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Important Changes to Olympia Agility Stakes Competition

The Kennel Club has announced the following changes to the Olympia Agility Stakes competition for 2016.

A further heat has been added so there will be 16 additional qualifying heats spread around the country. This will give more Kennel Club registered societies the opportunity to host a Kennel Club qualifier, and competitors more opportunities to qualify.

Kennel Club Olympia Small Agility Stakes

Kennel Club Olympia Large Agility Stakes

Kennel Club Olympia Large Novice Agility Stakes

Kennel Club Olympia Large ABC Agility Stakes

The number of dogs per qualifying heat is being made more consistent, so if entries for an individual heat exceed 360, the class will be split into two equal parts.  If the entry exceeds 540, the class will be split into three equal parts. Classes can be split if there are 300 or more entries but no part, if split, will be fewer than 150 dogs. If the heat is split, then three dogs will be taken from each part and rosettes and awards will be given for each part.

If the class is not split, then the first five previously unqualified placed dogs from the Large and Novice qualifying heats will go forward to the Quarter-Finals, and the first three previously unqualified placed dogs from each Small, Medium and ABC qualifying heat will go forward to the Semi Final.

The number of dogs qualifying to compete at Olympia from the Large and Novice dog Quarter Finals will be reduced to 20 (previously 36) and the Small, Medium and ABC Semi Finals will remain at ten.

Dogs will only be eligible for one final at Olympia and therefore, for example, a dog will not be allowed to compete in the ABC and Novice or Senior Quarter-Final, Semi Final or Final at Olympia.

The Olympia Agility Stakes competition takes place every December at Olympia's London International Horse Show

For more information, visit

Source: The Kennel Club (05/10/15)


The Kennel Club Moves Up the Road

Due to the Kennel Club’s relocation to new premises, the Clarges Street Office will be closed on Friday, 2nd October 2015.

The Call Centre for general registrations and Petlog enquiries will remain open, but there will be no phone service available at the London office on Friday, 2nd October until Monday 5th October. A normal telephone service will resume at 9am on Tuesday 6th October.

The new address will be The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London W1J 8AB.  Same as before - just no numbers!

For your information...
The Kennel Club's first home in 1873 was a small three roomed apartment in Albert Mansions, Victoria Street, London SW1. These premises were shared with John Edward Shand a Wine Merchant. It was whilst at this address that one of the first tasks was performed: the production of a stud book containing the pedigrees of over 4000 of the main winners during the previous 14 years. The book also contained Rules for the Guidance of Shows and Field Trials.

From Albert Mansions, the Kennel Club moved to 29a Pall Mall, London SW1 in 1877 and six years later in 1883 to Cleveland Row St James's, London SW1. The date of the next move was probably 1895 to 27 Old Burlington Street, London W1. Why so many moves? They were necessitated by the rapid growth in Kennel Club activities. The next move was in 1900 to 26 Southampton Street, The Strand, London WC2; then in 1902 to 7 Grafton Street, off Old Bond St, London W1.  This was followed in 1910 by a move into a temporary office at Carlton House, Regent Street, London W1; then in 1911 to 2 Saville Row W1. In the middle of the First World War in 1916 the move was to 84 Piccadilly W1 where the distinctive bronze staghound Forager (now in the Reception area) was sited over the porch and for 27 years gazed across Green Park.

During this period, the Kennel Club activities continued to grow. An opportunity arose in 1956 to acquire the freehold of 1-4 Clarges Street which was then a bomb site and the General Committee of the day showed great foresight in purchasing the property in 1957, and even greater foresight in acquiring the freehold of 5 Clarges Street in 1964. So when the Kennel Club moves into its 11thpremises very soon, it will be a great achievement.

Two other buildings must be mentioned: since 1999 the Aylesbury building has housed the Kennel Club Registration Department, Pet Log and the Call Centre. Also, the Kennel Club Building in Stoneleigh Park (formerly known as the Royal Agricultural Society), which is the only venue created to suit all canine educational needs from dog shows and training sessions to seminars and meetings. Its central location has easy access, parking and excellent facilities.

Source: The Kennel Club (28/09/15)

IFCS Team GB Announced

FAB Shows are happy to announce that the IFCS Team GB has been selected for the IFCS World Championships to be held in the Netherlands in April 2016.

Team members with their points tally from all 2015 show are listed below. There have been so many excellent dog/handler teams trying out this year that it has made the team selections process extremely difficult for us. Unfortunately some people are bound to be disappointed they haven't made the team this year but we are only allowed to take 16 handlers maximum plus 4 previous medal winners.

Congratulations to the handlers that made it onto the team.

Here's to 2016!Team GB


  • Dawn Weaver - Lotus (80)
  • Angela Williams - Tiff (72)
  • Becky Salisbury - Gadget (50)
  • Michelle Drawwater - Kym (44)
  • Tracy Runyeard - Rumba (44)
  • Jen Lewis - Spud (13)
  • Janet Thompson - Wish (8)


  • Angela Williams - Wild Ting (66)
  • Kim Kraushar - Bubtee (50)
  • Paul/Tracy Runyeard - Tizzy (44)
  • Lauren Langman - Tiki (26)


  • Sam Davies - Panda (63)
  • Lian Knight - Sonic (50)
  • Dawn Weaver - Vegas (50)


  • Lian Knight - Sizzle (92)
  • Tracy Ryan - Tink(54)
  • Dave Russell - Kyto (35)
  • Sarah Mclean - Kita (28)
  • Lauren Langman - Blink (20)
  • Sarah Prentice - Lily (16)



The World Championships has a lot of events which include four as a team - Agility, Jumping, Snooker and Gamblers. Unlike other associations, there are individual medals available for each of these team events. There is also the Biathlon which is combined Agility and Jumping so there is plenty to go for.

Dawn Weaver said, 'FAB Shows are a member of the IFCS and as such are approved to host qualifiers and send a team each year. We are extremely happy to be holding these events as they are for pedigree and non-pedigree dogs alike and there are four jump heights rather than the usual three to cater for more dogs. It is an amazing competition!'

Source: Dawn Weaver (27/09/15)

Good Luck to Team GB at the FCI Agility World Champs

The Kennel Club sends its best wishes to Agility Team GB who will be making their way across the Channel next week to compete at the FCI Agility World Championships in Bologna, Italy.

The Agility World Championships will take place from 8th - 11th October 2015 at the Unipol Arena in Bologna, and will see pedigree dogs from all over the world compete for the sought after title of Agility World Champion. The British team includes three times Agility World Champions, Natasha Wise and her dog Dizzy.

Team Manager Mark Laker said: 'As the FCI World Championships draw closer, Agility Team GB are making their final preparations for what promises to be another fantastic event. Our dogs and handlers are looking really good, having fine-tuned their training plans for this year’s World Championships over the last few weeks’ practice sessions. I know they will all deliver their top performance in Italy and I would like to wish them all the very best.'

Agility Team GB is kindly supported by the Kennel Club, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Gencon, Agility 1st, NTU and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, the Kennel Club’s preferred cross-channel partner. The official equipment supplier is First Contact.

The members of the Agility World Championship Team are as follows:-

Small Height

Medium Height

Large Height

Ceri Rundle from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, said: 'Everyone at CSJ wishes Agility Team GB the very best of luck when competing at the FCI World Championships in Italy. You have all done really well to secure your place within the team so let’s hope that extra bit of luck carries with you throughout the competition.  Go Team GB!'

Andrew Treleaven, Director of Gencon, which also sponsors Agility Team GB, said: 'Having met the team recently and seen them perform, we are even more excited about our partnership with Agility Team GB and wish them all the best for the World Championships.'

Source: The Kennel Club  (25/09/15)

Helpers Needed for UKA Grand Final

UK Agility is currently putting together a list of helpers for the UKA Grand Final this year which will be held at the superb venue Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Milton Keynes. MK18 2JR on the 28th and 29th November. Each helper will be provided with a rota therefore plenty of free time to watch friends compete in various qualifiers.

Helping at the Finals is a great experience as the Finals are run very much like the WAO. With your support, each and every competitor should have a great experience running in their qualifier.

Jo Adams is putting together a list of interested people and will be in touch later with finer details. If you are interested, email your contact information to her as soon as possible.

Source: UK Agility (23/09/15)

Competitors Sought to Take Part in AKC Invitational

Grade 6 or 7 agility handlers are invited to apply to be considered to compete at the American Kennel Club (AKC) Agility Invitational event to be held in Orlando, Florida, USA on 12 and 13 December 2015, with a warm-up class on 11 December. 

Handlers will be chosen from those registering their interest by the Prestige Events Working Party. Preference will be given to those wishing to compete with their own dog which does not have to be a pedigree dog. Otherwise applications will be considered from handlers wishing to compete with a dog which is already registered in the USA.

The Kennel Club will pay for the cost of the entry but no other costs will be covered. Team GB clothing will be supplied and guidance given as to the standard of behaviour expected from a handler representing the Kennel Club.

This competition is open to all heights of dogs, but only one dog per height can represent the UK. Actual dog heights will be measured at registration as the American Kennel Club rules offer five different jump heights, although the existing Large, Medium and Small dog and jump height will need to be included with the entry.  More details can be provided upon request.

To register your interest and for further information please email details of you and your dog to by 18 September 2015.

Source: The Kennel Club (07/09/15)

Derbyshire Club Awarded  Champ Status

Derbyshire Dog Agility Club is proud to announce that it have been awarded Championship Status for Large dogs. The club's first Championship Show - Open to Large dogs only - will be held on Saturday, 30th January 2016 at the Oakridge Arena, Swinderby Road, Collingham, Nottinghamshire NG23 7NZ.

The Championship Class will be judged by Alan Bray.

More details are available at

The schedule will be released shortly.

Source: DDAC Committee (02/09/15)

 AUGUST 2015

European Open Junior Agility Championships 2016

The Young Kennel Club is looking for dogs and handlers to take part in the European Open Junior Agility Championships which will take place 8th-10th July 2016 in Slovakia.

The competition is open to all dogs, with or without pedigree (provided they are on a Kennel Club register) and we would like to hear from young people up to 18 years old who run dogs in Small, Medium or Large agility. There is no lower age limit or minimum grade however each application will be reviewed individually and potential handlers will be notified of the numbers of dogs and handlers we are looking to take, the selection process for this and the training day(s) after the registration closing date.

Mark Laker, Agility Team GB Manager commented 'This is an excellent opportunity for young handlers to represent Great Britain at International level and work with some of the top agility handlers and trainers in the UK whilst gaining invaluable experience of an international agility competition, courses and handling skills. In addition to this being an exciting event to compete at in its own right, this also offers the opportunity for our young handlers to hopefully go on and compete in the adult International teams of the future!'

In the first year, the Kennel Club will cover the cost of team entries, the club kit and the management team required to plan and run the event and to support the handlers and their families. Competitors will be required to pay for their travel arrangements, accommodation and food.

Caroline Kisko Kennel Club Secretary, said: 'This is a really exciting development for Agility Team GB and a great opportunity to develop our wonderful young handlers on the International stage and on behalf of the Kennel Club would urge all young handlers to register their interest as soon as possible.'

Further details can be found online at and anyone interested in applying for this exciting opportunity should register their interest at by 25 September 2015.

Source: YKC Team  (22/08/15)


The UK Dog Agility Team will soon be leaving for the town of Traun, near Linz, in Austria for IMCA /PAWC on 27-30 August 2015. There will be participants from 17 counties, and the hosts are going all out to make it a truly memorable weekend of competition, with a strong emphasis on the social side of Agility.

The 2015 Team has several new members this year. In fact, except for Daniel Croxford, none of the IMCA competitors competed before. Nonetheless they are hopeful they can match or beat their record last year of 13 medals.

The IMCA Line-up is:-


  • Daniel Croxford with Briar and Luna

  • Sam Chapman with Pace

  • Molly Phillips with Red

  • Emma Coyle with Wisp

The Large Team will be made up of Daniel with Luna, Sam with Pace, Molly with Red and Emma with Wisp.


  • Daniel Croxford with Bob

  • Cameron Bunce with Jay and Ziggy

  • Sam Towe with Penny and Sipzie

  • Anne Hennessey  with Ink

The Medium Team will be made up of Cameron with Jay, Sam with Penny and Sipzie and Ann with Ink


  • Daniel Croxford with Bess

  • Daniel Croxford with Bailey

  • Ryan Hennessey with Fizz

  • Sarah Bunce with Buster

Each of these will make up the Small team.


  • Angela Lucas with Bizzy

  • Sue Drew with Katie and Kaspar

  • Frances Elliot with Lilly, Taggle and Sky

  • Milie Roberts with Riot

  • Julie Chapman with Pace

  • Faith Whiteley with Fleur

  • Linda Croxford with Briar

Source: Richard Partridge (18/08/15)

Kennel Club Celebrates a Successful International Agility Festival

The Kennel Club International Agility Festival has taken place at Rockingham Castle with more than 2,700 fit and happy dogs with all sizes and levels of experience in agility competing in a record number of classes. The Festival, which is kindly supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, welcomed competitors from all over the world.

Competitions included the Championship classes, where 10 graded dogs could compete to qualify for the Agility Championships held annually at Crufts. A Special International Class enabled handlers to secure a place for the British Open Final, which is also held at Crufts. The Quarter and Semi-finals for the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes saw handlers secure a place for the prestigious competition held at the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes in December.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: 'The International Agility was again a huge success. We would like to thank everyone who has made it such a great event, especially those competitors and judges who have travelled such long distances to add to the international flavour of the competition. The festival has something for everyone, no matter what level of experience they have in agility, and we look forward to once again welcoming competitors from all over the world next year for the twelfth International Agility Festival.'

Ceri Rundle, Managing Director of CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, said: 'Another fantastic International Agility Festival from the Kennel Club at Rockingham Castle 2015.  The standard of competition seems to get higher every year and it was wonderful to see the CSJ flags and banners everywhere.  A huge congratulations to all the qualifiers and a big thank you to all the organisers, helpers, handlers, visitors and superb dogs who helped to make it such a friendly, happy and all-round successful event.


The top three competitors in each of the main competitions at the Festival were as follows:-

Kennel Club Agility Championships

Large Agility Championships

  1. Alan Short and Give It some Juice Irn Bruce

  2. Dave Munnings and Comebyanaway Reddy for Fam

  3. Jessica Clarehugh and Ag.Ch. Lynwood Cara Fuzzy Logic

Medium Agility Championships

  1. Rebecca Sargent and Raennes Aurora

  2. Tracy Flower and Madame Ballerina

  3. Jo Gleed and Let's Get Reddy to Rumble

Small Agility Championships

  1. Claire Burrell and Ag.CH. Daimonic Expelliarmus

  2. Bernadette Bay and Damask Jump for Joy at ObayAMASK JUMP FOR JOY AT OBAY

  3. Neil Harding and Kyvallack Dare to Dream

Starters Cup Semi-Final (Discover Dogs Qualifier)

Large Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final

  1. Rosie Chattaway and Snoop Back in Time

  2. Emily Gallagher and The Irish Badger

  3. Lynnette Garstang and Kisdons Zad

Medium Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi- Final

  1. April Bush and Kezzy Midnight Spark
  2. Nicola Bradshaw and Mr. Jay Tee
  3. Steve Holyoak and Danissica Honey Harlequin

Small Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final

  1. Emma Hewerdine and Jetpck Jess
  2. Clare Smith and Boans Ollie
  3. Scarlett Baguley and Flopsy Flo

Novice Cup Semi-Final  (Crufts Qualifier)

Large Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final
  3. Connie Sellers and FLINTSTONE FLYER
Medium Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final
  3. Emma Priest and WHIRLWIND HIGH FLYER
Small Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final
  1. Tracy Ryan and JACHOLS JUMP JET
  2. Sarah Vallom and A LIL WORSE FOR WEAR
  3. Elizabeth Saggers and MAID OF MAGIC

Kennel Club International Young Handler Final

International Young Handler (Under 12)
  2. Annabel Haith and ANNIES DIZZY WIZZY
International Young Handler (12-17)
  1. Belle Howlett and LEIA’S QUEEN OF NABOO
  2. Sophie Balchin and DARLEYFALLS PICK ME

Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final (Crufts Qualifiers)

Large Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final 
  1. Naarah Cuddy and Sheltysham Seance
  2. Susie Josty and Cool Beans
  3. Greg Derrett and Devongem Rehab Sproglett

Medium Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final
  1. Rebecca Sargent and Raennes Aurora
  2. Rebecca Patrick and My Dream Come True
  3. Jo Gleed and Let's Get Ready to Rumble
Small Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final
  1. Alan Bray and Ag.Ch. Sirensong Tantrums 'n Tiaras at Upanover
  2. Stacey Irwin-Burns and Luca'sLttle  Soppy Sam AW/S
  3. Ivan Pardo Garcia and Nuca de Parmar

The Kennel Club Special International Final

Large Special International Final
  1. Alex Sabini and I’Mind de Loustalaire des Bourdavants
  2. Marc Rabada and Rinoa de Villazahara
  3. Alejandro Olivera and Runa de Stanta Quiteria
Medium Special International Final
  1. Ann Herreman and GHENTAI OF THE GOLDEN FIR
  2. Ingrid Froysa and SUNBORNE JAZZY TULLA
  3. Elisenda Huidobro and DRAC DE SANT JORDI
Small Special International Final
  1. Maria Melakari and BRAINPOOL’S NEW ERA
  2. Julie Tambjerg and TOONIETWO
  3. Ivan Pardo Garcia and NUCA DE PARMAR

Kennel Club Nations Cup

Large Kennel Club Nations Cup 
  1. 1st – England 1
  2. 2nd – Scotland 2
  3. 3rd – Belgium 1
Medium Kennel Club Nations Cup
  1. 1st – England 2
  2. 2nd – Scotland 1
  3. 3rd – England 3
Small Kennel Club Nations Cup
  1. 1st – Wales 1
  2. 2nd – Scotland 1
  3. 3rd – England 2

For the full list of results, please visit .

Source: KC Press Office (17/08/15)

 JULY 2015

Jumping Jacks POTD

Despite being past the closing date (21 July), the Jumping Jacks show organisers will be accepting Pay on the Day entries at their show on 15-16 August  which will be held at Asfordby Acres, Hoby Road, Asfordby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 3TL. Judging commences at 9am.

Jumping Jacks Agility Association shows, run to JJAA rules and regulations, are small and friendly shows which welcome competitors from all levels. They are ideal for those new to agility as rings are fully fenced rings and handlers can use a silent toy in Introductory or NFC entries. There are understanding judges and dog friendly courses. They are the perfect show for camping near the rings, lovely dog walks and a warm welcome into the clubhouse for evening entertainment etc.

For more info, contact Helen on: or ring m. 07974 219374

Agility Team GB Returns from European Open

The Kennel Club would like to congratulate Agility Team GB for their valiant effort at the European Open Agility Championships (EO) in Rieden, Germany. Agility Team GB fought hard in both the Team and Individual rounds but unfortunately did not secure any of the coveted medals. Nevertheless, the event provided a great opportunity for the team to practice and hone their skills on European courses and to compete against top class competitors.

The European Open Agility Championships attracted hundreds of dogs and handlers from all over the world, with 36 countries represented at the competition including Japan, South Africa and Venezuala.

Team Manager, Mark Laker commented: "The level of competition at the European Open continues to increase, through faster and more demanding courses, and Agility Team GB certainly rose to the challenge.  The speed and accuracy of the dogs and handlers this year has been outstanding. The team did their very best against world class competition and we produced some brilliant runs.  Five of our team ran in the Sunday finals, three finishing in the top 20, and these were fantastic results given this year’s formidable competition.

The three members of Team GB who finished in the top 20 were Lucy Osborne and her dog Fling (Small) in 12th place; Christine Wingate-Wynne and Zev (Medium) in 9th place and Dave Munnings and Boss (Large) in 5th place.

The team of 15 handlers and their dogs were chosen following a performance weekend which attracted entrants from all over the UK.

Mark Laker said, 'I would like to recognise the commitment from the coaching team who have all worked hard to help organise and prepare the dogs and handlers for this competition including Rachel Richardson, our team vet, Marc Saunders and Natasha Wise, our team assistants,  Maria Johnson, our physiotherapist, Steve Croxford, our technical coach, Ruth MacGill, our handler fitness coach; and Gina Sansom, Kennel Club Working Dog Activities Events Co-ordinator.'

Thank you
Agility Team GB is supported by the Kennel Club, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Gencon, Agility First, First Contact, Nottingham Trent University and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, the Kennel Club’s preferred cross-channel partner. The official equipment supplier for the team is First Contact.

Ceri Rundle, CSJ’s founder and sponsor of Team GB said: 'Members of Agility Team GB are incredibly rewarding individuals to work with and we're delighted to be the proud supporters of the team.'

Andrew Treleaven from Gencon, a sponsor of Team GB, added: 'From the moment we started sponsoring Agility Team GB, we have been totally impressed with the team's hard work and dedication, and we were impressed by their great effort at the European Open.'

Source: The KC Press Office  (29/07/15)

Agility Results Decision

As of the end of this year, Agility Results service will cease to operate.

Graham Stevens said, 'We’ve been debating between ourselves for weeks, if not months, on how to continue this service for the next few years. We had a number of plans in mind to take it a step further and develop the service. We monitored the Agility Liaison Council meeting minutes closely, as I believe a number of others do. A results database is regularly mentioned in these minutes. With this information, it is clear that such a service would supersede ours. We are unsure when the KC will launch their own service. What will happen exactly is still unknown, and something we are still discussing internally. We will provide further updates closer to the time.'

Thank a number of people for their hard work and support over the last few years:-

And last but certainly not least, each and every member who registered with us. Without you, it wouldn’t have happened.

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch at

Source: Laura & Graham - Agility Results (19/07/15)

Good Luck to Agility Team GB at the 2015 European Open Champs

The Kennel Club sends its very best wishes to the members of Agility Team GB who are travelling to the European Open Agility Championships, being held in Rieden, Germany from 23rd - 26th July 2015.

Mark Laker, Agility Team GB Manager said: 'After months of preparing and training on international-style courses, the team going to the European Open in Germany are very well prepared and ready for this exciting competition. I am sure the rest of the coaching team and the Kennel Club International Agility Working Party will join me in wishing all the best to the team. I’m sure they will enjoy this competition and the whole experience of competing in Europe.'

Mark and the team of 18 handlers and dogs will be accompanied by a strong Kennel Club support team including assistants Marc Saunders and Natasha Wise. Team Vet Rachel Mowbray, Physiotherapist, Maria Johnston; and Kennel Club specialist, Kate Broers.

The Team GB squad was chosen following a thorough selection process conducted using a combination of results from the top competitions, a selection competition day and performance training days. From this two teams were selected: one will be attending the European Open Agility Championships and the other will compete at the Agility World Championships this October in Italy. 

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, commented, 'Congratulations to all the talented handlers who have been selected for Agility Team GB. We wish them the best of luck at this year’s European Open.'

Agility Team GB is supported by the Kennel Club, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Gencon, Agility First and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, the Kennel Club’s preferred cross-channel partner. The official equipment supplier is First Contact.

Ceri Rundle, Head of CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, which sponsors Agility Team GB, said, 'Many congratulations to you all for achieving your place in the European Open team. I would like to wish you the very best of luck in the championship from all of us at CSJ. It’ll be a challenging event and we know how hard you've worked to be in Rieden to compete amongst the best teams in Europe. We will be following your progress closely. Your skills and dedication are an inspiration to agility competitors and followers throughout the UK. Best wishes for a truly great championship. We hope you and your dogs have an incredible and memorable experience and we’re with you all the way!'

Andrew Treleaven, Director of Gencon, which also sponsors Agility Team GB, said: 'Having met the team recently and seen them perform, we are even more excited about our partnership with Agility Team GB and wish them all the best for the European Open Championships.'

The European Championship Team GB Squad members and dogs


  • Kelsey Wood with Upanova Under Pressure

  • Lou Cadman with Another Mad Moment AW(S)

  • Lucy Osborne with Radajasa's Whirlwind Fling

  • Ashleigh Butler with Ag.Ch. Ashpen Pudsey Bear AW(G)

  • Christine Wingate-Wynne with Ag.Ch. Obay Tiz Wild AW(G)

  • Jenni Machon with Cloudtenn Fuel for Life

  • Julia Durrant with Spring Lavender Lily AW(B)

  • Steve Richardson with Ag.Ch. Noworries Sweeps Dream

  • Sue Cooper with Blackthorns Speedy Mitzi AW/G

  • Alan Short with Ag.Ch. Give It Some Juice Irn Bruce
  • Alan Wildman with Chikaramor Born Performer AW(G)
  • Dave Munnings with Devongem Mister Boss Man
  • Greg Derrett with Devongem Rehab Sproglett
  • Jessica Clarehugh with Ag.Ch. Lynwood Cara Fuzzy Logic
  • Karen Marriott with Petnat A Touch Puzzling

  • Matt Goodliffe with Ag.Ch. Turboed Widewater Wizard
  • Naarah Cuddy with Sheltysham Seance
  • Natalie Mitchell with Streak of Chaos


Hazel Higgins said, 'Everyone at First Contact Agility would like to wish Team GB the best of luck. As official equipment supplier to the team, we are behind you all the way. We know you will make us all proud.'

Source: The KC Press Office  (19/07/15)

Agility Team GB Announces Three Year Partnership with Gencon

The Kennel Club is delighted to announce a three year partnership between Agility Team GB and Gencon from 2015 to 2017.

Gencon, a leading manufacturer of dog training headcollars, including the unique Gencon Allin1, joins the Kennel Club, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Agility1st, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and First Contact in supporting Great Britain’s top dog agility team ahead of the team competing in the European Open Finals and FCI Agility World Championships.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, commented, 'Agility Team GB plays an important role in developing the latest performance techniques in the sport, identifying new talent in top flight agility, caters for all breeds and all ages of handlers, and promotes the overall development of the sport. We are pleased to have Gencon as a new partner and hope their support for Agility Team GB will ensure the team’s success continues.'

Agility Team GB will compete in the European Open Finals from 24th-26th July 2015 in Reiterstadion, Germany and in the FCI Agility World Championships to be held in Bologna, Italy from 8th - 11th October 2015.

Commenting on the new partnership, Andrew Treleaven, Director of Gencon, said: 'Irene Holbrook, who designed the original Gencon product, was a very keen and successful agility competitor who couldn’t find a product that matched her needs and so designed her own. We are delighted that the Gencon Range is still a favoured product within the world of agility and is now recommended by both the Guild of Dog Trainers and the RSPCA. By supporting Agility Team GB, we believe that we can make a positive contribution to the team’s success and also increase our knowledge of the training equipment requirements of competitors in the sport of agility.'

Agility Team GB’s top successes include Natasha Wise and her Border Collie, Dizzy, who have been crowned World Champions three times and Sian Illingworth with her Border Collie, Maybe, winning the European Open Championship.

For further details regarding Agility Team GB, please visit the Kennel Club website:

The Gencon ® All-in-1 and Headcollars are made from soft yet durable fabric and are specifically designed after a great deal of research into dog psychology and development work on innovative technologies and high quality materials so that they don’t pull up into a dog’s eyes or uncomfortably turn their head, making them the perfect lead training accessories for grown dogs and puppy walking. The Gencon consists of two simple loops that apply gentle pressure when your dog pulls on the lead, which gently but effectively stops the dog pulling forwards and is recommended by the Guild of Dog Trainers.

For further information please visit the Gencon website at:

Source: The KC Press Office  (30/06/15)

Changes to Agility Rules & Regs

The General Committee has recently approved the following amendment to the agility regulations highlighted below, which will come into effect on 1st January 2016:

Amendment to Regulation H(1)(A)3.b.

The following amendment is to be made which will allow for the height of the dog walk to be reduced in special classes aimed at older and/or inexperienced dogs.  

Regulation H(1)(A)3.b. 


Where special classes are classified for older and/or inexperienced dogs, the height of the hurdles, and the A-ramp, and the dog walk, and the length of the long jump, may be reduced below the dimensions specified in these regulations, in which case such dimensions must be included in the class definition in the schedule. (Insertion in bold, deletions struck through) 

The General Committee has also recently approved the following amendment to the regulations which will come into effect immediately:

Insertion of new Regulation H11.i

A dog must not compete in the same class more than once, including special classes. (Insertion in bold)

Further details regarding the listed amendments and regulations can be found in the agility section of the Kennel Club website:

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the changes, please contact the Working Dog Activities Team via or by calling 020 7518 1013.

Source: The KC Press Office  (29/06/15)

World Agility Open Championships
World Agility Open Championships Judges Announced

The WAO has announced the judges for the 2016 World Agility Open which will be held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre in England.

Marq Cheek will again serve as Supervising Judge.

Complete bios as well as sample courses on the website later this summer.

Source: Greg Derrett (23/06/15)

New Scotland WAO Manager Announced

The WAO is pleased to announce that Alan Short will be the new Team Manager for Scotland. Alan has been a competitor at the WAO on several occasions as well as other international events. As well as this agility experience, Alan is a CMO of a large international company which involves a lot of leadership, analytical and planning skills which should certainly be of benefit in this role.

    Greg Derrett said, 'We would like to thank Alan for stepping forward for this role and wish him and the Scottish team good luck for the future WAOs.'

The Selection Schedule can be found on Agilitynet Show Diary.

Source: Greg Derrett (15/06/15)

Thames Ring Card Problem

This is a message for anyone going to the Thames show on 13-14 June who has received their posted printed ring cards only. The on-line ones are fine.

Please could you double check your ring card and ring plans and see if you are first in the ring in any of the classes. Due to printer problems the asterisk on the first line only of the ring card hasn't printed. All the other lines are correct. It only affects the printed ring cards – the online ring cards are correct.  If you entered online then you can view/print your ring cards after logging in by clicking on the name of the show on your Home Page. 

Road Closures
lease note there are a number of road closures in the area over the weekend, full details are on the front page of the site.

Source: Kate Austin (09/06/15)

New Chairman & Vice Chair Elected at Kennel Club

Simon Luxmoore is the new Chairman of the Kennel Club. In an unprecedented move, he was voted in at the General Committee meeting on Tuesday, replacing Steve Dean. Steve Croxford was elected Vice-Chairman, replacing Mike Townsend. Mr Luxmoore becomes the KC’s 15th chairman.

 It is understood Prof Dean and Mr Townsend did not resign but were instead not re-elected. The KC declined to give voting figures but said no Committee members had resigned and that Prof Dean and Mr Townsend would remain trustees of the club and Committee members.

It is believed that only Prof Dean and Mr Luxmoore put their hats in the ring for the Chairmanship, as they both did in 2011 – along with Pat Sutton – when it was rumoured to be an extremely close decision between the two. Candidates, who must be among the General Committee’s members, are proposed by other Committee members. The election is always by secret ballot. 

Border Terrier enthusiast Prof Dean replaced Ronnie Irving as Chairman in 2011 after the latter announced his decision not to stand again at the preceding AGM. Mike Townsend was re-elected vice-chairman at the same meeting. It is customary for these positions to be elected at the first General Committee following the annual meeting.

Mr Luxmoore is a trustee of the KC and a member of the Finance and General Purposes Sub-Committee and was chairman of the Judges Sub-Committee. He was raised with Boxers, Basset Hounds and a Norwegian Elkhound. Under the Zima and Hushwing affixes, he has been involved with Siberian Huskies since 1981 and has been involved with the health and development of the breed. His most notable dog was Ch. Z Toaki, the former breed CC record holder, who was four times BD and twice BOB at Crufts. He is interested in all aspects of working dogs, and in Siberians established and maintained a successful working kennel. He wrote breed notes in Dog World for many years. A former chairman of the Siberian Husky Club of GB, he was instrumental in establishing a number of working groups and associations. He is approved to award CCs in Alaskan Malamutes and Siberians, and has judged extensively here and abroad. 

Steve Croxford is an agility expert and a regular competitor in agility for more than 25 years. He has been a full-time professional agility trainer since 2003. He managed and coached the KC's international agility team for ten years until 2011, the team winning medals nearly every year at the FCI Agility World Championship from when he took over in 2001.

Prof Dean has been on the General Committee since 2005. For 13 years he was in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, and has been a practising vet, a veterinary radiologist and lecturer in anatomy at the Royal Veterinary College. In 2009 he became chief vet at Crufts and honorary vet at the National Terrier Show. He was DW’s veterinary columnist for 20 years. He breeds Border Terriers with the Tyrian affix.

Last week KC member Geoffrey Davies wrote an open letter to the General Committee, asking them to appoint a new Chairman. He claimed this was the only way for the club 'to get its house in order' and change was needed 'urgently’ to address members’ concerns. The grassroots of dogdom thought alike, he said, and were not in tune with what was coming out of the KC’s head office in London. He questioned the way Prof Dean was 'leading and directing' the Club and the way in which the membership was being treated. He asked for him to be removed at this week’s meeting of the General Committee, claiming he had the support of more than 40 members.

After hearing that Prof Dean had not been re-elected, he told DW that the former chairman should now walk away ‘with dignity’ and leave Mr Luxmoore to develop a strategy which was going to take the club forward.

He said, 'I hope Mr Luxmoore will be able to lead, and listen and be respectful to, others at all times, I believe the general membership felt it was time for a new Chairman, and the General Committee is to be congratulated on making the decision. It has listened to the membership and now it is the responsibility of KC members to get behind the new chairman and give him their total support.'

It was definitely the mood of the membership that it would have taken alternative action if Prof Dean had not gone, but it would have destabilised the club if an extraordinary general meeting had had to be called. The Board of Directors acted with integrity and reflected what I believe was the wish of the membership.'

 Former General Committee member Jean Lanning said common sense had prevailed. 'At the first meeting of the General Committee following the recent AGM of the KC we have seen something quite unprecedented in its long history. If the present situation had not been properly handled, we could have seen a major problem of earthquake proportions developing. Happily, common sense – which is a pretty rare commodity these days – prevailed, with the General Committee showing great strength in being in charge of the affairs of our governing body.

'My thoughts are very much with the outgoing chairman Steve Dean. I am sure that under his stewardship good things did happen. However, for far too many years a policy of defence had been followed rather than to attack our critics. The KC is an international beacon. It behoves us all to show some humility at this time and remember that no one is bigger than the KC. We have entered a new era for the KC to continue its illustrious history.'

Judge Andrew Brace said the new chairman could prompt major changes. 'The news that Simon Luxmoore has been elected will hopefully be welcomed by the dog world at large,. We now have a chairman who is very much ‘one of us’, who comes with no conflicts of interest and who, I believe, will make full use of the expertise which surrounds him. He has a General Committee which includes several young visionaries and I believe that if the Committee gives Simon the support he deserves we really will see major change in the interests of the sport. Obviously, things will not be changed overnight, and Simon’s task is an unenviable one, but for the first time in many years I feel highly optimistic about the future of our governing body.'

Source: Dog World (02/06/2015)

Jumping Jacks Agility Association Launched

Jumping Jacks Agility Association (JJAA) has been set up to ensure the continuance of the original EMDAC/ BAA ethos. This year there will be six JJAA shows and ten are already planned for next year with some others enquiring. They are planning to have Leagues, Finals, Promotion, Win based Certificates and rosettes to minimum 20%.

The shows will be small and friendly and fun fun fun! They will welcome agility enthusiasts from Beginners to the more Advanced into a relaxed, dog friendly show environment, with fully enclosed (netted) rings and courses designed specifically to compliment the well-being of the dog. Dogs need not jump anything higher than their own height (measured to the withers)

Membership to JJAA is free and automatic with the first entry as is Measuring which is free and available to members on the morning of the show entered.

For more information, contact Katie Theobald (principal). Mobile: 07894 647054 before 9pm. Email: Or visit

Source: Katie Theobald (02 June 2015)

 MAY 2015

Gleniffer Goes On

On 17 May Gleniffer DTC was advised by North Ayrshire Council that, following an event at Eglington Park, the ground has been damaged beyond repair and could not be recovered in time for their agility show on 23 May. The Show will go ahead, however, same date, at a new location - the Lanark Racecourse, Hyndford Road, Lanark ML11 9SZ.

Mike Afia said, 'The outpouring of support from so many of the agility community has been breathtaking. Thank you to Clubs and individuals who have offered encouragement and help, it is so very greatly appreciated. We will do our best to make your agility experience warm, friendly and totally enjoyable. If you are able to help, even for an hour, it will be greatly appreciated. Look forward to seeing you all there. Please spread the news far and wide - not all agility people are not on the internet and we would hate anyone going to the wrong venue. '

Source: Mike Afia  (19 May 2015)

Kennel Club Announces Agility Team GB

The Kennel Club has announced the names of the members of the agility teams who will represent Great Britain at the 2015 European Open Agility Championships in Germany from 24th - 26th July 2015 and the World Agility Championships in Italy from 8th - 11th October 2015.

The successful handlers and dogs were chosen following this year’s squad selection process which concluded at the Performance Weekend hosted by Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts at its Open Agility Show.

The Kennel Club congratulates all the handlers who have been selected to represent Agility Team GB this year, which once again is kindly supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and sponsored by the Kennel Club.

This year’s Performance Weekend was judged by Nalle Jansson from Sweden. Nalle set up some testing courses designed to test dogs and handlers on speed, fitness, consistency and accuracy. Over the weekend, there was some fantastic handling on courses where dogs could really show off their skills. 

The format of this year’s event followed a similar format to the World Championships on Saturday and the European Open on Sunday. The weekend also included the popular team relay which consists of four courses in one ring with over 30 obstacles, provided by First Contact, Agility Team GB’s official equipment supplier.

Team Manager, Mark Laker said, 'Four months of training and squad preparation culminated in an exciting Performance Weekend at Lincoln. The standard of courses, judging and agility was extremely high and thrilling to watch. We listened to the feedback received from last year’s squad and have made changes to the squad process this year. It’s a tough process focusing on many areas of performance, and helping our top handlers prepare for the highest level of agility. Both the World Championships and the European Open are exciting events attracting the top agility handlers from over 30 countries. For many handlers this will be the highlight of their agility career. The amount of work these handlers have already put in cannot be under estimated. To go out and compete at this level in any sport requires an incredible amount of dedication.

'This year I asked the coaching team to help me look for dogs and handlers who could win medals, obviously, and those we can develop for the future. We need to be developing our future handlers and the teams selected reflect this. I believe we have two very strong teams representing Agility Team GB at these events.

'Once again I am very grateful for the support and input from the coaching team, the Kennel Club and our sponsors who make our attendance at these prestigious events possible.'

The teams selected are as follows (T= team event; I = individual event):

European Open




All competitors at the European Open will get an individual run. Teams will be confirmed nearer the time.

World Championships


Travelling Team Reserve - Kelsey Wood with Upanova under Pressure


Travelling Team Reserve - Julia Durrant with Spring Lavender Lily AW(B)


Travelling Team Reserve - Alan Wildman with Chikaramor Born Performer AW/G

Full results from the performance weekend and more information on Agility Team GB can be found via the Kennel Club website.

Source: The KC Press Office (10 May 2015)

 APRIL 2015

The London Pet Show Demo Team Needed

Can you help? Agility arrangements in place for the London Pet Show on 9-10 May at the ExCel, London have fallen through. Ideally a twice daily, 45 minute self-contained presentation in front of a large audience is needed. Ring size 20m x 16m and bespoke access arrangements can be made for a small team of handlers and dogs with suitable financial recompense to club, charity or individuals involved.

Time is tight and of course many are already committed to the major Agility events around the region. London-based connections has got to be favourite and all solutions grateful received.

Initially please contact Graham Taylor by email or phone 07831 548911 or he is at WBSD show tomorrow if that helps anyone.

Source: Graham Taylor (26 April 2015)

Tunbridge Show Class Changes

Tunbridge Wells & District DTC has had to change classes and judges around they've had to go up to 10 rings for the first time. Thank you to all those who have volunteered to help as we will need you and to our judges for being so understanding.

Source: Mandy Dumont  (26 April 2015)

Agility Dogs Head to Rockingham for KCI Fetival

Around 2,500 dogs from all over the world will be heading to Rockingham Castle for the Kennel Club International Agility Festival on 13-16 August as entries fly in for the UK’s largest agility dog show. During the KCI Festival, 16 rings will be set up to host the competition, which will feature dogs of all agility grades and sizes, with over 200 classes taking place.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said, 'Agility is the most popular dog sport in the UK and it is testament to the growing popularity of agility that the festival has grown to be such a huge event, not just in the UK but worldwide. There are a range of competitions for everyone, from the International Young Handler competition and the Nations Cup for the leading competitors, to the companion dog show, where the judge will choose the Best Junior Handler, Prettiest Bitch and Most Handsome Dog – there is a class for all at the festival. A heat of the nation's favourite crossbreed competition, Scruffts, sponsored by James Wellbeloved, also takes place at the festival, with categories such as Child's Best Friend and Best Rescue. There is something for all dogs to be involved in.'

The Festival is free for spectators (apart from a £5 parking fee) and people are able to come along with their own dogs to enjoy the fun festival atmosphere and even take part in the Have-A-Go agility ring (for dogs over 18 months), which gives everyone a chance of experiencing the sport for themselves.

The International Agility Festival, which is in its 11th year, is kindly supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds and welcomes all dogs of all types. Over 25 countries from around the world are expected to be represented, all fighting to win their individual competitions and take home the Nations Cup.

Entries can be taken online at until 18th June 2015.

For more information on the Kennel Club International Agility Festival, please visit or

Source: Kennel Club Press Office

New Opportunities to Host a KC Olympia Qualifiers in2016

The Kennel Club has announced it will be increasing the number of competition heats for Olympia in 2016, giving more registered societies the opportunity to host a Kennel Club qualifier and competitors more opportunities to qualify.

Whilst the majority of these qualifying heats will continue to be held at the shows which staged them during 2014 and 2015, the number of heats is being increased to bring each competition in line with one another. Therefore all of the competitions are looking for extra host societies for heats as follows:-

This is an excellent opportunity for more registered societies to get involved with the qualifiers for one of the Kennel Club’s prestige events.

In order to be eligible, societies must be Kennel Club registered and must hold an agility show prior to 31st July 2016. Eligible societies will be chosen based on the geographical location of applicants compared with societies who are already hosting heats.

Show organisers wishing to stage the qualifiers are invited to write to the Working Dog Activities Team, The Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges Street, London, W1J 8AB, or by emailing, by 6th May 2015.  For further information, please contact the Working Dog Activities Team on tel. 020 7518 1013.

Source: Kennel Club Press Office (20 April 2015)

Introducing FAB Titles and Awards System

FAB is pleased to announce that there are new titles both win based and clear round based for all partnerships to aim for. There will be special awards and letters after the dogs name to achieve as I want the FAB shows to be inclusive for all dog and handler partnerships.

Clear Round Titles
FAB Clears Titles are for everyone to play for. A FAB Clear Title will be awarded to a dog when he has collected 20 clear rounds in a particular class type. The amount of class types that the dog has achieved 20 clear rounds in will be indicated by the number in their title.

There are four class types at FAB in total:

  1. Agility

  2. Jumping

  3. Steeplechase

  4. Grand Prix

FAB Titles will come after the dog’s name and will be as follows:-

Each time another 20 clears in a class type are achieved, a * is added to the end of their title. For example, a dog who had achieved 20 clears in two class types and then collected another 20 within the same class type, his title would be cFAB2*

An ‘Ex’ title (Excellent) will be awarded to the dog if he collects at least 10 clear rounds in all four class types.

10 clears in all four class types ⇒ Dog Name cFABEx

If the dog has also collected 20 clears in some of the class types, he will have his number to indicate this, followed by Ex. For example, a dog who had 20 clears in three different class types and 10 clears in the remaining one, his title would be cFAB3Ex.

Clears are collected over the dog’s competing career and do not all have to come from one particular FAB level. They are based on clears per dog and do not all have to have been achieved with the same handler.

Dogs who achieve a Clear Round Title will be presented with a special aware.

Senior Wins Titles
In Newbie and Graduate classes, wins count towards progression through the FAB grades. Once your dog is at Senior level, his wins will now count towards a Senior Wins Title.

The titles will come after the dog’s name and will be as follows:

Each time another 10 classes in a class type are won, a * is added to the end of their title. 

Dogs who achieve a Senior Wins Title will be presented with a special award.

Where possible, we will endeavour to present the awards at the show and after the run that has earned the dog his title. To help us make this possible, it would be very helpful if you could let the FAB team know once you are 3 wins away from any particular title.

NB. For logistical reasons, awards may be presented at the next show the hander attends, rather than the one at which they earned the title. Wherever this is the case, the handler should let the FAB team know which show that will be. Awards will always be given in a presentation at a FAB show. They will not be posted out.

Source: Helen Swan and Dawn Weaver  (18 April 2015)

WAO Wildcards Announced

The World Agility Open is pleased to reveal the names of the 2015 Wildcards.

300 height

  • Lena Riedel & EO from Sweden

  • Roberto Sette & Honey from Italy

  • David Ferrer & Sira from Spain

400 height

  • Angela Koopman & Little Miss Abby from The Netherlands

  • Karen Gibbons & Willow from England

  • Danielle van Leeuwen & Gypsy from The Netherlands,

  • David Alique Sáchez & Mate from Spain

  • Eerjan de Bruijn & Laika from The Netherlands

525 height

  • Carina de Silva & Sookie from Denmark

  • Anne Kajava & Motion from USA

  • Danielle Boshouwers & Kahlen from The Netherlands

650 height

  • Justine Davenport & Summit from Canada

  • Iban Cubedo Alcazar & Aslan from Spain

  • Cecilia Klingberg & Vic from Sweden

  • Daisy Peel & Solar from USA

  • Miriam Vriens-Boshouwers & Summit from The Netherlands

Source: Greg Derrett (15 April 2015)

UKA Broadlands Venue Change

Thanks to the kindness of the lovely Lesley Olden, Broadlands is very pleased - and relieved - to say they will be using the Nedlo Agility venue for the Broadlands Show next weekend. Lesley's venue is only four miles away from Broadlands and is extremely easy to get to. Salisbury Road (A27), Sherfield English, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 6FF

If you are coming from Southampton. Nedlo Agility is on the left hand side before you get to Sherfield English. Entrance is marked by an agility tyre. If you are coming from the Salisbury side, the entrance is on the right after Branches Lane. Further details will be posted on the UKA Broadlands Agility Show page, but I wanted to get this information out there sooner rather than later.

Caroline Symons said 'I'll also take the opportunity now - before the madness begins -to thank, Ann-Marie Taylor and Lynne Kelly for tirelessly helping me to ring venues and speak to people. I couldn't have done it without you. Also to Lesley Olden for being so helpful and letting me use her facilities. And to everyone else that has contacted me in last two days with suggestions and ideas. You are all amazing and have kept me sane. Here's to a great show.'

Source: Caroline Symons  (5 April 2015)

New Safety Rules for Agility

Various Animal Welfare Groups, supported by both Legal and Health & Safety Experts, are in the process of informing Agility organisations that two new sets of safety legislation, which have received Royal Ascent in Parliament this week, will make it compulsory for all dogs who compete in Licensed Agility Competitions to wear head protection.

The Protection Of Animals (Amendment) Act 2015, and The Protective Equipment (EC Directive) Regulations 2015 require that all dogs be protected against 'Foreseeable Risks' such as banging their heads on tunnel entries or the inside of tyre rings etc.

The full regulations, which can be downloaded from the HMSO web site, state that three types / styles of head protection would be acceptable.

These are:-

Whatever the style of Head protection used, it must be Kite Marked and CE Marked to indicate that it complies with the minimum standards. All hats must be fitted with a flat leather or web strap complete with buckle or clip fixing as per the collar rule.

Similarly, volunteers will be required to measure all dogs to check that they have the correct size and type of head protection and that it is fitted correctly.

New requirements will also be placed on Show Managers and Judges to ensure that any dogs that do not comply with these new rules are not allowed to compete.

These arrangements are being put out for consultation prior to them coming into force at around this time next year.

Source: Tim Griffiths (1 April 2015)

 MARCH 2015

Top Prizes Announced for Brillo International Bounce & Agria Grand Prix

Agria Pet Insurance has some exciting news for handlers of Small and Medium dogs entering the Brillo International Bounce competitions this year. The winner from each category will receive a £400 voucher towards a ‘Dog Friendly’ break!

The prizes will be awarded to the winning handlers at this year’s final on Saturday, 19 September at Top Barn, Worcestershire, as part of Golden Valley DTC Agility weekend.

The announcement of these exclusive prizes, courtesy of Agria Pet Insurance and Dog Friendly, comes hot on the heels of the recent news that the same prizes will also be awarded to the winners of the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix for large dogs at May’s Hatton Agility Festival and August's Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park.

Source: Graham Taylor (23 March 2015)

Highdown Is On Again

Thanks to the power of Face Book, the organisers of the Highdown Summer Show have been able to source a new venue and are pleased to announce that their show will, after all, be running this year on Sunday, 28 June. The new venue is the Brinsbury Campus, Chester College, near Pulborough, West Sussex.

The schedule will be published next week via ISS and Agilitynet.

Source: Kate Austin (26 March 2015)

The Kennel Club Seeks Guidance on Securing the Pipe Tunnel

At a recent meeting, the Kennel Club Activities Sub-Committee discussed the need for pipe (aka rigid or hose) tunnels in agility to be safely secured at shows to ensure the safety of dogs competing. As a result, the Kennel Club has put together some guidance for agility show organisers/judges to assist with the securing of the pipe tunnel.

The Kennel Club Regulation for the pipe tunnel states that the obstacle should have a diameter of a minimum of 609mm (2ft). At present many tunnels are secured with strapping (approximately two inches wide) or bungees, which when tightened reduce the diameter of the tunnel by sometimes up to two inches or more. As a result, a dog enters a 2ft diameter tunnel and is then faced with a reduced diameter part way in, which for a large dog could be head height.

In an effort to prevent this problem, the use of saddle bags has been recommended as a means of securing the pipe tunnel. This involves using a PVC type material at least 24 inches wide to wrap over the tunnel which is then fixed in position with stakes through the attached straps/eyelets close to the tunnel. These saddle bag fixings can also be made with a pocket/pouch that can be filled with sand, using a Velcro type fastener, for use at indoor venues when stakes cannot be used. It is probable that there are different variations of this method, but as long as the same practices are followed then the result achieved should be uniform.

More information about securing pipe tunnels can be found on the Kennel Club website at

Source: The Kennel Club Press Office (23 March 2015)

Kennel Club Revises Qualification Procedure for Agility Team GB

The Kennel Club has announced changes to the qualification process for handlers wishing to be considered for a place on Agility Team GB in 2016.

Following feedback from last year’s Agility Team GB squad and the agility community, the Agility Team GB Coaching team has decided to reduce the qualification period for Agility Team GB from ten months to six months. The qualification dates for 2016 will now run between 28th March & 6th September 2015.

The new, shorter qualification period will allow for a rest period for handlers and dogs between December 2015 and February 2016. As a consequence of this new process, the first squad day will be brought forward to December 2015 and the second day moved to the end of February 2016.

It has also been agreed that points will be given to those handlers who secure a 3rd place in the Championship final classes. This change will provide a greater opportunity for dogs and handlers to be invited onto the Agility Team GB Squad.

To be considered for Agility Team GB, the following criteria apply:-

Achievements should be submitted via email to the Working Dog Activities Team at and must contain the following information:

Further details regarding the submission of achievements is now available on the Kennel Club website

Source: The Kennel Club Press Office (23 March 2015)

Half Moon on Telly

Exciting news... There will be a small TV crew doing some filming at the event. They're making a short film about pet insurance for a new TV series. They are interested in hearing dog owner's opinions on pet insurance and the cost of owning a dog so may approach some of you on the day and ask if you'd be willing you a couple of quick questions. If you'd prefer not to be filmed that won't be a problem.

They're also looking for people who don't have pet insurance and have had to pay a large vet bill for an operation for their dog, if this has happened to you and you'd be willing to talk to them please go and talk to them on the day or let the organisers know beforehand and they’ll put you in touch with them.

Source: Alison Grimes (19 March 2015)

Win a £400 Dog Friendly Break with the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix

From May to December, Agria is sponsoring a range of classes at some of the finest Agility events around the country, including the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix. During 2015, winners of the two Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix classes will each enjoy the fantastic prize of up to £400 towards their choice of a fantastic ‘Dog-Friendly’ weekend break! 

May 2015

June 2015

July 2015

August 2015

September 2015

November 2015

December 2015

About Agria Pet Insurance
UK-based Agria Pet Insurance insures thousands of cats and dogs in the UK with affordable lifetime policies – each built to suit the needs of individual pets and their owners. Agria is the administrator of Kennel Club Pet Insurance, and, at 125-years-old, is the oldest and one of the leading pet insurers in the world.

For more information about the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix, contact Agria Pet Insurance Programme, 2 Medley Grove, Leamington Spa, CV31 2GA Tel. 01926 315335 Email Or for more information about Agria Pet Insurance and Agria Breeder Club, visit and

Source: Graham Taylor (14 March 2015)

Road Closure Alerts for Crufts Competitors

The Kennel Club is alerting anyone travelling to Crufts of road closures in the West Midlands area which may affect journeys to and from the NEC in Birmingham.

The Highways Agency has released the following details:

The Kennel Club would advise anyone travelling via these routes to consider planning an alternate route to minimise inconvenience.

The full list is available here

Other sources to make your show going easier and faster and drier!

Weather to go...
Courtesy of the BBC Met Office

Travel News

Courtesy of the Highways Department


WAO 2016 Venue

Organiser Greg Derrett has announced that the 2016 World Agility Open will take place in England. The event will be held on 13- 15 May 2016 at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Addington, Buckingham MK18 2JR. This fabulous venue is situated in Central England within one hour of both London Heathrow and Birmingham Airport, and a 2-1/2 hour drive from Dover.

For more information on the site, please visit . There will be 2 rings and 1 outdoor ring on an all weather surface. We will be releasing more details and information over the coming months so please keep an eye on the WAO Facebook page and website.

Source: Greg Derrett  (18 February 2015)

Granite City Summer Show Cancelled

Unfortunately the Committee of Granite City Dog Agility Club have had to make the hard decision to not hold a summer agility show this year. The reason for this is that the club has not been able to obtain our usual venue. The Committee also felt that we did not have enough time left available to source a new venue that would meet our requirements.

The Committee would also like to confirm that Granite City Dog Agility Club do intend to continue to promote an Agility show from 2016 onwards and are now focusing on that.

Source: Allan Wright - Chairman -Granite City DAC  (11 February 2015)

Agility Team GB Performance Day Call for Entries

Those dogs and handlers not already part of the GB squad are invited to enter the Performance Weekend on Sunday, 19th April to gain experience on international style courses designed and judged by an international judge. This is also a great way seen by Team GB Manager and the Coaching Team.

The show will be held alongside the Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts show for Grade 4-7 handlers (limited to 50 per height). Entries cost £15 per dog, and the closing date for entries is 20 February.

Spaces are filling fast so don't miss out, and book your space now! A few more dogs espewcially in the Medium and Small height would be welcome.

The schedule and Entry can be found on the Agilitynet Show Diary. Click on Agility Team GB G4-7 Performance Weekend on 19 April or go to

Source: Gina WDA Events Co-ordinator  (10 February 2015)


Burnham Announcement

Burnham & District DTC has made the tough decision not to hold our annual show this September. We would like to thank all of the Judges, competitors, trade stands, ring parties, hlpers, friends and Burnham members who have supported us in the past, and hope to be back in your Agility diaries soon.

Source: Vicki Merry (16 January 2015)

WAO Team News

Unfortunately, due to personal commitments, Jess Clarehough has withdrawn from the team this year.

At present the selection of for the 525 height will remain as announced as class allocation will not be made until after the first 3 training sessions. At that time a decision will be made about bringing in a reserve, if we feel it appropriate. We wish Jess well & she assures me she will tryout for the 2016 WAO.

Source: Bridgitte Wyre - Team Manager (10 January 2015)

Sheep Dash!
Test your reflexes. Are they as good as your dog's?