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The Second Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix
The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park

Ladies, you done good!

The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park was the venue for the second Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix of 2016. The class, open to all Large dogs with it's first prize of £250 towards a Dog Friendly holiday, was as popular as ever and kicked off the afternoon in exciting style. Judge Selena Bray stood in brilliant sunshine surrounded by an attentive audience as the competitors tackled the course with the aim of making it to the top five and inclusion in the reverse order run off to take the top prize.

Fresh from a win at Rugby Championship Agility Show, Naughty Nip, handled by Pat Reid, won the class just 1/200’th of a second ahead of Jedeyes of Valgrays, handled by youngster Beth Shaw, who showed us just what can be achieved with a rescue dog. Trival Pursuit - what a great name - came in 3rd. Just missing out on a place in the run off was Old English Sheepdog, Oscar Binosky, handled by Georgie Lott who fell to 6th place.

Now to the really exciting part – the top five running off in reverse order to win the holiday. Off first, Phil Skipper with Mysty were unfortunately eliminated, followed by Marble Archie who then took, and held onto, the lead. This was despite the best efforts of Pauline Jackson, then Beth Shaw who so nearly got the dog in the right place and finally Pat Reid with Naughty Nip who just could not repeat the earlier perfection.

The result? A delighted Wendy Dugmore with Marble Archie, short of a few fingernails but declared the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix winner 2016 at The Pet Show. Well done Wendy and Marble Archie. Enjoy your Dog Friendly holiday!

Agria's Channel Marketing Manager, Alan Bray, commented, 'Well done to Pat and Naughty Nip winning the class which is a wonderful achievement in itself and to Wendy with Marble Archie winning the Grand Prix and the Dog Friendly voucher! Also thanks to my daughter Selena for judging and to Graham Taylor for all his help in organising the event on our behalf.'

The Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix Class 2016

  1. Pat Reid with Naughty Nip - 25.726 secs (C)

  2. Beth Shaw with Jedeyes of Valgray - 25.747 secs (C)

  3. Pauline Jackson with Trivial Pursuit - 26.284 secs (C)

  4. Wendy Dugmore with Marble Archie - 26.478 secs (C)

  5. Phillip Skipper with Mysty Fydnt - 27.625 secs (C)

The Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix run-off winner was Wendy Dugmore with Marble Archie - 26.478 secs  (C)

Agria continues the holiday theme with the upcoming Brillo International Bounce finals for Small and Medium dogs. The winner of each will also win a holiday voucher courtesy of Agria Pet Insurance and Dog Friendly at Blenheim Agility Weekend on West Midlands Showground on Saturday 10 September 2016.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, the rescheduled North Derbyshire Championship Agility Show, supported by Agria Pet Insurance will also be running, as those at the very top of their game strive to make 2016 the year they become an agility champion.

Good luck to one and all.

 2016 First Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix

Hatton Agility Festival

After all those hours of training, what could be better than the prospect of holiday? That’s what nearly 200 handlers were competing for in the first Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix class of 2016 at Hatton Festival. With first prize a £250 'Dog-Friendly' holiday voucher, no wonder the atmosphere around the ring was so exciting!

It was Julia MacLean's year. As runner-up in the same class in 2015, her hopes of winning fell apart last year when the top five ran off in reverse order and Rachel Struman, previously lying fifth, snatched the 2015 victory with Combyanaway Reddy to Rock.

This year Julia made sure of winning by not only taking 1st place in the class but then holding that position in the top five run-off with Wynwich Wot a Folly. The pair knocked spots off the competition and well and truly earned their holiday voucher prize.

Presenting awards with judge Ray Amps was Shelley Harrison from Agria who lead the congratulations to everyone who took part. She said, '“The standard in the class was superb which made for a very exciting final. Julia and Folly were incredible, especially to hold the first position in both sections of the Grand Prix. We were delighted to present the Dog Friendly holiday voucher to them and hope they have a very well-deserved break!’

Handlers will have a second opportunity to win a ‘Dog-Friendly’ voucher by taking part in the Agria Pet Insurance Agility Grand Prix at The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park in July 2016.

In this, the second year that Agria Pet Insurance hassupported agility, the insurer has increased their involvement in all levels of the sport. This includes an agility first – support for all three sizes of dog in Championship Agility at North Derbyshire in June. With the show’s central, easy access location, it’s anticipated to attract nationwide entries as those at the very top of their game strive to make 2016 the year they become an Agility Champion.

The Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix Class 2016

  1. Julia Maclean with Wynwich Wot a Folly - 21.621 secs (C)

  2. Rebecca Leatherbarrow with Cuppa Teaser Turner - 21.990 secs

  3. Steve Birch with Quories Flecks Ability - 22.085 secs

  4. Charlotte Gardner with Castomya First Edition - 22.788 secs

  5. Chris Allen with Apictus Mokoba - 22.955 secs

Hatton Agility Festival

Nearly 200 handlers took part in the first ever Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix at the Hatton Agility Festival, Hatton, Warwickshire with a chance to enjoy the fantastic prize of £400 towards their choice of a fantastic ‘Dog-Friendly’ weekend break!

The Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix is an exciting new idea which sees the top five placed dogs from class 124 compete in a jump off. The judge will create a shorted course of a minimum / maximum 10 obstacles from their original course and must include a minimum /maximum of 6 weaves. The winner of the jump off will receive a bespoke prize courtesy of Agria Pet Insurance subject to T&C. This jump off will take place straight after the class has closed and the 5 winners must make themselves available. Competitors will run in reverse order i.e. 5th 1st and 1st 5th, non-attendance = forfeit (elimination). 6th place may act as a reserve partnership in the event of a first five no show. Judges and organisers decisions are final.

Experienced Agility Judge Kevin Lampett officiated and set a challenging jumping course complete with the unique Agria Wall. As ever, the ladies found favour and the class closed with the top five of Rachel Sturman (2 dogs), Alison Naylor, Julia Maclean and winning the class Becky Doughty. Their times were:-

  • Becky Doughty with Switchin Sides - 26.981 secs (C)

  • Julia Maclean with Wynwich Wot A Folly - 27.191 secs (C)

  • Alison Naylor with Wynwich Wot The Heck - 27.195 secs (C)

  • Rachel Sturman with Morgans Irish Barrow Boy - 27.498 secs (C)

  • Rachel Sturman with Comebyanaway Reddy To Rock - 27.980 secs (C)

After a chance to catch their breath, these top five ran off in reverse order and, to the delight of many, Rachel, running Combyanaway Reddy To Rock first, held onto the winning place as a wide turn here and a pole there took it's toll on the other finalists. 

Hatton Agility Festival was the first agility event to welcome support from Agria Pet Insurance, and there to present Rachel with her prize was Agria’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Alastair Cook.

'Well done to Rachel for winning, and congratulations to everyone who took part and tried out the new Agria wall for the first time! We had a great day and are looking forward to the next Agria Grand Prix later in the year,' said Alastair.

Handlers will have a second opportunity to win another fantastic prize of up to £400 towards their choice of a fantastic ‘Dog-Friendly’ weekend break by taking part in the Agria Pet Insurance Agility Grand Prix at The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park (Warks) in August 2015.

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Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix Announced

Country Shows Agility is pleased to announce Agria Pet Insurance is joining the Agility world in 2015. From May to December, Agria is sponsoring a range of classes at some of the best Agility events around the country, including the much-anticipated Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix.

To welcome Agria Pet Insurance to Agility in style, Hatton Agility Festival hosts the first event of the Agria Pet Insurance Programme, complete with the first of two Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix classes of the season. The top-placed five will run in reverse order, competing over a short course to find the Hatton Grand Prix winner, who will receive a fantastic ‘Dog Friendly’ weekend break, courtesy of Agria Pet Insurnace and Dog Friendly.

Alastair Cook Head of Sales and Marketing for Agria Pet Insurance said, 'It's great to be involved in the Agility world which is all about what can be achieved with a fit and active dog. If the unforeseen should happen, we hope that owners of all types of dogs (or cats) know that Agria Pet Insurance can be there to help out in a difficult time. The Agria Pet Insurance Team looks forward to meeting Agility competitors at the Hatton Agility Festival and finding our first Grand Prix winner of 2015!'

UK based Agria Pet Insurance, administrators of Kennel Club Pet Insurance, provides thousands of cats and dogs with affordable lifetime policies with a high level of vets’ fees cover. Owners have the freedom to pick & mix’ from a whole range of flexible benefits from breeding risks to travel cover to create a policy that fits their needs and their budget.

Agria also gives policy holders a whole range of free benefits from membership of leading lost and found service, Pet 24, to the 24/7 Pet Health Helpline as well as £25 cashback on annual check-ups and vaccinations with their higher-tier policy.

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