Co-sponsors of the 2023 Winning Out Certificates


Due to cost of living and finding a suitable central venue for a final, organiser Faye Nemeth has decided to make the Walking Pace League will be free to enter. Phase Purple will continue to  sponsor the competition. Agility Plaza will keep track of points. Rosettes and prizes will be sent once show organisers have confirmed results.

Classes to be held up and down the UK. All placings/ clear rounds will count towards a league.

The League will run until 20th December 2023. Winners will be announced In early January 2024 and the new league will begin January 31st 2024

All handlers will compete over the same course which will be set as a 1-3 agility class as per KC rules.

Handlers will be split into four categories, specifically:-

  1. Able-bodied handlers who agree to walk around the course at no more than a moderate speed

  2. Non-able-bodied handlers who have medical issues that affect their mobility

  3. Wheeled handlers for handlers who require a set of wheels to enable them to do agility

  4. Wheeled handlers for handlers who wish to test their skills with wheels

Rules & regs

  1. Handlers must not move faster than walking pace.

  2. Those walking must keep one foot in contact with the ground at all times.

  3. Wheeled handlers must have their chairs set to walking pace and must not exceed 5mph.

  4. Handlers using walking aids need to keep either crutch/stick/mobility aid or a foot in contact with the ground at all times.

  5. You don't need to be a member of any organisation in order to enter the heats or to qualify for the leagues, heats open to independent and KC shows.

  6. The first year of the league will be combined 1-7 but split between heights, depending on popularity in the future there may also be a grade split.

Faye said, 'It would be fantastic get a few more shows involved with this special class so if you are a show seretary, please contact me to get your show/shows on the list. If you are a competitor encourage your local shows to include it on their schedule.



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