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Canine Products


Ball Thrower Bag
his is a waterproof nylon carry bag designed to hold a ball thrower with a small pocket for keeping unused poo bags in and a larger pouch for holding two additional tennis balls. It can be carried across the back or in the hand. Reviewed by Rosie Lander
Chaser Toys
Chaser-Toys are custom-made motivational bungee and non-bungee toys. Reviewed by Stacey Irwin-Burns.
Fun with Fido Treat Pods & Tuggies
Fun with Fido interactive treat toys feature a treat pod which is shaped like a ball. There are two options - the treat pod which can be thrown like a ball or the tuggy which has the treat pod at the end.  A treat is hidden within the treat pod by opening up the three sections. These section then close together like a flower petal and are held in place with Velcro. The dog discovers the treat by opening up the sections. Fun with Fido treat toys can be used for play or training and are very effective for activities such as agility, flyball and scent work. Reviewed by Sharon Tuffnell
Handiscoop Poop Scoop HandiScoop
Designed to clean up any dog litter, the HandiScoop can be used any place or on any surface. It is lightweight to carry while dog walking and is long enough so you don't have to bend down to pick up poo. The scoop can be pre-loaded up to three with bio-degradable bags, ensuring that you stay on the right side of the law and avoid the costly fines for dog fouling. Reviewed by Sue Love.
iFetch Ball Launcher i-Fetch
iFetch is an interactive, on-demand, automatic ball launcher that provides fun for dogs and owners together. It throws a ball a variable distance when it is placed in the funnel by the dog or person. Reviewed y Julie Tait

Indigo CollarTags
High quality adjustable ID tags which thread onto a collar which are guaranteed fro the lifetime of your dog. Reviewed by Clive Hildersley, Kerstin McDonagh, Peggy Sidewater & Jill Spur (25/06/06)

Bowl Closed Road Refresher™
An ingenious non-spill pet travel bowl that really works. Reviewed by Lisa Blatch.
SnuggleSafe MicroWave Heat Pad
Review of microwave pet bed warmer. Use anytime, anywhere - day or night. Ideal for newborn, convalescing and elderly dogs. Reviewed by Susan VIckers
StreamZ Collar
The Dog StreamZ Smart Collar provides a unique approach to dog health and wellbeing. It uses a patented design based on resonance technology and is designed to create day-to-day improvements in canine vitality by rebalancing compounds and minerals in the body for a long and healthy life for your dog. Unlike traditional magnetic therapy, StreamZ rebalances the whole system and, as no heat is created, it can be worn 24/7. Reviewed by Sue Culmer
SWAG Handy Lead
A fleece-lined lead with a second handle incorporated into the lead a third of the way up from the collar end, the Handy Lead is designed by agility people for use in the queue to give extra control of a lunging dog or when walking along busy roads, meeting new dogs and controlling strong dogs that like to pull. Reviewed by Penny Cockerill . (28/09/09)
SWAG Head Collar
A simple but effective design makes this head collar a bestseller. Reviewer Dani Jeffery, in fact, thinks it's a miracle! (25/03/11)
Wicked Hound Recurve Collar
The Wicked Hounds Recurve Sports Collar is the world's first ergonomic collar. Designed by a vet and top agility competitor in Australia,  specifically for performance dogs, it features contoured sides to allow more freedom of movement through the shoulder and avoids pressure points on the neck. Reviewed by Lucy Osborne.