Co-sponsors of the 2023 Winning Out Certificates

A exciting new dog agility league for Cockapoos only has been announced. All profits will be donated to charity at the end of each league year!

There will be separate divisions for Grades 1-7 plus options for:-

  • Best Overall Cockapoo

  • Best Rescue Cockapoo

Points can be accepted from January 2021 for our 2021 league. These can be back dated!

KC, UKA and independent show placements and clear rounds accepted towards league points.

League Points Programme


  • 1st- 50 points

  • 2nd - 40 points

  • 3rd- 30 points

  • 4th- 20 points

  • 5th- 10 points

  • Clear rounds- 5 points


  • 1st- 40 points

  • 2nd - 30 points

  • 3rd- 20 points

  • 4th- 10 points

  • 5th- 5 points

  • Clear rounds- 2 points


  • 1st- 30 points

  • 2nd - 25 points

  • 3rd- 20 points

  • Placement- 5 points

  • Clear rounds- 2 point

Prizes for the League will include rosettes and trophies up to 5th place and participation rosettes per dog registered at the end of the league year.  

Join the Cockapool League

Entries can be submitted via Google Form. The League will be updated every Monday ! Please ensure your entries are submitted as close as possible to your competition to avoid any backlog!

  • One League Entry 10 per year

  • Two League Entries 15 per year

In addition, there will be a photo challenge every month

For more information or to enter the League, visit our website or Face book page.




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