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Humour in the Ring

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Funny things happen on the way to the ring

Going back to the origins of agility when the motto of the sport was (and still is)  'Agility is fun,' no one took it seriously - well, hardly any one. It was just a thing to do on the weekend. Run around with your dog and have a laugh with your mates. One has to have a sense of humour to do agility, right? Here are some stories that hope will put a smile on your face. Has anything amusing happened to you, your partner or a friend? Go on... tell all. Email your stories.

From Mike Gooch...
I have a little guy that I just had to name Zipper. Why? Reason, when I tell him down on the table, I can point at the judge and say, 'Zipper, Down.' I figure that if the judge is looking down, they ain't lookin' at my dog.

From Jo Killen...
I scribed for Novice Standard at an agility trial last weekend. When a Bouvier came into the ring, I checked the scribe sheet and did a double-take. Its name was Yonder. That seemed a really strange one! Then the handler led off and called, 'Over, Yonder' and I understood why she picked it.

From Angela Lucas...
I have three stories to share about Teams, Pairs and Games.

1. ABC Team

A group of us made a team for a show held in Aldershot.  It was a Weimaraner, Doberman, rough collie and my GSD.  We were due to be one of the last teams and we were all in Starters at the time. 

About an hour before we were due to run, I had gone back to the vehicle where my gannet of a GSD was and let him off for a wee.  He disappeared and I heard my mate shouting.  Charlie had gone and ransacked his weekend rations!

There was debate about running him - I decided to give it a go.  The best score was from a quad of intermediate superior competitors with collies.  We lined up, dog no.1 - clear.  Dog no. 2 clear. Dog no. 3 usually has a dodgy scale - clear.  My dog no 4 with someone else tea in him - clear!  We won  the team event and I still have that cup!

2. The impossible poodle

I was entered in a pairs class with my friend Jackie.   It was a wet day and the ground was mucky.  My friend with her trusty dog Meggie went round this jumping course and swapped with me.  I set off with the Poodle (who is a Midi competing at Standard height).  Things are going kay until the last fence.  He stops.  Dead. Doesn't move.  I wave him on.  No effort.  I shout go on.  Nothing.

Refusal No 1.  Jackie starts calling him.  No doesn't work.  I try recalling him.  Don't like the  jump, goes to walk round.  I stop him.  Judge is laughing now.  Refusal 2. 

After equalling the course time for two dogs, he finally makes the last jump.  I have never found out why he stopped.  He never told me.

3. The sausage game

The Game for a laugh class at Burgess goes back to the good old days when we had to run our dogs in flippers or use hula hoops.

One year, my dear old GSD (the gannet) and I were in the queue.  All my mates, knowing his habit were literally taking bets on the side that he would eat all the sausages lined up in front of him.  Wrong!  He left those alone (what a well trained dog!)

As we crossed the finish line, instead of slowing up, he gained speed and headed straight for the score table where the spare supplies had just arrived. There was complete bedlam and flying sausages, tickets and tables in danger of collapse as he shovelled as many off the trays as he could before being caught. Those were the days of agility! 

My final note is on two occasions while my Midi worked the standard height we did two memorable clear agility rounds, only to find were 5 seconds out of time.  Those were the worst rounds of my life, because he couldn't have tried harder and I couldn't have made him go faster all because the course times set.  After the second one, I never put my poodle into another standard class again. 

Hope these snippets are of interest.  I certainly found the other ones fun to read.