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What you are saying about Agilitynet

Photo: Neil O'Connor Dog Photographer

These [Winning Out] Certificates mean so much to us.
Helen Aucott

Was great to see we made the list again.
Shelagh Newell

Thank you for all your hard work.
Phyllis Bennett

Always thrilled to receive a certificate.
Angela Green

My boy Ice won into Grade 6 in May this year. Then at the beginning of August he went suddenly blind in one eye and very little vision left in the other. I'm still devastated to say the least. He still manages to do some training and competing on small height jumps and is loving Anysize. He's a very special boy who had so much to achieve in Grade 6 and beyond. Thank you so much for doing these certificates they mean a lot.
Gina Scott

Many thanks for your help - I have had a few inquiries already for Newlands club!
Sue Dennison

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