Rescue dogs rule!

Meet the real winners of the 2006 Dog Agility Rescue League, the dogs who topped the points table. Success is all the sweeter for those handlers who took a chance on a homeless dog - sometimes with horrific histories - and have succeeded in winning their categories. Once again it proves that all dogs - large, medium and small - can do agility, regardless of breeding or history.


Handler: Andrea Cutler
Dogs KC and pet name: Breezer Teaser AW (Breezer)
Breed: Dobermann
Age when rescued: Went into rescue around 8 months old, came to me at 1 year of age.  
Age now: Now just had her 5 birthday.
Rescue organisation: Teckels Animal Sanctuaries, Whitminster (Glos.)
 History  Sadly Breezer had to be given up by her family due to a serious illness suffered by the husband, and this just didn't leave any time for any of the necessary training during her formative months. Prior to coming to me, she was re-homed for 24 hours but she so terrorised this family's resident dog they gave her back very quickly.

Description: As a result of her lack of training, discipline, guidance, love and affection, she came with quite serious 'attitude' - a lot a fear and lack of understanding of this human world she was a part of. She was more than happy to try and growl her way through and out of any situation she was uncomfortable with or scared of. I was lucky to have some good trainers around me who set us both on the right path. We had the agility to help us bond, which was just such fun thing to do together. She's made me so proud of her achievements some four years later.

Comments: Anyone thinking of taking on a rescue, please, please think long and hard; there are so many dogs who are so deserving of a kind and caring home.  It is not an easy journey but even the smallest of achievements is so rewarding and there is nothing more proud-making than eventually overcoming your rescue dog's particularly 'demons' and knowing you have not given up on them.


Handler: Tracy Warren
Dogs KC and pet name: Traymak's Blue (Blue)
Breed: Beardie X but the actual cross is an unknown
Age when rescued: He was 6 months old when I brought him home 
Age now: He will be 5 in February
Rescue organisation: Jerry Green's in Brougton (Lincolnshire)
 History  I have very little history on Blue pre-adoption. I know he came from the Rotherham area and that he was given up for adoption because one of his previous owner's other dogs didn't get on with him, but that is all.

Description: At home and at the office with me -as he is most days - Blue is one of the loveliest, sweetest natured and well mannered dogs I have ever known. He is a long suffering big brother and co-trainer to my mad collie. He is a real character with a wicked sense of humour who always gives me 100% - a real 'once in a lifetime' dog! 

Comments: Blue was my first Agility dog. We started classes when he was 20 months, and he just took to it straight away. He was so easy to train -unlike me with my two left feet and no sense of direction! Nothing was too much for him, and he picked it all up so quickly! We started competing in the June of 2004. His first clear round in his first show got us a ninth place. He won us out of Elementary in 2005 and Starters in 2006. It was a terrific year for us all round!


Handler: James Greenhow
Dogs KC and pet name: Mixed Up Marley (Marley)
Breed: Crossbreed
Age when rescued: 4 years
Age now:  
Rescue organisation: Woodgreen Animal Shelter
 History  Marley's mother was taken into Woodgreen as a stray. Shortly afterwards she gave birth at the Shelter. I was lucky enough to be offered one of the puppies and so Marley became one of the family.

Description: Marley is a fantastic family pet. He loves going for walks around the fields and trips to the beach, but he is just as happy to sleep in front of the fire! We have great fun together doing agility, and Marley really enjoys meeting up with all his agility friends.


Handler's Jenny Baddley
Dog's KC and pet name: Miss Tutti Fruiti  (Kylie)
Breed: Cocker Spaniel X Westie
Age when rescued: 4 weeks
Age now: 3 1/2 yrs old
Private adoption: Word of mouth
 History  While I was working in a dental practice in Sevenoaks (Kent), a patient told me about a very young cocker X puppy coming to the rescue centre where she worked the next day. She knew I loved cocker spaniels and thought I would be interested! That night I went to collect Kylie from a block of flats in Essex. She had no water, food or bedding and, more worrying, at four weeks old she was not with her mother and they could not find Kylie when I arrived. Within a few days of getting her home, the vet realised that she had scabies.

Description:  Kylie is a dog with two halves. She has a loving affection side which we call her cocker spaniel half as well as an opinionated, feisty, demanding, typical ankle biting half which is the terrier in her.

Comments; Kylie is my first agility dog. In the beginning I found her a difficult dog to train. It took us over a year to get our first clear round. She lacked motivation at the start  and would go off to do her own thing. She didn't like being told what to do. However, she has gone from strength to strength. She won out of Starters in June, and in October she won her first Novice class. In December, she went Senior in Performance and Steeplechase at UKA. I am very proud of her she is a now my dream dog and I love her to bit's. I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible.  Rescue dogs are the best!


Handler: Deena Freeman
Dogs KC and pet name: Jake A Chance (Jake)
Breed: Collie
Age when rescued: 12 weeks
Age now: 2 years
Rescue organisation: Becca Middleton
 History  Jake went to live with a woman who had a Cavalier King Charles dog. As a puppy, Jake used to play fight with this dog and his owner decided that she couldn't cope, hence he ended up in the rescue kennels. Becca fostered him and put an advert on the Agilitynet Rescue Me page and that is where I saw him.

Description: Jake is a lovely dog. He's been a dream to train in agility. He won a total of 13 Novices and at his first Senior show, he won the class (Senior agility.) He has competed at various finals. 

Comments: Jake also won the award for the Best Agilitynet dog


Handler:  Jo Latham
Dogs KC and pet name In the Lap of the Gods (Billy)
Breed WSD
Age when rescued From a puppy
Age now 7 years
Private adoption: Roy & Kathy Napper

History  My parents rescued the litter of puppies from very poor conditions at a local farm. Billy’s older sister Jackie, who was also rescued from the same farm, was kept in a small cage all day and night long without being walked. Billy was destined for the same future before she was rescued.

Description: Billy is a black and white tri-coloured collie girl. Although she lives with my parents, she loves coming to stay with me and gets on very well with my other five dogs at home. She is a very lively little dog and loves to bark a lot

Comments: Billy is a joy to work and it’s great to see her enjoying her agility now, as we didn’t think it possible that she’d fully recover from a near death illness which she suffered when she was five years old.


Handler: Veronica Brown
Dogs KC and pet name Little Zac of Valgray (Zac)
Breed Crossbreed
Age when rescued Approx 6 months
Age now Approx 8 and half
Rescue organisation: Valgray Border Collie Rescue
 Pre-adoption history: Not Known

Description: Even though Zac can be a very nervous/anxious dog, nevertheless he is easy to live with and gets on well with adult dogs but dislikes puppies.



Handler: Leah Gardner
Dogs KC and pet name Chaffords Herbal Illusion (Herbie)
Breed WSD
Age when rescued 12 weeks
Age now 4 Years
Rescue organisation: Rescued from a travellers farm
 Pre-adoption history: According to the people who bred him, Herbie was an accident. He lived all his life in a shed until he was 12 weeks old,. He had not been held or touched, and subsequently was terrified of being touched. He would bite, drawing blood if you tried to catch him - all this at only 3 months  old!

Description: Herbie is amazing. My best friend and the most willing dog ever! As an agility dog, Herbie would not be classed as a fast dog, but what he does have is an extremely honest jump, and a very tight turn, which is what makes up the time. This year he has done so well. Not only did he go Advanced, but he also won Senior Agility dog 2006, qualified for the Olympia Semis, came second in the Celebration Gamblers final, got a sponsorship from Burn’s Pet Nutrition and won Best Senior/Advanced Rescue dog 2006.

Comments:  To say I am proud of him would be a major understatement! I’m really lucky to have such a wonderful dog and great trainers, Malcolm Card and Nancy and Andy Hudson. Thank you.


Handler: Heidi Windheuser
Dogs KC and pet name Cody’s Countless Capers (Cody)
Breed Not sure but think Corgi x terrier
Age when rescued Approx. 4-5wks
Age now 5 years
Private adoption: Private adoption
 History: Cody has a rather mysterious beginning. As far as we know, she was found in some rubbish by a man walking his dogs. She was then handed over to two other people before landing on Lisa’s doorstep. When Lisa took Cody in, the vet estimated her age to be approx 4-5 weeks, but was unsure as she was very small. Because of her size and condition. she was given milk supplements and a special diet until she recovered. It took awhile before she was strong enough to have her vaccinations.

Description: From a young age Cody demonstrated an inquisitive nature and an aptitude to work and learn combined with an abundance of energy. Because of this, a friend introduced Lisa to me and I began training Code to provide an outlet for her energy and enthusiasm. Cody is still timid with strangers but is devoted to those she trusts. Fortunately mainly due to the socialisation Lisa put in with her after she had had her vaccinations, she is a well balanced, wonderful, affectionate dog who to eager to please. Strangely she tends to bark more in Lisa’s home than when she comes to stay with me (her holiday home), but when I walk her, she tends to bark with me though not so much with her mum.

Comments: I would like to thank Lisa once again for giving me the opportunity to train and compete with Cody. Originally the arrangement was only to train her, with the possibility of  the odd local show, but after seeing her run and seeing how much she enjoyed agility, Lisa generously agreed that I could take her to the shows I entered with my other dogs. Cody has surpassed my wildest dreams in becoming Advanced, qualifying for the DARL final and winning her group. The icing on the cake was winning a CC at Rugby. We are nervously excited about our trip to Crufts in March. Fingers and paws crossed.


Handler: Mandy-sue Sarti
Dog's KC and pet name Tear Around Tilley (Tilly)
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier of some kind, but not quite built to go down holes or catching rats even though she's quick.
Age when rescued: 1 year to 18 months old
Age now: 10 maybe, 11 years old 
Rescue organisation: Pine Ridge Dog Sanctuary I
 History:  We took a visit to what was then our local rehoming centre and found Tilly. At the time I was doing Agility with my Midi and I wanted to get my husband interested (hooked) on Agility as much as me - which didn't happen. Tilly was his dog to start with. We were told then that she was her name at the Sanctuary was Leah. She had been picked up by a dog warden in Wales, walking the streets. When they spayed her, the vets discovered that she was pregnant but with the size of the pup she would of had problems delivering it.

Description:Tilley is very bossy with the other dogs in the household. She has always been a dog who loves to bark. She likes swimming and can smell water a mile away. When indoors she sleeps most of the time. She loves the fire but takes advantage, if given the chance, to sit next to me or come onto the bed.

Comments; Now I run Tilly, not my husband and have done for some years. She has two Championship Certificates and two Reserve. We have been to Crufts many times and competed at Olympia in 2005. With many more wins under her belt, she is one in a million. I think every one should give a rescue dog a chance. Who know when you will find that one in a million agility dog!


Handler: Lizzie Langwade
Dogs KC and pet name: Maximillian Jack In The Box  AW (Max)
Breed: WSD
Age when rescued: 10 months
Age now: 4 years
Private adoption: I rehomed him privately through Lu and Stuart Carter
 History   (we think) he was born on a stables to working parents. A lady that worked there took him. He lived with her and her boyfriend in a small flat. When she discovered she was pregnant she decided she wouldn’t be able to cope and had to rehome him. Stuart knew I was looking for a collie after catching the ‘bug’ from running his dog Storm (Kapia Konquest) at training, he told me about Max.

Description: In a word, perfect! He loves to work, is chilled at home and the complete gentlemen wherever I take him. He thrives on meeting new people. He loves kids as he can train them them so quickly to throw a ball to him!

Comments: Max is my first collie, my first rescue and my first agility dog. I could not have asked for anything more from him. I can’t imagine life without my side-kick.


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