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  CSJ News

CSJ Novice Agility Final will be held on 27th September 2003 at the Malvern Autumn Show

CSJ Novice Agility Final 2011

The  CSJ Novice Agility Final will have a new host this year, and will be held by kind permission of Dog Vegas dog shows, at the Bakewell show on Saturday, 24 Septmeber 2011. The final will commence once the rings have closed. Our judge for this years’ event will be Yvonne Croxford. The competition was open to dogs eligible for Grades 3 to 5 with the top four dogs from each heat going through to the Final.

Heats for this competition are detailed below. The finalists are:-

Michelle Drawater with Darleyfalls Go with the Flow
Ruth Jones with A Work in Progress

Karen Hampson with Spinelsyke Dexter
Phil Hicks with Sir Liftalegalot
Wendy Groome with Midwinter Sunset on Ice
Sarah Davis with Cownbred Shecan Cancan

Sandra Adams with Darleyfalls Pipstrelle
Amanda Marks with Snowball on ice
Jo Hyslop with Bonvivant with Extra Zoom
Dave Howard with Jackoval Blackberry Fool

Lorna Peachey with Fueled for Life by Diesel
Amanda Ellerton with Dragondaze into Gear
Martin Wilkins with Astra Kiz
Sam Clarke with Indysols Miss Moneypenny

Nigel Hughes with Perranfell Don't Stop Me Now
Pia Glover with Borderstorm Midnight Blue
Louise Challis with Upanova Bond Girl at Louandi

Dog Vegas
Kenny Waddell with Itwizzmee Hoof Hearted
Tina Twyman with Sweet SassyCassy (*please confirm!+ awaiting response)
Janet Melville with Mylickle Diamond Deeba AWB
Gary Wilkes with Cheeky Doctor Rossi

Sue Spring with Lex Ave Another Tri
Steph Shann with Wiccaweys Buddy Marvelous
Sue Taylor with Lie Low Lilly
Heidi Windheuser with Rajjinka High Flier

Hannah Holdsworth with Deezaks Tri To Ryeveal
Kelly Watchron with Ruby Red Lightening
Graeme Rossiter with Murphy Isla Blue
Rachel Sturman with Starsofmars Arrakis

Ray Ellerton with Dragon Nights into Gear
Amelia Nicholson with Edith Weasel Spellcaster
Peter Ayling with Bobby Doodle Dazzler
Sarah Coverdale with Royalist Jess in Time

Good luck to you all in the final. And thank you to Dog Vegas for agreeing to host this event with us,

For more information and a full list of rules please visit the website www.csjagility.co.uk

CSJ Novice Agility National Final 2009

A message to everyone who qualified for the CSJ Novice Agility Final. Ann Harmes reports that tickets and passes for the event are, as usual, a little late coming, so please don't worry! They should be with the organisers this week and they will be posted out as soon as they land! Any problems please email Ann at agility at csjk9 . com or -pm me

Once again, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds has agreed to sponsor this national agility event which has been run throughout the year with qualifying heats being held at shows throughout the United Kingdom.

Some of the best young dogs in the country will be competing over a 20 obstacle Agility course, illustrating the need for both speed and accuracy in a successful partnership. The top four dogs from each of the seven national heats have qualified for this prestigious Kennel Club Licensed event, producing a high standard of dog and handler partnership to compete in the 2009 CSJ Final being held at the Malvern Autumn Show.

The Judge for this year's event is Dave Hutchinson. Dave is very well known in the sport and is considered an accomplished handler and judge. Dave competes at Championship level within two height categories and is also a very well respected and experienced judge within the sport.

Ann Harmes said, 'A huge thank you! to Malvern for once again hosting the very popular Novice Finals, and to our sponsor CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds for their generous support. We would like to welcome Dave as our judge today, and I am sure we will find that he sets a fitting challenge for our finalists.'

She added, 'All of the CSJ finalists have done extremely well to qualify for this prestigious event with many having to travel significant distances in order to qualify and now compete for the title. The standard of dog seems to increase each year and this year is no exception to that with some superb partnerships qualifying for this event. We  would like to wish everyone the best of luck in the CSJ Final and hope you all enjoy the day.'






Simon Thurlbeck

Ebony Express at Broadholme


Debbie Fox

Anmeetue Chase the Cream


Ruth Jones

A Work in Progress


Jo Rhodes

Moravia Ty


Anthony Clarke

Blazing Red of Rujaff


Ian Jackson

Darlyfalls at Midnight


Bill Glover

Brentmoor Osprey


Kate Truluck

Just a little Farm Boy


Leah Gardner

Chaffords Demon Tweaks


Jeff Holloway

Touchango to Boldly Go


John Cook

Brentmoor McCaw


Matt Scott

Lunarlites Red Magic


Alison Martyn

Nedlo Remy Martin


Sally Grove

Brentmoor Red Robin


Claire Bacon

Bryning Blue Diamond


Mary Cleverley

Moorswood Rye


Katie Mitchell

Combeyandaway Little Ted


Sarah Stokoe

Sherbridge Inferno


Wendy Powell

Astra Merlin


Doris Stokoe

Sherbridge Icon


Jackie McWhinney

Rosmarinus Chase the Stars


Jayne Edwards

Scruffstyle Rocket


Mike Brook

Peggity Pitstop


Michelle Sturge

My Kind of Cai


Lisa Adamson

Borderstorm Date to Flirt


Janet Thompson

Comebyeandaway Totalli Diva


Liz Dowker

Golly Gosh Our Josh


Neal Frost

Seven Fifty Super Sport

For further information about agility and all the results and pictures: please visit www.csjagility.co.uk

CSJ Continues to Sponsor Novice Agility Finals 2007

CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds have kindly sponsored this National Agility event which has been run throughout the year with qualifying heats being held at shows throughout the United Kingdom. The top four dogs from each of the seven heats have qualified for this prestigious event, producing a high standard of dog and handler partnership to compete in the 2007 CSJ Final being held here at the Malvern Autumn Show.

The Judge for the 2007 event is Mike Hallam. Mike is a respected and accomplished judge and has competed for many years seeing the sport evolve and develop into the large scale popular dog sport we see today. I am sure we will find that he sets a fitting challenge for our finalists today.

Organiser Ann Harmes said, 'Good Luck to all the finalists for this years' CSJ Novice Agility event which will be held at Malvern 3 Counties in on 29 September. Once again, we have some great partnerships who have qualified from right across the UK and the standard looks to be as high as ever!'

The 2007 finalists, in no particular order, are:-

2007 Qualifiers



Dave cooper Belpetilon Tubruk
Joyce lewis Jazzmel Bracken
Jackie Cliffe Combyeandaway Chase the Ace
Barrie James OujaFink
Martin Tait Wiccaways Dervish Stu
Dan Burton Dana’s True Spirit
Ruth Abrahams Ghostland Blue Rustler
Jill Raddings Minka morgan Check CDX
Karen Herbert The Mighty Quinn
Ruth Ryder Mandarin Duet
Sharon Brooke Jazzmel Dot

Kate Austin

Shanowl On A Misson

Judy Gaden

Razor Sharp

Ron Rawlinson

Kelly Testarossa

Steve Hutchinson

Meg Lamaniac

Alistair Bray

Faze Fox It Up

Jeremy Spink

Red Hot Lazer Blazer

Caroline Johnson

Peaches Dream

Bob Scott

Wiccaweys Lottery

Jane Seller

Rosmarinus Rm Runner

Anthony Metcalf

Heathgate tilly ridducks

Sue Bateman

Short and sweet

Alan Sherwin

Moel Tryfan

Jackie Gardner

Glenson Delboy

Amanda Jones

Tom Bola

Veronica Hill


Gill Zuczkowska

Ashpen Justadta havim

For more information, visit http://www.camddwrcanine.co.uk/CSJNoviceAgilityFinal2007.htm

2006 Finalists Announced

Once again, the CSJ Novice Agility final will be held at Malvern Three Counties Autumn Show on the 23 September 2006. The judge for this years final will be Jo Rhodes who has been a very successful Agility competitor for many years. She's been a member of the Gold medal winning team at the FCI World Championships and has other titles to her name including an Agility Champion in her 'stable'!

Ann Harmes said, 'We are very pleased to have her as our judge for this years competition and I am sure she will set a great challenge for our finalists.'

Detailed below are all the dogs and handlers who have qualified for this popular event except for those from the Wigan heat because they are so 'last minute.'

(Not a running order!)




Pam Cashmore

The Rowanberry Fier


Janet Melville

My Enchanted Girl


Kathy Conneely

Zip Along Flaming Glen


Joyce Lewis

Jazzmel Bracken


Marilyn Murphy

Borderstorm Take Flyte


Eric Newton

Another Perfect Paws


Liz Mutton

Tansy to a T


Yvonne Croxford

Motley Maddie Meister


Ken Wagg

Blue Harlequin


Judy Gaden

Razor Sharp


Lindsay Cheshire

No More Tias


Ruth Ryder

Manderian Duet


Linda Pullin

Lowkas Quick Kip


Sue Roberts

Bright Starts U Kan Goo Roo


Amanda Wilson

Canen Meg Undercover


Sally Walker

Tan Bellina


Julie Docking

Raennes Star Quest

St. Edwards

Sally Thorn

Tyger Ty

St. Edwards

Lez Briars

Capehope Em Ay Five

St. Edwards

Jane McAfee

Combyeandaway Glen

St. Edwards

Lyn Cusdin

Matomba Tempo


Sarah Coverdale

Royalist Meg AW


Amanda Cotton

Echo of Paget


Jan Croydon

Jessie Four Paws


Wigan Heat


x 4




Ann continued, 'Good luck to all the competitors and thank you to CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds for once again, sponsoring the competition. Enjoy the day.'

This year Flying Circus Productions has been invited to capture the event on camera. DVDs of the runs will be available.

For further information with regards to this event please contact Ann Harmes

CSJ Novice Agility Competition Heats for 2006

A huge thank you to all our host clubs for once again running a heat for this popular qualifying competition. And to CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds for their continued commitment to the sport.

The heats for 2006 will be at the following shows:-



Beacon DAC Agility Show

6-7 May 2006

Wilmslow DTC Agility Show

13 May 2006

Wyre (Lancs) AC Agility Show

10-11 June 2006

St. Edwards DTC Show

2 July 2006

Wirral Alsatian TS Show

15-16 July 2006

Scunthorpe O & ADTC Show

 5th August 2006

Wigan Alsatian & All Breeds TC Show

9-10th September 2006

 The final will once again be held at Malvern Three Counties Autumn show, usually held the third week in September The exact date is to be confirmed.

For all enquiries, contact Ann Harmes on tel. 01824 780522 or email ann@csjk9.com. Visit us at www.csjagility.co.uk

CSJ Novice Agility Final will be held on 27th September 2003 at the Malvern Autumn Show

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