offer at the final, all under the watchful eye of soon to be Championship Agility Judge Dave Deauville.

The magnificent seven heats will take place at the following shows:




21 - 22 April

Wallingford DTC Show

Newbury, Berkshire

6 May

Severnside DTC

The North Somerset Show, Wraxall, North Somerset

8 - 9 June

North Derbyshire DTC

Ashbourne, Derbyshire

22 - 23 June

Tweedbank DTC 

Kelso, Northumberland

6 - 7 July

Wellingborough DTC Show

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

13 - 14 July

Rugby DTC Championship Show

Rugby, Warwickshire

13 Ė 15 August

Pembrokeshire by The Pond

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SW Wales

31 August

Chatsworth Country Fair - Grand Final

Chatsworth, Derbyshire

The Skinnerís Sevens 2013 Rules

  1. The class must be judged using current Kennel Club rules and a course laid with a baton change between handlers.

  2. Class Title -  Skinnerís Sevens Steeplechase Pairs Large Grades 3 Ė7 Combined Special

  3. Class Style - Spectator attractive steeplechase course with jumps and tunnels (no weaves or  contact equipment) and must contain at least one Skinnerís Spread (a rising spread set at maximum size). The course must contain maximum/minimum 17 obstacles and a hand to hand baton change behind the line. Mishandling the baton change incurs a 200 points penalty.

  4. Qualifiers - Each host venue provides seven winning pairs to take to the final.  1st Ė7th places. Only the first seven pairs will qualify. No reserves are needed.

  5. Entry Conditions -  Two dogs and two handlers enter the competition and take part as a competitive partnership. No changes are possible once entry to each heat closes or to the pairs that qualify.


  1. Handlers can qualify any number of dogs for the final that will run in draw order.

  2. The partnership (two dogs and two handlers) qualify so should one dog or handler of the pair be unable to take part in the final the pair cannot compete.

  3. Only pairs that qualify at each heat will be invited to the final.

Skinners Sevens, 2 Medley Grove, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 2GA. Tel: 01926 315335, Email: rover.pro@outlook.com

New Venue for 2013! 

The 2nd year of the exciting Skinnerís Sevens competition will hold its Grand Final during Chatsworth Country Fair. Details of the seven nationwide heats will be released soon so donít miss out on your slice of over £1,000 of prize money. 

Chatsworth is one of the countryís premier outdoor events and the final will be held on Saturday, 31 August 2013.

Will Delamore - Skinnerís Sales & Marketing Director commented: ' This is a great opportunity to showcase the Skinnerís Winners to the thousands that attend the great event that is Chatsworth Country Fair'.

For seven generations Skinnerís have produced a field and trial range of premium complete dog foods for all working dogs, made VAT free, here in the UK.  

Will you be a Skinnerís Winner in 2013!