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Agility Matters


Agility in the Neolithic Age
Evidence has been unearthed that agility could be older that anyone thinks. It may have been invented in the Bronze Age. (01/04/09)

The Great Collie v. ABC Debate
As more people abandon their ABC dogs in favour of collies, we must ask 'Is winning everything?' Your comments are invited. Dave Cooper & Terry Woods join the debate. (28/09/00)

How to Make a Midi
There is no sure-fire recipe for making a Midi. People often get a puppy of a breed hoping it will make the size and be able to run Standard classes as well. But Rachel Woods says that those two magic Midi inches between 15-17 that can be annoyingly elusive - even with a pedigree dog. (13/05/02)

Little Dogs: Does Size Matter?
Six Mini and Midi handlers with various levels of experience from Starter to Senior talk about some of the issues that effect small dogs in agility in a 'virtual' roundtable discussion. Feel free to join in. (15/04/02)


Logo Logic
In this day of spin, just what does your logo say about your agility club? Does it reflect the image you want for your group or is it time to go back to the drawing board? Compare this selection of logos from clubs across the country with the one on your chest. (18/01/02)

The Price is Right!
Whoever said doing agility was a cheap? If you are like most of us, you probably never admit to yourself how much money you spend on agility. The final sum would send you into epileptic shock. Mary Ann Nester calculates the cost. (20/02/02)
Rabbit Agility
They don't jump as high as our dogs, but they sure have fun! Amazing what you can do with a clicker. Leona Hellesvig sheds some light on this growing sport in... Minnesota. (08/04/07)

Star Quality
Eight years ago Kay Westgate thought she would try and get information on how to get her dogs into the world of advertising, film and television, so she rang the BBC and asked where they got their animals for television work. The joker on the other end of the line said he thought dogs had to become members of Equity, the actors union! But Kay wasn't falling for that... (13/07/02)

There's a Wolf in Every Poodle
Mary Ann Nester wanted to learn the truth about her Miniature Poodle. Was he a wolf in a lion's clip? She contacted lupine expert, Ian Redman who runs Wolf Help (Helping Education for Lobo Preservation) and he agreed to travel to Essex and give an illustrated lecture for Aslan DT that would answer her questions on wolf society, behaviour and habitats. (05/01/00)