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Agility has been built on the idea that 'agility is fun' but we think it should be changed to 'agility is fun for all.' That's regardless of breed, size or age. The wonderful thing about agility is that it is not just for the youngsters and the fleet of foot. If you can steer your dog around the course, then you have a chance for a place or clear round rosette. We want to recognise those handlers who are no longer young and fleet of foot, and that's why we've started the Senior Agility League (SAL). After all is said and done, age is just a number!

Some handlers and dogs have reached special milestones which is why we created the SAL Hall of Fame in 2017. Nominations for outstanding achievement and / or longevity are welcome. Email with details.

Since 1979, when the sport of Agility was introduced at Crufts, it has grown and grown to be the most popular dog activity in the UK. Once addicted, agility people don't seem to retire. They get another dog. They take a joint supplement. If they can't run faster, they learn to run smarter. It's not uncommon now for handlers to still be competing in their 60s+.

And that's why we set up the Senior Agility League to celebrate age and mature handling. So if you are 55 years old or over, you are eligible to join the Senior Agility League (SAL) There is no annual membership fee or need to show your birth certificate. To register just go to or if you just want to know what it's all about, go to the League home page

If you have any questions whatsoever, email the League administrator Ellen Rocco.

SAL 2021 is now open for registration. It is not necessary to re-register if you are or have been a member. Just start adding your points and watch them grow.


New Senior Open Agility World Championships Announced

The first edition of the Senior Open Agility World Championships (SOAWC) has been announced. They will take place from 19th-21st July 2024, the same time as the Junior Open Agility World Championships (JOAWC.) The venue will be Sentower Park in Belgium.

There will be two age categories:-

  • 55-65

  • 65+

    The organisers said, 'We will do out utmost to make a successful first edition so that they will be come an annual event.'

On Facebook, Jackie Gardner said, 'I'm excited at the prospect, and hopefully you are as well, of being able to send a GB Team to the new FCI Senior Open Agility World Championships. But with all the things that will involve the KC, we need to gauge the interest/support if we want to try and get them involved and back this.'

12th October 2023


This year will be the 17th anniversary of the Senior Agility League (SAL), a league exclusively for competitors over the age of 55.

Since it started, there have been many changes to dog agility including larger courses and more running! Thankfully we've also seen the rise of distance handling.

As you probably know, UKA has been sold new owners and will be known as Agility4All (A4A) as of 1st January. I am pleased to say that we will be continuing our relationships them.

We are delighted that YuMove will be continuing it's support.

Don't forget to claim all your points from 23rd December 2022. If you are in doubt of any of the rules, check out the regulations below. Remember that any placing that gets a numbered rosettes or clear rounds in time counts. They must be submitted no later than 21st December 2023, so do it now.


YuMOVE is the New Senior Agility League Sponsor

YuMOVE is pleased to announce their sponsorship of 2022 Agilitynet Senior Agility League.

They said, 'At YuMOVE, we’re always on the lookout for great partnership opportunities that allow us to further our mission of helping every dog live their most active life, for life. The Senior Agility League has a special place in our hearts. That's because we believe dog agility is such a great pastime, it should have no age limit. By supporting the over 55s in the League, we want to do our bit to encourage people and pets of all ages to stay active, energised and passionate for life.

To those competing in the League, we at YuMOVE would like to wish you all a very heartfelt best of luck!'

2022 Results

With between 400-500 agility shows on the Agilitynet Show Diary at any one time in 2022, agility is well and truly back and thriving - and that's good news for the Over 55s. It means more shows to collect more points for the League and smaller classes as well. Well done everyone who participated in the 2022 League. Every little point counts and proves that the older generation is not going to go away.

There are some old friends on the list of winners and some new faces at the top of the leader board. But the most important thing, is that everyone has had fun. Please encourage your friends and club mates to have a go. There are more opportunities to chalk up those points than ever before.

Many thanks to John Ward for his work on the SAL database and to YuMove for their support. Trophies for the 1st place winners from Crystal Vision and the gorgeous rosettes from Norton.

Overall & Division Winners





Overall Winner

Nikky Goodridge Goody's Pocket Rocket AW/G 1981


Nikky Goodridge Goody's Pocket Rocket AW/G 1981


Gill Hicks Indie Rocks AW/B 1956


Trevor Robb Redrun Rule AW/S 1719


Trish Piggin Trixlin Oh What a Frenzy AW/B 1586
Allsorts John Orriss Canen Bebe Bremmer AW/D 1365

Thank you to YuMove and Agilitynet.
Nikky Goodridge

Top Ten Handlers
By total points

Place Handler Dog Points


Nikky Goodridge Goody's Pocket Rocket AW/G 1981
2 Gill Hicks Indie Rocks AW/B 1956
3 Babs Foster Baron Quick 'n' Spry  (X) 1876
4 Trevor Robb Redrun Rule AW/S 1719
5 Jenny Hastie Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D (WSD X) 1700
6 Jenny Hastie Ainmhithe's High Jinks (X) 1640
7 Trish Piggin Trixlin Oh What a Frenzy AW/B 1586
8 Anne Reid  Devongem Let's Dance AW/B 1556
9 Debbie Reynolds Soldaze Diamond Star AW/D 1515
10 Sharon Knights Sharie's Labra Dora AW/G (Labrador Retriever) 1514

Top Three in Each Division by Height


Very proud of little Breeze who has had an amazing year.
Anne Reid

Gold (55-59)

  1. Nikky Goodridge with Goody's Pocket Rocket AW/G (Cockapoo) -1981 points

  2. Anne Reid with Devongem Let's Dance AW/B (Cocker Spaniel) - 1556 points

  3. Ali Bate with Flirtie Gertie Wertie AW/G (Patterdale Terrier) -1231 points

Pip is very proud of her achievement.
Debbie Beilby

Very proud of Summers 2nd place.
Karen Howell

Gold (55 – 59)

  1. Debbie Beilby with Pippin Longstocking (Collie X) - 1301 points

  2. Karen Howell with Little Dinham Rocket AW/B (Cocker X Labrador Retriever) - 1110 points

  3. Karen Coles with Okey Dokey Loki (Miniature Poodle) - 1079 points

Ribbon and Trophy arrived today in the post.
Kate Lamacraft

Gold (55-59)

  1. Kate Lamacraft with Gem of the Hub AW/G (X) - 958 points

  2. Alison Belcher with Panaqua First Edition AW/S (Border Collie) - 497 points

  3. Ruth Farmer with Kenaiteen Perequines Rest AW/B (English Springer Spaniel) - 459 points

Gold (55-59)

  1. Angela Williams with It's Cuba at Firebolt (Border Collie) -1326 points

  2. Rosalyn Gentry with Ick Zeb in Geer AW/P (WSD) - 940 points

  3. Heather Cook with Lynwood Hooli AW/S (Border Collie) - 887 points


Thank you from Spry and me.
Babs Foster

I had a lovely surprise on Saturday when a huge 3rd place rosette arrived in the post for my dog Myrtle.
I thought only 1st and 2nd places were recognised so to receive our 3rd place really made my day.
Heather Skelton

Thank you to Agilitynet and YuMove from India and me for our lovely awards.
They will have pride of place next to last years.
Gill Hicks

Ruby (60-64)

  1. Gill Hicks with Indie Rocks AW/B (Cockapoo) - 1956 points

  2. Babs Foster with Baron Quick 'n' Spry (X) - 1876 points

  3. Heather Skelton with Mistress Myrtle Scream AW/S (X) -915 points

Ruby (60-64)

  1. Alison Harwood with Fizz Iz Whizz (Lurcher) - 998 points

  2. Gill Rhodes with Magical Fun on the Run (Cocker X) - 981 points

  3. Sue Hardgrave with Dorannelle Revelller AW/S (Miniature Poodle) - 889 points

Ruby (60-64)

  1. Jackie Potter with Rough Diamond Chip (WSD) - 1292 points

  2. Mandy Davenport with And Then There Were Three (English Springer Spaniel) -1279 points

  3. Gill Rhodes with Leebeardream Pure Magic (X) - 1002 points

Ruby (60-64)

  1. Debbie Reynolds with Soldaze Diamond Star AW/D (Border Collie) - 1515 points

  2. Sharon Knights with Sharie's Labra Dora AW/G (Labrador Retriever) - 1514 points

  3. Catherine Drysdale with Drysika Fast Track (GSP) - 957 points


You have no idea of how much this means. I'm chuffed to bits.
Daisy is such a little star. Bless her cotton socks.
Heather Watts

Platinum (65-69)

  1. Heather Hayne Watts with Dotty Daisy Floraluxian (Miniature Schnauzer) - 1295 points

  2. Dot Sparke with Little Gem of the Green AW/P (JRT) - 757 points

  3. Kath McHugh with Sheltysham Winter Sun (Shetland Sheepdog) - 746 points

Alfie is very proud and so is little bro.

Dexter and Buddy were very pleased to receive their fabulous rosetttes -Josette Hibbert

 Platinum (65-69)

  1. Jenny Hastie with Ainmhithe's High Jinks (X) - 1640 points

  2. Josette Hibbert with Rownwood Bracken (Cocker Spaniel) - 739 points

  3. Jennifer Costello with Dig in Dashing Dexter (Sprocker) - 703 points

Thank you for our lovely trophies.
Jenny Hastie

Platinum (65-69)

  1. Jenny Hastie with Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D (WSD X) -1700 points

  2. Georgina Springall with Aviary Super Hero (Border Collie) - 1351 points

  3. Gordon Whiteman with My Lightening Belle (Border Collie) - 1203 points

Thanks to everyone. We really appreciate all your hard work.
Trevor Robb

Platinum (65-69)

  1. Trevor Robb with Redrun Rule AW/S (WSD) - 1719 points

  2. Jennifer Costello with Idonea Icknieldway AW/G (Golden Retriever) - 1278 points

  3. Kate Fowler with Cardueae Veroni (Labrador Retriever) - 854 points


Diamond (70+)

  1. Beryl Brander with The Gruffalo AW/B (Yorkshire Terrier) - 1439 points

  2. Beryl Brander with Hettsolina Valentina (Miniature Schnauzer) - 1372 points

  3. Gabrielle Chambers with Midnight Dream Suki AW/S (Miniature Poodle) - 732 points

Super proud of Harvey. Such a little treasure. Makes me smile every day.
Love him to bits. for winning the Agility
Trish Piggin

Diamond (70+)

  1. Trish Piggin with Trixlin Oh What a Frenzy AW/B (Miniature Poodle) - 1586 points

  2. Freda Wallace with Meisterwerk Tika AW/D (Shetland Sheepdog X Border Collie) -1071 points

  3. Julia Morter with Meisterwerk Little Elle AW/G (Shetland Sheepdog X) - 1005 points

Looking forward to seeing how we can do this year.
Margaret White

Diamond (70+)


  1. Aileen Watson with Serenskye Dream Rocket (WSD) - 865 points

  2. Julia Morter with Meisterwerk Fluke (Border Collie) - 738 points

  3. Margaret White with Morgans Mallertang Mac (WSD) - 708 points

Diamond (70+)

  1. Frances Thatcher with Unique Bhalu AW/G (Working Sheepdog) - 1188 points

  2. Freda Wallace with Niavana Only a Dream (Tervueren) - 665 points

  3. Bridget Storer with Deep Sea Urchin AW/S (Labrador Retriever) - 582 points


Seems fitting that, having spent the first ten years of her life with Oh Ted (4 x Overall SAL winner)
that BB has won the Allsorts League at the age of 11.
John Orriss


  1. John Orriss with Canen Bebe Bremmer AW/D (Border Collie) - 1365 points

Senior Agility League Rules
(10th August 2023)

Please note that by submitting your application for the Senior Agility League, you are agreeing to the rules below:-

1. The Senior Agility League (The League) is open to handlers aged 55 years and over on 1st January in the current year. You may claim points from the beginning of the year that you are 55 years of age.

2. Dogs entered in The League must be registered with the Kennel Club.

3. The League will run from 1st January to 21st December in each year. It will re-open on 23rd December. Points from shows between 22nd December and 31st December can be carried forward to the next year.

4.The League is organised into four main categories, based upon the age of the handler on 1st January with four sub-categories in each according to size (Large, Intermediate, Medium & Small)

  • Gold:- 55 -59 years

  • Ruby: 60 -64 years

  • Platinum: 65 - 69 years

  • Diamond: 70+ years

5. Points can be claimed from places and clear rounds from open classes at all shows but not pairs, teams, qualifiers, club matches, leagues, fun days or simulated/training in the ring shows etc.

6. When claiming points, the show, day (optional), class and place must be stated. The administrator reserves the right to assess if the show is eligible under the above guidelines.

7. Placed points can only be claimed if a placed rosette (i.e. a rosette with a number on it) is presented by the show.

8. Clear round points can be claimed even if clear round rosettes are not given by the show but must be within the course time.

9. The Dog will remain in the category/level it starts in on 1st January for the duration of that year. If a dog transfers to 'Allsorts' during the year, please contact the administrator.

10. It is the responsibility of the Handler/Owner to update their registration each year.

11. The Handler/Owner is responsible for changing the categories if required, when starting the year.

12. It is the Handler/Owner's responsibility to send their points via post or submit points on-line.

13. There is no time limit to claim points during that year, although we would encourage you to do so on a monthly basis.

14. Final results for the year must be received by 21st December of the current year. The winners will be announced on Agilitynet and Agilitynet Facebook.

15. Points claimed for the combination of dog and handler cannot be claimed when run by another handler, even if registered with The League.

16. If the Handler/Owner wins out or moves up a level at any time during the year, they can change the grade but itis not necessary. It is the handle who counts, not the dog.

17. Allsorts dogs are welcome to join The League. Only points from special classes such as Anysize, Allsorts and Veterans can be claimed. Allsorts points cannot be used in the 'main' League. If a dog moves to Allsorts mid-year, points cannot be transferred from Standard classes. If no places are awarded by the show for the class, clear round points can be claimed.

18. It is not necessary to re-register each year if the Handler participated in the League the previous year.

19. If you run in any Kennel Club show, when registering you must use the KC height specifications. If you only attend UKA/A4A or independent shows, then choose the KC height closest to the one you run at.

Points Table

  •  1st place = 22

  •  2nd place = 21

  •  3rd place = 20

  •  4th place = 19

  •  5th place = 18

  •  6th place = 17

  •  7th place = 16

  •  8th place = 15

  •  9th place = 14

  • 10th place = 13

  • 11th place = 12

  • 12th place = 11

  • 13th place = 10

  • 14th place =  9

  • 15th place = 8

  • 16th place = 7

  • 17th place = 6

  • 18th place = 5

  • 19th place = 4

  • 20th place = 3

  • Clear round* = 2

* Clear rounds must be in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. During this difficult Coronavirus time when most shows have been cancelled, can I add points from online and video shows?

        A. We've a had a good think about it and decided that points earned on these shows should not be included. We have decided to merge 2020 and 2021 points so all is not lost.

Q, How soon should I add my points?

A. As soon as possible so that everyone can see how you are doing in The League, though officially you have until The League closes on 21 December to add your points

Q. Some unaffiliated shows allow dogs to run at their own level rather than the level of the handler. For example, when dogs are KC Grade 3 but are allowed to run in 'Elementary' under a different organisation. Can you claim these points?

A. Yes

Q. I have won out. Do I need to change my Grade?

A. You can if you want. Your dog remains in the category it started in January of the current year for the duration of the year. It is the age of the handler that matters.

Q. What system should I use to calculate points from a KC Limited show?

A. The points are the same as a KC Open show, Unaffiliated shows have different points values. Click here to see Points Table above.

Q. Why does my dog have to be registered with the Kennel Club?

A. The League needs set a criteria to work with such as levels, heights, recognised breeds etc.

Q. Do wins / places have to be clear rounds to count or can faults be involved?

A. A place is a place. Claim it.

Q. When I try to register or add in points, I keep getting sent back to the Login screen. What do I do.

A. Click here for help. It's all about cookies - and not the eatable kind.

Q. As a resident in N Ireland, I frequently compete in the Republic of Ireland under Irish KC rules and regs. Do wins under IKC rules count and if so, in which category -- KC or unaffiliated?

 A. As the Two Kennel Clubs have similar standards - rules and regs, your points would count as KC.

Thank you to John Ward and the DARL Rescue League for their help with the League Tables.