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Trouble and strife? Not on your life.

It had been five years since their last dog entered the Disbery household. Julia and Alan had agreed that they would 'share' the next dog - Julia would do the obedience and Alan the agility training. As time went by, however, Julia decided to purchase another dog for herself in order to get back into agility. Would this lead to martial conflict? Alan tells all.

We discussed which breed to go for as Julia definitely didn't want another collie at present. She decided on a Mini dog. I turned my nose up at some of the suggested breeds. Then we agreed on a Working Cocker Spaniel although I admit that I was still not convinced.

After many a phone call and discussion with breeders in an attempt to find a line of small Cockers to keep within the Mini height category, we felt we had found what we were looking for - the smallest stud dog in the country, mated to a bitch from a small lines.

Next stage was to wait for the litter to be born.

On the day of collection at eight weeks old, there were two bitches to choose from. It was a hard decision as both of the pups were lovely.  In the end, we went for the slightly smaller one of the two to give us a better chance of keeping to Mini height. We choose the name Keeta.

Since Keeta has been at home, we have both fallen in love with her. She is a complete thug, showing no mercy in her tormenting of the collies and getting away with murder!!

I have changed my opinion completely, from not being sure about having a Mini dog, to persuading Julia to let me have her for agility in the first two weeks of her arrival.

So we have now gone back to our original plan of having a dog, Julia trains the all important control work, and I train the agility and get all the glory!

Keeta is coming up to five months old now and so far has responded exceptionally well to all of the work Julia has done. We are more than pleased with her progress. Will she make a top agility dog? Only time will tell but I will say this, so far her attitude and enthusiasm towards play training/working, exceeds any collie I have trained at this age.

About the authors...

Alan Disbery has been in agility since 1988, making advanced with two dogs, Senior with six dogs.  Currently working three dogs including Kelly who has one win to Advanced, Zorro who has two wins to Advanced, and Becky who has represented Great Britain on two occasions, has won a ticket, and is the current Olympia Champion.

Julia Disbery has been in agility since 1984 has worked dogs up to Senior and Advanced level, has qualified for most major finals including Olympia twice making the final eight. She has also worked obedience with two dogs to ticket level, winning two reserved CC's, and representing the Midlands regional team in the 'C' class at Crufts.