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Agility Equipment


21st Century Agility
Electronic timing. What next? What does technology have in store for agility? Tony di Bartolo sets out some of his ideas for the future.

DIY Jumps
Carmen and her dad Rich Dieppe have been working on some plans for building a simple, inexpensive and easy to make practice jump they would like to share with you. (15/07/01)

DIY Weaves
Agility equipment can be expensive. But did you ever think that you could make some of it yourself. You can find information on building agility equipment is all over the place. Just try doing a web search on 'agility' and start surfing. Or you can start with Richard Deppe's recipe for Weave Poles below. (18/8/99)
Electronic Timers
It is now not unusual to see electronic timing at most of the larger shows around the UK. Taryntimer developer Martin Pollard reports that the transition from hand held stop watch to state of the art timer has been quick, seamless and painless. It's as if it has always been there. Time and time again... and again... and again.
How to... Make Garden
A simply explained construction guide, giving  advice on how to build inexpensive agility obstacles for the back garden. All items apart from the contact trainer are very simple but effective training aids. Reviewed by Mick Chambers. (15/05/03)
Rowdy Hoops: Lucky Circle of Wheel of Misfortunate
The hoop is the only jump without a detachable element. Martin Pollard thinks this means it cannot be as safe as other jumps. He has some ideas for an improved tyre and is looking for other interested people with similar concerns to have a 'cyber' brainstorming session. With new comments from Penny Garner-Carpenter and Gary Spindler. (13/08/00)

More About RFID
Martin Pollard looks at RFID technology and it's practical use in agility. (21/01/04)
Premier Seesaw Seesaw Study
An evaluation of the motions of competition seesaws from research conducted by Clean Run magazine.