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Agility Dog Training: Questions & Answers
International dog agility competitor, trainer and former Agilitynet Agony Aunt Aunt Mary Ann Nester answers all of your training and competition questions in a lively and humorous question and answer style to ensure success for you and your dog. Reviewed by David Dowall
Agility Foundation Training
Greg Derrett's new video demonstrating his initial training programme to prepare your dog for a successful agility career. Reviewed by Liz Morgan. (21/10/02)

Agility Trials & Tribulations
Jim Liddle's cartoon book looks at the lighter side of Agility! The author has a wonderfully humorous way of looking at and recording the side-splitting moments in today's hottest canine sport AGILITY. Inside are 100 beautifully rendered and laugh-out-loud cartoon antics that anyone who has trained a dog for agility will recognise and remember... You know these people... you've met these dogs! Laugh along with them as they train, practice and compete while the dogs simply enjoy themselves. Reviewed by VIP friends Debbie Benton, Neil Flint & Jonathan Bruce.
Cik&Cap - The Easiest Way to Perfect Turns Cik & Cap Turns
Step by step instructions how to teach perfect turns with real life examples and course plans, reviewed by Toni Dawkins.
Great Dog Great Handler - The Winning Combination
Revealing Greg Derrett's internationally renowned handling system which will give you the ability to use the advanced handling techniques you require for you and your dog to become a winning combination. Reviewed by Geraldine Thomas  (15/03/08)
Great dog! Shame About the Handler
The second video on agility training by Greg Derrett covering all the handling aspects needed to get the best out of your dog. Reviewed by Gina Graham.  (21/10/03)

How to... Judge Agility
This manual was written by one of agility's founding fathers Peter Lewis to assist judges to become as good as possible at their job and to explain in detail how other agility games are played. It covers both the UK and International judging, plus the accepted rules of a variety of different games. Reviewed by Angela Williams.

How to .... Garden Agility Obstacles
A simply explained construction guide, written by Peter Lewis, giving  advice on how to build inexpensive agility obstacles for the back garden. All items apart from the contact trainer are very simple but effective training aids. Reviewed by Mick Chambers.

How to... Teach Dog Agility Obstacles
 A Canine Publications manual designed to bring relatively inexpensive information to dog people across the world by one of the founders of the sport of dog agility. If you are new to the sport, then this manual will help you start training in a way that should avoid many of the pitfalls that many newcomers experience. It will avoid any duress for the dog as correction and agility are opposites. Written by Peter Lewis and reviewed by Audrey Rogers.


Jumping from A to Z
A comprehensive and topical guide to canine jump training. Whether you train in agility, flyball or obedience - or all of them - this classic book by Chris Zink and Julie Daniels is designed to teach you how to train your dog to jump safely and accurately, how to decrease your course time in agility and how to keep your canine athlete healthy into old age. Reviewed by Karen Smith. (

Knowledge Equals Speed
This book by world class competitor, Dawn Weaver explains how to direct - without suppressing - a dog's enthusiasm, thus motivating him to use his own natural power and speed to navigate a course successfully. Her unique style of handling gives the dog clear, early and reliable information, so that he always knows what is coming next and has the confidence to run at top speed, perform with confidence and, most of all, enjoy agility. Reviewed by Lindy Margach.
Training an agility dog from 8 weeks to 18 months by Ruth Hobday and reviewed by Lauren Langman.  (20/09/04)
Unleashing the Velcro Dog
The book by respected American handler and instructor Jane Simmons-Moake shows you how to train your dog to work away from you rather than just running at your ankle. As the title suggests, the book is aimed at those dogs who are already competing and already trained to do all the equipment, but it is equally applicable to those with a puppy that they want to train to work away from the outset.


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