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Running a terrier is like a box of chocolates...

In 2012 the Agility Terrier League came to life, sponsored by Fylde Agility and with the help of James Amor, and is the first League which is open to all Terrier breeds and their crosses. It was set up by Terrier handler Hannah Grantham who thought it was  about time that Terrier handlers had a league of their own where they could compete against each other and have fun whilst doing so. To her amazement the League was extremely popular and attracted over 200 Terrier owners who have been competing across the UK (including Ireland) throughout 2013 at KC and Non-KC shows to try to become the champion of their Grade.

Grand Champions Winners

Agility Terrier League 2015 Grade Champions and Reserves.

Grade 2
1st Helen Oswald Booth & Ozzy 
2nd Terresa McTaggart & Mickey

Grade 3
1st Gemma Swann & Harry
2nd  & Freddie

Grade 4
1st Melissa Isaacs-Beadell & OB 
2nd Hayley Howatt & Kiki

Grade 5
1st Louise Clayton & Mabel 
2nd Melissa Isaacs-Beadell 

Grade 6
1st Keely Foster & Scruffy 
2nd Sara Kirkwood & Ziggy 

Grade 7
1st Steven Richardson & Libby 
2nd Aemillia Nicholson & Rubbie

1st Gillian Keys & Hayley

Agility Terrier League 2015 is now open for new members. It is open to all terriers and their crosses. There are great prizes on offer for each grade winner and there is an annual final you could qualify for. Thanks for your continued support xx

Please visit to join.

Agility Terrier League Final

Agility Terrier League Final 2014 held at Dog Vegas, Thetford on the 21 June 2014  Judge was Steph Wilson-Astbury who set a lovely flowing and fun Grade 1-7 agility course. The final was full of fun and demonstrated the competitive and fun side of running terriers.

Results of the Final






Linda Evans (G5-7 Champion)


30.388 (C)


Suzanne Philips


33.942 (C)


Hannah 'Spana' Grantham


34.820 (C)


Gill Rhodes (G1-4 Champion)


35.804 (C)


Samantha Gillams


35.860 (C)


Jennifer Kent


38.039 (C)


Samantha Gillams


38.534 (C)


Melissa Isaacs-Beadell


40.441 (C)


Jacqui Watts


41.517 (C)


Katie Doyle


51.510 (C)


Terresa McTaggart


66.975 (C)


Claire Powell

Teddy Edward

44.187 (5)


Danielle Machington


54.925 (5)


Gemma Swann


32.869 (10)


Sally Rhodes


39.816 (10)


Catherine Kendall


42.593 (10)


Pam Grey


42.703 (10)


Ella Eccleston


49.827 (10)


Sally Hatton-Savage


57.308 (10)

Well done to all the terriers who ran in the Final. We will do it all again next year.

Keep adding those results. There will be Finals next year. A minimum top 4 or 30% in each grade will go forward to the 2015 finals, venue TBC.

End of Year Report

Well done to all who took part, especially those listed below. Your rosettes will be on their way to you very soon. Each Champion will receive a miniature model of their dog from Lah Lah Dogs. Please look out for an email from me requesting a photograph.

Also, the top 10 handlers and dogs from each grade will be receiving an email regarding the Agility Terrier League Final which will be held at the Dog Vegas Agility Show on Saturday, 21 June 2014.

Thanks you to everyone who took part during 2013. Without your support, the League would not have happened. Registration for the 2014 League is now open, please join in the usual way. Membership fees for the 2014 League will be £3 per dog.

Good luck, and see you all during 2014.

2013 Results

Position Handler Dog Breed Height Points

Grade 1

Champion Ed Gillams Teddy Edward JRT Small 1806
Reserve Jennifer Kent Maxi Patterdale Medium 1108

Grade 2

Champion Katie Doyle Archie JRT x Corgi Small 810
Reserve Lottie Hickman Norma Jean JRT x Papillon Small 356

Grade 3

Champion Anne Newell Taz Staffie Medium 1260
Reserve Aemillia Nicholson Rubbie Border Terrier Small 1025

Grade 4

Champion Melissa Isaacs-Beadell Widget Cairn X Small 757
Reserve Julie Bull Molly JRT Small 717

Grade 5

Champion Sam Gillams Kipper JRT x Pom x Chi Small 1977
Reserve Keely Foster Scruffy JRT X Small 914

Grade 6

Champion Claire Powell Cooper JRT x Rat Terrier Small 1276
Reserve Linda Hill Crash Patterdale X Medium 1024

Grade 7

Champion Steve Richardson Libby Patterdale X Medium 3054
Reserve Suzanne Phillips Keane JRT Small 2950

Anysize / Veterans

Champion Sharon Dilley Maddy JRT Small 68

League Final Announced

The Agility Terrier League will be holding an actual Final in 2014 at Dog Vegas Week long show in June 2014.

The top 10 dogs from each grade will be invited to the Final which will be run over an Agility course and will be judged by Stephanie Wilson-Astbury. The final will be split into Grades 1-4 and 5-7. Invites will be sent out in February 2014. 

We would to thank Dog Vegas for allowing us to hold the final at their show and to Stephanie for judging. Just think of all those Terriers in one place! Chaos springs to mind.


It was all systems go from 1 January 2013 when the ATL was launched. Due to the high interest in the League, it has been decided to give separate awards per Grade and to Veterans, with even more of a chance to be a League winner.

When questioned about eligibility, organiser Hannah Grantham said, 'If  you do not know your Terrier’s breeding, then use this rule ‘If it looks like a Terrier, acts like a Terrier, then it is a Terrier.'

She added, 'You all probably understand that it's no easy ride doing agility with a Terrier but good luck and enjoy the League.

James Amor of  Fylde Agility is supporting the Terrier League by providing the software that sits behind the League enabling Hannah to spend 10 minutes a week to keep the League up to date rather than the hours she was looking at!! 

James said ' I don't think she envisaged getting 150+ members when she set it up!'

Rules & Regulations

1. There is a fee of £3 per dog. This will fund rosettes and trophies for each grade winner (possibly reserves if there are enough members).

2. The League will run from 1 January to 31 December each year. Final results must be received by 7 January.

3. Points can be claimed for a top 10 place in classes at KC and none-KC shows, as follows:

  • KC/IKC shows – 1st = 20, 2nd = 19, 3rd = 18, 4th = 17 and so on to 10th place = 11 points. Places beyond 10th and unplaced clear = 2
  • Non-KC - 1st = 11, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 9, 4th = 8 ...... 10th = 2. Places beyond 10th and unplaced clear = 1

Please note: Due to the rules of the IKC being the same as the KCI, if  you compete at an Irish Kennel Club (IKC) show, any IKC show will be viewed as a KC show.

4. You cannot claim points for Pay on the Day classes, Teams, Pairs, Trios or Interclub matches. If you are lucky enough to compete in Champ you can claim points for the Champ qualifying rounds, but not the final.

5. For the duration of the League your dog will stay in the Grade category they were in on the 1 January, regardless of any progression gained during the current League year. They must then be moved up the following League year.

6. Results must be received within one month of the date you achieved them, otherwise you lose them.

7. It is the handler's responsibility to send their results in via email to:

8. There will be separate awards for:-

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Any size

Heights may be split if we have enough members.

9. The Any size category is for those Terriers who can no longer compete at their full height due to injury, age, etc. Only points can be claimed from Any size and Veteran classes in this category. We will not accept points from Standard classes. Once you have entered your Terrier into this category you cannot move it to any of the Grade categories.

10. All members are expected to be honest about their results. If anyone is found to be dishonest then they will be removed from the League and their membership fee will not be refunded.

Any questions, please email Hannah Grantham at: or see her at a show.



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