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 AUGUST 2016

Appendix 1: Screenshots of exits of the collapsible tunnel at the Kennel Club Festival

Open Letter to The Kennel Club
 Regarding the Use of the Collapsible Tunnel at Kennel Club Licensed Agility Tests

There has been growing concern within the agility community regarding the use of the collapsible tunnel.

The collapsible tunnel has featured in the Agility Liaison Council agenda/ minutes several times over the past two years.

    January 2014

    'The collapsible tunnel was discussed in the light of concerns that dogs were exiting from it with heads wrenched back, falling over and twisted, and that this represented a health and welfare issue.'

    January 2015

    'There have been a number of incidents over the last year where dogs exiting the collapsible tunnel have got caught up in the cloth at the exit and have come out on their side or back. Mrs Croxford considers that for the health and safety of the dog, the Regulations relating to the collapsible tunnel should be reviewed.'

    January 2016

    'It noted that some judges were no longer including the Collapsible Tunnel in their courses due to perceptions regarding its safety.'

In July 2016, following research undertaken by Ian Mallabar, the decision was made to modify the dimensions of the collapsible tunnel and standardise the fabric part of the tunnel.

Whilst this is welcomed, there is concern that this still needs approval from the Activities Sub-Committee and the earliest the new collapsible tunnel will come into force is 1st January 2017.

This, therefore, gives a period of over four months where the collapsible tunnel can still be used (and indeed must be used in Championship classes) with the very likely possibility of dogs getting caught in the exit of the flat tunnel.

There have been numerous incidents over the last 12 months involving dogs getting caught up in the collapsible tunnel, including a case at a show in August 2015 where a dog got so caught up in the material of the tunnel it ripped the pegs out of the ground; at Crufts where a dog got so caught up in the material it's handler had to 'rescue' it by opening up the chute section plus numerous instances where dogs came out on their sides (as per the photos sent to The Kennel Club on 15th April).

At the Kennel Club's own show last weekend, many dogs got caught up on exiting the collapsible tunnel (see Appendix 1 of just a few of them), resulting in the dogs coming out on their side, or even somersaulting, and at least one of these dogs is now injured, currently with 8 weeks of rest being recommended by the dog’s physiotherapist.

We, the undersigned, urge The Kennel Club to remove the collapsible tunnel with immediate effect from Licensed Agility Tests until the new regulations come into effect on 1st January, in order to protect the health and welfare of our dogs.

We also urge The Kennel Club to make a straight approach and exit of the collapsible mandatory, as we are still seeing many instances with one or both of these on an angle, and currently judges are not breaking any rules by setting this, as it is ‘just’ a guideline. When considering a straight approach and exit into and out of the collapsible tunnel, judges must allow for the resultant effect, on the dog's line, of previously positioned obstacles and subsequently positioned obstacle in their course design.


Amanda Hampson

Jen Machon

Andy Hudson

Leah Gardner

Anthony Clarke

Lee Windeatt

Barrie James

Lucie Corrie

Becci Chant

Lucy Osborne

Bernadette Olsson Bay

Louise Eden

Bonny Quick

Kate Cook

Chantal Karyta

Kathryn Stickney

Charlotte Harding

Marc Wingate-Wynne

Chloe Machon

Naarah Cuddy

Christine Wingate-Wynne

Nancy Hudson

Dan Shaw

Neil Ellis

Dave Munnings

Sian Illingworth

Jess Clarehugh

Sue Culmer

The video evidence of dogs falling out of the collapsible tunnel can be found here:

Source: Charlotte Harding (19 August 2016)

UKA Suspends Collapsible Tunnel in Competition

Effective immediately... UK Agility and UK Agility International are suspending the use of the collapsible tunnel at all UKA shows.

Over recent months, it has become very apparent that dogs getting tangled in cloth tunnels seems to be more frequently seen despite the introduction of straight approaches and exits. As an organisation we want to be proactive and respond before a serious injury occurs rather than after. In the event that a safer design for the chute is released and tested, we will then re-evaluate the possible reinstatement of this obstacle.

We would like to thank all the show managers over the next few weeks for their fast and positive responses to this decision.

Source: Facebook  (18 August 2016)

Kennel Club Celebrates Successful International Agility Festival

More than 2,900 fit and happy dogs and their handlers descended upon Rockingham Castle Great Park for The Kennel Club International Agility Festival, the world's largest agility show  This year there were competitors from 17 difference countries entered with from places such as Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and The United States. The Festival, kindly supported By CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, welcomed dogs of all breeds from Collies to Chihuahuas, Poodles to Terriers. There was even a French Bulldog in the Main Ring.

Competitions included Championship classes where top G7 dogs competed to qualify for Crufts 2017. A special international class enabled handlers to qualify for The British Open Final which Is also held a Crufts. The Quarter and Semi-Finals For The Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes saw handlers secure a place for the prestigious competitions held at The Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes In December.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said, 'The International Agility Festival is a big highlight of the agility calendar. We are so pleased that, once again, it was such a huge success. The Festival is a a great event that caters to all all levels of experience. We would like to thank everyone who made it so special, especially those competitors and judges who travelled hundreds of miles to add to the international flavour of the competition.'

Ceri Rundle, Managing Director of Csj Specialist Canine Feeds, said: 'Huge congratulations to all the winners. It was an incredible show and CSJ is proud to proud to sponsor it. The standard of competitors seems to rise year on year which is fantastic to see. We want say a massive thank you to all the organisers, helpers, handlers, dogs and visitors who helped to make it such a positive, friendly and successful event.'

The top three competitors In each of the main competitions at The Festival were as follows:-

Kennel Club Agility Championships

Large Agility Championships

  1. Dan Shaw with Comebyanaway Redefined

  2. Jessica Clarehugh with Ag.Ch. Lynwood Cara Fuzzy Logic

  3. Shaun Hunt with   Ag.Ch. Get Inna Phix

Medium Agility Championships

  1. Steven Richardson with   Ag.Ch. Noworries Sweep’s Dream

  2. Gemma Haycock with   Simply Red Roobs

  3. Linda Cummings with  Ag.Ch. Urban Moonlight Noworries

Small Agility Championships

  1. Jo Turner with Twinyos Golden Eye

  2. Daniel Croxford with Ag.Ch. Bogshole Bess Beauty

  3. Bernadette Bay with Damask Jump For Joy At Obay

Starters Cup Semi-Final (Discover Dogs Qualifier)

Large Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final

  1. Jenni York with Dansharley Rowantree Rebel

  2. Daniel Grundy with Heikki Hairy Racey

  3. Steve Mills with Wilchay Shades of Blue 

Medium Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi- Final

  1. Avril Biscoe with Love The Streak of Blue

  2. Lucy Fishman with Blatchford Beacon

  3. Amy Garcés with Ollie Chops

Small Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final

  1. Tracy Allen with Tauntons Teasing Twigs

  2. Vicki Young with Oreo Twist N’dunk

  3. Viv Ellis with Lucindale Aruf Ti Bubarets of Aristopap

Novice Cup Semi-Final  (Crufts Qualifier) 

Large Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final

  1. Belle Howlett with Leias Queen of Naboo at Bonbellami

  2. Nicole Turner with Lily’s Gift for Valentines AW/S

  3. Michelle Davis with Ashlindt Cloud

Medium Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final

  1. Sally Butler with Princess Bol

  2. Rebecca Ringrose with Skymara Pin Dale

  3. Catherine Kendall with Ainmhithe (An-Var-Har) Irish Spring Gus

Small Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final

  1. Louise Raine with Gibble Sooty Gripper

  2. Sarah Mclean with Milo’d of Mischief

  3. Lauren Todd with Mighty Grey Milo

Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final (Crufts Qualifiers)

Large Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final

  1. Cristina Garcia with C’inka de Scofos

  2. Lucie Hinchley with Borderspirit Bright Star

  3. Kirstie Moser with Topshelf’s Landshark

Medium Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final

  1. Hayley Telling with New Ilussions Bi Enchanthent of The Five Colors

  2. Rob Morley with Leonis Minoris Praecipula

  3. Steven Richardson with Ag.Ch. Noworries Sweep’s Dream

Small Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final

  1. Charlotte Harding with Ag.Ch. Daimonic Expelliarmus

  2. Louise Eden with Obay The Boyz High Voltage

  3. Bernadette Bay with Ag.Ch. Obay Itz Got Pizazz AW/G

The Kennel Club Special International Final

Large Special International Final

  1. Kirstie Moser with Topshelf’s Landshark

  2. Carola Derst with Macy Von Waltenweiler

  3. Geertje Schijf with Jamaican Me Crazy From Let's Border

Medium Special International Final

  1. Leo Beyens with Moddey Cloh Kick Back

  2. Susan Bonk with Brave Fynn

  3. Michelle Johnston with Bundle of Love

Small Special International Final

  1. Estelle Robinson with China Road Ziggy’s Split Decision

  2. Michele Taffijn Bois with Heavenly Twinkle Star V. Nindorf

  3. Ivonne Höhne with Hermine The Best

Kennel Club Nations Cup

Large Kennel Club Nations Cup

  1. Matthew Goodliffe with Ag.Ch. Turboed Widewater Wizard

  2. Anna Hinze with Amayze Me

  3. Louise Raine with Silver Starlite

Medium Kennel Club Nations Cup

  1. Abigail Doxford with Anneryvalley Cassie

  2. Steven Richardson with Ag.Ch. Noworries Sweep’s Dream

  3. Susan Bonk with Brave Fynn

Small Kennel Club Nations Cup

  1. Michele Taffijn-Du Bois with Little But Brave Dark as The Night AW/S

  2. Daniel Croxford with Ag.Ch. Bogshole Bess Beauty

  3. Michele Taffijn Bois with Heavenly Twinkle Star V. Nindorf


Kennel Club International Young Handler Final

International Young Handler (Under 12)

  1. Alyssa Carter with Twist of Time of Valgrays

  2. Max Glover with Borderstorm Midnight Blue at Soldaze

  3. Matthew Lade with Jack Sickle

International Young Handler (12 and Over)

  1. Shannon Springford with Shansdream Gift of Love

  2. Sara Bacon with Tynevermoor Secret Dream

  3. Belle Howlett with Leias Queen of Naboo at Bonbellami


For the full list of results, please visit http://Www.Thekennelclub.Org.Uk/Events/International-Agility-Festival/International-Agility-Festival-Results/

Source: The Kennel Club (16 August 2016)

Agility Team
GB AND YKC Agility Team GB Squad Dates Announced

A squad day has been organised in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University on Sunday, 4th December 2016 for invited adults and Young Kennel Club (YKC) agility handlers who want to be a part of Agility Team GB in 2017. The day, which will assist Agility Team GB Manager, Mark Laker and the coaching team in making the final team selections, is designed to test dogs and handlers in a variety of situations typically associated with international competitions, such as team events, international style courses, performing under pressure, and accumulated individual runs.

Adult handlers have been submitting squad points throughout the year at agility shows in order to work towards a squad invitation. In October, the coaching team will choose those who they want to invite onto the squad, when they will begin their team selection process. Any YKC members who are interested in being part of YKC Agility Team GB should submit their interest by completing the following survey by Friday 4th November –

A second squad event will take place on 25-26th February 2017, details to be announced shortly, where the coaching staff will select the 2017 YKC team. The adult squad will have a further Performance Weekend, where the final team will be chosen. Structures of each day will be confirmed nearer to the date, but will consist of a mixture of seminars and agility competition runs.

Mark Laker said, 'Our recent performances with the YKC team and previous adult teams indicate that the squad process works. We will continue evolving this format to select the best prepared teams and to ensure these days provide value to the handlers.'

The squad days will help to ensure that Agility Team GB is fully prepared to compete at the European Open in Italy and the World Championships in the Czech Republic in 2017 (dates tbc). The YKC Agility Team GB will only compete at the European Open Junior Championship, which has been confirmed to be held in Luxembourg from 13th-16th July 2017.

Agility Team GB is sponsored by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, the Kennel Club, Gencon, Khyam, First Contact, Nottingham Trent University, Eurotunnel, Agility1st andVale Referrals. YKC Agility Team GB is supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, the Kennel Club, Nottingham Trent University and the Kennel Club. Both teams receive office support from Alex Paisey, Gina Sansom and Kate Broers at the Kennel Club.

For more information about qualifying for the Kennel Club Agility Team GB and representing Great Britain at international competitions, please visit:

Source: Kennel Club (6 August 2016)

Border Collie Chases Down First Diamond Agility Warrant

Chase (Canen Cosmic Sindy), owned by Sarah Crouch, has become the first dog of any breed to be awarded the Diamond Agility Warrant, the Kennel Club has announced. The new level of Diamond Agility Warrant was introduced in January and requires 1,600 points, 400 of which must have been achieved in 2016. A Platinum Warrant, directly below Diamond but higher than Gold, was also introduced this year and requires 1,200 points. The first winner of this award, a Shetland Sheepdog, was announced last month.

Sarah said, 'It was very exciting to learn that Chase is the first dog of any breed to achieve the Diamond Agility Warrant. At nearly ten years old, this will probably be Chase’s last really competitive year so it was great to achieve this award before she semi-retires. 'She is my second dog and has been a really consistent dog throughout her agility career and is a pleasure to run. I have been doing agility for 12 years now and it’s a great sport to be part of. It really is a hobby anyone can get involved in, and there is always a new target to aim for.

Competitors win points from gaining clear rounds and placing 1st – 10th in agility or jumping classes. A points table is available on the Kennel Club website via the following link:

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, added. 'The new Platinum and Diamond Agility Warrants were introduced in order to provide handlers with additional goals to aim for once they have achieved the well-established Gold Agility Warrant. We are delighted that we now have our first Platinum and Diamond winners and would urge those handlers who have already achieved Gold, and who are working towards the higher levels, to claim their new warrant as soon as they are able.'

Source: Kennel Club (1 August 2016)

 JULY 2016

Keston Bows Out of Shows

It is with much regret that Keston Agility Club have made the decision that we are no longer in a position to be able to hold any more agility shows for the foreseeable future. We would sincerely like to thank Dartford DTC for all their help and support over the years – without them we would have had to make the decision to stop a lot earlier. We would also like to thank all the judges, scrimers, set up crews, ring parties (Axstane, Dartford, Tenterden & Magic, Tunbridge Wells with whom we had reciprocal ring party arrangements, but also SAS, Burnham and all the other clubs who have helped in the past), club members past and present, and Lisa Tarry for being our Show Secretary and organiser over the last two years despite not being an active club member.

It is not a decision we have made lightly. Keston is a long-established club being part of St. Edwards DTC before we became registered in our own right. We have held a show every year for the 26 years I have been actively involved with the club – originally holding a one-day 2-ring show at Istead Rise, Gravesend, Kent where we provided all our own equipment and refreshments for the competitors (who remembers those days?), progressing to a weekend (no camping) back-to-back show with CATS at the Hayes Rugby Club, Bromley, Kent, and then when CATS disbanded going into partnership with Dartford and running a full-blown camping weekend with eight rings (2016) at Orsett Showground, Essex. Agility has certainly changed over the years and it is worth remembering that KC registered clubs can only hold these shows if they have active, supportive memberships.

There has been some lovely feedback since the news has broken that the Keston element of the weekend show will no longer continue and Keston DTC would like to thank all those competitors who have supported the show over the years. It is reassuring to hear that Dartford intend to continue this weekend - hopefully in a new partnership - and we wish them every success in the future.

Source: Tamara Hollands - Keston DTC Club Treasurer (22/07/16)

Additional Dog Measurers Required

The Kennel Club is inviting applications from interested parties who would like to be considered to measure agility dogs. This opportunity has arisen following the recent re-accreditation of agility measurers and may be of interest to judges, show managers or those closely involved with the running of agility shows.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and agree to undergo training.  The accreditation will be for a three year period after which re-accreditation will be required. Successful applicants should also be aware that they will be required to purchase their own set of measuring equipment, including hoops and a microchip reader, and undertake a minimum of two measuring sessions per year with at least 20 dogs being measured during each year.

When considering this role, please be aware that it is essential that applicants are able to demonstrate that they have good verbal and written communication skills and have experience of giving adverse feedback. Examples will be required in the application.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: 'Just as with all canine activities, agility relies heavily upon volunteers to ensure the smooth running of events. Anyone who feels that they have the skills and commitment to become an agility measurer is encouraged to apply.'

The ‘Kennel Club Code of Best Practice for Measuring Agility Dog Heights’ can be found on the Kennel Club website at the following link:

Those interested in applying should send their details to or to WDA Team, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London W1J 8AB. The deadline for applications is 18th August 2016.

Source: The Kennel Club (19/07/16)

World's Largest Agility Show Returns to Rockingham

For four days from 11th - 14th August 2016, more than 2,900 dogs and their handlers from all over the world will arrive in the village of Rockingham for the International Agility Festival, which is hosting the event for the fourth year running. There 16 rings will be set up to host the competition, which will feature dogs of all agility grades and sizes, with over 200 separate classes taking place.

The International Agility Festival, which is in its twelfth year, is kindly supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and welcomes all dogs of all types. A total of 17 countries from around the world are expected to be represented, all fighting to win their individual competitions and take home the Nations Cup.

Small changes to the Nations Cup are being introduced this year, with the competition changing from a team event to an individual event, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place up for grabs within Small, Medium and Large categories.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said, 'The Kennel Club International Agility Festival is one of the highlights of the agility calendar and there are such a different range of competitions for everyone; from the International Young Handler competition and the Nations Cup for the leading competitors, to the companion dog shows. It’s fantastic to see so many people from all across the world attend and compete at the festival. Agility is the most popular dog sport in the UK and is a brilliant way to keep fit and healthy with your dog. The festival is a testament to agility’s ever growing popularity.

A heat of the nation’s favourite crossbreed competition, Scruffts, sponsored by James Wellbeloved, also takes place at the Festival, with categories such as Child’s Best Friend and Best Rescue, so there is something for visitors’ dogs to be involved in.

Entry to the festival is free for spectators, with parking charged at £5, and people are able to come along with their own dogs to enjoy the fun festival atmosphere and even take part in the ‘have-a-go’ agility ring (for dogs over 18 months), which gives everyone the opportunity to experience the sport for themselves. However, competitor entries for the festival are closed.

For more information on the Kennel Club International Agility Festival, please visit or

Source: The Kennel Club  (18/07/16)

Change of Welsh KC Champ Judge

Owing to ill health, reluctantly Keith Williams has had to withdraw from judging Small & Medium sized dogs at Championship Agility level at The Welsh Kennel Club Championship show and we wish him a speedy recovery.

The Welsh Kennel Club is delighted to announce that Bob Griffin has kindly accepted the Championship Agility judging appointment for Small & Medium sized dogs in 2016 subject to KC approval.

WKC secretary Graham Hill said, ‘We are very grateful to Bob for accepting the appointment at such short notice and with his 2013 Crufts experience and WAO role, he and his fellow Championship Agility Judge Chris Huckle will offer the WKC a winning team. We look forward to welcoming all Agility competitors to Builth Wells later in the year.

Good luck to one and all.

Source: Graham Taylor (14/07/16)

Success for YKC Team at European Championship

Young Kennel Club (YKC) members representing Team GB took home two Overall Bronze medals after competing for the first time at the European Open Junior Championships in Slovakia over 7th - 10th July 2016.

Team GB Red won Bronze in the Large Team overall on Saturday, 9th July, which was made up of Belle Howlett with Leia, Sammy Pegg with Blaze, Adam Stretton with Jet and Daniel Croxford with Briar. The Team won Gold in the Agility round and placed 24th in the Jumping. Their combined scores meant they were able to take home the Bronze medal for the Large Team overall.






Howlett Belle

Millennium Falcon Princess (Leia)

Working Sheepdog



Pegg Sammy

Tonkory Devil In Disguise at Raylisa (Blaze)

Border Collie



Stretton Adam

Ginny De La Patonniere (Jet)

Berger des Pyrénées a face rase



Croxford Daniel

Rosmarinus Florin (Briar)

Border Collie


Jack Ryan and Jet also won a Bronze medal in the Individual under 15's category. He came 10th in the Jumping round on Friday, then 5th in Agility on Sunday, which meant his total scores earned him 3rd place overall.

Other successes included Team GB White, who came 2nd in the Large Team Jumping round, Daniel Croxford with Bess, who came 3rd in the Individual Jumping Small height category and Cameron Bunce with Ziggy, who came 3rd in the Agility Junior Medium height category.

Small med team out of 67

  • GB Union jack - 41st

  • GB Blue  - 42nd

  • GB Union flags  - 49th

Large teams out of 54

  • GB Red  - 3rd

  • GB White  - 29th

Children Small Individual out of 50

  • Jack Ryan  - 3rd

  • Sarah Kirk  - 20th

  • Gabrielle Barrett  - 23rd

  • Amy Challis  - 27th

Children Large Individual out of 73

  • Belle Howlett (Leia)  - 39th

  • Belle Howlett (Ami)  - 46th

  • Rory Tidmarsh 57th

  • Amy Challis 66th

Junior small Individual out of 100

  • Penny Lowes  - 34th

  • Daniel Croxford  - 51st

  • Oliver Rigby  - 88th

Junior Medium Individual out of 87

  • Katie Lines  - 17th

  • Cameron Bunce -  32nd

  • Ben Alderson -  38th

  • Cameron Bunce Jay  - 50th

  • Ellie Curtis  - 65th

  • Oliver Rigby - 76/87

Junior Large Individual out of 144

  • Daniel Croxford  - 23rd

  • Sammy Pegg Blaze -  55th

  • Adam Stretton  - 65th

  • Sammy Pegg Rave  - 66th

  • Shannon Springford -  120th

  • Katie Arnold  -  122th

Shannon Springford ran two clears as part of a Slovenian Team (Agility Power), helping them achieve 4th place overall.

In addition to the two Overall Bronze medals won by team GB, they also won one Gold, one Silver and two Bronze medals in the Agility and Jumping Individual rounds.

The European Open Junior Agility Championships attracted hundreds of dogs and handlers from all over the world, with 24 countries represented at the competition including Italy, Russia and the USA. This was the first time a Junior team from Britain made up of YKC members has competed at the Championships.

Team GB is sponsored by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and the Kennel Club. The coaching team consisted of Mark Laker (Team Manager), Paul Moore (Team Coach), Ann Roberts (Team Support) and Sam Chapman (Team Assistant) who travelled to Slovakia with them.

Agility Team GB Manager, Mark Laker said of their achievement: 'Slovakia 2016 was the first time the KC had supported a team of Junior handlers going to the European Open, and the team was absolutely brilliant. Coming home with Bronze, Silver and Gold medals across all heights and age groups was fantastic. This has been an incredible introduction for Agility Team GB Juniors to a top level International competition. We're already looking forward to next year’s competition.'

Ceri Rundle, CSJ’s founder and sponsor of Team GB, said: 'CSJ is proud to support the Agility Team GB YKC as these very talented youngsters play a major part in securing the future of the sport in the UK.  Congratulations to everyone in achieving such great results.'

The European Open Junior Championship 2017 has been confirmed to be held in Luxembourg from 13th-16th July 2017. Details on the 2017 squad selection process will be available in due course.

Source: The Kennel Club (13/07/16)

England Team Management Announcement

The England 2017 management team will consist of Bridgitte Wyre, continuing in her role as Team Manager and joined by Martin Tait and Joanne Tristram as Team Coaches.

Martin has an excellent resume not only in Agility as a Grade 7 handler ,in all heights, and Kennel Club Championship judge but in his professional life bringing Sports Coaching and Business Management qualifications to the team. Joanne is one of the most successful handlers ever at WAO. Competing in all 6 previous years, winning 7 medals including team and individual gold. Combine this with a European Open medal she brings vast experience to the role on what it actually takes to win at an international event. We wish this new management team the best of luck in bringing medals home to England.

If anyone would like more information regarding the English Team for the World Agility Open in 2017 then Bridgette, Joanne and Martin will be happy to talk to you when you see them around the shows

Source: Martin Tait (12/07/16)

 JUNE 2016

MKDTC Show Refund Information

Subsequent to having to cancel our Show MKDTC is working on finalising the accounts. Once this is completed and, in accordance with our Schedule Rules and Regulations (25), monies should be refunded.

Please note that for those of you who entered and paid on-line by transfer, any refund due will be processed directly into your L&N accounts

For postal entries and payments, claims must be received within one month of the show date by please sending in a Stamped SAE to claim any refund due.

Please wherever possible share this information.

Source: Christine Stratford (Chair MKDTC) (21/06/16)

Milton Keynes Show Cancelled

Unfortunately the MIlton Keynes DTC Open Agility Show on 25th - 26th June 2016 has been cancelled.

After a meeting with the land owner and upon inspection, it was decided that the ground was totally unsuitable for use. More than 100mm of rain have fallen recently, making the ground waterlogged, and there are many areas of standing water. More heavy rain is forecast for the next few days.

The Committee has spoken with the Kennel Club and are expecting further information and advice from them soon. We will keep you informed of progress as necessary. MKDTC committee and members would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Source: Christine Stratford (Chair MKDTC) (21/06/16)

New Regulations to Allow a Challenge to a Dog's Height Category

Championship agility judges will be able to challenge a dog’s existing height category under a new set of regulations to be introduced on 1st July 2016, the Kennel Club has announced.

Within the terms of the current H Regulations, there is no mechanism available to challenge a measurement once it has been signed off by the measurers, other than on the grounds of incorrect procedure.

The intention of the new regulations is to allow recourse to competitors where there is any uncertainty regarding the height of a dog. Currently, agility is in a position where there is speculation about dogs which appear 'oversize,' and these new regulations are intended to combat such speculation.

Recently the Kennel Club has re-accredited all agility measurers at a series of assessment days across the country. From this re-accreditation, a number of measurers were invited to be senior measurers to facilitate the new regulations.

The new regulations will allow for an existing approved championship agility judge to request an additional measure on a dog which, in their view, is competing in the wrong height category.

If a dog changes height category as a result of the additional measure, that dog will continue to compete in the Grade it had won into at the previous height.

The new regulations are as follows:-

H(1)(B)4.(11) – (17)

(11)     An additional measurement may be requested by the Kennel Club or a Kennel Club approved championship agility judge. The dog in question must have already had its final official Kennel Club measurement. The judge need not be officiating on the day the additional measurement is requested but must be in attendance at the show. No fee will be required from either the judge or the handler/owner.

(12)     The request for an additional measurement must be recorded in the show’s incident book and lodged in writing at the Kennel Club within 14 days. The Kennel Club will advise the owner/handler of the dog of the requirement for an additional measure.

(13)     All small and medium dogs who are invited on to the Team GB Squad will be subject to an additional measurement.

(14)     The additional measurement must be completed within 2 months of the request being received at the Kennel Club and must be undertaken by two measurers appointed by the Kennel Club from the list of senior measurers.

(15)     The dog will continue competing at its current height until the additional measurement has been completed and confirmed by the Kennel Club.

(16)     The height recorded at the additional measurement will take immediate effect.

(17)     The additional measurement can only be undertaken once in a dog’s lifetime.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said, 'Agility is a fun activity enjoyed by many enthusiastic dog owners. In order to cut down on speculation surrounding the height of some dogs which take part in agility, the Kennel Club has brought in these new regulations to ensure fairness for all and to make sure that this enjoyment is not spoiled in any way.

Source: The Kennel Club (20/06/16)

Cancelled North Derbyshire Show Is Rescheduled

Unfortunately the North Derbyshire Premier & Championship Show on 18th - 19th June has been cancelled. The amount of rain that has fallen this week - 120ml of rain since the weekend including 52ml last night - makes it far too risky to run the event.

This decision has not been made lightly. The North Derbys Club Secretary has been out twice to check the venue along with a Committee member. They have tried to change the layout and move the rings around but, in the end, the weather is not forecast good for the next couple of days.

Jackie Kenney said, 'On behalf of all at North Derbyshire Dog Agility Club, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience this will cause. We will be speaking with the Kennel Club with the hope of rescheduling the show for later in the year. Once we have this information we will contact you.

News flash... The North Derbyshire Premier & Championship Show has been reschedules for 10th and 11th September 2016 at Southwell racecourse

Source: Jackie Kenny (16/06/16)

WAO Jump Heights 2017

After reviewing the feedback from 2016 competitors and WAO Team Managers, the following changes will be made for the 2017 event.

The 650mm jump height will be reduced to 600mm.

In line with this the tyre height will be reduced by 50mm.

The long jump maximum length reduced by 100mm in this height category.

In all four height categories, the ascending spread length will be reduced to the following:-

Source: Facebook (12/06/16)

 MAY 2016


Junior Rising Stars League

Dickson Dog Training and Fly By Agility Training will be launching a Junior Rising Stars League at their unaffiliated winter shows to be held in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Each handler will gain points on clears and placings which will be formulated to give an overall winner at the fourth show in February. Ian Radford is sponsoring the league and will provide trophy for winner and rosettes to 3rd place. Connie Sellers has offered four half hour training sessions for winner too.

Nikki Martin of Dickson said, ‘We try and encourage all juniors to have fun with their dogs and find they really enjoy taking part in our shows. It all started lasted year when Ian Radford was judging at one of the winter shows. Where a number of Juniors were competing, mostly NFC. He was so encouraged by them that he asked if he could sponsor a class or league so idea came about.

The League show dates are 12 November, 26 November, 14 January and 18 February. All shows are unaffiliated. Schedules are now available on the Show Diary.

Source: Nikki Martin & Connie Sellers  (29/05/16)

Dog Vegas Refunds

All requested refunds for the cancelled day at Matlock (2nd May) will be issued this week. Online entries will be issued back to the card the payment was originally taken from, and should show in your account within a couple of days, postal entries will be paid by cheque and posted on Monday or Tuesday. The refund has been based on entry fee less processing cost, less bank/online refund transaction charges of 75p per transaction. Any other irretrievable costs will be covered by the show.

The total raised for our charity - Ainmhithe Dog Rescue - is a massive £723.00. We will round up and send a cheque for £750.00. Thank you all so much, it will make a massive difference to a small but worthy rescue.

If you have any direct queries, please email them to

Thank you all for your patience and fingers crossed the sun will shine this weekend.

Source: Hazel Higgins (23/05/16)

Dog Vegas Restructuring

it is the end of an era at  Dog Vegas. Jackie and Kev Kenny have decided that they no longer want to run shows so that they can concentrate on their other business. Hazel and David will be continuing with the Dog Vegas Ltd Listed Status shows and the processing site, First Place Processing Ltd.

They are looking at making several improvements as to how the shows are run and welcome any feedback from the judges, helpers and competitors of how you would like the shows to run.

On FB, Hazel said 'We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie and Kev for all their work over the years. We have produced some fantastic shows and memories. We wish you luck you’re your other ventures.

Source: Jackie Kenny and Face Book (18/05/16)

Kennel Club Announces Agility Team GB 2016

The Kennel Club has announced the agility teams which will represent Great Britain at the European Open Agility Championships in Calais, France from 28-31 July 2016 and the FCI Agility World Championships in Zaragoza, Spain from 22-25 September 2016.

The successful handlers and dogs were chosen following this year’s squad selection process, which concluded at the Performance Weekend hosted by Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts at its Open Agility Show over the weekend of 23-24 April. This year’s Performance Weekend was judged by Anders Virtanen (Finland). Anders set up courses designed to test dogs and handlers on speed, fitness, consistency and accuracy. Over the weekend there was some fantastic handling on these courses where dogs and handlers could really show off their skills. 

Three dogs from the Performance Weekend have been called up to this year’s team for the World Championships due to withdrawals of pedigree dogs from the original squad.

Team Manager, Mark Laker said, 'Thank you to everyone who competed at this year’s Performance Weekend – it was great to watch and be part of. This was a unique opportunity to compete on some fantastic courses designed and judged by a top FCI judge.

'I'd like to acknowledge the support of all our sponsors, the Kennel Club and Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts who enable events like the performance weekend to take place and to everyone who helped us.'

The Kennel Club congratulates all the handlers who have been selected to represent Agility Team GB this year, which once again is kindly supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds.

All competitors at the European Open will get an individual and team run. Teams will be confirmed nearer the time.

The teams selected are as follows (T = team event; I = individual event):

European Open


  • Alan Bray with Ag.Ch. Sirensong Tantrums N Tiaras at Upanova

  • Bonny Quick with Ag.Ch. Goldheart Trail of Flames

  • Lou Cadman with Ag.Ch. Another Mad Moment

  • Louise Eden with Obay The Boyz High Voltage

  • Lucy Osborne with Radajasa’s Whirlwind Fling

  • Stacey Irwin-Burns with Lucas’s Little Soppy Sam AW/S


  • Christine Wingate-Wynne with Ag.Ch. Obay Tiz Wild

  • Natasha Wise with Ag.Ch. Raeannes Flipping Heck

  • Steve Richardson with Ag.Ch. Noworries Sweeps Dream

  • Sue Cooper with Blackthorns Speedy Mitzi


  • Alan Short with Ag.Ch. Give It Some Juice Irn Bruce

  • Charlotte Harding with Ag.Ch. Rujaff Red Hot Scandal

  • Dave Munnings with Comebyanaway Reddy for Fame

  • Greg Derrett with Devongem Rehab Sproglett

  • Jess Clarehugh with Ag.Ch. Lynwood Cara Fuzzy Logic

  • Lauren Langman with Darleyfalls Free Flo

  • Lee Gibson with Taddymoor Sadie

  • Louise Raine with Silver Starlite

  • Martin Reid with BorderPaws Secret Surprise

  • Matt Goodliffe with Ag.Ch. Turboed Widewater Wizard





World Championships


  • Alan Bray with Ag.Ch. Sirensong Tantrums N Tiaras At Upanova (T)

  • Louise Eden with Obay The Boyz High Voltage (T)

  • Lucy Osborne with Radajasa’s Whirlwind Fling (T & I)

  • Marc Wingate-Wynne with Ag.Ch. Vanitonia Mister Big (T)

  • Travelling Team Reserve: Kathryn Stickney with Injasuti Coco Mademoiselle


  • Chantal Karyta with Licosateria Mai Sunseeker

  • Christine Wingate-Wynne with Ag.Ch. Obay Tiz Wild (T & I)

  • Kate Cook with Bonamassa Blonde Bombshell

  • Lian Knight with Licosateria Mai Rising Son

  • Natasha Wise with Ag.Ch. Raeannes Flipping Heck (T & I)

  • Travelling Team Reserves to be confirmed​


  • Dave Munnings with Comebyanaway Reddy For Fame (I)

  • Charlotte Harding with Ag.Ch. Rujaff Red Hot Scandal (T & I)

  • Greg Derrett with Devongem Rehab Sproglett (T & I)

  • Jess Clarehugh with Ag.Ch. Lynwood Cara Fuzzy Logic (T & I)

  • Matt Goodliffe with Ag.Ch. Turboed Widewater Wizard (T & I)

  • Narrah Cuddy with Sheltysham Séance (I)

  • Travelling Team Reserve: Lee Gibson with Taddymoor Sadie

Full results from the performance weekend and more information on Agility Team GB can be found via the Kennel Club website. Please visit

Agility Team GB is sponsored by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Gencon, Khyam, First Contact, Nottingham Trent University, Eurotunnel, Agility1st, Vale Referrals and supported by the Kennel Club.

Source: The Kennel Club

 APRIL 2016

Thame Show Refunds

Orchard Agility organisers Rosemary and Ian Stowers sadly had to cancel their Easter Monday agility show at the Thame Game & Country Fair due to Storm Katie. Saturday it rained non-stop and the ground conditions were atrocious .

At approximately 8am that morning Living Heritage decided that the show could not continue for health and safety reasons and the difficulty getting vehicles into and out of the showground. Things were almost afloat!

On Facebook, Ian said, 'We even had problems leaving the venue and had to be towed out backwards! Not nice.'

Orchard will be refunding 20% of show entries. If you would like to receive a refund, then send a stamped addressed envelope to Rosemary Stowers, Hillcrest House, Bedford Road, Holwell, Hitchin, Herts SG5 3RT.

Source: Ian and Rosemary Stowers  (04/04/16)

Pet Nose Day Fun Agility

As part of the award-winning charity Pet Nose Day event at Mount Stewart (Co. Down) on Sunday, 17th April ,the Patch will be organizing some impromptu Fun Agility Competitions.

This year ,however , if you plan to attend as a competitor you will need a wristband to gain entry to ringside . So if you are coming, please let Ronnie McAleese know asap and he will set one aside for you for collection at The Patch on or before the last round of Winter League on Saturday, 16th April.

In line with previous years, it will be possible (up to 10.30am) to take your car to the ringside to drop off cages etc.

Source: Ronnike McAleese  (04/04/16)

WAO 2016 Wildcards Announced

The WAO has announced the 2016 Wildcard competitors who are qualified individuals who are not on their country's team, or who are from a country that hasn't entered a team. The WAO Committee can offer up to five wildcard places per jump height to individuals who the WAO Committee believes have demonstrated world-class potential such as competitors who have placed in the top three of their country's National finals in the last two years or competitors who have competed internationally in the last two years.

300 Height 

  • Juan Muñiz with King, Spain 

  • Caterina D'Amato with Peggy, Italy

400 Height

  • Sherry Harrison with Dugan, Canada

  • Marina Huber with Alice, Germany

  • Lou Cadman with Twiggy, England

  • Mary Basu with Gus, USA




525 Height

  • Jouni Orenius with Neela, Sweden

  • Tori Self with Revolution, USA

  • Alan Wildman with Mynx, England

  • Cristiana Alisonno with Kendra, Italy 

  • Nathalie de Korte-Tarant with Koda, The Netherlands

650 Height

  • Natalie Mitchell with Teek, England

  • Vanessa Mortarino Lloyd with Taboo, England

  • Ainsley Sykes with Vybe, Canada

  • Jenny Kimber with Guvnor, England 

  • Yannick Wouters with Knox, The Netherlands

The 2016 World Agility Championships will be held on 13-15 May at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Addington Manor, Addington, Buckingham MK18 2JR.There will be two indoor rings and one outdoor ring.

Source: Greg Derrett (08/04/16)

Camping at The Redgates Show - Good News

Following consultation with the owners of our show venue, Redgates now has an additional field to use for both camping and an enlarged exercise area. For those of you who have been to their shows previously, this will be located behind the day parking area. This means that the camping limit has been increased from 100 to 160 units.

In order to give people entering by hard copy entry forms an equal opportunity to those entering on-line, all camping requests will initially be put onto a waiting list. Camping places will then be confirmed as we transfer people onto the main camping list.

Any queries about camping should be sent to me at Redgates rather than iSS or Red Dog Processing.

Source: Tim Griffiths (03/04/16)

Adams Show Refunds

Adams Agility is offering full dog entry refunds for the 28th March, the day that unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the weather.

If you would like to claim your refund, please send an SAE, within a month, to:- 1 Portreath Drive, Allestree, Derbys DE22 2BJ

If you would like to kindly donate your refund to charity, please email  with your full name.

On Facebook, Adams said, 'Thank you everyone for your support with the decision to cancel the last day today, it was a hard decision, but the welfare of both handler and dog is our priority. We had 3 fantastic days with minimal rain, Thank you to all the lovely people who helped us pack the rings away today we really appreciated it. See you all again soon

Source: Adams Facebook (03/04/16)

 MARCH 2016

YKC Agility Team GB Announced for the European Junior Champs 2016

The Kennel Club has announced the names of the members of the agility teams who will represent Great Britain and the Young Kennel Club (YKC) for the first time at the 2016 European Open Junior Agility Championships in Slovakia from 7th - 10th July 2016.

The successful handlers and dogs were chosen following this year’s squad selection process. This year, two selection days were held at Ashby Lane Farm, Hinckley. Both selection days consisted of both Agility and Jumping courses. Handlers invited to both selection days competed on seven courses in total, giving the handlers plenty of opportunity to impress.

The Kennel Club congratulates all the handlers who have been selected to represent YKC Agility Team GB this year, which is supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and sponsored by the Kennel Club.

The selection days proved highly successful and both days were judged by David Jolly, who set a mixture of challenging courses for the competitors. The coaching team, made up of Mark Laker (Team Manager), Paul Moore (Team Coach), Ann Roberts (Team Support) and Sam Chapman (Team Assistant) assessed the handlers on both days. Several aspects of the competitors were considered - not only their course performance, but the handler’s attitude, fault recovery, and dog’s health.

Agility Team GB Manager, Mark Laker said: 'I’d like to thank everyone involved with the project to send a team to the European Open Junior Agility Championships this year, and for the ongoing support of the Kennel Club and CSJ. There was an amazing response from the junior agility handlers around the UK, with more than 50 attending the first selection day. Now training and preparation starts for those handlers who have been selected and the countdown begins for the championships in Slovakia in July.'

The teams selected are as follows:-

Photo: Linda Gore


  • Amy Challis with Woody of Louandi (T & I)

  • Daniel Croxford with Ag.Ch. Bogshole Bess Beauty (T & I)

  • Gabriella Barrett with Joybringer Cadenza (T & I)

  • Jack Ryan with Jachols Jump Jet (T & I)

  • Oliver Rigby with Pretty Little Weasel (T & I)

  • Penelope Lowes with Sobrietys Come on Eileen (T & I)

  • Sarah Kirk with Little Pip (T & I)

Photo: Linda Gore


  • Ben Alderson with Secret Mystery Mission Impossible (T & I)

  • Cameron Bunce with Jay Two Oh (T & I)

  • Cameron Bunce with ZigaZag Ha (I)

  • Ellie Curtis with Cacciatore Greenfinch (T & I)

  • Katie Lines with Under the Archies (T & I)

  • Oliver Rigby with Hillbre Orange Pippin (T & I)

Photo: Linda Gore


  • Adam Stretton with Ginny De La Patonniere (T & I)

  • Amy Challis with Romarinus Rumrosa At Upanova (T & I)

  • Belle Howlett with Leia’s Queen of Naboo (T & I)

  • Belle Howlett with Millennium Falcon Princess (T & I)

  • Ben Alderson with Devongem Pitch Black (T & I)

  • Daniel Croxford with Rosmarinus Florin (T & I)

  • Katie Arnold with Spirit of the Jumpy Thames (I)

  • Rory Tidmarsh with Fuelled for Life By Diesel (T & I)

  • Samantha Pegg with Rujaff Red Hot Rave (I)

  • Samantha Pegg with Tonkory Devil in Disguise at Raylisa (T & I)

  • Shannon Springford with Castomya First Love (I)

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: 'We’re very pleased to announce this new development for Agility Team GB and the YKC. We believe it is a fantastic opportunity to develop our young handlers on the international stage. This is the first time we’ve put together a junior team and on behalf of the Kennel Club, we would like to congratulate each young handler who made it onto YKC Agility Team GB.'

Source: The Kennel Club (07/03/16)

Clarification of Special Classes in Relation to Lower Height Options

The Kennel Club would like to clarify that when the lower height option is scheduled, a dog may only be entered at either the full height or at the lower height and cannot compete at a different height in any class at that competition, including special classes.  For these purposes, a competition shall be defined as all classes covered within the same schedule.

All rounds of a Championship agility class and any Kennel Club heat, Semi-final or Final must be run at full height, regardless of whether they are standard or special classes.  Therefore, any dog competing in these classes must compete at full height for the duration of the show.

Source: The Kennel Club (04/03/16)


Crufts Broadcast Times and Presenters Announced

Crufts returns to Channel 4 this March to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the world’s largest dog show. With Clare Balding at the helm, Channel 4 and More4 will broadcast all the action on the four days leading up to the grand finale on Sunday when Best in Show will be crowned.

Channel 4 and More4 will cover the event at the following times:-

On More4

On Channel 4

Clare Balding will be joined at the famous dog show at Birmingham’s NEC by TV presenter and former Olympic athlete, Iwan Thomas, and Channel 4’s very own ‘Supervet’, Noel Fitzpatrick.

All of the Arena action from the show will also be shown live on the Crufts YouTube channel which can be found at

Caroline Kisko, Secretary of the Kennel Club, which runs Crufts, said: 'This year is the 125th anniversary of Crufts. The show holds such a special place in dog lovers’ hearts because it celebrates everything that we love most about dogs, and Channel 4 and More4 will reflect on how the show has grown over the years and the many different aspects of the event.

'The TV coverage not only brings exciting sports such as agility and flyball into people’s homes, but it enables people to see the diverse range of wonderful dog breeds, including the most vulnerable native breeds and unusual breeds that are not often seen in the streets and parks across the country, through the dog show aspect of Crufts. It also covers topics about choosing, caring for and enjoying life with dogs, as well as different issues affecting dog owners in the UK.'

Channel 4 and More4’s coverage of Crufts will be produced by Sunset + Vine.

Source: The Kennel Club (23/02/16)

Kennel Club Addresses Measuring Confusion

The Kennel Club is aware that there has been some confusion over an amendment made to the Kennel Club agility measuring guidelines, specifically with regards to who can measure. We would like to apologise for the miscommunication and hope that the below information will help to clarify the situation for all measurers and competitors.

Code of Best Practice for Measuring the Height of Agility Dogs
The Kennel Club Measuring Guidelines have been changed to the Code of Best Practice for Measuring the Height of Agility Dogs and these have recently been amended. The changes have been made in order to ensure that all procedural elements for measuring are included and to clear up the measuring regulations.

The changes include removing certain regulations and inserting them in the Code of Best Practice. These regulations all concern the process of measuring and took up a lot of space in the measuring regulations. By moving them to the Code of Best Practice, the regulations should now be clearer.

Additionally, a new process has been included that states:-

‘For all measurements, neither measurer must have previously measured the dog nor must the dog be owned or part owned by them, owned by a partner, member of their family or been previously entered for competition by them.’

This change has been introduced in order to maintain a clear and transparent process. Due to the miscommunication in regards to the change, all measuring sessions that have taken place up to and including 12th February will stand, regardless of whether the measurers are the same.

We would suggest that, in order to help competitors get their dogs measured, any details of a measuring session occurring at a show, including the names of the measurers, should be included in the show schedule where possible.

New measuring regulations for Large dogs
As of 1st January 2016, the measuring regulations were changed to remove the need for Large dogs to be measured. Dogs competing in the Large height category do not need an official measure before competing. However, those handlers who are not sure if their dog is Large or Medium may still have their dog measured.

Once a dog has competed in the Large height category at a Kennel Club licensed event without a measurement, it cannot subsequently change to a different height.

Measuring re-accreditation
A process of re-accreditation of all official Kennel Club agility measurers is being undertaken by the Kennel Club, with sessions being held around the UK. All measurers who wish to continue as an official Kennel Club measurer are required to attend one of the sessions below and be assessed by an accreditation panel.

The first session took place at Avon Agility Show, West Kype Farm Equestrian Centre in Strathaven on Sunday, 7th February.

The other sessions available are:-

For all of the above dates, the Kennel Club is offering agility competitors the opportunity to get their dogs measured for free. Measuring will be conducted by the measurers with the accreditation panel and Kennel Club staff present. If a dog has not been measured before, then this will count as their first measure and will be recorded in the dog’s record book. If it’s the dog’s second measure then this will also be recorded as such. For any dogs which have already been measured twice, this measure will not count and will not be recorded or have any bearing on the dog’s existing height category.

Whilst all sizes of dogs are welcome, the event is particularly interested in small and medium sized dogs for the accreditation process.

Handlers may register to have their dogs measured by emailing Please include the following information:-

Once registered an email will be sent to you with information about timings and joining instructions about the relevant day.

Source: The Kennel Club (11/02/16)

Performance Weekend to Allow Non-Squad Members to Run European Style Courses

Agility Team GB is organising a Performance Weekend in conjunction with the Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts Show on 23rd – 24th April 2016, for the Squad as well as non-squad members to run European style courses.

The 2016 Squad was selected following the collection and submission of points from prestige agility events held during 2015. The squad will attend two squad days at Nottingham Trent University, which will be followed by the Performance Weekend. After this, a team will be selected for each of the Championships: the European Open Agility Championships in Pas de Calais, France from 29 – 31 July 2016 and the FCI World Agility Championships in Zaragoza, Spain from 22 – 25 September 2016.

Agility competitors who are not part of Team GB will also get the opportunity to compete at the Performance Weekend on Sunday, 24 April, to give them an opportunity to practice on European style courses which could inspire them to try out for the Championships in 2017.

Naarah Cuddy and Sheltysham Séance at the FCI World Agility Championships 2015 in Bologna, ItalyNon-squad members who are Grade 4-7 handlers (limited to 50 dogs per height) may enter the competition on Sunday. It is a great way to compete against squad members of Agility Team GB, as well as being seen by the Team GB Manager and the coaching team.

Stacey Irwin-Burns, a Team GB Squad member said: 'Having non-squad members also allowed to enter the Sunday of the Performance Weekend is great, as it will give the wider agility community a chance to tackle more European-style courses, and hopefully inspire them to want to try and gain Squad points for a chance to be selected for next year’s squad.'

Filming of the runs also takes place at the Performance Weekend, so that individuals can assess how they have run, and compare their runs to other competitors.

Team manager, Mark Laker said: 'This year’s event promises to be another exciting weekend of top agility. The weekend is your chance to run on European style courses designed and judged by a top FCI judge. '

'We’re also on the lookout for future stars, so if you have ambitions to be part of Agility Team GB in the future, enter the Performance Weekend, run your dog, experience international courses, meet the coaching team and who knows, you could be part of a future team.'

The Agility Team GB coaching team will be on hand over the weekend to discuss the activities the team are involved with, the Championships they will be attending and answer any questions about Agility Team GB.

Team GB squad member, Naarah Cuddy who came 5th overall in the Large individual competition after competing for the first time on Team GB last year said: 'Being picked for the team GB Squad makes me feel extremely proud of what Sassy and I have achieved in such a short time. The Performance Weekend is a great opportunity to get yourself noticed and show off you and your dog’s partnership to the whole of team GB management. It's even open to non-squad members to show their potential and be seen for development.'

Entries for non-squad members cost £15 per dog, and the closing date for entries is Friday, 19th February.

Please find more details and the entry form on the Agility Team GB website:

Source: The Kennel Club (10/02/16)

Hatton Festival WAO Offer

Celebrating the fact that World Agility Open (WAO) Championships are to be held in England this year between 13th-15th May 2016, Country Agility Shows is offering any overseas competitor free entries to the Hatton Agility Festival. The Hatton Agility Festival takes place on 7th-8th May at Addington Manor, just 45 minutes drive away from the WAO venue.

All competing dogs must be registered with the UK Kennel Club.

The Hatton Agility schedule is now live on iShowservices and the Agilitynet Show Diary.

Hatton Festival, supported by ROYAL CANIN®, is a unique dog event and plays host to Agility, Canicross, Rally and Heelwork to Music all on the same venue in the heart of Warwickshire Countryside. Our venue offers everything from a local English pub and café to a shopping village and farmyard and is within a 15 minute drive of Shakespeare's Stratford On Avon and William The Conqueror’s Warwick Castle so loads to do with or without your four-legged friend.

More information from Country Shows Agility. Find us on Facebook @ Country Shows Agility or email

Source: Graham Taylor (07/02/16)


Free Measuring Offered by Kennel Club

The Kennel Club are offering agility competitors the opportunity to get their dog measured for free in time for the new agility season. The measuring seminars, which are being organised as part of the 2016 Measurers Accreditation process, will take place over four dates in February, March and April 2016.

Measuring will be conducted by the measurers with the Accreditation Panel and Kennel Club staff present. If a dog has not been measured before, then this will count as their first measure and will be recorded in the dog's record book. If it’s the dog’s second measure, then this will also be recorded as such. For any dogs which have already been measured twice, this measure will not count and will not be recorded or have any bearing on the dog’s existing height category.

There will be a limited number of record books available on the day, but handlers for first time measures are advised to obtain one first and bring this along, having already completed the dog's details.

Whilst all size categories of dogs are welcome, the event is particularly interested in small and medium sized dogs for the accreditation process.

The seminars are being held on the following dates:

Handlers may register to have their dogs measured by emailing: Please include the following information within the email:-

Once registered, an email will be sent to you with information about timings and joining instructions about the relevant day.

Source: The Kennel Club (30/01/16)

Agria Pet Insurance Programme 2016

For a second year running, 2016 will see Agria continuing sponsorship in the agility world with a programme that runs from spring to late autumn. With a range of classes for all sizes of agility dogs, Agria will be present at some of the best agility events across the country. These include the much-anticipated Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix – a class that proved very popular in 2015.

The spring start first welcomes Agria to the southern part of the UK before moving to Hatton Agility Festival, which hosts the first Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix class of the season. The five top-placed dogs in the Grand Prix will compete in reverse order over a short course to find the Hatton Grand Prix winner. Their prize will be a fantastic ‘Dog Friendly’ weekend break, courtesy of Agria Pet Insurance and Dog Friendly.

Alastair Cook, Head of Sales and Marketing for Agria Pet Insurance says, 'We had a great year supporting agility last year and watching such happy and well-trained dogs taking part. We’re delighted to be sponsors again in 2016, and are looking forward to seeing more outstanding achievements made possible from the strong partnerships forged between agility dogs and their handlers at every level of the sport.'

In 2016 Agria will be supporting the following events:-

Source: Graham Taylor - Country Shows Agility (25/01/16)

Lower Jump Height Option Introduced by Kennel Club

A new lower height option for agility jumps is being introduced by the Kennel Club, effective from 1st July 2016, which will allow agility shows to include a lower height jump for each competition size.

For some time now, there has been a call for the introduction of an additional jump height of 55cm for large dogs (which has been popularly referred to amongst agility competitors as the ‘fourth height’). There have also been representations to consider a further height to be introduced below the current 35cm small dog height.  The decision to introduce a lower jump height option will allow for this to happen.

Representations made to the Kennel Club regarding jump heights have raised the opportunity to address issues for all heights of dog.  In order to provide substantiated advice regarding the jump height debate, the Kennel Club has commissioned research to fully understand the impact of jump heights on dogs. This research is likely to take some considerable time before it is concluded and the findings made available to inform the debate.

Kathryn Symns, Kennel Club Canine Activities Executive, said, 'We have listened to ongoing representations made by agility competitors to inform the introduction of the new lower height option, and this decision will allow shows to schedule this height at their discretion. It is important that any changes to the regulations do not detract from what is already on offer at agility shows, as many competitors believe that there are currently no issues associated with jump heights for their dogs, and therefore wish the status quo to be maintained. 'It is also imperative that show organisers retain the choice over what they schedule.  This change allows for the new height, whilst competitors still have a choice of jump height which they believe to be suitable for their dog.'

More details on the lower height option and a set of accompanying FAQs can be found at

The new Lower Height Option regulations are as follows:-

H10(c).(11) Schedule

Definitions of classes.  Classes that will include the Lower Height Option must be specified together with whether there will be separate awards for each height. (Insertion in bold).

Insert new Regulation H(1)(A)4. and renumber accordingly.

All rounds of a Championship Agility Class and any Kennel Club heat, semi-final or final must be run at Full Height. (Insertion in bold).

Insert new Regulation H(1)(A)7 and renumber accordingly.

Lower Height Option.  Societies may offer the Lower Height Option to all dogs in that height category and may be offered at all grades. It is to be run as part of any Standard class as defined in these regulations and must be clearly identified in the schedule. When the Lower Height Option is scheduled a dog may only be entered at either the Full height or at the Lower Height and cannot compete at a different height in any class at that competition.  For these purposes a competition shall be defined as all classes covered within the same schedule.  Each relevant class will have two heights with a change part way through to higher/lower the jump heights and competitors must run at their entered height.  The order in which the heights will run must be detailed on the ring cards/ring plan. There will be only one course walking at the start of the class. In a class where the Lower Height Option is available show organisers may offer one set of awards by combining the results of each height or may offer separate awards for each height category. (Insertion in bold).

H(1)(A)8. Progression (was previously H(1)(A)6.)

Progression.  Progression from each Grade will require one Agility win or three Jumping wins in standard classes at that grade, at either Full height or the Lower Height Option, except that progression from Grade 5 will require 3 wins at Grade 5, one of which must be an agility class. Progression from Grade 6 will require 4 wins at Grade 6, two of which must be agility classes. Results from Combined Classes will only count towards progression from the dog’s current grade.(Insertion in bold).

H(1)(A)10. Standard Classes (was previously H(1)(A)8.)
h. Championship Class.  Open to dogs having qualified to compete in Grade 7 which have had 4 wins at Full Height in either Grade 6 or Grade 7, at least 2 of which must be gained in agility classes. To consist of 2 qualifying rounds of Standard Kennel Club Classes, 1 Agility Class and 1 Jumping Class and a final round of Agility to be held at the same Show.
(Insertion in bold).

H(1)(B)1. Courses.
c. No practice is allowed on the course save that competitors will be allowed to walk the course set at the height the dog is to negotiate without their dog(s) before the class begins. Hurdles will be raised / lowered during the course walking time if multiple heights are offered within the same class. (Insertion in bold).

H(1)(B)3. Obstacles
urdle—The height of the hurdle must be 650mm (2ft 1.6ins) (550mm (1ft 9.6ins) for Lower Height Option) for Large Dogs, 450mm (1ft 5.7ins) (350mm (1ft 1.75ins) for Lower Height Option) for Medium Dogs and 350mm (1ft 1.75ins) (250mm (9.8ins) for Lower Height Option) for Small Dogs. Width: 1.219m (4ft) minimum. The top bar or plank must be easily displaced by the dog. A wall should have displaceable units on the top. The height of hurdles in special classes may be lower than those listed above, but the height must be included in the schedule. (Insertions in bold).

These regulations will not apply to Kennel Club ‘prestige events’, at which there is a high value to the awards offered. Kennel Club prestige events are those held at Premier Shows, including heats for Crufts, Olympia or Eukanuba Discover Dogs, such as Crufts Singles, Crufts ABC etc.

In addition, schedules must be updated to include the following statement:

Insert new Regulation H(10)c.(12) and renumber accordingly.

Dog Agility is a competitive and physically strenuous activity. It is the responsibility of the owner / handler to ensure their dog is ‘fit for function’ and that they themselves are fit to take part. By signing the entry form you confirm that to the best of your knowledge your dog is fit and able to take part in Agility classes on the day of the show.' (Insertion in bold).

Source: The Kennel Club  (22/01/16)


JRTs Now Eligible for Agility Team GB

It's official. The Jack Russell Terrier is now a Kennel Club recognised breed with effect from 1 January 2016 and the Interim Breed Standard will be published on 1 April 2016 so that dogs may be exhibited at Kennel Club licensed events from this date.

Once registered, they would be entitled to be considered for Agility Team GB to compete in international events such as the FCI Agility World Championship.

According to the Kennel Club Press Office, the process that Jack Russell Terrier owners will need to go through in order to be registered on the pedigree register is still being confirmed and will be announced once finalised.

The proposed standard can be viewed on the Kennel Club website at and there is currently a link to it from the home page.

Source: The Kennel Club (18/01/16)

Skipper’s Announces an Agility Programme for 2016

Skipper’s Pet Products has announced class sponsorship at a range of Agility shows across the country in 2016. They will be supporting three classes at each of the events - that’s one for each size of Agility dog with awards and vouchers for Skipper’s class winners to celebrate their achievements.

Managing Director of Skipper’s Pet Products Steve Moore says, 'We are delighted to be involved with the Agility community which has an amazing vibe around it with everyone looking to ensure their dogs are fit and healthy to compete. Skipper’s Pet Products has a range offering something for every Agility Dog and we look forward to meeting you all at the shows in 2016.'

In 2016, Skipper’s will be supporting the following events and they hope to add more events during the later part of the year.

April 2016

May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

Famous for using human grade raw materials sourced from fish merchants around the UK, Skipper’s offers high quality air-dried fish treats, grain-free fish based complete food and human grade Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF). All Skipper’s products are packed with essential Omega Oils and the nutrients and fuel needed to help dogs reach their maximum performance. Agility dogs love 100% natural fish treats as a great treat after a great run. The 50% Salmon & Trout complete food also compliments Skipper's treats perfectly as a stable food and our range of raw foods are second to none. Good enough to eat yourself!

Source: Graham Taylor - Country Agility Shows (15/01/16)

Agility Team GB 2016 International Competition Preparation Training

Agility Team GB are the reigning World Large Team Champions and, in order to prepare the squad to both defend this title and compete at the European Open Championships in 2016, a Performance Weekend has been organised in conjunction with the Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts Show on 23rd and 24th April 2016. This will assist Agility Team GB Manager, Mark Laker and the coaching team in making the final team selections.

The Performance Weekend is designed to test dogs and handlers in the squad over a variety of situations typically associated with international competitions, such as team events, international style courses, performing under pressure, and accumulated individual runs.

The Sunday of the Performance Weekend will also be open to dogs in Grades 4-7 which had not been tried out for the squad last year but whose owners would like to have a go and see how they get on. It is hoped that this will appeal to those who may submit points to be considered for the squad in 2017 but would like to learn more first. Entries for this will be capped at 150 dogs.

The following squad and team training days have been arranged:-

These are designed to help handlers and dogs to concentrate on six key performance areas:-

The Squad and Team Training Days will help to ensure that Agility Team GB is fully prepared to compete at the European Open Championships in France from 29th – 31st July 2016 and the World Championships in Spain from Sunday 22nd – 25th September 2016.

For more information about qualifying for the Kennel Club Agility Team GB and representing Great Britain at international competitions, please visit:

Source: Kennel Club (04/01/16)

Winners Crowned at Olympia Agility Stakes

Records were broken at the event in December with Natasha Wise winning the Medium final for the sixth time with the same dog, Ag.Ch. Raeannes Flipping Heck. In addition, Greg Derrett won the Large Senior final with Devongem Rehab Sproglett. The pair had previously won the Novice final in 2012.

Held in association with Skinner's Pet Foods, the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes saw the stars of agility compete in five finals in the Small, Medium, Large Novice, Large Senior, and ABC categories as part of the London International Horse Show at Olympia.

Judged by Tom Quinn, the winners of the Stakes were:-

Will Delamore, Sales and Marketing Director at Skinner's, commented: 'It has been a fantastic year for agility. Skinner's has attended numerous events and the standard of the handlers and dogs is world class. We are delighted to be associated with such a prestigious competition; we really look forward to Olympia every year. I would like to congratulate the winners for a magnificent performance and wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.'

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: 'Olympia is a fantastic event in the agility calendar and a wonderful showcase of the most talented dogs and handlers. A big congratulations goes out to all the winners and record breakers and we hope that their success is continued throughout 2016.'

The results for this year's Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes can be found online at

Source: Kennel Club  (04/01/16)

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