Co-sponsors of the 2023 Winning Out Certificates

What people are saying about Agilitynet...

Ian Armstrong and Kai celebrating a win.

Thank you for your tireless work with Agilitynet. It's invaluable to so many of us!
Sarah Hamblin

Superstar Ellen Rocco. One of the many agility folk who work behind the scenes to enable thousands of us to pursue our agility hobby. Thank you.
Jacky Hutchinson

The website and Facebook page are fabulous places to find out anything and everything to do with our fabulous sport and I dip in and out of them often.
Catherine Wandzel

Agility would not be the same without Agilitynet. Thank you for all your hard work.
Gillian Simms 

I've only been doing agility 3.5 years but I first used Agilitynet 10 years ago when buying my first dog walking van, a near impossible feat back then! Man, how times have changed.
Heather Yvonne Gardner

Fantastic site!
Rebecca Harris

Fabulous achievement, thanks for all your hard work! I found it so useful during my newbie years and still is on an on going basis, plus I find many of the discussions both entertaining, stimulating and (occasionally) infuriating!!
Gill Clark 

Thanks so much for Agilitynet. Itís often my first point of call for info.
Steve Brown 

Where would we be without you 
Nicky Sparkes

Thank you too for all youíve done with this sit.
Karen Laker

I must remember to use Agilitynet website more!
Angela Lucas

The site in an invaluable support to all of us taking part in agility. Thank you!
Pam Dent

Thank you for always being there as a source of so much information. You are Google of Agility
Debbie Broadhurst

Well done and great site thank you for all your hard work 
Simon Bushell

I can remember when Agilitynet first started and will never forget the connection with you Ellen and Jonathan.
Kim Watts

I love Agilitynet! So much useful information and interesting discussions. Not to mention many laughs!
Jo Maisey

I have fond memories of you taking a photograph of me being presented at Newton Heath many years ago.
Patsy Liversage

My god i remember when you started i must have been around 20!
Theresa Lawrence

I well remember being at Trent Park AC discussing your idea - so innovative for those days and Agilitynet still relevant 20 years later!
Enid G. Buckland-Evers

Huge congratulations for running such an awesome site for so long, its been a huge help to me and countless others. Thank you x
Rebecca Harris

Many thanks for all the hard work you do on our behalf.
Mary Cleverley

I just wanted to let you know that Agilitynet is a great website which has helped me loads with my agility. You and the people who run it do a great job.
Sally Perks (age 13)

Firstly, can I say that the Agilitynet website is an absolute god send for competitors and thank you for all you do behind the scenes to make life easier for competitors to be able to enjoy their dogs and their sport.
Martin & Kevin Wardle- Rogers

You are a gem.
Sue Malabar

Firstly thank you so much for having a page for events on Agilitynet Ė this is something that I have GREATLY appreciated over the years.
Christina Oxtoby

I have just sold my Cornish Windbreaks which are on the camping equipment section of your Fleamarket. Please could you remove the listing? They were sold via your website. Still the best way to reach agility people!
Joyce Turner

Thank you very much - really appreciate your effort in getting it live so quick.
Paul White

Thank you for the great service offered by the fleamarket!
Rosemary Tappin

You are an angel. I have found a pile of courses now which are named with the dates and shows, so Iím not as disorganised as I thought. Many thanks for your help and it is very kind of you to use your time to help someone in need!
Elaine Hudspeth

I am so grateful for your amazing website and the support you give the agility world and want to say a big thank you as I for one appreciate the hard work you do.
Sarah Howarth

There's lots of interesting material for new/inexperienced handlers to read on your website apart from the show diary.
Jane Ward

Just a quick post to say how wonderful it is to see everyoneís posts of their dogs proudly displaying their Winning Out Certs. Congrats to you and all at Agilitynet for doing this... not everyone wins leagues and itís so nice to have a bit of recognition! I have yet to enjoy a Winning Out Cert as my boy has only just started his agility adventure. Hopefully this time next year I will be thanking you for a cert. Fingers crossed! Keep up the good work!
Tracy Brewer

I am loving the boast posts, Ellen. Think they are a perfect follow on from the winning out certificates and must make you feel even happier about doing them.
Christine Short

Keep doing all the wonderful stuff you do! 
Lesley Young

Hope this helps towards postage really love getting the certificates, thank you.
Christine Bennett

I love your website: please keep up the good work!
Elizabeth Jones

Thanks for all the work you put into this!
Heather Alexander

It is an absolute thrill to be eligible to receive a winning out certificate which I will treasure, thank you.
Linda Gilbert

Thank you for everything you do.
Lyn Roberts

You have done an amazing job.
Louise Moore

Thank you for all your hard work, we love and very much appreciate our Winning Out Certificates.
Zena Lee

Thank you for these certificates and the time you give to help us celebrate our achievements. This will be my first one.
Viv Fendick

I love receiving these certificates they go in the dogs scrapbook all the best.
Carole Marcus

Well done & thanks so much for all you do.
Jan Stubbs

Canít wait to receive my first ever certificate for Agility. So pleased you do these.
Mary Douglas

Really appreciate the work you do to send these certificates out. It is a huge achievement winning up the grades.
Kelly Menear

Thank you so much for sorting all the winning out certificates. They are a great record of our dogs achievements.
Carole Stone

Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for everything.

Great free way to advertise stuff, thank you.
ndra Mitchell

Found out about the League and saw people's posts with their lovely rosettes. Went into Agilitynet to enrol as am now 55 but have discovered you have to be 55 by 1st January and I was 55 on 24th Jan!! Gutted but never mind Will have to wait a year. Shame as my boy comes out this year and am really looking forward to it. The Senior League is a brilliant idea. Please keep it going to next year so I can try again! Keep up the good work.
Tracy Brewer

Wow! The postman has just been and look what came in his big red bag. Ellen Rocco had told me we were going into the Hall of Fame but didn't expect this. Thank you so so much. As Poppet will be 14 years in May of this year, we will only be doing Veterans at unaffiliated, mainly Dig it Dogs and the odd independent shows as she is still enjoying herself as I am.(80 in August). Thank you again Ellen and all at Agilitynet for doing a Senior League and the Big Dog Bed Co for sponsoring.
Jenny Rothwell

Many thanks for the lovely 2nd place rosette received today. The new look site is great, many thanks for all your hard work
Hazel Kemble

And thanks for all you do for us Seniors!
Janet White Spunner

Great re. processors. Thatís going to be a real help for everybody - where would we all be without Agilitynet!

 Thank you for posting both KC and non KC shows. It's the first place I always go to.
Liz Finchett

 I always check Agilitynet first, too.
Kim Watts

Brilliant. Thank you to you and all processors for help and co-operation.
Alyson Walker

Excellent work as always.
Janette Weatherley

That is a huge help to me. I struggle with all the new technology and found it all quite daunting. I've now got this to help.
Marion Mcilherene

A great service!
Christine Stratford

Agilitynet to the rescue. Well done for centralising the info.
Crews Creation

Fantastic!! That will make life so much easier. 
Alisa Atkins 

Good job and thank you. How helpful.
Jules Vickerman 

Ellen, you are a star and should be recognised as someone who contributes so much to Agility .
Nancy Hudson 

Brilliant! I second Nancyís comment.
Carol Luckett

You do a fabulous job.
Sue Mallabar

Ellen Rocco, you are our lifeline and thank you so much for maintaining Agilitynet.
Tamara Holland

This is exactly why I don't find it confusing! If there was no Agnet, i would not know what we would do.
Nikki Dominguez

Keep up the excellent work with Agilitynet. It is always my first port of call for show dates and schedules as well as agility news etc. I shall visit the site frequently just to keep up with what is happening as I don't 'do' Facebook or other social media.
Rosie Pearson

I googled Dog Agility and found your site which I have to say is very thorough and informative.
Martyne Manning

These [Winning Out] Certificates mean so much to us.
Helen Aucott

Was great to see we made the list again.
Shelagh Newell

Thank you for all your hard work.
Phyllis Bennett

You manage brilliantly.
Jean Tuck

Always thrilled to receive a certificate.
Angela Green

My boy Ice won into Grade 6 in May this year. Then at the beginning of August he went suddenly blind in one eye and very little vision left in the other. I'm still devastated to say the least. He still manages to do some training and competing on small height jumps and is loving Anysize. He's a very special boy who had so much to achieve in Grade 6 and beyond. Thank you so much for doing these certificates they mean a lot.
Gina Scott

Many thanks for your help - I have had a few inquiries already for Newlands club!
Sue Dennison

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