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What people are saying about Agilitynet...

Rachel Lade with Ianto
Photo: Alan Castle

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Happy New Year and thanks for all the hard work keeping the website etc running.
Kate Lanacraft

I would find my job very difficult without your support.
Sean Cameron

Love the Senior League!
Tracy Brewer

The Senior League has been so much fun to watch...
Karen Parker

Thanks ever so much and congratulations on an incredible 21 years!
Raymond (Tagmaster) Dunthorne

I love Agilitynet. I use it almost every day. Thanks so much for 'being' the website!
Susan Williams

Please delete the advert I posted on behalf of my friend for agility equipment. I have just heard she has sold it all and is over the moon, Many thanks 
Pam Griffiths

Poppet's very very large framed Senior Agility League Hall of Fame rosette takes pride on the wall. Thank you for all you are doing for the League.
Jenny Rothwell

Going to be my last one for a while now both my boys have reached G7. I treasure these reminders of their journeys and achievements.
Julia Carr

Thanks again for doing this [Winning Out Certificate]. Last years certificate is proudly framed with her rosettes and wins.
Mark Duggan

Thanks for this facility [Flea Market]. It was very useful.

You must be so proud of Agilitynet. Must be the go to place for all things agility.
Kay Westgate

Thank you very much - great service.
Nigel Rudd

Very much appreciate this service (Flea Market). Many thanks.
Rosemary Tappin

If I start a club in my new place, I will be emailing re: a listing on the wonderful Agilitynet.
Lydia Burke

You have always helped us and, without Agilitynet the last couple of years, I don't think we would have reached the audience we now have. You have been awesome. Thank you for your amazing patients with all of us agility air heads.
Stephen Bartholomew - Active Dog Services

Thanks for your support in running the show diary.
Liz Finchett

Thank you so much Ellen for all you help with the article, my writing and for putting it all together. I am very grateful for all your hard work. It was very kind of you to accept my request of writing for Agilitynet. I really am grateful for the opportunity and all your help. I cannot express my gratitude enough.
Lucy Tarpey & Diesel

Thank you so much for my Winning Out Certificate. It's so nice to have as a keep sake. Already framed and up on the wall.
Gail Andrews

Just to say thank you to you & the Agilitynet team for your hard work. It is much appreciated. We received our winning out certificate for 2018 this week. Exciting to see how  well my boy has done in the last 12months.
Jackie Nightingale

Thanks for everything you do with organising this fabulous certificates.
Nicola Ayres

You were so right about how much they [Winning Out Certificates] mean- and we couldn't have wished for more re. the brand exposure. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. They're really fantastic!
Shelley Harrison,  Agria Pet Insurance

 Thank you so so much for all your hard work.
Sue Hardy

Got them [SAL trophy and rosette) today. They are fabulous!!  Thank you and the sponsors so very much, love them!
Linda Seaton

Absolutely brilliant and thank you for running it!
Jenny Hastie

Many thanks for the 2018 Trophy and the info that came with it. Thanks for all of your work.
Dave Walker and Josie

Feel honoured to have received this beautiful trophy and rosette for the Senior League - Allsorts.  Many thanks for all the work you do organising this and for sourcing such unique trophies.
Lesley Wilks

Thank you for running the Senior Agility League. It's fun to have something to aim for. I really enjoy it.
Dot Mayhew

Canít thank you all enough for keeping Agilitynet going. It is a great point of reference for me, especially homing in on shows due to my crazy shifts.
Mark Dug

Thank you for your hard work doing this. Very much appreciated.
Viv Fendick 

So nice to see my girl's name [on the NYHL] So good of you to take the time.
Cathy Sowerby

Thank you for your hard work. Lovely to see the beautiful Buzz on the [NYH]  list, first of my dogs to ever make it.
Ruth Clarke

Thank you for doing this! Lovely to see my dog and I on the list.
Ann Street

Many thanks for doing this and getting the sponsors.
Paula Triggs



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