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On one of their many long trips 'Up North' Jenny and Blair Willis were reminiscing about the old Barbour Pairs Knockout competition and what fun it was. They remember how much both they and their dogs enjoyed doing it. It was possible that the dogs had more fun than the humans as they didnít have the stress of making sure they were at the ring at the right time!  They decided that it would be great to revive a Pairs Knockout competition, albeit with slightly different rules and so the Laser Pairs Knockout came into existence in 2007.



Competition opens up

We have decided to open the Laser Pairs to all sizes of dogs.  This will take effect for the 2012-13 competition, with the first heat taking place at Barking Mad Summer Show 3-5 August 2012 and the Final being held at the TAG Summer Show 2013. 

The class will be open to all sizes and grades of dogs.  Pairs can be two Large dogs, two Medium dogs or two Small dogs.  Pairs cannot be a mixture of sizes.  Large pairs will compete over 650mm jumps, Medium pairs over 450mm and Small pairs over 350mm. Running orders will be a random draw, and a pair may be drawn against a pair of a different height. 

We hope that by including all sizes of dogs, this competition will become an even more exciting and fun competition. It will be interesting to see which size pair wins.

2012 - 13 Results

Heat 5
 Lune Valley Premier & Open Agility Show


  1. Ian Gawne with Pallathorpe Alice Ursula & Carole Faragher with Irish Lilly

  2. Dane Redford with Redanmuir Truly Focused & Hannah Wade with Redanmuir Dont Stop Me Now

Semi Finalists

  1. Jessica Cooke with Rolo White Sox & Lousie Evans with Getajada Eadie

  2. Lynda McNamara with Icehala Storm in a Teacup & Nicole Gardiner with Kehala Iced Crystal

Heat 4
PADS Open Agility Show
31 May to 2 June 2013


  1. Gilli Sayer with Morgan's Chance Find & Sue White with Tizza Moment of Madness

  2. Gabby Robinson with Midwinter Madness & Pat Bray with Midwinter Frost

Semi Finalists

  1. Julia Maclean with Definately Maybe & Lin Dickinson with Arnpriors Desert Island

  2. Marie Court with Best of Both & Elaine Shipton with Starshot Eszti

Heat 3 - Dog Vegas


Catherine Orourke - Funfastquick Summer Sky & Shirley Wells - Funfastquick Fantasy 

Runners Up

Sarah Crouch - Canen Cosmic Sindy & John Cook - Brentmoor Macaw

Semi Finalists

Ruth Tobin - Woodmagic Marsha & Melissa Stubbs - Woodmagic Ruby

Sylvia Stringer - Molly Coddled & Caron Evison - Dont Dilly Dally Dylan


Heat 2 - Wallingford


Janet Thrift - Bekkis Having Fun & Chantal Hutton - Bekkis Run Free

Runners Up

Beca Costello - Aviary Atlantis & Sarah McLaren - Aviary Adonis

Semi Finalists

Sharon Banks - Dreamchart Sky's the Limit & Kim Watts - Tynever Tariq

Vanessa Layton - Raeanne Little Jumping Bean & Ryan Hennessy - Shandon's Busy Little Fizzy


Heat 1 - Barking Mad 


Barry Marks - Bazanjo's Dream Machine & Jo Marks - Smurf Off Ice a Bazanjo

 Runners Up

Moira Bowden - Truly Blinkin' Scrumptious & Lucy Brown - Daisy Doodle Doggle Boggle

 Semi Finalists

Nicola Crawley - Gemlani Glen & Helen Flatt - Max's Little Gizmo

Moira Bowden - Dot Dot Dash & Sally Walker - Tan Bellina



2012 Final Results

Blair and I would like to thank Amanda Hampson and Lou Cadman for judging the 2012 Final.   The course they put up was perfect for the final, and produced the most exciting final we have held so far.  We were lucky that the final was able to go ahead as during the building of the course we had torrential rain, thunder and lightening.  Fortunately the weather did improve and in fact we had clear skies for the actual event.  We would also like to thank Rachel and the TAG crew for all their help in letting us hold this final at their show and also a big thank you to all who helped us on the day. Well done to Bob and Evie for winning.


Bob Sharpe with Sherebridge Justin Case & Evie Coyne with Sherebridge Glade

Runners Up

Gary Murphy with Mitchel (Mitch Linman) & Helen Murphy with Jackson (Dallason lets be avenue)

 Semi Finalists

Sally Edwards with Aculsia Full of Fizz & Mike Walker with Fourpaws Caddie Shack

Jan Wheeler with  Iatka Highland Star & Eve Leach with Upanova Solitaire

The Final should be even more exciting next year as the competition is now open to small, medium and large pairs, it will be interesting to see which size pair wins.

2011 Final Results

This yearís final was one of the best finals we have had over the years. Charlie Wyatt and Ian Jackson designed a fantastic course which was extremely fast and created a very competitive final.  Blair and I would like to thank Charlie and Ian for making it such a great competition.

The final was tinged with a certain sadness as it was the last one to be held at Dashin' Dogs Summer Show.  Many thanks to Emma and Nigel for hosting our final at their show over the last five years.  We would never have got the competition going without their support and help over the years.

The Laser Pairs will be continuing next year and it is planned that the last heat and the final will be held at a new week long show that will take place at the same time next year but at a different venue.

Winners of the 2011 Final
 Becca Costello with Atomic Twister & Sarah Maclaren with Bryning Time to Shine

Runners Up
Ian Robinson with Red Lightening & Carrie Ellwood with Culture Shock

 Semi Finalists
Mandy Melville Love with Bottlesford Chequers & Darren Stokes with Copper Load of This
Alan Mitchell with Sole & Chrissie Mitchell with Stone

Quarter Finalists
Karen Harland with Dapple Mia Chapel Te & Eleanor Laing Kay with Borderweaver Bewitched
Jenny Willis with Alsorts of Magic & Diane Graves with Clay Your Cards Right
Tina Twyman with Darling Buds of Maisie & Lesley Hildrew with Alsort of Magic Monster
Deena Freeman with Jake & Jackie Gardner with Del

A big well done to everyone else who qualified for the final.



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