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As the largest three day agricultural show in Wales, the Pembrokeshire County Show is a fantastic array of displays, competitions, entertainments, shopping and agility. One of the top events, is the Pembrokeshire by The Pond Show featuring the Burns Welsh Handler of The Year along side the Royal Canin® Rest of the World Challenge. The ROTW for all dogs G3-7 - Large, Medium, Small - with handler/owner not resident nor born in Wales. Dogs must run in both classes for faults and times which are added together to find the winner. The one with the least overall faults with fastest combined time wins. Eliminations are given 200 faults and, in the event of a tie, a further Agility round will determine the winner. With thanks to Shawn Powell for the germ of inspiration!


Karen Sanders with I Am Number Four must have a love / hate relationship with the Royal Canin® Rest of the World Challenge. For the second consecutive year, she led the competition overnight. Could she take the title in 2016?

Held as part of Pembrokeshire by The Pond, this is a two part competition - open to dogs of all sizes of dog - for those handlers who do not live in Wales. The Welsh handlers have their own competition across two days with the finale on Royal Canin® Thursday.

The Jumping round, under judge Lorraine Walchester, saw Karen winning Part 1 and Nicola Garrett getting an unrivalled three dogs into the top 10. There was less than three seconds between the top 10.

The Royal Canin® Rest of the World Challenge Agility round is always run as the finale in the Feature Ring. The best ten from the previous day run in reverse order.

Part 2, judged by  Paul Payton, began with Amanda Grist and Riverwatch Suka running first. They achieved the first double clear in some 66 seconds and so the Challenge was on. Could anyone do better?

Unfortunately it all started well for Karen but fell away. With three dogs in the final round, Nicola was then favourite to take the title. Her May The Boo Be With You, running ninth, could not keep pace with its kennel mates but the other two ran fast and clear and, for the second year running, a handler took 1st and 2nd places. Well done, Nicola.

  • Nicola Garrett with Nedlo Wych Way Now

  • Nicola Garrett with Obay One Crazy Dude

  • Julie Dowle with Here we Go Loupey Loo

  • Amanda Grist with Riverwatch Suka

Congratulations to our top four who took home more than £100s worth of Royal Canin® prize money as well as lots of Royal Canin® goodies.

Going into its 7th year next year, The Royal Canin® Rest of the World Challenge will be one of the highlights of the Pembrokeshire by The Pond 2017 event.


Consistency was the name of the game for the winner of this year’s Royal Canin® Rest of the World Challenge title at Pembrokeshire By the Pond show on 18-20 August 2015. The competition is run over two days, under two judges, with the finale on the Thursday,

Round 1 was Jumping, judged by Agility Champ judge Judge Hilary Bowden who saw the top three all with times under 30 seconds. Considering the conditions that was a feat of some proportions. 

As always, Round 2 threw up some surprises. The Agility round was run under the watchful eye of Barrie James with the best 10 from the previous day running in reverse order.

Mary Cleverley had two dogs in the top ten. Her first to run No Tears Bugsie went into 4th place in a shade over 40 seconds. So would that be enough? Sophie Macbeth’s Dude took six seconds off Bugsie’s Agility time with Blinkin Inca, handled by Louise Evans, a close second but both had fallen apart the previous day. Could 2014 Royal Canin® ROTW finalist Veronica Hill give Mary a fright. Close but no cigar. The Spy Catcher’s fate was eventually to take 3rd place overall in the 2015 competition.

Then Mary produced a second clear round with Moorwood Rye. There was nothing she could do but sit on her hands and watch  Karen Sanders with I Am Number Four run. They could just not deliver a second clear round, leaving a delighted Mary (as you can see) to both 1st and 2nd places.

It was a great competition especially considering the weather conditions and with less than half a second separating our top three dogs after the two rounds.

Congratulations to our overall top four who took home over £100 of Royal Canin® prize money as well as lots of Royal Canin® goodies.

  1. Mary Cleverley with No Tears Bugsie

  2. Mary Cleverley with Moorwood Rye

  3. Veronica Hill with The Spy Catcher

  4. Audrey Weekes with Min Kadile Magic

Going into its 6th year next year, The Royal Canin® Rest of the World Challenge will be one of the highlights of the 2016 Pembrokeshire By The Pond event.