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The Circular Knockout Challenge, sponsored by Pet Rehab, is open to all dogs from all levels. There will be a separate competition for each height. Handlers may enter more than one dog into a heat and qualify more than one dog for the Final. However, if a handler is drawn against him/herself in a heat they must nominate which dog progresses.  Only handler and dog combinations that qualify in heats may run in the Final, unless more than one dog is qualified, in which case handlers may nominate a surrogate handler to run one of their dogs. A nominated handler must handle the dog for the duration of the Final.

The course will be of circular design. However, judges may put in deviations from the circle. The course may consist of any combination of jumps, tunnels, and weave poles but no contacts are permitted. There will be separate starting points for each competitor, either running clockwise or anticlockwise, which will be decided by the judge and there will be a judge for each dog.


2014 Heats

Date Heat No. Show Venue
2 & 3 May 2014 1 GT Agility Newbury Showground, Berks., RG18 9QZ
24 & 25 May 2014 2 Quad Paws Mapledurham, Reading, Berks., RG4 7TR
30 & 31 May 2014 3 Agility Rocks Devon Stoney Field, Harcombe, Sidmouth
27 & 28 June 2014 4 GT Agility Dowtys, Cheltenham, Glos., GL2 9QD
4 & 5 July 2014 5 Kelluki Cranleigh Showground, Surrey, GU6 7DW
9 August 2014 6 Tamisje Tregonning Farm, Newquay, Corn., TR8 4PR
29 & 30 August 2014 7 HADS Hawbridge, Tirley, Glos., GL29 4HJ
5 & 6 September 2014 8 Agility Antics Bakewell Showground, DE45 1AQ


Heat 4
HADS. Open Agility Show
30 August to 1 September 2013

The heat was held on 30 & 31 August and the results of the heats are as follows:-


  1. Connie Sellers with Flint

  2. Daren Sanders with Bailey

  3. Malcolm Menzies with Dylan and Danielle Ackrill with Pascha


  1. Judith Doble with Kali

  2. Becky Score with Beau

  3. Faye Robertson with Indie and Veronica Hourihane with Witch


  1. Sharon Lear with Rio

  2. Shelley Stubbington with Whirligig

  3. Mary Perks with Tango and Ellen Moore with Dottie


  1.  Matthew Burdett with Bracken 

  2. Danielle Ackrill with Marshall

  3. Mary Perks with Buddy and Jackie Young with Chelsea

Heat 3
Tamisje Open Agility Show
9 to 11 & 14 to 16 August 2013

This heat was held on 10 August and the results are as follows:-


  1. Jackie Lawer with Tarn

  2. Fiona Maidment with Poppy

  3. Debbie Elliot with Charlie

  4. Mike Bendall with Star


  1. lorraine Boxall with Cleo

  2. David Elliot with Misty

  3. Martin Watts with Ramsey

  4. Jeanette Hurrell with Pip


  1. Lara Browne with Ruby

  2. Mark Johnson with Mop

  3. Sarah Trigwell with Meg

  4. Janet Ulliott with Archie


  1. Des Cufley with Fudge

  2. Sue Chapman with Charlie

  3. Jo Burt with Gem

  4. Jo Burt with Max

Heat 1
GT Agility Open Show
3 to 5 May 2013

The heat was held on 3 & 4 May and the results are as follows:-


  1. Sarah Wooley with Cruze

  2. Becky Doughty with Nell

  3. Marilyn Needs with Twist

  4. Maureen Putt with Mac


  1. Paul Isaac with Mimic

  2. Sam Thorne with Smartie

  3. Joint - Kate Howlett with Leia and Barrie James with Diva


  1. Virginia Harry with Zoe

  2. Virginia Harry with Cynthia

  3. Joint - Angela Bain with Tess and Carol Brown with Florence.


  1. Suzanne Phillips with Kean

  2. Ruth Grint with Fidgit

  3. Alan Sawyer with Tickle

  4. Claire Powell with Cooper


The results of the heats are as follows:-

Tamisje Open Agility Show - 10 to 13 August 2012


  1. Kim Hunt with Flare

  2. Jo Miller with Temple

  3. Kim Lawer with Rusty & Karin Pound with Quizz - joint 3rd


  1. Shirley Elkins with Daisy

  2. Maggie Cooke with Pandora

  3. Jeanette Hurrell with Pip & Martin Watts with Ramsay - joint 3rd


  1. M. Adams with Wish

  2. Jeanette Hurrell with Jess

  3. Viv Watts with Tilly & Selena Short with Chilli - joint 3rd


  1. Gloria Tucker with Pia

  2. Mark Bentley with Kimi

  3. Des Cufley with Fudge & Enid Rennie with Siena - joint 3rd

HADS Agility Show
31 August to 2 September 2012


  1. Debbie Elliott with Charlie

  2. Roger Anderson with Sweep

  3. Carol Giles with Alfie & Bridget Fletcher with Bee - joint 3rd


  1. Christine Garrett with Lace

  2. Lynda Isaac with Pepsy

  3. Emma Elliott with Millie & Bonny Busby with Oakie - joint 3rd


  1. Karen Gibbons with Willow

  2. Anna Cutts with Tiggy

  3. Angie Edwards with Flossy & Zoe Dingle with Summer - joint 3rd


  1. Mary Perkswith Buddy

  2. Gina Stokes with Ember

  3. 3 Rosemary Anson with Jack & Andy Burrows with Mabel - joint 3rd

GT Agility Show
4 to 5 May 2012


  1. Alan Dorman with Wesley

  2. Lynette Chant with Lazarus

  3. Joanne Burt with Merlin & Susan Evans with Skye - joint 3rd


  1. Pauline Pearce with Munchie

  2. Kate Howlett with Leia

  3. Jill Christopher with Pixie & Sandra Jones with Kip - joint 3rd


  1. Rachel Chisnall with Lottie

  2. Wendy Botto with Bambi

  3. Hilary Powell with Miah & Carol Brown with Florence - joint 3rd


  1. Rosie Cavill with Spice

  2. Tracy Ryan with Tink

  3. Babs Foster with Zippo & Sukie Baxter with Nemo - joint 3rd

Easter UKA Show
7 to 8 April 2012


  1. Amy Lawson with Jack

  2. Marilyn Needs with Drift

  3. Maureen Putt with Mac & Heullwen Williams with Tal - joint 3rd


  1. Lesley Jones with Smarti

  2. Jane Woolrich with Shannon

  3. David Elliott with Toby & Zoe Dingle with Ellie - joint 3rd


  1. Wendy Botto with Bambi

  2.  Kirsty Love with Lady

  3. Juliet Dearbergh with Woody & Jo Mann with Jenna - joint 3rd


  1. Amy Lawson with Fudge

  2. Bex Surplice with Twix

  3. Claire Powell with Cooper & Mary Perks with Buddy - joint 3rd