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The Doodle Agility League has recently been set up in a bid to encourage people with Poodle Crosses to get into agility. It is open to all Poodle Crossbreeds in the UK. The League is run by Jo Harker, Janet Annetts and Mandy Margolius in partnership with the Labradoodle Trust, The Cockapoo Club GB, Northern Doodles and Cockapoo Owners Club UK.  We charge only £5 per year to be a part of the League, with half of your payment going to support the Labradoodle Trust.  We want to encourage all levels of agility, so KC, UKA, BAA, unaffiliated and fun shows all count. Our aim is to have fun!  At the end of the year, prizes will be awarded to the top three dogs in each category/height. 

Celebration of Our First League Year

The League year runs from 1 September to 31 August and 2012-2013 is our first year. We are glad to have encouraged 60 dogs so far, but welcome anyone with a Poodle Crossbreed to join us. To ask about membership please contact us via email: or check out our website

In September 2013 we will celebrate our first League year with a weekend of training, awards, competition, food, fun and friendship. The weekend is being held on 14 &15 September 2013 to share our stories, successes, not so successes! and the new friends we have made. We are meeting at Honeysuckle Cottage, Morthen Road, Wickersley, Rotherham S66 9JB. More details can be found on If you are interested in coming along but are not yet ready to compete in agility please contact us.

    What’s on offer:-

  • Training – with Eileen Ainsworth on Saturday, 14 September.  Depending on interest there will be two sessions split by grade. Each session will be two hours and there is a maximum of ten places for each session.  The session cost will be £20 per place. To book a place on this special Doodle training you must be a member of the League.
  • Competition – start collecting your points for next year by spending Sunday, 15 September competing at the Delinquent Dogz Fun Show. Separate entry is required and details can be found at
  • Awards evening -  We will book an evening dinner at a local hostelry once numbers are finalised. There will be a charge for your meal. This is an absolute must if you are expecting a prize from the 2012/13 year. Keep checking the results table to see if you are still placed, and don't forget there are prizes for the most consistent dog with at least five days of show rosettes as well as those with the most points.
  • Camping – a chance to socialise with fellow agility doodlers for the bargain price of £7.50 per night.  Camping will be available all weekend or longer if you want it.
  • Help the Labradoodle Trust – a proportion of your payments for training and camping will be donated straight to the Trust and we will run a raffle on Sunday too to help raise more funds for this worth while charity.

Results Up to 24 June 2013


Place Handler Dog's name


Small/Medium Dogs
1 Samantha Smith Jenson Interceptor Racing 838
2 Mary Harrison Bottoms Up 512
3 Helen Ranaghan Royal Pepperlicious 273
4 Jacky Woodhall Tetley 216
5 Sally Lewis Special Branch 129
6 Megan Burns Relish in Pickle 119
7 Karen Fox-Williams Boogie Woogie Basil 84
8 Helen Ranaghan Royal Rubylicious 63
9 Eileen Gilmour Leaping Lord Rupert 43
10 Jan Margolius Flo So Happy 37
11 Ali Shearman-Jones Izzy 20
12 Michael Watson Milo 20
  Christian Dorffer Cocoblue 0
  Sue Maclennan Holly 0
  Simon Bushel Marley 0
  Valerie Lindsay Suki 0
Large Dogs
1 Tania Bishop Puffleupagus de Milo 638
2 Marianne Butler Bellisimo's Dream 600
3 Rosie Robson Corby Craggs Kizzy 228
4 Marianne Butler Apollos's Dream 132
4 Kim Patel Hugo a Go Go 132
5 Karen Fox-Williams Raise the Roof Rufus 96
6 Vince Gander Daisy May Do Doodles 36
7 Georgia Mason-Webb Midnight Molly 35
8 Michael Watson Alfie 16
9 Jo Jones Parker 14
  Suzi Carberry Cool Dood Dylan 0
  Paul Harker Jasper Doodle 0
  Laura Vitty Noah 0


Place Handler Dog's name Points
Small/Medium Dogs
1 Jacqui Watts Rustic Soup 573
2 Shel Pott Toffee to Go 562
3 Claudio Ponticorvo Sakura Hanami 461
4 Joanne Harker Dee Dee Julep 443
5 Janet Annetts Oodles of Dylan Antics AW(S) 408
6 Carol Careless Black is the New Orange 396
7 Linda McBride Druridge Summer Snowball 339
8 Sally Lewis Louie's Mate 298
9 Paula Tyerman Lightening Bailey 280
10 Amanda Hampson Completely Bonkers 199
11 Sue Tanser Roma Gypsy Dancer 163
12 Linda Westerby Todd's Law 84
13 Sophie Hughes Dazzling Dizzy Donna 72
14 Sharleen Toller Ninja Six is Hot to Trot 20
  Eilidh McKenzie Disneyland Timeshare 0
  Sharleen Toller Luscious Lulu Fluffybutt 0
Large Dogs
1 Fiona Barrett Doodle Bug Winnie AW(B) 582
2 Joanne Harker Young Master Frederic 524
3 Amanda Green Scruffalo Will 416
4 Maria Daley Flo Motion 226
5 Donna Billing Miss Talla 207
6 Martin Wilson What the Hector 25
7 Tony Dickinson Loki with a Twist in the Tail 10
  Sophie Hughes Jammy Jasper 0


Place Handler Dog's name Points
Small/Medium Dogs
1 Babs Foster Baron von Schnoodle 1876
2 Debbie Cookson All Bert No Ernie 821
3 Carol Brown Magical Florence 234
4 Julia Durrant We are Running out of Time 212
5 Wendy Osborne Ossies Mini Adventure 188
Large Dogs
1 Peter Ayling Bobby Doodle Dazzler 739
  Malcolm Pett Georgie's Daddy Boy 0

League Rules

  1. The League is open to all Poodle Crossbreeds in the UK (Crossbreed dogs with 50-75% Poodle ancestry). The first year of the League will run from 1 September 2012 to 31 August 2013.  Members joining before 30 November will have two weeks to submit results from shows attended from 1 September until the date you join.  After that date, you must submit your results within one month of the show, and new members will only be allowed to submit results from the previous month on joining.
  2. The joining fee is £5 per dog.  This pays for your membership of this year's League only. You will be asked to join/pay again for the 2013 League.  Please note that £2.50 from every membership fee goes to the Labradoodle Trust.  You can pay by Paypal or cheque.  To pay by Paypal, send your fee to .  Please type carefully, as the League cannot accept any liability for fees sent to an incorrect email address.  Enter your name in the comments box and please send as personal money so that no fees are charged - Jo Harker does not make a profit from the League. If you would rather pay by cheque please email Jo Harker at  and she will give you details of where to send the cheque.
  3. Points may be submitted by completing the form on this website, or by emailing them to  You must be a member and have paid your subscription before results can be submitted.
  4. For the purpose of the League, you will be entered in one of the following three categories depending on your status at the start of the year:-

    Beginners - KC Grades 1-2, UKA Beginners, BAA Introductory, and anyone who has not yet competed at an affiliated show
    Intermediate - KC Grades 3-5, UKA Novice, BAA Primary/Novice
    Senior - KC Grades 6-7, UKA Senior/Champion, BAA Graduate/Masters
  5. The above three categories will be further split into Small/Medium and Large, creating six Leagues.
  6. Points will be awarded for places and unplaced clears.  Places with faults still count. Places lower than 10th will be counted as unplaced clears.  Points will be awarded for standard Agility and Jumping classes, ABC Agility and Jumping classes, Helter-skelter and Steeplechase classes.  Other 'special' classes do not count.  Results may be submitted for KC shows, UKA shows, BAA shows.  Unaffiliated/fun shows also count, providing the show is advertised publicly, has a minimum of 30 dogs competing and is judged in line with KC/UKA standard marking.  Please email to ask if you are not sure whether a show or particular class should count.
  7. The following points will be awarded:-
  • 1st place - 20 points
  • 2nd place - 19 points
  • 3rd place - 18 points
  • 4th place - 17 points
  • 5th place - 16 points
  • 6th place - 15 points
  • 7th place - 14 points
  • 8th place - 13 points
  • 9th place - 12 points
  • 10th place - 11 points
  • Unplaced clear - 5 points


  1. At the end of the year, prizes will be awarded to the top three dogs in each category/height.  In addition, prizes will also be awarded for the following:
    • Top Cockapoo - the Cockapoo with the most League points
    • Top Labradoodle - the Labradoodle with the most League points
    • Top 'Other' Doodle - the 'Other' Doodle with the most League points
    • Most consistent - the Doodle with the highest average of places/clears divided by days competing (a minimum of five days competing is necessary to be considered for this award)
    • Most improved - the Doodle who has moved up the most grades in the year (please enter your 'win-outs' for the roll of honour to be considered for this award).
  2. As the League is new, Jo Harker reserves the right to amend these rules during this first pilot year, and would be very happy to receive comments from members on the formulation of the League rules.
  3. And the final rule... enjoy your agility!

First published 30 January 2013




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