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Got three friends? Get out and dash!

Following the sudden demise of the popular Nature's Menu Team Jumping Challenge, competition administrator Heather Noddle has come to an agreement with Emma and Nigel Davis of Dashin' Dogs to take over the sponsorship of the event.

2006 Heats Announced

The 2006 Team Dash heats have been finalised. Administrator Heather Noddle explained, 'We've got a great set of host clubs for this year - some old, some new - some more northern heats, a more central final, so we're all looking forward to getting this season underway and to seeing if the Small and Medium teams are really 'all that' and can really give the Large teams a run for their money!'

The heats are:-


Show Date(s)

Dashin' Dogs

14-17 April 2006

Wallingford DTC

23 April

Golden Valley

17-18 June

Watford AC

24 June


30 June - 2 July


1-2 July


23-23 July

North Derbyshire

28-30 July

High Peak 5-6 August

Dashin' Dogs

7-13 August

The Final will also take place at Dashin' Dogs on Friday, 11 August. As this is a 'rest day,' no license or previous entry is required.

The High Peak heat has been cancelled but Heather is not looking for a replacement as they assure her that they will be back in business in 2007, so hopefully this year's cancellation is only a blip.

For the 2006 Final, Emma and Nigel Davis  have kindly agreed to provide eight extra Finalists commemorative rosettes, so the two teams that qualified at Dashin' Dogs - ironically the only heat that was held for the 2005 Natures Menu season - have been invited as honorary guests .

'I am delighted to welcome the High Peak 4 x 4 and Worcester ABCs + 1' teams to the Team Dash fold. I think this is a lovely gesture from the Davis's, which gets the Competition off to a flying start.' said Heather. 'By accommodating these two extra teams, and allowing for the the loss of the two teams that would have qualified this year from High Peak, actually we now have the right number for the 2006 final.'

Dashin' Dogs Steps In to Save Team Event

Heather Noddle announced, 'It gives me great pleasure to pass on the good news that the country’s most popular team jumping competition will metamorphose into the ‘Team Dash’ in 2006! This reincarnation has been fuelled entirely by the overwhelming support and encouragement of the host clubs and the competitors, for which I have been extremely grateful and must thank you all most sincerely.'

'I was approached by a wide variety of potential sponsors with a view to supporting a team jumping event and am delighted to report that the new sponsorship deal is the very best option - thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of Emma and Nigel Davis of Dashin’ Dogs, the team becomes an event run by agility people, for agility people. '

'The competition not only survives but goes from strength to strength as it now incorporates teams of small, medium or large dogs in the same class, making it one of the few national qualifying events truly open to everybody in agility.'

The Team Dash
It will be an Open/Special competition for teams of four dogs and handlers - four Large, four Medium or four Small dogs -  run as a fast relay over a simple jumping course.

There will be ten qualifying heats throughout the summer.

The top two teams from each heat will qualify for an invitation Grand Final to be held on the Friday of Dashin’ Dogs Summer show in August 2006.

Heather is currently finalising arrangements with the host clubs. The opening heat will be at Dashin’ Dogs Easter show 2006 in Wrexham. A full list of venues and dates will be published in due course, along with the competition rules which (with the exception of the new team height categories) remain unchanged from 2005.