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UK Agility





An American in Burnham
Mike and Sandy Birdsall from the USA were planning a holiday in the UK, but four weeks of doglessness was more than Sandy could stand. She was currently in the process of training her first agility dog, a young Border Collie. Perhaps she could learn some things from the country where agility was born. Colin Palfrey e-mailed this report. (21/11/99)
Agility IOM Style
Agility on the Isle of Man where you're never far from the beach or an agility club. (26/07/03)
Northern Ireland
The Agility in Northern Ireland is a small, close knit community where everybody knows everybody else but where there's still a healthy rivalry and spirit of competition - just as it should be. The Glandore Gang reports on what's happening agility-wise in the Province.
Scottish Agility: Impressions of a Canadian Agilityphile
It all began when Deb Witmer sent an innocent e-mail to the Agiledogs list asking about trials in Scotland during the time of their vacation. Much to her surprise, she received several enthusiastic replies containing information about trials, dates and websites that could help. This article was written about her visit to the East Lothian DTC Dog Agility Show (17 July) with a Canadian audience in mind. (25/08/99)



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