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News and results...

The  Pawstrading Large Grade 3-5 Dog Vegas Qualifier is a competition for Large dogs eligible for Grades 3, 4 & 5. There are 12 qualifying heats. The top five dogs from each heat (top three if the heat is split into two parts), will qualify for the Kronch Final comprising of approx 60 at the Dog Vegas show at the end of July.

2013 Final

The Final of the Pawstrading Large Grade 3-5 Dog Vegas qualifier was held on 29 July 2013 at the Dog Vegas show at the Winterton Showground and was judged by Alan Bray. The results are as follows:

Position Handler Dog's name Points
1 Jacqui McWhinney Rosmarinus Silver Sunrise 32.093
2 Linda Nicholls Foxtwist Full Speed 32.671
3 Sarah McLaren Aviary Adonis 32.776
4 Jayne Pettitt Cories Flynt Forever Blue 33.776
5 Catherine O'Rourke Funfastquick Summer sky 33.807
6 Fiona Gavin Cories Commander spock 33.856
7 Dan Millwood Red Leopard 34.378
8 Arlene Law Upanova Cooler's Quicksilver 34.553
9 Paul Jobbins Solid as a Rock 34.855
10 Jacky Orriss Oh Ted AW(G) 34.899
11 Sue Armstrong Lethal Weapon Little D 36.696
12 Jill Oliver Meisterwerk Magic Monkey 40.179
13 Laura Richardson Nemesis Red Kangaroo 40.602
14 Angela Richardson Richos Nifty Narna 41.677
15 Pat Pickard Icemead Atlantis Mist 46.422
16 Sharon Banks Dreamchart Sky's the Limit 33.771 (5 faults)
17 Vicki Cooper Go Kai Kai Go 34.876 (5 faults)
18 Alison Williamson Chill Peppa at Willowyarde 35.221 (5 faults)
18 Michelle Sturge Benjamin's Gwter Goch 35.221 (5 faults)
20 Nigel Staines Morgan's Dark Destroyer 37.161 (5 faults)
21 Suzanne Hale Subessen Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme AW(B) 41.076 (5 faults)
22 Gill Vann Lady Zara Arth Coch 41.331 (5 faults)
23 Andrew Green John O'Gaunt Rocky Rover 41.643 (5 faults)
24 Myra Tubb Lightning Gem 42.253 (5 faults)
25 Lynn Draper Canen Sapphire 47.226 (7.266 faults)
26 Claire Stanton Ulnus White Drift 34.568 (10 faults)
27 Trevor Shelswell Aviary Bright Ember 35.147 (10 faults)
28 Pat Spilman Bryning Tropical Sea 39.516 (10 faults)
29 Tracey Ridley Something Positive AW(S) 48.647 (13.647 faults)
30 Alison Schofield Rainow Storm 54.763 (14.763 faults)
31 Jane Cameron Borderstorm Lincoln Imp AW(G) 38.376 (15 faults)
32 Julie Stevens Kinaway I Think So I Am 44.428 (15 faults)
33 Alison Schofield Sproston Robbie 54.018 (19.018 faults)
34 Louise Stanger Jassendue Paszto 55.07 (25.07 faults)
E Roy Osgood Harrjack Holly Go Lightly 0
E Roy Osgood Tally of Treneague 0
E John Orriss Canen Bebe Billie Bremner AW(B) 0
E Jackie Kenny Morgan's Son of a Legend (AW(G) 0
E Linda Bood Tag That Line 0
E Sandie Beamish Kidcay Candie 0
E Jayne Pettitt Comebyanaway Kelly's Hero 0
E Paul Sensky Bonvivant Ciel des Reves 0

Rules and Regulations

  1. This class must be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club Rules in force at the time of the competition.
  2. If the entry for a heat exceeds the KC limit for a judge in a day then the class will be equally and randomly split and another judge appointed for the second part.
  3. All competitors entering the class will be deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules of the Kennel Club and the specific regulations governing this class.
  4. The competition is open to Kennel Club registered dogs eligible to compete at Large Height Grade 3, 4 & 5.
  5. Handlers may enter more than one dog in the competition and may qualify more than one dog for the Final event.
  6. Once a dog has qualified for the Final it may enter further heats, as long as it is still eligible for Grade 3, 4 or 5. Handlers who have already qualified their dog for the Final must report this fact to the appropriate Show Secretary before running in the class. If the already qualified dog then qualifies again, the place will be awarded to the highest placed unqualified dog.
  7. The first five dogs from the heat will be invited to compete in the Final. The next five dogs will be held as reserves. If the class is split the top three dogs from each part will be invited to compete in the Final. The next top three in each part will be held as reserves.
  8. In the event of a dog being unable to compete in the Final due to unavailability, illness or injury the reserves from that heat will be called up in numerical order.
  9. In the event of a handler being unable to compete in the Final due to illness or injury a substitute handler for the qualifying dog will be allowed to run the dog.