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The Big Fat Agility Quiz  - The Answers
The Big Fat Agility Quiz

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Bored? Missing your regular agility fix. Here's a little something to do to while away the time until training begins again. Each question is worth five points - just like on an agility course. Some questions are harder than others but all the answers can be found on Agilitynet or the internet. Click here for the answers.

 1. Who was the well known agility pioneer, instructor and judge who died this year?

    a) John Gilbert    b) Peter Meanwell    c) Fred Welham

 2. Where are Adams Agility shows held?

    a) Catton Hall    b) Bakewell Showground    c) Matlock Rugby Club

 3. Which agility obstacle was discontinued by both the Kennel Club and UK Agility last year?

    a) See saw        b) Soft / Collapsible tunnel        c) Long jump

 4. Which charity agility show is held at Trinity Park every year?

    a) Northern Agility Week    b) Dogs in Need    c) Captain Jack's

 5. Where were the Belgian Shepherd World Agility Championships held this year in 2017?

    a) Slovenia    b) Italy    c) Germany

 6. Who is the Vice-Chair of the Kennel Club with an agility background?

    a) Dave Ray        b) Graham Partridge    c) Steve Croxford

 7. Name the handler who won two events at Olympia this year with different size dogs?

    a) Dan Shaw        b) Dave Munnings    c) Dawn Weaver

 8. What is the name of the new tyre that comes into use in 2018?

    a) Breakaway        b) Breakup        c) Breakdown

 9. What anniversary does agility celebrate in 2018?

    a) 35th         b) 40th        c) 45th

 10. Who invented agility?

        a) John Varley & Peter Meanwell    b) Greg & Laura Derrett    c) Peter Lewis & Lesley Olden

 11. Which Olympia Semi-final was traditionally held at Newton Heath?

        a) ABC        b) Starters Cup        c) Mixi Pairs

 12. Which venue has not hosted the Kennel Club International Agility Festival?

         a) Rockingham Castle    b) Stamford Hall    c) Kelmarsh Hall

13. Who judged the KC Agility Stakes at Olympia this year?

       a) Charlie Wyatt    b) Bill Glover    c) Lynne Shore

14. How many points do you need for an Agility Warrant Platinum (AW/P)?

        a) 800    b) 1200    c) 1600

15. What breed has the most Agility Champions (Ag.Ch.)?

    a) Sheltie    b) Collie    c) Crossbreed

16.The UK is hosting which World Championships for the first time next year?

    a) IMCA & PAWC    b) FCI World Championships    c) WAO

17. How many agility wins do you need to win into Grade 2?

    a) One    b) Two    c) Three

18. What is the first show of 2018?

    a) New Years Hurdles    b) Hair O' the Dug     c) Waverunners Steeplechase

19. How old do you have to be to be eligible for the Senior Agility League?

      a) 55    b) 60   c) 65

20. Which obstacle made a comeback in the Animal Health Company Challenge?

        a) Brush jump    b) Table    c) Water jump

First published 31 December 2017