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New Years Honours List 2021

Co-sponsors of the 2021 Winning Out Certificates


The past two years may have been filled with drama and uncertainty, but the one thing that never changes in agility is the thrill of winning into a higher grade/level and being recognised by your friends and clubmates.
With no training and very few shows, it wasn’t easy so well done to all those who won out at a KC show or moved up a level at UKA. We applaud you and your brilliant dogs.
Everyone who won out in 2020 and/or 2021 will receive an Agilitynet Winning Out Certificate later in the new year
Any corrections must be received no later than 9th January 2022.
Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, successful and safe new year.

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HandlerDogBreedWon Into
Lou AbbeyPost Apocalyptic Peanut (Ajax)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Serena AbbottBear Necessities (Bear)Working SheepdogGrade 6 (KC)
Serena AbbottTiki Time Bomb (Tiki)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Sharon AcasterRiosset Red Rover (Freddie)Parson Jack Russell TerrierGrade 2 (KC)
Katie AdamsAmaryllis Belladonna AW/S (Willow)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Nichola AitchisonMud Bud (Bud)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Nichola AitchisonZoomie Looney Luna Tic (Looney)Whippet CrossGrade 3 (KC)
Leanne AlderBlundasgems Midnight Onyx (Sidney)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Laura AllanDon’t Be a Silly Billy (Billy)Spaniel CrossGrade 2 (KC)
Judy AllenStarrytails Sharpshooter (Annie)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 3 (KC)
Kay AllenCories Crystal Lake (Lake)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Debbie AlleryAstraios Power of Veratu (Dottie)WeimaranerGrade 2 (KC)
David AndersonNotterts Bra Vo Skye at Night (Skye)Pyrenean SheepdogGrade 4 (KC)
Sam AnthonyLittle Miss Daisy Belle (Daisy)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Sally Archenhold / Val PinningtonSavath Bucks Fizz (Moet)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Sally ArchenholdSavath Myll Rudh (Bonny)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Kirsty ArmitsteadLet’s Get Reggie to Rumble (Reggie)MixedGrade 3 (KC)
Ian ArmstrongHartshill Apollo (Neo)German Shepherd (Alsatian)Grade 6 (KC)
Alyna ArnoldWillow Wonkas Golden Ticket (Willow)Spaniel CrossGrade 6 (KC)
Louise AshmanJust Hideaway Kez (Kez)Working SheepdogGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jeni AstonIckle Pickle (Pickle)Spaniel (English Springer)CSC (UKA)
Jeni Aston / Janet Measham and Bobbie ShawJust James (James)Spaniel (English Springer)SC Senior (UKA)
Noah AuerbachIvormyth Kisses Karma (Karma)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 3 (KC)
Anna AusterAstra Zeus (Zeus)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Danielle AveryMagicbrill Angel (Gracie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Christine AyresPollyvinall Mooloolaba AW/B (Mia)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Alex BaileyGuildenmore Swift (Swift)CollieGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Julie BaileyDjango Untrained (Django)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Victoria BaileyThe Binfield Bullet (Otis)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Alastair Baillie / Mclaren JaniceShanters Mista Milo (Milo)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 3 (KC)
Angie BainEllswinder Yasmin at Gymanji (Yasmin)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Karen BainbridgeGet Ezzie with It (Esme)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Sophie Balchin / Lesley WoodsTazaeos in the Air Tonight (Meg)Border CollieGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Mirella BallestracciOcean Reefs Jewel (Gibson)DalmatianGrade 3 (KC)
Marianne BannermanMr Badgerlicious (Badger)Boston TerrierGrade 3 (KC)
Natasha BarnesGood Collie Miss Molly (Molly)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Sarah BarrKenquartz Worthwhile AW/S (Poppy)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 5 (KC)
Gillian BarrettOakenholt Blaise (Dyfan)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 6 (KC)
Sian BarronTee for Texas AW/D (Tex)Working SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Claire BartonAnnahoj Hendricks (Oakley)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Lucy BassettTrijem Star of the Snow at Starlink (Indie)Australian ShepherdGrade 3 (KC)
Ali BateFlirtie Gertie Wertie (Gertie)Patterdale TerrierGrade 4 (KC)
Gloria BatesGuinevere Queen of Hearts (Gwen)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Jayne BatesonPollyvinall Meninde Blaise AW/G (Blaise)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Lorraine BattyMaximum of Dolwinds (Max)German Shorthaired PointerGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Katrina BaylissMajesticalglowing Amber AW/S (Milo)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Katrina BaylissMy Flash of Inspiration AW/S (Flash)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Mariann BaylissBet Your Bottom Dollar (Betty)Collie XGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Mariann BaylissCoral’s Crush at Crai (Coral)Collie XGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Ellie BeachAmatol Country Charm (Izzy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Sally BealChirae Gaston (Remi)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 2 (KC)
Teresa BeamsJust Mel AW/S (Melody)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 6 (KC)
Tanya BeardCeltic Star of Tychosmoon (Kyan)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Julie BearderPaucelin Jester (Jester)Manchester TerrierGrade 7 (KC)
Frances BeattieBonny Black Willow (Willow)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Chantelle BeckettMabel Maybe It’s Maybelline (Mabel)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Annie BeggHighhouse Samir Blaze AW/G (Indy)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 7 (KC)
Debbie BeilbyPippin Longstockin (Pip)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Alison BelcherPanaqua First Edition (Evie)Border CollieGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Janice BellBluebells Secret Agent at Windhover (Lulu)Shetland SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Elizabeth BennettClavaire Birdsong (Edie)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 5 (KC)
Jo BennettHazee Bee (Hazel)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Laura BentleyMidnight Star Chaser (Chase)CrossbreedGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Victoria BerryChikaramor under Your Spell (Twig)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Freeda BettsKaLoLiLoLi from Cornwall (Lola)CrossbreedGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ann BideDexter Littleman (Dexter)CrossbreedCSC and CAP (UKA)
Carol BirdLudo Labyrinth AW/B (Ludo)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Claire BirtwistleBellarina Dancer (Bella)Cavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 2 (KC)
Ruth BishTouchango a Gift of Dreams (Passion)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Julie BishopHunbart Blue Star Dancer (Blue)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Nicky BishopHave a Go Echo (Puppa Dog)CollieGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Tracey BlackerAilla Most Beautiful AW/S (Ailla)CrossbreedGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jane BlackwellChilternlily Gingergold (Cinnamon)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Andrew BloomfieldThe Annihilator (Alfie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sue BlundenWhirlwyn Wren (Wren)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Julia BoardMidnight Mystery Dream Star (Scooby)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Bobbie BoaxBob's Hoskins of Liebaross (Hoskins)Border CollieSC Novice (UKA)
Gill BonserFudgery Doo (Fudge)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Jacqui BoothScrumpy Bumpy Ding Dong (Scrumpy)CrossbreedSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Emilia BowersAquaveins Moonbeams Aster (Aster)German Spitz (Mittel)Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Stephanie BowersAsbo Duracell Bunny (Alfie)CrossbreedGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Stephanie BowersPrincess Piggylicious (Ruby)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Sarah BowyerHollytarn Russet AW/S (Eric)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
+ Novice (UKA)
Philippa BradleyDevongem Be Brilliant (Savannah)Border CollieGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Elaine BrammerCorfu Gems Dare to Fly (Sprout)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Tori BrandKiozac Reach for the Sky AW/B (Saxon)Border CollieGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Beryl BranderHettsolina Valentina (Hetty)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
+ Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Beryl BranderThe Gruffalo (Gruff)Yorkshire TerrierGrade 6 (KC)
+ Senior (UKA)
Tracey BrawnMonochrome Murphy (Murphy)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Jackie BrettDreamorox Ready to Dream (Connie)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Nicola BrettonerNell of The BallBorder CollieGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Tracy BrewerRio’s My Love On The Run (Rio)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Lindsey BridgesKirkbridgend Athena AW/S (Thea)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Lindsey BridgesKirkbridgend Rock Star AW/G (Elektra)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Emma BriggsFallowglade Black Ice AW/B (Charlie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Natalie BriggsSultan Solitaire (Pippa)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Paula BroderickMikang Double Espresso (Mowgli)Chinese CrestedGrade 4 (KC)
Paula BroderickMr Boysie Boydog (Boysie)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Charlotte BrookeEllan-Vannin Floss of Kennafell AW/S (Floss)Border CollieGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Charlotte BrookeKennafell Midnight Whisper AW/B (Wisp)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Karen BrooksDriving Miss Daisy Crazy (Daisy)WhippetGrade 7 (KC)
Arlene BrownMcGee and My Shadow AW/S (McGee)Working SheepdogGrade 6 (KC)
Carol BrownMagical Emily (Emily)CrossbreedNovice (UKA)
Carol BrownMagical Florence (Florence)CrossbreedCAP and WCAP (UKA)
Emily BrownRooqui Ever the Jesster (Jesster)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Sylvia BrownHoneyshell Frosted Orange (Matilda)Shetland SheepdogGrade 2 (KC)
Chloe BruttoGhostland Jessie’s Way (Jess)Border CollieGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jodie BruttoBordaquest Malted Milk (Digit)Border CollieGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sandie BryantTremora Double Trouble (Toffee)Working SheepdogGrade 6 (KC)
Samantha BuckenhamStardell Kepler (Kepler)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Yvonne BuglerSerenskye Flyteof Dreams (Flyte)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Linda BullTerra Pixel (Pixel)Working SheepdogSC Novice (UKA)
David BurkeJust a Minute Jessie (Jessie)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ian BurnardMisty Eve (Arwen)MixedGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
+ SC Champion (UKA)
Liz BurrellFirst Summer Star (Hattie)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Linda ButtonBondor Steel Magnolia (Scully)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 3 (KC)
Elizabeth CainLoony Luna (Luna)Patterdale TerrierNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Jemma CainAnthony Bear AW/S (Yogi)Chinese CrestedGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Alex CallabyMa Might the My Tea Red (Marmite)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Morag CalleySylvabrae Charlie Brown (Charlie)Bearded CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Candisse CameronChimas Phoenix (Cookie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Nicky CampbellLoopy Rupey Doodle Doo (Rupert)CrossbreedNovice (UKA)
Dawn P. CannonAce Bomber Kilmister (Lemmy)Welsh SheepdogGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Rosemary CaponAnnahoj Redwood (Toby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SC Novice (UKA)
Ros CarneyWindcover Jet (Jack)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Liz CarpenterMoseleywood Maggie AW/S (Maggie)CrossbreedGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Sheila CarrKirkbridgend Rhea (Rhea)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Jean CarterStillmoor It's a Secret (Secret)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Rowan CarterHarly Barly Bear (Harly)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Alison CatterallClanmirri Boy (Chase)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 4 (KC)
Michael ChaineyDigaden Jubilee (Emmy)Parson Jack Russell TerrierChampion (UKA)
Susannah ChalmersMiss Marshamallow AW/G (Marsha)PugGrade 5 (KC)
Richard ChambersHolmelyne Magic Boy (Rigby)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Lynette ChantPoughkeepsie Libertas (Monkey)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Lynette ChantWight Wonder Spook (Poodle)Poodle (Toy)Grade 7 (KC)
Laura ChapmanLeebeardream Come True (Endeavour)Border CollieGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Lorraine ChappellJust Simply Red (Red)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Lyndsey CheesemanThe Fresh Prince of Welsh Air (Sprocket)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Karen ChelseyFeatherfalls Florence (Flo)Cavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 3 (KC)
Jackie CheshireBertie Bumble Sticks AW/S (Bertie)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Tracey ChildsTanqaru Above the Fold (Rolo)CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Abigail ChristopherPickpocket Rocket (Dodger)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Abigail ChristopherSasha’s of Chocolate Curls (Sasha)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Rebecca Chuter SmithBramleycott Mis Moneypenny (Bella)Shetland SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Lesley ClareChilli Chilli Bang Bang (Chilli)Collie XGrade 3 (KC)
Rosemary ClarkeLady Penelope of Bankhall (Penny)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
John ClaytonPacolito Take Two (Elsie)Parson Jack Russell TerrierGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Martin ClaytonTemplehall Dobbie AW/B (Dobbie)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Heidi ClellandCornishmyth Hot Kinder (Kinder)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Heidi ClellandIvormyth American Riot (Eco)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 3 (KC)
Heidi ClellandIvormyth Double Helix (Lix)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Heidi ClellandIvormyth Kinder’s Pride (Pride)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Jackie CliffeMorgans Rumour Has It (Rumour)KelpieGrade 3 (KC)
Jennifer ClowneyGlantawe Clyde (Clyde)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sally ColdwellMaia Dream Come True (Maia)Collie XGrade 3 (KC)
Mary ColeGymanji God of Mischief (Loki)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Mary ColeGymanji God of Mischief AW/B (Loki)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Chelsea ColesBorn Trippy AW/B (Tripp)Working SheepdogGrade 5 (KC)
Rebecca ColleyEncore Wildest Dreams (Swift)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Adele CollingsBlack to Basics (Prince)CrossbreedGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Elisabeth CondieMighty Strider (Jago)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Harri CondieTinkersdale Noelle (Ivy)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 3 (KC)
Robyn ConnellMarvel at Thanos (Thanos)CrossbreedGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Hannah ConwayDinky Inky Indigo (Indie)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Lorna ConwayCamptown Bertie (Bertie)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Poppi-Anna ConwayRose Gold Chandelier (Lottie)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Heather CookLynwood Hooli (Hooli)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
+ Novice (UKA)
Karen CookMylocomotion (Mylo)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Debbie CooksonIvormyth Kiss-Mas Time (Kody)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Ann CooperFlik of Light Ancojo (Flik)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Ann CooperWerthyr Ellis Ancojo (Pippin)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Chloe CooperAint He Sweep (Sweep)CrossbreedGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Louise CooperNevacease the Wonder of You (Bambina)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 3 (KC)
Louise CooperRoyajay Zacharius (Amigo)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Samantha CooperStorm Tecwyn over Dysynnis (Storm)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Valerie CorfieldVettel of Ockle AW/B (Vettel)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 2 (KC)
Craig CoulsonLovelight Mountainpine (River)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Alex CowtanUp and Over Archie (Archie)LurcherNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Caleb CraneBarrleness Jess (Jess)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Caleb Crane / Marianne DruryMerlins Jem (Ted)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Christine CrawfordAviary Tri Star Wizard AW/B (Loch)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Paula CresswellGlenbrows Modern Miss (Esme)Cavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 2 (KC)
Debbie CrispinoGraylacier Arabella (Ella)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Karen CrookshankBelgariad Busy Beatrice (Ruby)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Sarah CrouchTanqaru Hot Gossip (Fire)Border CollieGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sue CuddonEred Yavanna AW/B (Luna)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenGrade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sue CuddonHawksflight Take It All to Ered AW/S (Mischief)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenChampion (UKA)
Cameron CummingMaximus Titchymus (Ted)West Highland White TerrierSC Novice (UKA)
Jennifer CurrellLady Colin of Gloucester (Colin)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 5 (KC)
Christina CuttingKazaura's Winter Storm (Zander)Shetland SheepdogGrade 6 (KC)
Sarah DalesmanPatrick Gamesmaster (Patrick)Working SheepdogGrade 6 (KC)
Sacha Dane Le PageLongtimbers the Blue Wizard (Merlin)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Sally DanielsHuntsman's Jen (Jen)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
+ Senior (UKA)
Huw DaveyRed Forest AW/S (Disley)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Maureen Davis / Alistair DavisThere's Only One Jack the Lad (Lad)Welsh SheepdogGrade 4 (KC)
Sarah DavisFollyfox Funny Girl AW/S (Daisy)Shetland SheepdogGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Avril DaykinDark Beauty Layla (Layla)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Nicky DeakinDougie Dancer of Many Tears (Dougie)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Lesley DeanMelindhowr of Godrevy AW/B (Martha)Retriever (Golden)Grade 4 (KC)
Nicola DearDobby is Free (Dobby)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 2 (KC)
Marta DecShep Teddy (Louie)Border CollieGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sarah DobsonKingsman’s Secret Shadow (Eggsy)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Louise DochertyBitsa Wispa AW/S (Wispa)Spaniel CrossGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Louise DochertyChocolate Man AW/S (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Sonya DohertyAldgillis Livin on the Edge (Dillon)Staffordshire Bull TerrierGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Gaye DoigMelindhowr of Portscatho (Cuilan)Retriever (Golden)Grade 4 (KC)
Jacqueline DoyleSapphirus Ruby (Ruby)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 5 (KC)
Julia DuckworthMayandream Charlie Brown AW/B (Charlie Brown)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Purdee DuffittSlaithwaite Star (Ben)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 5 (KC)
Sarah DugdaleNothin' Sweet about Me (Lyl)Staffordshire Bull TerrierNovice, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Karen DuncalfMac Duff (Mac)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Caroline DunnPrancing Doodle Archie (Archie)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Rachel DuttonMist Magic Moon AW/S (Mist)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Charlotte DykeSpeedy Gone Charlie AW/B (Charlie)Spaniel CrossGrade 3 (KC)
Barbara EdlinGilsland Golden Sparkler (Zoe)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 7 (KC)
Julia EdwardsStarlight Jade AW/S (Jade)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 5 (KC)
Sharon EldridgeAviary Moon Beam (DJ)Border CollieGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Angel Eley / Marianne DruryLicosateria Make Way for Dex (Dex)Shetland SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Angel EleyZip A Dee Day (Zip)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Shirley ElkinsShirkira Dare to Dream (Kira)Working SheepdogGrade 5 (KC)
David ElliottMoncrieffs Highland Flyer (Zeno)Working SheepdogGrade 5 (KC)
+ Senior (UKA)
Debbie ElliottKorsabian Lucky Charm (Tali)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Fiona ElliottBonny Braunsbeck Breeze (Breeze)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Lucie Ellis-TaittLongcoat Best Seller (Larsson)Tibetan TerrierGrade 2 (KC)
Sylvester EmmsFoglet Doglet (Foggy)Spaniel CrossChampion (UKA)
Louise EtheridgeSilly Miss Millie (Millie)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Clare EvansNight Sky Blue (Teddy)Border TerrierGrade 4 (KC)
Pam EvansCatcombe Cumin (Freddie)Retriever (Golden)Grade 2 (KC)
Kathryn EverardHathercleave Bright Button (Button)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Kathryn EverardLowerroccombe Bright Teign (Topper)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Micheala FairbrotherBees Monster Lunatic AW/G (Ticcy)Working SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Teresa FaretraFourty Winks Magari (Winks)Working SheepdogNovice (UKA)
Ruth FarmerKenaiteen Pereguines Rest (Pippa)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 3 (KC)
Ruth FarmerTaaeeselve Hotame (Gemma)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sandrine FarrAviary Moon River (Zola)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Cathy FerrisCornish Granite (Granite)Working SheepdogGrade 2 (KC)
Angela FiddimoreMirramay Nighthawk (Bodie)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Debbie FiggDebbemy Magical Swift (Swift)Border CollieGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Sue FittonDiamonds Dazzlin Domino (Domino)Spaniel CrossSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Mark FordhamCharles Vain (Max)Jack Russell Terrier XGrade 2 (KC)
Emily FothergillGroesfaen Exuberant Zuba (Zuba)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Emily FothergillMelneg Fantastic (Kane)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Kate FowlerCardueae Veroni (Clover)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 3 (KC)
Sophie Fry / Sierra MiltonHotter than Hell AW/G (Dante)Working SheepdogGrade 5 (KC)
Dominique FuentesMia's to Win (Mia)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Lucy FulfordIt's All about the Hoki Loki (Loki)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Catherine FullerTrijem Single Digit AW/B (Digit)Australian ShepherdGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Heather GallifordSaredon Heaven Sent (Bronte)Fox Terrier (Wire)Grade 6 (KC)
Ema GamlinHappy Hen Harrier (Ruby)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Amy GarcesDevongem Miss Independent (Sheba)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Amy GarcesEceni Standing Rock (Gatsby)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Alan GardnerI'm Ina Pickle (Pixie)CrossbreedGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Heather GardnerAliceholt Hantaywee Sioux (Bourbon)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 5 (KC)
Jackie GardnerIndistorm Tyler Boy (Tyler)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Lou GarfieldMinerva Mayhem (Minnie)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Clare GarnerTo Cap It Off (Taff)Working SheepdogSC Novice (UKA)
Wendy GibbHoney Beard (Honey)CrossbreedGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Amy GibbsBlazing Blue Blizzard (Blizzie)Working SheepdogGrade 2 (KC)
Marie GIbbsMany Tears Didgerydoodip (Digit)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Becky GibsonDevongem Playing with Fire (Reuben)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Rachael GilmourLalapaws Tantrum and Tiaras (Tantrum)Border CollieGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Samantha GlaisterTriskelion Warrior of Merle (Kipper)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Nicky GleadowBoshanti Rollo (Loki)Tibetan TerrierGrade 5 (KC)
Nicky GleadowWilchay Charmed Run (Gypsy)Tibetan TerrierGrade 3 (KC)
Gayle GlendinningSealpin Thrilling Degar (Finn)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Tania GloverTwinkling Twinkle Toes AW/B (Twinks)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Victoria GodleyBella Duchess of Sussex (Sadie)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 3 (KC)
Victoria GodleyMiss Mindy Turbotwizzler (Mindy)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Gen GonzalezOscar Dosca (Oscar)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Nikky GoodridgeGoody's Pocket Rocket (Skipper)CrossbreedGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Annette GoswellBrave Baby Boy (Benson)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Janine GoughMy Boy Benjamin Button (Benji)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Rachel GouldDelphinium Jet (Merlot)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Sally GrantSoxnizz Superfly (Fly)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Annette GrassiPlayin’ a Blinder (Shelby)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Claire GratrixReggie Red (Reggie)Border CollieSC Novice (UKA)
Diane GravesWinter Crag Flint at Fellspirit (Flint)CollieGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Helen GrayNicholForest Top Gun (Maverick)Retriever (Labrador)Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Katy GreenMessano Mister Ed (Louie)Retriever (Golden)Grade 2 (KC)
Matthew GreenPenkivel Here Comes Trouble (Tess)Border CollieGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Serina GregoryStar Fried Chicken / Super Star (Star)Jack Russell Terrier XGrade 4 (KC)
+ SC Champion (UKA)
Sian GriffinLittle Lord Wesley (Wesley)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Darren GriffithsRussell Bussell (Russ)Jack Russell Terrier XGrade 6 (KC)
Karen GriggsArakisis Scarlett Pansy (Edith)Retriever (Golden)Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Karen GriggsDelphine Daisy Bricksetter (Agatha)Retriever (Golden)Champion and CSC (UKA)
Sophie GroveAinmhithe Faerie Tail (Fae)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Maria HaageSmultronstig Mischief Man AW/S (Loki)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 7 (KC)
Linda HailstoneMae in the Mist (Mae)CrossbreedSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Daisy HallAnnavah Tessa AW(B) (Poppy)BeagleGrade 6 (KC)
Kay HanburyCallie the Colley (Callie)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Sue HannasfordYellowhill Martha (Martha)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
+ SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sue HardgraveDorannelle Reveller (Teddy)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Carolyn HarperTonlynor D'Artagnan (Risk)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Wendy HartTaffy Turbo (Taffy)Welsh SheepdogSC Senior (UKA)
Lisa HarveyMutzlee Zazu (Milo)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 6 (KC)
+ Senior (UKA)
Samantha HarveyDevil's Shin Kicker (Mabel)Working SheepdogGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Alison HarwoodFizz is Whiz (Fizz)LurcherGrade 4 (KC)
Alison HarwoodSuzy Soo AW/B (Suzy)Working SheepdogGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Donna HathawayChilterns Cosmos (Dusty)Poodle (Toy)Grade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Summer Hatherly / Chloe HatherlyReady to Roll Rudy Dude (Rudy)Working SheepdogGrade 2 (KC)
Georgia HattonLimartine Reddy to Run (Zym)Australian Silky TerrierSC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Georgia HattonMillipede de Winter (Millie)LurcherSC Senior (UKA)
Karin HayEcho Reflection (Echo)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Bonnie HeathBirchenhead Hector (Winston)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 5 (KC)
Cindy HeidebluthChiltern's Gabor AW/G (Gabor Brandy)Working SheepdogGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jane HendersonBrandy Chap Jackson (Griffin)Retriever (Golden)SC Senior (UKA)
Jane HendersonHighlands Harry (Padfoot)Retriever (Golden)SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jane HendersonMorgansr Mohican Smile (Smiley)Collie XGrade 6 (KC)
+ Senior (UKA)
Susan HenryFairweather Gib (Dougal)Spaniel (English Springer)SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Kate HeritageTibbyted Didiadogba (Bryn)Border TerrierGrade 7 (KC)
Robyn HeverPocket Rocket Paddy (Paddy)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 3 (KC)
Lynn HewinsHigho Hattie (Hattie)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Kayleigh HewittManicjax Summer Like a Sauna AW/S (Cosmo)Border CollieGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Robin HewittMonty Lightning McQueen (Monty)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Josette HibbertRownwood Bracken (Alfie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gill HicksIndie Rocks AW/B (Indie)CrossbreedGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Hildrew HildrewQueen Bee of Valgrays (Boo)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Helen HillRoxilyn Elektra for Starluath (Tilly)Bearded CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Nettie HillGo Go Gadget Gus (Gus)CrossbreedSC Champion (UKA)
Sophie HillierKamikaze Kobe (Kobe)LurcherGrade 5 (KC)
Sophie HillierNaughty But Nyla (Nyla)LurcherGrade 3 (KC)
Katherine HillsLaila Mae AW/SCrossbreedGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
+ Champion (UKA)
Heather and Martin HillsonBizzyberry Rocketman Rebus (Rebus)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Susan HinchliffeCurly Power (Curly)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 3 (KC)
+ SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jo Hind-MortonSweet Peggy Sue AW/G (Peggy Sue)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 7 (KC)
Genette HoareBekkis After Dark (Jazz)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Mandy HoareWhat a Little Belle Ter (Bella)CrossbreedSC Novice (UKA)
Andrea HobbsCartmels This is My Legacy (Hamilton)Portuguese Water DogGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Rob HockingRiverspell Go with the Flow (Stella)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Nicola HodgsonGreenfox Kelp (Rio)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Clare HoldenYew Gracie (Gracie)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 2 (KC)
Jane HoldenRosgar All that Jazz (Jasper)Retriever (Golden)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Kevin HolmesNorthfen Mystic Moonlight AW/B (Cyrille)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Kim HolnessCynhinfa Peggy (Fidget)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Kim HolnessSanaigmore Shanachie (Fern)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Carole HoltDawstenbears Moonbeam Moz (Morris)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Carole HoltDawstenbears Moonie Margo (Margo)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Carole HoltMoonchester Mabel (Mabel)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 7 (KC)
Carole HoltMoonchester Mabel (Mabel)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 7 (KC)
Roxane HoltBasileas Spirit of the Night (Nyx)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 3 (KC)
P.J. HortonSpinillons Walnut Warrior Goldmali (Solo)PapillonNovice (UKA)
Jen HowardDuende Chasing Dreams (Trixie)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Emily HowellDawn Mascarade at Maliene (Heidi)Poodle (Standard)Grade 3 (KC)
+ SC Champion (UKA)
Emily HowellMaliene What a Buzz (Rufus)Poodle (Standard)Grade 3 (KC)
+ SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Caroline HowellsForestland Country Laddie (Bracken)Shetland SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Lauren HowellsBrooke Taver Shore (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Donna HudsonSpeedy Billy (Bill)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 6 (KC)
Nerys HughesFirst Class Flyer (Iola)Working SheepdogGrade 2 (KC)
Rebecca HughesManormoore Fawny Girl (Dotty)WhippetGrade 2 (KC)
Bob HumfreyChamparla Melbourne Star (Shadow)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Sarah HuntTea for Talwyn (Talwyn)Border CollieSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Susan HunterTurbo Doodle Diesel (Diesel)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Rachel HurfordSpark a Flame Pocket Rocket (Oakley)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Alison HutchingsLord Woofalot (Mervyn)CrossbreedGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Mark HutchingsRaynestone Bluebell (Tilly)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Helen IapichinoAviary Silver by Starlight (Ash)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Piero IapichinoHalligalli Itz an Adventure (Indy)Working SheepdogGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Karen IngramMarvelmas Chaotic Comet (Chaos)Miniature American ShepherdSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sam IrvingNo Hear No Fear (Toby)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Anita IsherwoodRushcombe Pipers Bea (Bea)Shetland SheepdogGrade 2 (KC)
Amy JacksonScottish Duke O Emerald Isle AW/S (Duke)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Cat and Gary JacksonGjerulff Star Legacy Is Wauw (Wow)Shetland SheepdogGrade 6 (KC)
Cat and Gary JacksonJolainey Sundance Kid (Redford)Cavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 5 (KC)
Rebecca JamesDexters Mischief Managed (Dexter)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
+ SC Senior (UKA)
Carol JamiesonRubiheath Ghillie (Ghillie)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Lynn JamiesonJingles at Kesellielyn (Jinny)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Rachael JefferyOswald The Great AW/G (Ozzy)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Holly JervisLady Bug Fly Away Home AW/S (Lady)Cavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
+ Novice, SC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Holly JervisMudspan Jumbles AW/B (Dash)Cavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Linda JessonTeddy of Willow World (Teddy)Staffordshire Bull TerrierCSC and CAP (UKA)
Jess JohnsonShemella Frosted Moon (Remus)Border CollieSC Senior (UKA)
Allan JohnstonDusky Matilda (Tilly)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Chris JointDevongem Playing All Out AW/B (Cerin)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Barbara JonesNeoCrossbreedNovice (UKA)
Ceri JonesQuantum Leap My Amazing Speed (Tuvyr)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Chloe JonesTri and Beat Me (Kodi)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Helen JonesVausewood Mac AW/D (Mac)Working SheepdogCSC and WCSC (UKA)
Jeannette JonesDevonduet Happy Ending (Happy)PapillonGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Lisa JonesTole Ja So Ted (Teds)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Lisa JordanFiretouch Supa Hi Voltage AW/B (Amp)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Lisa JordanStarcoast Switch AW/B (Switch)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Rachel JordanSo Sweet Keltic Pearl (Meghan)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
+ SC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Elaine JuddMahinda Hunca Munca (KT)Retriever (Flat Coated)SC Novice (UKA)
Elaine JuddMahinda Morello (Tia)Retriever (Flat Coated)Grade 6 (KC)
Olwen JukesMarburys Dark Delight (Rosie)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Jo JulianSoxie Valdespino (OP)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Susan KallenbergMister Rupert Bear AW/B (Rupert)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 7 (KC)
Julia KearneyAy Kay Mai AW/S (Mai)Working SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Julia KearneyAy Kay Stig of Rock AW/G (Stig)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Beverley KeenAmber Eyed Boy (Ralfie)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Victoria KennedyHershey Unicorns n Rainbows (Hershey)Spaniel CrossGrade 3 (KC)
Dina KennyDespinia So Impulsive AW/S (Chupito)Chinese CrestedGrade 6 (KC)
Monica KerrKari Kasprowicz Lil' Cracker (Kari)Parson Jack Russell TerrierSC Novice (UKA)
Sara KillelayPitter Patter Parsnip AW/B (Parsnip)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Lilly KingChocolate Melba AW/S (Trevor)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ty KnightBirkcross as Sharp as Ice (Ice)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Sharon KnightsSharie's Labra Dora (Dora)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 7 (KC)
+ Novice (UKA)
Billy KnowlerLet the Sparks Fly (Sparky)Jack Russell Terrier XGrade 5 (KC)
Kim KrausharLicosateria Imp to Mischief (Hammy)Shetland SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Janette KuttnerGinny Gin Our Gorgeous Girl (Ginny)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Sue LackeyBlack Jax Be Nimble AW/S (Jaxon)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Mathew LadeThat Thing Seren (Seren)Welsh SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Rachel LadeUnstable Sable (Bronwyn)Welsh SheepdogGrade 4 (KC)
Lynda LairdCrazy about Swayze (Rupert)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Kate LamacraftGem of the Hub (Gem)CrossbreedGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Helen LammasEddie of Abbey (Eddie)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Estelle LankesterGunran into the KnightBorder CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Victoria LarkingMurphy Lark About (Murphy)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
+ SC Champion (UKA)
Patricia LastSpiderwick Razzle Dazzle (Jet)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 5 (KC)
Amanda LattimerIr.& Int. Ch. Brundledean Diamantina (Elsie)Portuguese PodengoGrade 4 (KC)
Ian LawIndia Kilo AW/S (Brecon)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
+ Champion (UKA)
Samantha LawnEves Philadelphia (Philly)BeagleGrade 2 (KC)
Joanna LaxtonBonapartist Intuition AW/S (Douglas)BrittanyGrade 5 (KC)
+ Novice (UKA)
Dan LaytonMaisie Bee Crazy (Maisie)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Naomi LaytonBenny Two Toes Runforfun (Benny)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
+ Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Stephen LeackHolmelyne Red Devil Denva AW/G (Denva)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Tracey LeaneyLippys Thornton Boy (Heskey)CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Tracey LeaneyLippys Thornton Boy (Heskey)Working SheepdogGrade 4 (KC)
Naomi LeeSweet Carolina (Zoey)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Zena LeePerrileys Moonshine (Piper)Border TerrierGrade 7 (KC)
Iain & Melanie LewisShemella Drifting Snow (Drift)Border CollieSC Champion (UKA)
Louise LewisSuper Fly Chili Chicken (Fred)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
+ SC Novice, Novice and Senior (UKA)
Louise LewisSuper Fly Chunky Monkey (Flozza)Border CollieGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
+ Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Melanie LewisShemella Cloudy Skye (Shadow)Border CollieNovice (UKA)
Debbie LeylandBordeaux Jacq AW/S (Louis)Border Terrier XGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Debbie LeylandGlebeheath Just a Cowboy AW/S (Monty)Border TerrierGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Susan LillicrapSassy Solo (Solo)PapillonGrade 5 (KC)
Joanna LoomesGlenbrows Mr Ted Loomes (Ted)Cavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 3 (KC)
Georgie LottPickthorn Hollie (Eadie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Rachel LountLewiselm Oathkeeper (Ruby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Rachel LountLewiselm Rolo (Isabella)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Kay LowryShining Stars Sweet Sasha (Sasha)CrossbreedSC Senior (UKA)
Jo LuxtonAnneryvalley Tinkerbell (Tink)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Wendy LynchPlay to the Max (Max)Collie XGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Taylor LyonRohamki Taylor Made (Elliott)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Haylie MabeHerbie Sausage (Herbie)Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-haired)Grade 5 (KC)
Laura MackayWeslo Lucy Vamoosey (Lucy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Laura MackayWeslo Pops Longstockings (Poppy)Spaniel (Working Springer)Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Susan MacKellarTruffle MacPocket Rocket (Truffle)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Sarah MacNeilBasileas Dizzy’s Treasure (Louie)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 3 (KC)
Sarah MacNeilTreasures Red Hurricane (Disney)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 7 (KC)
Sarah MacNeilTreasures Surprise Martini (Marty)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 4 (KC)
Jo MaiseyPixel Ate It AW/B (Pixel)CrossbreedSenior and Champion (UKA)
Janice MalcomsonAuchindachy Bright Day (Flora)Fox Terrier (Wire)Grade 6 (KC)
Kathy ManganSarkam Special Reserve (Brodie)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Joanne MarksThe Copperhouse Rafamuffin AW/BCavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 4 (KC)
Lynn MarlowPanaqua First Lady (Belka)CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Helen MarshFreyasway Highland Laddie (Archie)Border CollieGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sue MarsonCherryhog Merton Beauty (Mya)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Ruth MartinDevongem Top Notch (Ink)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Paul MasseyWocket Rocco the Fox (Rocco)Collie XGrade 4 (KC)
Denise MathewsPippanabbey Kiss Me Quick (Pepe)Pyrenean SheepdogSC Senior (UKA)
Luisa MatteiSagor Black Sedge (Beau)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Lorraine MatthewsBlue Blue Barney Magrew (Blue)GreyhoundGrade 2 (KC)
Lorraine MatthewsDuggee Macdug Face (Duggee)LurcherGrade 2 (KC)
Sharron May StantonRuadhstac Beag (Oscar)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Wendy McAlenanJonanelle Miranda AW/S (Abbie)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 6 (KC)
Crawford McCartneyHardwicke Denny is Law (Denny)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Jacqueline McDonaghFarwoodview Keria (Piper)Working SheepdogGrade 2 (KC)
Bryony McDonaldBrimbleway Bryony's Boy AW/S (Huxley)BeagleGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lyndsey McDonaldNo Nonsense (Maggie)Border TerrierGrade 5 (KC)
Lauren McDowellTinker Tilly (Tilly)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Alison McGannUrban Insignia (Whip)Working SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Shani McGarryMagical Merly of Valgrays AW/B (Merlin)Working SheepdogGrade 4 (KC)
Keavy McGrathElfuago Dfor (Link)PapillonGrade 3 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Leah McgrathBlack and White Wonder (Maddy)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 4 (KC)
Kath McHughKazura Autumn Knight (Gizzie)Shetland SheepdogSC Champion (UKA)
Charlotte McIntyreMighty Milo of Screel (Milo)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Suzanne McKeanWhichwitch Izwich (Monty)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 3 (KC)
Emily MckennaBree Bo (Bree)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Sheryl McKennaGot the Knack Jac (Jac)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Janice MclarenShanters Maize (Maize)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 6 (KC)
Katie McManiganBonvivant Perfection (Ralph)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisGrade 3 (KC)
Lynsey McminimeeCurly Piper (Piper)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Lynsey McminimeeRapid Roxy Rox (Roxy)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Grace MeadBonnie Boo (Bonnie)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Grace MeadKaiyanita Midnight Charm (Charm)Border CollieGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Fiona MelvilleBridges Court Diminuto (Dimi)Jack Russell Terrier XGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Fiona MelvilleBridges Court Kanga (Kanga)CrossbreedNovice (UKA)
Rebecca MemberyRhett's Gone with the Wind (Rhett)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Dawn MilnerKryptonite Soco AW/G (Soco)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Naomi MinneyDevil in Disguise at Zacabelz (Maggie)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Jane MissinBeesting Galliard (Echo)Border CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Margaret-Ann MitchellBonnie Blue Bunty (Bunty)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Ellen MooreBaby Bell Bonkers Boo (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Ellen MooreKentixen Last Kiss (Erik)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jane MoorheadRebecca’s Rainbow (Rainbow)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Lily MorganAchiever Diva (Honey)Spaniel (Cocker)SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Estelle MorrisThe Poppler Effect (Poppy)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Sue MorrishWoo Dares Wins (Woozie)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Darren MortonBarytes Black Pearl AW/S (Pearl)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 7 (KC)
Julia MouleTaffyjohn Chocolate Tigz (Tiggy)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Rhiannon MulrenanOutta the Black (Parka)Working SheepdogGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Graeme MurphyMysterious Millie (Millie)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Nicky NairnNedlo in a Black Top (Toppa)Border CollieSC Novice (UKA)
Rhona NasonBlack Diamond Star (Chase)WhippetGrade 2 (KC)
Nicola NeversTivalake Easy to Love (Izzy)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverGrade 4 (KC)
Kathrine NewcombeIndie's Little Shadow (Indie)MixedGrade 7 (KC)
Tracey NewellDashing Prince Zorro (Eddie)MixedGrade 2 (KC)
Roanna NewtonMaesydderwyn Toivo (Toi)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Aemillia NicholsonPsychedelic Daydream (Psycho)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Emma NicholsonCastomya Never Say Never (Meeka)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Emma NicholsonCastomya New Edition (Ettie)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Wendy NixonJess Star of ValgraysWorking SheepdogGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Harriett NobleToheychez Lady in Wting Lily (Lily)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Gillian NormanLoopy Ludi Dude (Ludo)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 3 (KC)
Clifford NorringtonBussel Belle Caramel AW/P (Buddy)Retriever (Golden)Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Vince NorrisDevongem Sorcerers Magic (Kosta)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Beverley NortheyLittle Turbo Dove (Jemima)Collie XGrade 3 (KC)
Jo NuttallFinless Porpoise (Fin)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 2 (KC)
Alison O'ConnellGrease is the Word (Zuko)CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Charlotte O'Neill / Ellen MooreSlaney O'Connor AW/G (Jackson)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Michelle OadesLa Roche AW/P (Poppy)CrossbreedGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Amy OgdenEvie Wevie Let’s Get Weaving AW/B (Evie)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Sue OliverSlow Jam Sally (Pumpkin)Border TerrierGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Guy OlliverCallahan Harry (Callahan)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 2 (KC)
Emily OsborneRozamie Monsieur Mikado (Raffi)PapillonGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lee OvensLits Get Ready to Rumble (Rumble)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Sharon PadleyLockardian Riverdancer (Erin)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
+ Novice (UKA)
Johanna PageAnnahoj Sleeping Lemons AW/S (Jelli)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Wendy PageAviary Special Branch (Bling)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Linda Palmer-JenkinsWundai Back to the Future (Sapphire)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 7 (KC)
Barry ParkerLittle Miss Bossy Boots AW/P (Gem)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Rachel ParkerLivewires Time to Shine AW/B (Jade)Staffordshire Bull TerrierGrade 6 (KC)
Katy ParrottSpruce the Star of Rivermeadow (Spruce)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 3 (KC)
Tom ParrottOwlstone Midsomer Acer (Ace)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 6 (KC)
Kate PartridgeGalody No Smoke without Fire (Fyr)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 3 (KC)
Pat PartridgeGunran Gigi (Tia)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Michele PatientTea Leaf Winnie at Skymara (Winnie)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 5 (KC)
Isabel PattenSaint Nico Las AW/S (Nico)CrossbreedGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Chloe PattieHeads Inn Golden Belle (Ziggy)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 2 (KC)
Les PearceDevongem Eruption of Fire (Fire)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Lyn PearsonParasienta's Rosina Roja (Heidi)Poodle (Toy)Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
David PenmanBohemian Patsidy (Patsy)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Hattie PhelpsNacho Nosh (Nicky)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Michele PhillipsGoodgolly Miss Holly (Holly)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Trish PigginTrixlin Oh What a Frenzy AW/B (Harvey)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 5 (KC)
+ SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Corinna PippardSaunderswood Painted Lady AW/B (Megan)Shetland SheepdogGrade 4 (KC)
Becky PlanckWithout a Clewer (Benson)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Amanda PocockKitty's Cocoa Bean AW/S (Evie)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Chris PoingdestreForestfalls Time for Kai AW/S (Kai)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Di PoingdestreBramleycott Miss Rock'n Roll AW/G (Hazel)Shetland SheepdogSenior (UKA)
Jane PondKiwi Kwik (Kiwi)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Rachel PorterDDawn Run AW/S (Fizz)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 5 (KC)
Jackie PotterRough Diamond Chip (Chip)Working SheepdogSC Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Sharon PoulterArunika Sunny Girl (Sunny)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Steven PoultonCorfu Gems Dare to Bear (Rudi)Working SheepdogGrade 4 (KC)
Steven PoultonLonghalves Summer Sensation (Ollie)Working SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Tonie PowellClayclatter Tauriel (Kookie)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Stephanie PratleyWibbly or Won’t He (Wibble)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Stephanie PratleyWindyedgewyr Made of Pepper (Skwish)Fox Terrier (Wire)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Fiona RamsayFlixraign Rural Rebel (Red)Hungarian VizslaGrade 2 (KC)
Libbi RamsdenKimmax Kute as a Button (Barbara)German Wirehaired PointerGrade 2 (KC)
Charlotte RamseySteinway Mollie AW/B (Luna)WeimaranerGrade 4 (KC)
Denise RamshawBelverdale Flikka Star (Flikka)CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Denise RamshawTinka Star (Tinka)Collie XGrade 7 (KC)
Natalie RatcliffeFrankie Fangtastic (Frankie)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Emma RattyGet Your Tuggy Dougie (Dougie)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Fran RaynerIndiana Lowla (Lowla)CrossbreedSC Senior (UKA)
Diane ReedBear Prince of Ainmhithe (Malachi)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Sandra Rees-PedlarToes Gwyn Griffin (Griffin)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Tracey ReeveLiv’s Buddy (Buddy)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Anne ReidDevongem Lets Dance (Breeze)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Joanne RichardsCastomya Endless Love (Jem)Border CollieGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Poppy RichardsTwo Tone Terror (Luna)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
+ Novice (UKA)
Ken RickettsFloraDora of HungaryHearts AW/S (Flora)MixedGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Melanie RickettsMiss Self Importance (Skye)Border CollieSC Novice (UKA)
Kelly Ricketts-Ham (Suki)CrossbreedGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jennifer RidleyEllan-Vannin Lux Trouble (Lux)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Nick RidleyLord Montgomery of Nordfeld AW/B (Monty)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Suzanne RileyCastomya Costa Mint (Truly)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Amanda RobertsMissy Mischief of Cornwall (Missy)Collie XGrade 2 (KC)
Rosamund Isobel RobertsBorerst Sky Dance (Buster)BeagleGrade 2 (KC)
Rosamund Isobel RobertsBorerst The One and Only (Popcorn)BeagleGrade 3 (KC)
Adam RogersCerys Saffron (Gylly)Spaniel (Welsh Springer)Grade 2 (KC)
Paula RoutledgeFolkvang Galaxy (Marco)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Jo RoyallDreamorox Ready for Action (Ozzie)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Heidi RumbleRemedyclose Buckaroo AW/G (Sooty)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Katie SalterMamma Mia Here We Go Again (Mia)Border CollieSC Novice (UKA)
Ann SandersRiley Errant (Riley)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Samantha SandersonBabbingtons Almighty Aramis (Aramis)Working SheepdogNovice (UKA)
Samantha SandersonSydlingbrook Kiwi (Jyn)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
+ Novice and SC Champion (UKA)
Stephanie SandersonBlue Ralph Junior (Obi)Boston TerrierGrade 2 (KC)
Gina SankiCaptain Fruitloop (Ollie)Lurcher CrossGrade 2 (KC)
Jessica SansomeJess Has Been Jinxed (Jinx)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Jessica SansomeNot a Mini Cooper AW/D (Cooper)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Julie SaundersMidnight Chocaholic (Izzie)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Peter SchofieldTickle My Tum AW/G (Lola)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Chris SchwarzSummergreen Blueberry Pie (Axl)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 6 (KC)
Chris SchwarzSummergreen Pumpkin Pie (Bisley)Miniature SchnauzerGrade 5 (KC)
Barry Sedgwick / Karen IngramBorderpops Blitz It (Shaun)Border CollieNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Felicity Seymour MorrisSaramibar Ygritte (Circe)German Shepherd (Alsatian)Grade 2 (KC)
Masha ShavernevaQazal Sarbaz Har Kala Rachi (imp Bel) AW/S (Altai)SalukiGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Alison ShawWhippet Up Cookie (Cookie)LurcherSC Novice (UKA)
Maxine ShellSnookbank Blonde Bombshell AW/B (Fern)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 4 (KC)
Ashleigh ShepherdLuna Tunes (Luna)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 6 (KC)
Emily ShewellMister Unpredictaball (Gilbert)Jack Russell Terrier XGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Kate SimmSirensong Vagabond Heart (Remy)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Paula SimonsThorntonfern Kite at Aggiegold (Harley)Retriever (Golden)Grade 5 (KC)
Ann SizerStarry Midnight Skye (Skye)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 4 (KC)
Amanda SladeBryngwrhyd Jacko AW/B (Jack)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 4 (KC)
Tracey SleemanTilly Twoshoes (Tilly)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Julie SloperBrynovation King (Monty)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Alicia SmithToby Tyler (Toby)Border Terrier XGrade 2 (KC)
Chloe SmithMillie in a Puddle (Millie)Retriever (Flat Coated)CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Chloe SmithMystical Dynamite (Denver)CrossbreedSC Champion (UKA)
Helen SmithDevongem Bravo (Phoenix)Border CollieGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Janet SmithCarraig Diamant Riobard (Robbie)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Joanne SmithOakholme Imperial Wizard (Roody)Portuguese Water DogGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ray SmithErnie Son of Fudge (Ernie)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sophie SmithNutter of the North (Izzy)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 3 (KC)
Christine SmythTrumpington Spuffle (Trumpers)Jack Russell Terrier XGrade 2 (KC)
Barry SollisGehola Spark (Dexter)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SC Novice (UKA)
Helen SoperFandabidozi Star Buck (Trek)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Alison SouttarCressida Gold of Troilus AW/B (Cressy)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 2 (KC)
Alison SouttarPurdeywood Shadow (Clemmie)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 2 (KC)
Karen SparksPrincess Izzy Bella (Izzy)CrossbreedSC Novice (UKA)
Jane SparreyMaisie Missy Minx (Maisie)Jack Russell TerrierGrade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Chris SpenceMalonedawn Derry (Winston)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 2 (KC)
Hilary SpiersStrobroy Goblet of Fire (Skye)Collie (Rough)SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Lindsey SpringPriddypaws Done and Dusted (Bambam)Border CollieGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Debbie StanleyLily's Little Miss Meira (Keira)Working SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Toni Stansfield / Gwendoline WatertonOne Last Chance (Shep)Working SheepdogGrade 6 (KC)
Claire StantonWeircourt Flick (Flick)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Donna StavertRapsgaliwn Howzat (Rio)Poodle (Toy)Grade 4 (KC)
Mark StephensMolly Molly Moo (Molly)Spaniel CrossGrade 2 (KC)
Carla StevensPolly the Wooly Doodlebug AW/S (Pollie)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Emily StevensCodyJack Russell TerrierSC Novice (UKA)
Elaine StevensonRossnowlagh Jess (Jess)Working SheepdogGrade 5 (KC)
Radana StewartDaddy's Big Boy AW/B (Rocky)Italian GreyhoundGrade 6 (KC)
Serena StewartStillmoor Simply Lirical (Lyric)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Wendy StewartWee Vorlich Catch (Hadleigh)Spaniel (Working Springer)Grade 2 (KC)
Emma StockAthena the Minibeast (Athena)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Carole StoneGladsheim Hazel (Luna)KooikerhondjeGrade 3 (KC)
Abbi StorerLe Belle Magie Noire (Cydni)CrossbreedGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Bridget StorerMeadowlark Dancer AW/S (Tika)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 4 (KC)
Lynn StowellMiss Meggie Magool (Meggie)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Rick StowellDippee Daizee Doo AW/S (Daizee)MixedGrade 4 (KC)
Sandra StringerMimbre Dixie Belle (Dixie)Manchester TerrierGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Ruby StruttKlairella Enchantment (Miley)Spaniel CrossGrade 2 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Ruby Strutt / Sue WashingtonLicosateria Seismic Wave (River)Shetland SheepdogSC Novice (UKA)
Andrea StubbingsJanski Tamadeus (Smithy)Cesky TerrierGrade 3 (KC)
Debbie StylesLestys Yippee Kye Aye (Kye)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Christine SummerfieldMeisterwerk Daisy (Daisy)CrossbreedGrade 6 (KC)
Gemma SwannTomas Tedda Kid (Tommy)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Avril TaylorJavawolf Right Kind of Wrong (Hatti)Staffordshire Bull TerrierGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Isabella TaylorTarnock Forever Fancy (Twiglet)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 2 (KC)
Jennifer TaylorCassies Princess (Bessie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 (KC)
Keith TaylorDevongem Time to Shine (Spice)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Luke TaylorSet the Goose Loose (Goose)Border CollieGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Sandra TearAinmhithe Irish Pip (Pip)Collie X SpanielGrade 3 (KC)
Debra TeddsDevongem It’s a Stitch Up! (Stitch)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Lisa TelfordFreed Freckled Flyer AW/G (Lilly)DalmatianGrade 5 (KC)
Frances ThatcherUnique Bhalu (Kip)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Hol ThomasWindy Slinky O'Rainbow AW/S (Windy)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Janette ThomasSir Charles of Bramblewood (Charlie)CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Sarah ThomasDevongem Dancin a Blur (Blur)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
+ Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Shelley ThomasPendleway Sugar and Spice AW/B (Spice)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Della ThompsonWywylwynd Balthasar (Tsar)Poodle (Standard)Grade 2 (KC)
Julie ThomsonSirensong Keep the Faith (Jip)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 3 (KC)
Kate ThomsonRazzlin Bright Eyed Betsy (Betsy)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
+ SC Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Angie ThornleyWren You Have It Flaunt It AW/S (Wren)Working SheepdogGrade 5 (KC)
Chloe TierKarmenhoek Made with Pride (Rocket)German Spitz (Klein)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Chloe TierTayalu Hyrule's Hope (Midna)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Hayley TindallTindall's Usselby Prince (Max)CollieGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Nikki TownsendRorkus Behaviour (Rorke)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
Jenny ToyneLottie Crazylegs (Lottie)Collie XGrade 2 (KC)
Lucy ToyneGoldmali Opportunity Nox (Walter)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisGrade 3 (KC)
Lucy ToyneWilma Dreams Come True (Wilma)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Charlotte TreagusMy Prince Caspian (Casper)CrossbreedSC Novice (UKA)
Mandy TrendellNorthborders Gamekeeper (Theo)Border TerrierGrade 3 (KC)
Sarah TrigwellTynevermoor Kita (Kita)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Joanne TroupUp in the Flames (Muntjac)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
+ SC Senior (UKA)
Joanne TroupUp in the Flames (Muntjac)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Myra TubbMorgansr Fly in Finn (Finn)Working SheepdogGrade 7 (KC)
Katie TurnerKytoc Bud He’s Awesome (Buddy)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Angie TydemanTattie All Over (Tattie)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Claire TyeSomerset Amber (Amber)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Katherine TysonDevongem Tiz Cool (Ember)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Janet UlliottWood You Believe it Woody (Woody)Border TerrierGrade 5 (KC)
Geraint UsherRhedec Blue at Journeys End (Ezra)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Roxanne Van der vlietAlexalee Buster (Rambo)Cavalier King Charles SpanielGrade 6 (KC)
Judith Van DijkMidnight Galaxy (Trixie)Poodle (Miniature)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Helen VealMini Tears Mayhem (Min)Working SheepdogGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jim VearncombeRubymist Cherry Manhattan with Ruption Knightcott (Cherry)BoxerGrade 4 (KC)
Allen VenusPannusred Qik Fixx (Fixx)CollieGrade 5 (KC)
Tracy VenusDentbros Rubeus (Tod)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Tracy VenusRiverspell Red Hot Flier (Flame)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Karen WainwrightDarciemy Black to The Future (Darcie)CrossbreedGrade 5 (KC)
Karen WainwrightMarboo’s Drop Jed Gorgeous (Jed)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Claire WaldronMozzi Martian Monster AW/S (Mozzi)Border CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Claire WaldronSpyder on Saturn's Moon (Spyder)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Sally WalfordBrylune Delen (Willow)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 3 (KC)
Sally WalfordRedeskar Briar Boy (Dexter)Retriever (Labrador)Grade 4 (KC)
Debbie WalkerCountryways William (Fen)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 6 (KC)
Heather WalkerSuperfly Dream Chaser (Piper)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Louise WalkerPippa’s Party In the Ring (Pippa)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Fiona WallaceMoonlake Merely Motoring (Ginger)WhippetSenior, SC Champion and CSC (UKA)
Tony WallaceThe Absolute Monty (Monty)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Hannah WalshLeiborschy Brunhilda Ad Lib AW/S (Hilda)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaGrade 6 (KC)
Hayley WardLittle Legs Ria (Ria)Working SheepdogGrade 3 (KC)
+ Novice (UKA)
Joy WardCories Rafa Game Set and Match (Rafa)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Natasha WardleMiss Tiggy Bounce AW/S (Tigs)Jack Russell Terrier XGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Ashley WarnerShay King All Over (Shay)CrossbreedGrade 3 (KC)
Laura WarwickMidnight Bloom (Blossom)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Ruth WatersAre You Able Mable (Mable)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Adam and Zoe WatsonCooper the Girl (Cooper)CrossbreedGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Alison WatsonTerrific Tesla (Tesla)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Peter WatsonSilver Snowdrop (Nutmeg)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Janette WeatherleyDriving Miss Lacey AW/S (Lacey)German Shorthaired PointerGrade 6 (KC)
Janette WeatherleyDriving Miss Lacey AW/S (Lacey)German Shorthaired PointerGrade 6 (KC)
Sarah WebbMadame Scogles (Betty)Border CollieGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Elaine WebberRhinestone Meadow (Winnie)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 6 (KC)
Sarah WellerMazy Moomina of Ainmhithe AW/G (Mazy)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Jo WellsBailey's English Dream (Bailey)CrossbreedGrade 4 (KC)
Wendy WellsCiadfa Lola (Lola)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Denise WelshLulus Best Friend (Merrick)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Lucy WheelwrightBasileas Super Mini Cooper (Cooper)Miniature American ShepherdGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Layla WhitakerSwift Duchess (Elsa)Gordon SetterGrade 2 (KC)
+ Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Imogen WhiteNorthfen Secret Sky (Sky)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Olivia WhiteIsilme Mocha Monkey (Mocha)Border CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Becky WhitehouseBadgerberry Cienna (Krunchie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 7 (KC)
Karen WhitehouseChance a Moment to Remember (Chance)CollieGrade 7 (KC)
Karen WhitehouseKazanpaul Creme de La Creme (Erin)German Shorthaired PointerGrade 5 (KC)
Robyn WhiteleyBuddy (Buddy)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
Julie WhitneyMaimees Escapologist (Seamus)Irish SetterGrade 6 (KC)
Melissa WhittetEildon Ace of Hearts (Ace)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)
Karen WhittlePip a Dee Doo Dah (Pippin)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 5 (KC)
Cyanne WilcoxRippleabulls Abracadabra (Napoleon)PugGrade 3 (KC)
Lorna WildmanSpeedy Minx (Minx)KelpieGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
+ Novice (UKA)
Rebecca WilkinsAuchencloch Aria (Rosie)Retriever (Golden)Grade 2 (KC)
Rebecca WilkinsHurststrath Liath Dougal (Jasper)Retriever (Golden)Grade 2 (KC)
Paul WillettPeggle Weggle Woo (Peg)Border CollieSC Novice (UKA)
Nichola WilleyAloysius Nosy Parker (Parker)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
+ SC Senior (UKA)
Kathy WilliamsTidal Wave Teaser (Teaser)Working SheepdogGrade 5 (KC)
Rebecca WilliamsMini Mutt Mabel of Pringle (Mabel)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Sue WilliamsCintarshe Red Hawk's Eye (Tiki)PapillonSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sue WilliamsCintarshe Silver Obsidian (Obe)PapillonGrade 7 (KC)
Alison WilliamsonRujaff Topsy Turvy AW/S (Dylan)Border CollieGrade 6 (KC)
+ Champion (UKA)
Anna WillittChunky Monkey Mr Finnegan (Finn)CrossbreedSC Senior (UKA)
Jac WilsonVervana Viola (Vite)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 5 (KC)
Tracey WilsonMorgans R No Matter What (Ronan)Border CollieGrade 3 (KC)
Stephanie Wilson AstburyAgil A Tees Four Fun (Four)Staffordshire Bull Terrier XGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Sue WintonPursley Merlot (Ghillie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 5 (KC)
Cathy WithallKoolrunin Runes of Fate (Rune)KelpieGrade 3 (KC)
Jenny WittSakurastar Sunset (Maisie)Working SheepdogSC Senior, SC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Hayley WoodcockGlenalpine Boogie (Boogie)CollieSC Novice (UKA)
Charlotte WoodlandYou're Simply the Betts (Betty)CrossbreedGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Emma WoodlandCollonges Beta Boy AW/S (Spud)BrittanyGrade 5 (KC)
Jo Woodward / Gail MunnSmile April Lady (April)CollieGrade 2 (KC)
Kay WrefordKandymal Wispa (Pip)Spaniel (Cocker)Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Melanie WrightMagilitas Undercover (Tala)Border CollieGrade 4 (KC)
Carol WyeFablehawk Dreamtime (Sasha)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenGrade 4 (KC)
+ SC Novice (UKA)
Bridgitte WyreSheet Lightning (Lightning)CrossbreedGrade 7 (KC)
Debbie YatesIsfryn Spotless at Ferderyn AW/B (Dery)Spaniel (Welsh Springer)Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Debbie YatesMoonreed Madness at Ferderyn (Flo)Spaniel (English Springer)Grade 3 (KC)
Janet YoungFitznister Alba Naecairn (Coulin)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverGrade 7 (KC)
Millie YoungsMoomin’s Mess Maker Jess (Jessie)CrossbreedGrade 2 (KC)
Kaden ZhouCiadargi Anemone (Lorcan)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Grade 4 (KC)