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Image result for welsh kennel club champ showThe Welsh Kennel Club is one of only two UK organisations to hold Championship Agility, Breed and Obedience on the same site. On  16th - 18th August, some 160 Agility partnerships, at the top of their game, gathered on the Royal Welsh Showground at Builth Wells to find the 2019 winners amongst the largest dog entry in Wales. With only one Championship ring, it needs judge’s collaboration with course design,  a good ring party, handler cooperation and a bit of Welsh sun to bring it all together. Based on reports from Champ Judges Alan Mitchell and Gary Murphy.

As ever the Welsh Kennel Club wishes to record its thanks to our judges this year and joins them in congratulating the winners, all the competitors and the team who makes it all work and is very grateful for the support of Eukanuba of the 2019 Agility Championships at the summer show.

After the previous week's wet weather, the condition of the ground was of some concern to both the Champ Judges Gary Murphy and Alan Mitchell.  After an inspection on Friday, they agreed the ground was very wet but looked like it would remain stable, so they set up their course and hoped for the best. When they arrived on Saturday morning, they were both pleasantly surprised to see how well the ground had drained overnight.

Having just the one ring for all Championship heights meant Gary and Alan needed to agree the course design the courses so that it would suit all heights, flowing but challenging.

 Well done to all who competed though there were some no shows. Weather may have put a few off!

Small & Medium Champ
Saturday was dry and an ideal day for dogs to compete. Small went first, followed by the Medium, both judged by Gary.

First in the ring were the Small and Medium dogs. There were some great runs in the Final but the odd 5 faults plagued a few. In the end it was Mark Wingate - Wynne (Small Dog) and Harriet Harding  (Medium Dog) who won the tickets.

For Harriet and her dog Izzy, winners of the Medium class, it was their third CC, making her Ag.Ch. Little Miss Izz.

Small Dog winner Mark said, 'Snazzy winning a CC in her first season at Grade 7 surpassed any goal we had for the year. Our qualifying rounds went well but a couple of unexpected poles gave us an early run in the Final. We really enjoyed Gary Murphy’s fast flowing and technical courses, so we went into the Final confident, knowing that a good run would put pressure on those running afterwards. And that is how it turned out. I am very lucky to have Snazzy as a partner - such a talented Obay Sheltie, bred by Bernadette Bay. Now to look forwards to Crufts 2020.'

Large Champ
Then came the Large class, judged by Alan. Handlers attacked his courses with enthusiasm, ending with Sara Bacon and Dream winning the Jumping and Kelly Menear and Psy winning the Agility rounds. Sara won the ticket here in 2018 so she very much wanted to repeat the performance but it was not to be.

The 20 finalists promised to provide a great final and did not disappoint. Stuart Harmes and Mole were the first to run, They did a ballistic clear run setting a time of 37.043 secs. This set a high target for the other competitors, but to no avail. Try as they did, the other 19 dogs could not better Stuart's run, and he was ticket winner by a mere 4.5 seconds with Emma Haines and Dexter achieving the Reserve. What a final ending to the Welsh Kennel Club Large Championship Agility class with Welsh handlers 1st and 2nd.

Stuart Harmes told Agilitynet, 'Was a wonderful day with amazing courses and so special to win in Wales. Big shout out to Alan, the judge, and the organisers of the show - even more special that at the age of seven, it was Mole's first ticket, and that I retired the day before I won the ticket after 33 years in the NHS.'


Small Dogs

  1. Marc Wingate-Wynne with Mister Big

  2. Sarah McLean with Milo'd of Mischief

Medium Dogs

  1. Harriet Harding with Little Miss Izz

  2. Ellie Curtis with Cacciatore Greenfinch

Large Dogs

  1. Stuart Harmes with Mole

  2. Emma Haines with Dexter

Congratulations to all finalists and thank you to all competitors, Troy and Chrissy for scriming all day and G.T. and all his gang.

First published 14th October 2019



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