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News and results...

Graham Taylor launched the Brillo International Bounce in 2013 especially for Small and Medium dogs. It was named after a small dog he used to have - and yes, his KC name was Brillo Pad. The competition consists of 11 heats with three handlers qualifying from each. The class must be judged using current Kennel Club rules and each host venue will chose which grades are included for each size of Brillo International Bounce qualifier. 

2014 Heats Announced

The Brillo International Bounce will continue in 2014. The competition for both Small and Medium size dogs was a great success and it is hoped that competitors will continue to enjoy and support it. The Finals will again be held at Blenheim ATC Agility Show Weekend at West Midlands Showground, Shrewsbury on Saturday, 6 September 2014, kindly judged by one of last year’s finalists, Championship Agility Judge Don Cooper. 

This competition is indebted to the clubs and organisers that host the qualifiers. Without their support this competition would not be possible so a big thank you to them.

The heats are listed below.

 Qualifying Heats 



Monday, 21 April 2014 Bretford Easter Show Solihull Riding School
Sunday, 4 May 2014 Shrewsbury DTC Premier Show West Midlands Showground
Monday, 5 May 2014 Severnside DTC Show North Somerset Show, Wraxhall
Saturday, 10 May 2014 Hatton Agility Festival Hatton Country World
Saturday, 31 May 2014
Brillo International Bounce Super Saturday
Wye Valley Premier Show
PADS Open Agility Show
Catton Hall
Sunday, 22 June 2014 Adams Agility Open Agility Show Catton Hall
Saturday, 28 & 29 June 2014 Milton Keynes Open Show LB Showground, Milton Keynes
Saturday, 28 June 2014 Dogs Unleashed Bakewell Showground
Saturday, 5 July 2014 Just Dogs Live Peterborough
Sunday, 6 July 2014 Lune Valley DTC Westmorland Show Ground
Friday, 26 July 2014 Derbyshire DAC Premier Agility Show Catton Hall
Saturday, 2 August 2014 The Pet Show Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire
Saturday, 6 September 2014 Blenheim ATC Open Agility Show West Midlands Showground
Saturday, 6 September 2014 Grand Final West Midlands Showground

The Final Round
Each Final will consist of two rounds (One Agility and One Jumping) at each size, which will not be timed (max time specified) and all double clears will go towards the Final round. In the event of less than 10 double clears at either size, then all double clears and dogs with the minimum combined faults will be selected to produce 10 dogs for the Final round. Time will be used with faulted dogs to determine those chosen up to 10 dogs. The 10 dogs will compete in the Final jumping round against the clock to find winners and enjoy a share of the £50 prize money at each size. 

Hosts Wanted for 2014 Heats

Graham Taylor is seeking 15 hosts to hold 2014 qualifying heats for the Brillo International Bounce for Small and Medium dogs. There are five confirmed hosts already.

Hosts are welcome to use any existing Agility / Jumping class at their show for these heats - no matter what grade and the Final will then be a mixture of abilities through Grades 1 – 7 run at each size. 

For more details, contact Graham Taylor 2 Medley Grove Leamington Spa CV31 2GA . Ring m. 07831 548911 or email rover.pro@outlook.com

2014 Final Date Announced

The 2014 Brillo International Bounce Final will be held on Saturday, 6 September 2014 at Blenheim ATC Agility Show Weekend at West Midlands Showground, Shrewsbury. The top three from each Small and Medium qualifying heat will receive an invitation to attend the Final with the last qualifying heat being held on the same day.

The BIB Final will consist of two rounds (1 x Agility and 1 x Jumping) for each size of dog. It will not be timed  though the max course time will be specified. The best dogs including all double clears will go forward to the final scoring round.  All double clears will compete in the final round which will be a jumping round against the clock to find the winner at each size of dog.

 At the Final, each size winner will enjoy £50 of prize money as well as commemorative rosettes.

Brillo International Bounce - 2013 Finalists
Final - Judge's Report
by Chris Jenkins

The inaugural Brillo International Bounce Final was held at the Blenheim ATC weekend show on 7-8 September 2013. Chris Jenkins, the Final's judge, has kindly written a few words to describe what was a fantastic afternoon that he enjoyed with a host of top class Small and Medium Agility dogs.

After being asked to Judge the Finals of the Brillo International Bounce competition the day had finally come. With wet weather due I had designed my courses and packed the waterproofs, but by some small miracle the sun shone over what was to be a great Final. 

Mandy Melville-Love and her Blenheim ATC team had made special arrangements for Ring 1 to finish early so we could start the Finals towards the end of the day. The first Jumping round was set and all was ready to go at 3pm, and being my first Final as a judge, the nerves had started to set in.

As it started, the relaxed atmosphere was something different at a Final but it seemed to make it even more enjoyable. As people started to sit round the ring and watch, as finalists aimed to get that all important double clear round in both the Jumping and Agility rounds to enable progression through to the Grand Final, the spectacle began to grow. 

Starting with Small dogs in the jumping, my nerves began to settle and I knew I had got my course right as over half the Small dogs went clear. Although not timed, you could see that there were a few early pace setters with Moira Bowden and Selena Bray setting fast times. It was now up to the Medium - they gave it a really good go with just under half of them getting that all important clear round.

With the Agility course now being walked, out came the tea and cake as all the finalists to enjoy a few laughs ringside before the second round started.

Alan Gardner - 2013 Brillo International Bounce winnerWith the poles still at Medium, they were the first to try my Agility course this time. As the first half of the Mediums passed, I was worried as Alan Gardner with Ag.Ch. Touch and Go Again Girl was the only double clear so far. But towards the end, it was like London buses which all arrive at once as five more pairs got double clears to give us a really good competition for the title of the Medium Brillo International Bounce Winner.

Handlers of the Small dogs emulated their fellow competitors delivering five double clears to take them through to the prize money Final round. Special mention to two of the younger handlers Sarah Wolverson with Asphen Santa’s Secret  and Alexa Netty with Sunny Apollo. Both young ladies held their own in very good company at their 1st Final and I'm sure we shall see more of both of them.  

The Smalls were up first with five of them through to the Grand Final and one of the favourites was first to go -  Selena Bray with Agility Champion Shanandi One and Only. They set the standard for the rest of the Small Grand Final with a cracking clear round in the time of 24.290 secs. I’d set a fast and furious course with some handling but the course flowed and without too much fussing for the dog.   A determined Moira Bowden with Truly Blinkin Scrumptious took the top spot away from Selena as they went over the finish line in a time of 22.805 secs, to be crowned the Small Brillo International Bounce Winner 2013.

Moira Bowden - 2013 Brillo International Bounce winnerWith the poles going up there was just six more dogs to run in my first Final as a Judge. Special mention should go to Linda Cummings who managed to get two of her dogs through to the Grand Final but, who unfortunately, found my course a little trickier than she wished ! First to go was one of the most successful partnerships within Agility -  Alan Gardner and Agility Champion Touch and Go Again Girl. They set the fastest time of the competition - 21.631 secs with what can only be described as the perfect round. Alan Wildman with Agility Champion Za Zar Zoom pushed as hard as they dared but were still over a second off Alan’s times, finishing second with a time of 22.858 secs. 

I really enjoyed my first Final as a Judge and am hoping I have more to come. What an excellent idea this competition has been for the all grades of Small and Medium dogs to showcase their talents. I would like to thank Graham Taylor and Mandy Melville–Love for all their hard work in bringing Agility this wonderful new competition and all the clubs and organisers who have invested their money and time in the competition.  I hope to see the competition back next year and I am sure that the final will continue to grow. 

Once again congratulations goes to Moira Bowden with Truly Blinkin Scrumptious and Alan Gardner with Ag.Ch. Touch and Go Again Girl.

Results from Heats 5 to 7

Here are the results from the second group of qualifiers from the next three heats at: Woburn Abbey Country Fair on 8 June 2013, Chipping Norton DTS Open Show on 9 June 2013 and the Adams Agility Show on 23 June 2013.

Handler Dog's name
Bernadette Bay Obay Boyz Toyz
Moira Bowden Truly Blinkin Scrumptious
Miranda Frankham Lirren Talent Night
Suxanne Phillips Keane the Pocket Rocket
Ru Baker Jenkim Royal Vintage
Selena Bray Shanandi One and Only
Bernadette Bay Ag.Ch. Obay its Got Pizazz
Sandra Clancy Whizz
Ruth Grint Fidgit
Jenny Kitchen Rodney
Helen Anderson Dinky Demon of Down Under
Julie Saunders Mista Pickles
Sharon Lear Bottesford Lemon Truffle
Rob Morley Leonis Minoris Pracepula
Alan Gardner Ag.Ch. Touchgo Again Girl
Jan Warwick Woody
Helen Williams Bella
Steve Rogers Harris

  New Judge Announced for Final

We are delighted to announce that Chris Jenkins has kindly agreed to judge The Finals of the Brillo International Bounce on Saturday, 7 September 2013. After careful deliberation, Mandy Melville-Love decided Judging a final and running Blenheim show was a bit much even for her!

Chris has many years of competition experience and is really looking forward to judging his first final. After a successful weekend at Beacon Championship Show and Brillo International Bounce Super Saturday the competition is well under way. These new competitions, only for Small and Medium dogs, are a must attend final for any Agility enthusiasts with a small or  medium dog.

For full listings of further heats please check out the Agilitynet Calendar.

Source; Graham Taylor (12/06/13)

Results from Heats 1 to 4

Brian Cresswell, Judge Karen Miaskowski and Sue Cooper

Below are the first dogs and handlers who qualified from the first four heats that were held at: Beacon ADTC Championship Show on 11 May 2013 and Wye Valley DTC Open Show, Rockingham Steam Festival,  PADS Open Show - all on 1 June 2013.

The Class 63  Small winner is Brian Cresswell with Shebaville Secret Edition and the Class 55 Medium winner is Sue Cooper with Blackthorn Speedy Mitzi - pictured with Judge Karen Miaskowski in the middle. 


Handler Dog's name
Pauline Wilkinson Rosanbeths Likey Lad
Carole Stone Maddie Licious
Peggy Briscoe Ferrous’s Gotttabe Gucci
Craig Woodhead Ginnys' My Tonic
Janet Fall Doreymiller’s Betty Beau
Helen Scott The Rutland Rocket
Sue Cooper Blackthorns Speedy Mitzi
Ru Baker Jenkim Royal Vintage
Gilly Sayer Morgans Chance Find
Vivienne Wells Coco Brambler
Millie Roberts Cloudtenn Candyman
Sam Pill Waring Definitely Different
Bernadette Bay Obay Boyz Toyz
Ru Baker Shanandi Chocolate Express
Tayla Butler Ferrous’s Gotttabe Gucci
Heather Leary Let Robbi Entertain You
Sarah Wolverson Ashpen Santas’ Secret
Lucinda Barrett – Cheney Treona Finely Cut
Brian Cresswell Shebaville Secret Addition
Sarah Childs Little Miss Teak
Aljeana Baddley Tamarino Wicked Wagtail
Anne Edwards Roxy Rocket
Wendy Fassam Just An Odd Bod
Sharon Lear Chocolate Chip

Brillo International Bounce Heats Announced

It's official. The new 2013 Brillo International Bounce is going ahead. Two competitions for Small and Medium dogs of eleven heats each have been announced, including three on 'Super Saturday', 1 June 2013. A prize money Final will take place at Blenheim ATC Agility Show Weekend at West Midlands Showground, Shrewsbury on Saturday, 7 September 2013, and it will judged by Mandy Melville-Love, according to current Kennel Club rules.

Each heat will be a single class - either Agility or Jumping. The host club can choose whichever type they want for whatever grades they want.

Because of this, the Final will consist of two rounds - one Agility and one Jumping, neither of which will be timed (max time specified). Double clears will go forward for a jump off against the clock for the top prizes at each height and a share of the £50 prize money.

This competition is indebted to the clubs and organisers that host the qualifiers. Without their support this competition would not be possible. Please remember to thank them 

 Brillo Qualifiers for Small & Medium Dogs




Saturday. 11 May

Beacon ADTC Championship Show

Veseyans Sports & Social Club, W. Mids

Saturday, 1 June

Wye Valley DTC Open Show

Vauxhall Fields, Monmouth

Saturday, 1 June

Rockingham Steam Festival Open Show

Corby, Northants

Saturday, 1 June

PADS Open Show

Catton Hall, Derbys

Saturday, 8 June

Woburn Abbey Country Fair

Woburn. Beds

Sunday, 9 June

Chipping Norton DTC Open Show,

Daventry, Northants

Sunday, 23 June

Adams Open Show

Catton Hall, Derbys

Friday, 26 July

Derbyshire DAC Premier Show

Catton Hall, Derbys

Saturday, 27 July

Holkham Country Fair Open Show

Wells by the Sea, Norfolk

Friday, 2 August Rushden & District DAC Open Show Keysoe, Northants
Saturday, 7 September Blenheim ATC Open Show West Midlands Show Ground, Shrops

Source; Graham & Luke Taylor (11/02/13)

Host a Brillo Bounce Heat

Graham Taylor is launching a new competition in 2013 for Small and Medium dogs called the Brillo International Bounce. The Final and last of the qualifiers (Small & Medium) will be held at Blenheim ATC Agility Show Weekend at West Midlands Showground, Shrewsbury on Saturday, 7 September 2013. The Finals will be judged by Mandy Melville Love.

Graham Taylor explained, 'The competition is named after a Small dog we used to have and yes, his KC name was Brillo Pad!'

Eight clubs have already agreed to host heats so Graham is looking for just two more clubs to bring the total of host clubs to ten.

If your club would be interested in hosting a qualifier, please ask your show secretary to send an email to rover.pro@outlook.com for all the details.

Source: Graham Taylor (30/01/13)

Brillo International Bounce 2 Medley Grove Leamington Spa CV31 2GA 01926 315335 email rover.pro@outlook.com