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Contact Us

     Supporting agility dogs with specialist lifetime cover

To contact us, you can write, email, text, phone or knock on the door.

38 Northolme Road, London N5 2UU
Tel. 020-7359 6461  M. 0776 9941708
Email: ellen.rocco@agilitynet.co.uk

Please do not be shy. If there is a problem with a link - it's working or it's not - or the some factual detail on a page etc., please please let us know immediately so it can be fixed as soon as possible. We appreciate and your input and are happy to know that someone out there is reading Agilitynet.

This site is by, for and about you and your dogs, but if you are interested in who is behind the scene and makes Agilitynet tick, here's a summary.

Ellen Rocco

The Web Mistress & her dogs


Ellen was an independent directory and database consultant in a parallel life. She is best known as the founder of The Creative Handbook, one of the most innovative and best known directories in the UK.

She launched Agilitynet after a casual conversation with Kevin McNicholas, while waiting in the queue at Trent Park. Who me? I couldn't do a web site. I don't know a thing about the Internet and I am only a Starter handler. And since then, she's not looked back!

Ellen started competing with Standard Poodles, but has crossed over to the dark side. Due to mobility issues, younger legs are now training a super sonic, ball driven WSD Bracken.

She has become a 'soccer mum'  driving Bracken to his Agility and Flyball competitions.

Ellen lives in North London in the shadow of the Arsenal football grounds so don't call her when there is a match on.

Current Agilitynet Dogs
Photo: Babs Holloway
KC: Sally Sulu AW/S (G4)
Retired but still chasing furry things

KC: Ludgate Flower Power (G5)
Poster girl for KCI Festival poster
and dog on the KC Record Books.
Now retired.

KC & ISDS: Bracken Boy
Loving his agility and flyball

To everyone  who has contributed their time, energy and ideas to Agilitynet, thank you.
We couldn't do it without you.
There are too many of you out there to mention here but every time you read an article or see a picture or download a page or schedule, it's thanks to someone out there... like you.