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Support for fit and active dogs...

Drontal, the UK’s favourite dog wormer, will continue its support of agility with the 2014 Agility Challenge, which promotes fit and active dogs, and the unique bond between pets and their owners.

A Competitor's Story ...  Holly & Howard Richards

What a brilliant day out!

Because of the distance, we set out early, very early and got there with no hassle. From past visits to Malvern as garden visitors, we know what the roads can be like. Anyway we were virtually the first arrivals. We were there so early, in fact, that the stewards were not sure where to send us. After several redirections, we were directed inside the ground so close to the ring we could see and keep using our car as a base.

In the morning, one clear, we had one 5 penalty and one rubbish run.

In the afternoon, you'd wonder how on earth many of the dogs ever qualified. Maybe it was big match / arena temperament,, but the crowds love a mischievous dog and all of us had good applause. Holly decided to explore some horse poo so knowing that only a clear and good time was going to win, I called her and we amused the crowd by getting her to jump through my circled arms. I know that is deliberate contact with a dog but hey so what. That is Holly's party trick and she also does it with a paper covered hula hoop like a circus dog and she's won a few of her suppers that way at fun shows.

The sponsors must have appreciated it because they made a point of saying afterwards that we'd entered into the spirit of the show and it was nice we were obviously having fun with our dog. Afterwards we all got invited for tea, coffee and cakes.

Drontal Agility Challenge Final 2014 
Malvern Autumn Show
Andrew Dicker's Judge's Report

I was fortunate enough to be in the Drontal Final last year with my young dog Joker and we came 2nd. This year he was not eligible to compete in that competition so when Graham Taylor asked me if I would like to judge the final of this competition, I jumped at the opportunity.

The 2014 Finals was held at The Malvern Autumn Show on the Three Counties Showground. It has to be one of the best settings for a final anywhere in the country, outside of Crufts. The weather was perfect for the teams, slightly too hot though as a judge! Happily the Main Arena was situated next to the cider tent, so we were able to make up for it at the end of the day! The Malvern show has everything anybody would want - shopping for clothes, shopping for lawnmowers and tools in various man-cave areas, shopping for food, craft shopping, garden and plant shopping and shops for your dogs. Did I mention that there might be some agility there as well. All in all - a perfect day out.

The competition consisted of 10 heats with the top 5 competitors from each heat being invited to compete at the Drontal Agility Challenge Grand Final. The first heat was back in April at Dog Vegas, May at the Hatton Agility Festival and continued through the year, culminating at the Chatsworth Country Fair at the end of August.

 I was conscious that the Final should be something that was a challenge but also needed to be a good spectacle for the massed crowds that would be watching in the Main Arena.  Just the fact that it was a final would make it harder for the competitors. The course plan below is a fairly accurate assimilation of what the course looked like.

As with any Final, we had a 'white dog' to show the way. In this case, it was Heidi Windheuser and her dog Vibe who did a fantastic job of showing the competitors the way to do it.

The jump prior to the weaves became a bogey obstacle with most faults occurring because the jump was taken too fast and thus causing the dogs to go into the weaves at pole two or three. The more experienced teams saw this and only later drawn handlers were able to rein in their dogs speed to find the weaves easier. With hindsight, I would have liked the jump to be maybe a yard or so further out. I was happy with the rest of the course as it required skill and handling whilst allowing the dogs to flow.

There were a couple of 'if only' moments by some handlers, the worst offender being my last team to run, Gemma Fisher and her beautiful collie Jade. It was a stunning round of speed and control and Jade - bless her - did exactly what Mum asked and went over the wrong obstacle!

That, of course, takes nothing away from the winner, Mark Douglas and his awesome little Kelpie Lula. Lookout for this is a formidable team of the future. You heard it here first!

Thank you to everyone who was so complimentary about my courses throughout the day. Most importantly, can I say thank you to Drontal and to Graham Taylor and his team who made my day and that of the competitors such a memorable occasion. The effort they put in is much appreciated by all. Finishing off with tea and cakes at the end of the day was just perfect! I hope everybody enjoyed the experience as much as I did. 

  1. Mark Douglas with Brown Sugar Stars of Mars 34.06 secs (C)

  2. Ffion Hughes with Betty O’r Myndau - 36.12 secs (C)

  3. Corinne Budd with Fire Away - 43.00 secs (C)

  4. Eileen Ainsworth with The House Elf - 43.65 secs (C)

  5. Karen Whitehouse with Kazanpaul Crème Bruleé - 43.69 secs (C)

  6. Sarah Shaw with Laugh Out Loud -  5 faults 35.01 secs (C)

  7. Haldane Hartley with Bumble Bee -  5 faults 39.30 seces (C)

  8. Veronica Hill with The Spycatcher - 5 faults  39.93 secs (C)

  9. Jenny Blightling with Hattie What Happened - 5 faults 40.98 secs (C)

  10. Sara Hamblin with Tin Bobaloo Bob - 6 faults 53.71 secs (C)

If ever there is a final to go for as a new to Agility handler the Drontal Agility Challenge Grade 1 -3 Agility heats are the ones to enter.

Congratulations to everybody and see you all soon I hope.

Heat 10
Chatsworth Country Fair

Judge Gary Wilkes just could not get the ladies to stand still long enough for the Chatsworth winner's photo!

For our last heat of 2014 we visited what is probably the best UK country fair. The Agility drew an appreciate audience who applauded the rising stars of the Agility world onto success.

  1. Sara Hamblin with Tim Bobaloo Bob

  2. Eilieen Ainsworth with The House Elf

  3. Sarah Naylor with Flick Flack Blake

  4. Jacky Motts with Rosmarinus Silver Charm

  5. Jacky Motts with Dice Da Devil Quest Galore

The winners today will join all the other finalists at the Drontal Agility Challenge final on Sunday, 28 September at The Malvern Autumn Show to find our 2014 winner.

May we take the opportunity to thank the host clubs; Drontal Agility Challenge judges and to all the competitors for taking part.  Especial thanks must go to all the hard working show secretaries and as ever may we wish Good Luck  to all the Finalists of Drontal Agility Challenge.

Heat 9
Pembrokeshire By The Pond

The Drontal Agility Challenge certainly found favour with our Welsh rising stars ofaAgility at The Pembrokeshire County Show. Apart from Pauline Maynard from West Sussex who took 5th place, the first four qualifiers all hail from Wales and, with Welsh Judge Sue Shaw’s course attracting a great holiday audience, the occasion provided a truly Celtic finale to the 3-day Agility event. 

With the worldwide connections of Bayer, Mark Douglas’s Australian’s Kelpie is a fitting Welsh winner to join all the other finalists at the Drontal Agility Challenge final on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at The Malvern Autumn Show.

  1. Mark Douglas with Brown Sugar at Starsofmars

  2. Lorraine Abbott with Bailstails Cleopatra

  3. Ffion Hughes with Betty O’r Mynyddau

  4. Joan Gilbert with Two Chips Bob

  5. Pauline Maynard with Moss of Copperkins

The last of the 10 regional heats of The Drontal Agility Challenge 2014 moves north to join all the other attractions at the Chatsworth Country Fair in the heart of The Peak District.

Good luck to all.

Heat 8
The Pet Show at Stoneleigh

Agility took centre stage when The Pet Show on Stoneleigh Park played host to Heat 8 of the Drontal Agility Challenge. Showcasing what fit and active dogs can do, The Drontal Agility Challenge delighted the public who sat and watched some of the rising stars of the agility world.

 Judge Jo Hyslop enjoyed the best of the English weather as the crowds watched a fierce competition for the top five places with family McCullough doing really well.

Howard Richards, who placed 4th and was the only man to qualify in Heat 8, said, 'I didn't really expect to get near the winners times / positions as my dog is a slower runner. In the Final, I'll have to depend upon the faster ones - which I call 'demolition derby runners' - to make the faults but just the buzz of being there with a big crowd is enough. Just look for a man with a collie - should be easy to spot!'

  1. Jill McCulloch with Donolo Sadie May

  2. Trish Whitehouse-Lowe with Harlington High Life

  3. Nicola McCulloch with Charconas Just Tangoed

  4. Howard Richards with Holly Stellata

  5. Jo-Ann Essex with The Mighty Boosh

Heat 9 of The Drontal Agility Challenge now goes about as far west  as agilty goes in the UK to Pembrokeshire By The Pond. Hopefully there will be time for a paddle.

Don’t forget Drontal Agility Challenge winners that there is a show as well at the Drontal Agility Challenge final on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at The Malvern Autumn Show.

Good luck to all.

Heat 7
Rugby Championship Agility Show

Charlotte Martin and Martin Cook were the only Drontal Agility Challenge finalists who made the photo call at a  very busy Rugby show. In brilliant sunshine, the cooling waters of the Trent looked very enticing to those competing in the 10 rings of Agility. A delighted Charlotte, handling Ellen Rocco's increasingly successful dog Fern, held onto the lead on Chris Allen's course in the face of over 200 challengers. It was the first of three wins for this pairing over the weekend.

  1. Charlotte Martin with Ludgate Flower Power

  2. Martin Cook with Aviary Skyrocket

  3. Dana Cooper with Truly Quizz

  4. Clare Graham with Fenborders Curious George

  5. Jennifer Coates with Nobite Justice Decreed

Heat 8 of The Drontal Agility Challenge  will be held at The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park  Good luck to all.

Don’t forget Drontal Agility Challenge winners that there is a show as well at the Drontal Agility Challenge final on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at The Malvern Autumn Show.

Heat 6
Just Dogs Live

The East of England Showground hosted Just Dogs Live again and  welcomed Heat 6 of the Drontal Agility Challenge. Judge Simon Cowley's course attracted over 100 competitors seeking one of those elusive five qualifying places at the Drontal Agility Challenge final on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at  The Malvern Autumn Show.

Just Dogs Live winners

  1. Amanda Dyer with Ferrous Black Knight - 29.657 secs (Clear)

  2. Chris Allen with Benonton Lady Red Kite - 33.196 secs (Clear)

  3. Sue Montgomerie with Rooqui's Truly a Teaze - 32.292 secs (Clear)

  4. Ian Scully with Look At Us Running Around - 34.070 secs  (Clear)

  5. Jenny Brightling with Hattie What Happened - 34.696 secs (Clear)

Rugby's Championship Agility Show is getting ready to welcome Heat 7 of the Drontal Agility Challenge.

Heat 5
Dogs Unleashed

The ladies triumph again! Dogs Unleashed, located in the heart of the Peak District, provided the half way point for this popular competition for the rising stars of Agility.

Lorraine Walchester’s course suited a great range of breeds today that hopefully will be able to join us at the Drontal Agility Challenge final on Sunday 28 September 2014 at The Malvern Autumn Show.

Well done and good luck to one and all.

Dogs Unleashed winners

  1. Kirsty Wilson with Ferrous Out of the Blue

  2. Hannah Prina with Cories Byron Bay

  3. Karen Whitehouse with Kazanpaul Creme Brulee

  4. Frances Crockett with Benjamin Rockett

  5. Anne Boyles with Steal Blue Sapphire

Heat 4
Ladies Day at Top Barn

Championship Agility Judge Jackie Gardner officiated at Worcester's Top Barn Qualifiers Show, held on what was probably the hottest day so far this year. The Drontal Agilty Challenge is fast becoming a competition only for the ladies!

On form Gemma Fisher with Avonskeep Red Stilletto couldn't hold onto 1st place again. The host club's Sue Roberts must have been delighted to take a qualifying place for the final on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at The Malvern Autumn Show whilst running the Top Barn show.

Worcester Top Barn winners

  1. Sarah Shaw with Laugh Out Loud

  2. Haldene Hartley with Bumble Bea

  3. Yvonne Croxford with Sir Josh Alot Meister

  4. *Gemma Fisher with Avonskeep Red Stiletto

  5. Sue Roberts with Sasparilla Star

  6. Marion Maggs with Kiss me Quick Cass

 * Already qualified

Experience counted today and some well known faces will join the rising stars to test their skills later in the year. The Challenge now moves north and will be a featured class at Dogs Unleashed in the heart of The Peak District.

Good luck to one and all.

Heat 3
Hats Off to the Qualifiers at Hatton

Held in the Warwickshire countryside, Hatton Agility Festival, new to the 2014 Agilty calendar, welcomed Heat 3 of Drontal Agility Challenge recently.

Whilst the serious wind did not deter the 150 plus competitors, all were fortunate that the promised rain did not arrive, adding to the challenge on the day. Judge Keith Britton, as a previous finalist, knew the pressure of the Final and his course did not disappoint, seemingly finding favour with the ladies again today.

Hatton Agility Festival winners

  1. Heather Shaw with Tracelyn Blackberry - 24.860 secs (Clear)

  2. Victoria Nealon with Mr Digby - 25.446 secs (Clear)

  3. Veronica Hill with The Spy Catcher - 25.557 secs (Clear)

  4. Corinne Budd with Fire Away - 28.234 secs (Clear)

  5. Jan Gordon with Still Rockin He’s Bootiful - 28.716 secs (Clear)

Heat 4 offers Midlanders a second chance to join the rising stars at the Drontal Agility Challenge Final on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at The Malvern Autumn Show when Worcester Show at Top Barn hosts a series of Agility qualifiers later in the month. Good luck to one and all.

Heat 2
Drontal Winners in Severnside Sunshine

Heat 2 of the Drontal Agility Challenge took place at the Severnside Show, hosted at the 155th  North Somerset Show, a traditional county show. The Agilty ran alongside tractor pulling, The Sheep Show and The Knights of The Dammed, in front of a record crowd. Judge Mike Gibbs stood in the bright Somerset sunshine to find the winners. In the end, there were less than two seconds separating the five qualifiers

Severnside winners

  1. Gemma Fisher with Avonskeep Red Stilletto - 29.573 secs (Clear)

  2.  Ellie Priday with Soft as Silk - 29.628 secs  (Clear)

  3. Fran Newman with Blue Snapper at Devongem- 30.113 secs (Clear)

  4. Rebecca Fletcher with High Flyer Flossy - 30.809 secs  (Clear)

  5. Elaine List with Buddy Fantastic - 31.171 secs  (Clear)

Heat 3 sees the Drontal Agility Challenge moving on the Hatton Agilty Festival, giving Midlanders their first chance to join the rising stars at the Drontal Agility Challenge final on Sunday 28 September 2014 at The Malvern Autumn Show.

Good luck to one and all.

Heat 1
Drontal Winners Go to Vegas !

The quest is on again amongst the rising stars of agility to find the winner of the 2014 Drontal Agility Challenge. After ten qualifying heats across the next few months, some 50 partnerships will meet on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at the Final at The Malvern Autumn Show. Good luck to one and all.

Starting the search in style, Dog Vegas hosted the opening heat of the competition under the watchful eye of Judge Richard Brain. The dogs ran in the Easter sunshine and at the end of the day there were just 10 seconds separating the five clear round qualifiers.

Dog Vegas winners

  1. Rod Norton with Jacirra Safely  -  26.565 secs (Clear)

  2. Troy Hedger with Stormdancer Ellantante - 31.096 secs (Clear)

  3. Steve Hoddinott with Ripster Meister of Valgray - 31.403 secs (Clear)

  4. Carol Evison with Sinbin Fin - 32.482 secs  (Clear)

  5. Marie Court with Best of Both - C 35.331 secs (Clear)

Heat 2 sees the Drontal Agility Challenge heading southwards to The North Somerset Show on Monday, 5 May. There, in front of a great audience, the next five Drontal Agility Challenge 2014 qualifiers will be found.

Enquiries should be addressed to: Drontal Agility Challenge, 2 Medley Grove, Leamington Spa, Warks. CV31 2GA . Tel. 01926 315335 or m. 07831 548911 or email rover.pro@outlook.com

Drontal Announces Agility Challenge Qualifiers

The 2014 Drontal Agility Challenge sees the competition expanded to ten opportunities to qualify. The Drontal Agility Challenge 2014 will invite the top five partnerships from each of the qualifying events to the Grand Final on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at the Malvern Autumn Show. Championship Agility judge and last year’s Drontal Agility Challenge runner up Andrew Dicker will judge the 2014 Final.

The 2014 qualifying heats will be held at: -





Dog Vegas Easter Agility Show



North Somerset Show, Severnside DTC



Hatton Agility Festival



Worcester Premier Agility Show



Dogs Unleashed



Just Dogs Live



Rugby DTC Championship Show


August The Pet Show Warwickshire


Pembrokeshire By The Pond



Chatsworth Country Fair


Enquiries should be addressed to: Drontal Agility Challenge, 2 Medley Grove, Leamington Spa, CV31 2GA 01926 315335 Email rover.pro@outlook.com

Drontal Continues It's Support of Agility

Due to the popularity of the 2013, the Drontal Agility Challenge competition has been increased to ten heats in 2014 with the top five competitors from each heat being invited to the Grand Final at the Malvern Autumn Show on Sunday, 28 September 2014. 

The Drontal Challenge competition puts owners and their dogs to the test across a range of obstacles, where they will be scored on both time and accuracy. Open to Grades 1–3 Large dogs, competitors have ten chances to qualify for the Grand Final through a series of qualifying heats which take place through April to August 2014.

Finalists will be judged by Championship Agility Judge Andrew Dicker who, with Carandmar Joke Every Day, was runner up in the 2013 Final. Andrew has been involved in agility for many years, having been a successful international judge, handler and regular finalist for major Agility Finals including Crufts and Olympia.

A spokesperson for Drontal at Bayer Animal Health said, 'We are extremely proud to announce our continued support for Agility which is a fantastic sport. Drontal is committed to supporting agility dogs and their owners as they are excellent ambassadors for promoting fit, active and worm-free dogs.'

The 2014 Agility Challenge is being brought to you by Drontal, the only wormer that kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK dogs. Drontal's new dog-friendly, flavoured bone shape is the UK's first worming product shaped like a bone and has been launched to help promote regular worming amongst owners. The tablet’s unique shape is designed to make it easier for responsible pet owners to take positive action and prompt them to worm their pet at least four times a year.