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News & information...

Since the announcement in 2003 giving independent agility show organisers the freedom to put on shows without the fear of sanctions, quite a few unaffiliated shows have been set up around the country. The British Agility Association (BAA) was formed by June Bass to act as a governing body to assure competitors that BAA sanctioned shows are well-organised with the dogs wellbeing at the top of the priority list.

The British Agility Association provides full hands on support and advice to all show organisers hosting a BAA sanctioned show. For more information visit www.baa.uk.net 


New Venue for Leicestershire Shows

The BAA is very excited to announce that we have a new indoor venue with monthly 1 day shows for the first three months of 2015 up in Leicestershire. There is a cafe on site that will be open for the duration of these shows.

We also have some exciting new leagues to announce for the new show season! New leagues include Yellow Dogs (space dogs), Disabled Dogs, Lurcher, ABCK (Anything But Collies/Kelpies and their crosses) as well as a separate league for just Collies / Kelpies and their crosses.

We are currently under going discussions with multiple venues around the country and hope to be announcing some more show venues soon!

Many Thanks from June Bass

Just want to say thank you for...

  • All my lovely cards & pressies.

  • Attending both my retirement parties. They were both fantastic thanks to all you lovely people for being there for me.

  • Helping at shows over the years, in all capacities.

  • Being part of my life and for helping make happy memories.

Wishing you all good health and happiness in the future. Be kind to your pet dogs and please don't join the 'flog a dog brigade' for the sake of kudos.

I hope you all continue to support the BAA under the leadership of Hayley and help her to continue to develop the BAA and its ethos.

Hayley & dogs
All Change at the Top

Hayley Laches (pronounced lakes) is looking forward to taking over from June Bass as head of the British Agility ASsociation (BAA) from 1 September. She plans to make the BAA the place for beginners to start their agility careers as well as catering for the more experienced competitors.

She is bringing lots of new ideas with her and is looking forward running more shows and making them more accessible for everyone.  Her Taming Canines training club members have been very supportive and will help running the shows.

Dog will remain jumping no more than one inch higher than their withers. Rings will be fully fenced. There will be no weaves for introductory classes, and silent toys can be carried into the ring

She explained that, having set up her own club and an annual show, she was keen to start running more shows. It made sense to kick start it with an organisation which was already established.

She said, 'BAA shows have always accepted anyone and everyone - in particular dogs that have behaviour problems. I do a lot of behavioural work and have a real passion for working with dogs with problems or troubled pasts. I  love the idea of providing them with a competition environment where they will be welcome and can have fun.

Hayley continued, 'Not everyone wants to go to Crufts or Olympia which is why BAA will cater for more casual pet dog handlers rather than the elite sports dogs. With new rings to be added in 2015, as well as new venues, we are hoping to see more and more people and to make the BAA shows the friendly agility shows around.'

For all those who compete or are interested in competing at BAA shows, could you please spare a few minutes to complete this survey.

You can contact Hayley via her training web site http://www.agilitytrainer.webs.com, through the BAA web site - the domain name will remain the same - through her mobile 07907 882776 or by emailing taming-canines@hotmail.co.uk or via Facebook.

BAA Show News

The EMDAC  Four Day Show at Easter will be the first ever show in the UK where dogs are jumping no higher than their measurement to the withers compulsory and no higher than one inch higher voluntarily.

Dogs jump closer to their own height in many other countries and BAA supports any change that proves to be beneficial to the dog's long-term well being whilst partaking in our hobby. Over the years we have collected a substantial amount of information which provides enough evidence to support our philosophy. A folder containing the documentation will be available at all BAA shows for competitors to read, copy etc.

I am sure there will be many pictures and videos produced over the coming season which will also provide further supporting evidence. I personally am looking forward to witnessing many dogs jumping more naturally and comfortably. 

The BAA provides the following benefits for pet dogs in Agility:

  • Lower jump heights. Dogs do not jump any higher than their own height compulsorily

  • Six jump heights

  • Five competition levels

  • All new dogs start at Introductory Level

  • Separate Veteran classes, providing Veteran friendly courses

  • More flowing courses with minimum 15 feet distance between obstacles in all directions

  • No Tyre

  • No Flat Tunnel

  • No V-bends on rigid tunnels

  • Internal pivot brackets on See Saws to prevent scissor action trapping incidents

  • Lower A Frame -  5ft maximum to apex in standard levels 4ft maximum in Veterans

  • Lower  Dog Walk in Veterans

  • No Weaves or See Saw in Veterans

  • Fully fenced rings with L-shape entry & exit

  • Large spaces between rings with a 20 foot spectator rule - when requested by competitors

  • Six foot spacing in the queue rule

BAA also provides:

  • The facility to allow show organisers to be able to process their own entries and results, if required

  • In each ring results processing, if required

  • Dog's history, providing results info for every dog in every class entered whilst competing at BAA

  • Comprehensive set of Rules (to provide protection & fair play for all BAA competitors)

  • Minimum 20% Rosettes

  • NFC POTD (Not for Competition, Pay on the Day) entries) where classes are not already full

  • Annual Dog of the Year awards in all heights at all levels

  • Four separate Junior Handler Leagues up to age 18

  • Two separate Veteran Leagues for 7-10s and 11 plus

  • British Agility Dog Awards (BAD Certificates) based on wins accrued over dogs lifetime at BAA

  • Grand Finals for all heights and all Levels

  • Separate annual league awards for: Rescue, Gundog, Spaniel, Terrier, Crossbreed, Over 60s Female Handler and Over 60s Male Handler

Have fun with your pet dogs!

Please do get in touch - we love hearing from you, even if it's only to tell us that one of the pages has gone wrong!