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Canine Products


The Hamster Basket Dog-Pod Revisited
If it is made of wire and you can sketch it, they can make it to your specifications.
Hamster Basket Car Cages
How safe is your dog? Rhiannon Mulrenan, the first customer to order a car cage as a result of the advert in Agilitynet, reviews her purchase. (21/04/01)

Indigo CollarTags
High quality adjustable ID tags which thread onto a collar which are guaranteed fro the lifetime of your dog. Reviewed by Clive Hildersley, Kerstin McDonagh, Peggy Sidewater & Jill Spur (25/06/06)

Bowl Closed The Road Refresher™
An ingenious non-spill pet travel bowl that really works. Reviewed by Lisa Blatch.
SnuggleSafe MicroWave Heat Pad
Review of microwave pet bed warmer. Use anytime, anywhere - day or night. Ideal for newborn, convalescing and elderly dogs. Reviewed by Susan VIckers
SWAG Handy Lead
A fleece-lined lead with a second handle incorporated into the lead a third of the way up from the collar end, the Handy Lead is designed by agility people for use in the queue to give extra control of a lunging dog or when walking along busy roads, meeting new dogs and controlling strong dogs that like to pull. Reviewed by Penny Cockerill . (28/09/09)
SWAG Head Collar
A simple but effective design makes this head collar a bestseller. Reviewer Dani Jeffery, in fact, thinks it's a miracle! (25/03/11)
Tug-tastic Toys
Interactive tug toys, made of bright, multi-coloured fleecy material which are great incentives for agility training. Reviewed by Chel Townsend & Tim Knee