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2013 Royal Canin UK Agility Grand Prix Final

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Royal Canin Rest of the World Challenge, sponsored by Royal Canin, was an idea by Shaun Powell and the competition started in 2012. Of similar format to the Welsh Handler of The Year, the competition is held at Pembrokeshire by The Pond and is open to anyone not born in Wales with a Grade 3 -7 dog.

Show Report 2014

Former World Champion Retains the Title

Quality will always come out on top.  After two days of fierce competition, current holder Nicola Garrett retained her Royal Canin Rest of the World title at this year's Pembrokeshire By the Pond, judged by Tracy Bennett.

The Royal Canin Rest of the World (ROTW) Challenge is the finale of a week of Agility in Wales which started with Royal Canin support at The Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show. It then moved on to Agility on the Beach and entertained some 80,000 visitors at Pembrokeshire County Show with some top class Agility, culminating with Royal Canin Thursday and the finale of this two part competition which is open to all sizes of dog.

Angie Edwards with Donnellons Got a Bo, a medium-sized dog, was hoping that her 550 mile round trip - all the way from Norfolk - would be a huge success. They were to run last in the Agility round after winning the Jumping round by beating just under 100 dogs.

As always, running the Agility as Round No.2 throws up surprises. Julie Dowle and Here We Go Loopy Lou had finished clear, just outside the top 10 jumping on Day 1. They set a second, very quick clear round on Day 2 so the pressure was on the top 10 to really perform.

Running the best 10 in reverse order put Veronica Hill, who had dogs 10 and 9 under a bit of pressure. As ever, her experience paid off and, with great delight, Veronica set the standard with not one but two double clears with Magical Gamble and The Spy Catcher. Eventually they took 3rd and 4th places overall.

Former World Champion and last year's winner Nicola Garret with Nedlo Wych Way Now staked her claim for the winning spot by taking the lead with just six dogs left to go. Fiona Vaughan, Mark Wassell, Sophie Macbeth, Mary Cleverley and Angie Edwards - all better placed after Round No.1 - let the title slip away with eliminations and missed contacts over what proved to be a challenging course.

 Congratulations to our overall top four who took home over £100s worth of Royal Canin prize money as well as lots of Royal Canin goodies.

  • Nicola Garret with Nedlo Wych Way Now

  • Julie Dowle Here with We Go Loopy Lou

  • Veronica Hill with Magical Gamble

  • Veronica Hill with The Spy Catcher

Going into its 4th year next year, this Agility competition is becoming more and more competitive. The Royal Canin Rest of the World Challenge will be one of the highlights of the 2015 Pembrokeshire By The Pond event.

 Pembrokeshire By The Pond Press Enquires to: 2 Medley Grove Leamington Spa CV31 2GA. Email rover.pro@virgin.net

Show Report 2013
Pembrokeshire By The Pond
13 to 15 August 2013

The Royal Canin Rest of the World Challenge brought a fantastic three days of competition to a close as Former World Champion Nicola Garrett with Nedlo Wych One took home the Royal Canin Rest of the World Title and the prize money ahead of team mate Mandy Melville-Love. 

 After a successful start to Pembrokeshire By The Pond with Agility on the Beach, Royal Canin helped finish what has to have been the best Pembrokeshire By The Pond yet, by awarding Royal Canin goodies and food to all of the class winners on the third day of the competition - Royal Canin Day on Thursday, 15 August 2013..

Nicola was well placed in 3rd after the Jumping round on Day 2 at Pembroke with partner Mark Wassell - the over night leader with Upanova Tagheuer. Running the top 10 from Round One in reverse order only added to the tension as we sought to find the 2013 Champion and with Agility as the second part of the competition, those all-important contacts came into play.

Mandy Melville–Love proved consistency is key as she came from 9th and 6th in the Jumping round to take home both 2nd and 3rd overall in the Royal Canin Rest of the World Challenge, with two cracking rounds with her dogs Dreamchart Keeva's Thunder and Bottlesford Chequers at Dreamchart.

 Going into its 3rd year next year, this Agility competition is becoming more and more competitive and The Royal Canin Rest of the World Challenge is no doubt going to become one of the highlights of the 2014 Pembrokeshire By The Pond event.