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Fun and free running...

Hoopers is being developed in the UK as a new form of activity for dogs, friendly and fun to do for virtually all breeds and ages. Over the last few years, an increasing number of dog trainers have been discovering the fun dogs have using a set of ground based arches, designed for low physical impact. In recognition of the expanding interest -  and to promote the fun taking up Hoopers - Angela Lucas has set up a national points league.

The Hooper Dog of the Year competition is open to all teams in the UK using Hooperholics South UK (HSUK) rules. Handlers can register their dogs using a new on-line service with no charge. Competition successes can also be recorded by shows all the way from October 2018 through to December 2019. The dogs with the most points by 31st December 2019 will be crowned Hooper Dog of the Year.

Once registered, each handler will be able to logon at will and check their points, and update after each Hooper show.

You can pick one category per dog.

There will be several categories - all according to Hooperholics South UK guidelines:-

  • Small
  • Large
  • Small Veteran
  • Large Veteran
  • Best Rescue
  • Best First Season

HSUK hopes that clubs will add a competition ring for Hoopers to any non-KC show or hold a separate show, using the HSUK rules and scoring. Competitors can then each register their points gained at these competitions to progress through the grades. There would be no need to sign up with HSUK before entering, unless owners wish to collect points for progression. Only points from shows held by clubs using the HSUK format will be counted.

The Hooperholics League database is being monitored by admin, and we are going to be eternally grateful to the genius which has created this so it is accessible to all who are looking at Hooperholics shows for 2019.

On-line registration is live now which you can access by using this link so you can get a chance to be the first HSUK Hooper Dog of the Year.

HSUK is holding it's first Hooper show in West Sussex on Sunday, 18th November. Further plans for shows are being made for 2019. In addition, HSUK have also made arrangements for a Netherlands Hooper Champion and judge to give a masterclass over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

For a copy of the HSUK Handbook, covering policies and rules for Hoopers shows, go to

For any details regarding the Hooper Dog of the Year, organising a Hooper competition, or any other Hooper enquiries, email Angela Lucas HSUK Manager, on



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