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Carol Carless & Andi

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Well done for your idea of doing something for these dogs who have missed out on their final year of competing this year due to Covid, it is much appreciated.
Debbie Prince

I just had a look at the front page of Agilitynet and came across the Agria insurance offer. I gave up insuring Orla when the premium got to £78 and have been putting by £60 a month. Imagine my joy when I managed to insure her for life for £54 a month which is less than Zorro is insured for - also with Agria. Iím absolutely thrilled and so relieved that she is now covered. So thank you!
Penny Heal

Just wanted to let you know (and say a big thank you) that Iíve sold my Guardsman tailgate and dog guard for a 2015 Vauxhall Mokka via your Fleamarket.  Iím so pleased theyíve found a new home!
Caroline Simkin 

I admire all you have achieved with Agilitynet over the years!
Alison Grimes

Thank you for all your hard work keeping this [Clubs] list up to date.
ue McAra - Rother Valley AC

Thanks Ellen, you do a fantastic job.
Linda Cummings - Absolute Stars Agility Training

Well done on your 21st year on running Agilitynet. Great site for agility enthusiasts, clubs & shows. Thank you.
Carol & Rob Cartwright - BusheyK9 AC

Thanks for your efforts in trying to keep everything up to date during this bizarre time.
Rachel Hawley

I love Agilitynet. It's my bible at the moment as I'm new to agility. I want to win Crufts though!
Imogen Pearson

Many thanks for your great work keeping us informed during these trying times.
David Bull - Wilton AC

 Thank you Ellen for all your hard work keeping us all informed and up to date [on COVID-19]
Jane Penninck 

Thank you for this. I was just saying this morning that Agilitynet would be the easiest place to look for all the current information.
Gill Latter 

Thank you so much for all your hard work in organising these [Winning Out Certificates]. They really are very special.
Cat Jackson

Sending a massive thank you for the beautiful rosette and trophy plate which I received recently. My older boy Herbie won the Allsorts this year and this award was so wonderful to receive and I thank you for everything you do keeping these SAL Leagues going.
Kath McHugh

Thank you so much for the amazing (SAL) rosette that you sent me. It was such a surprise and will have pride of place in my house, Iím sitting here smiling... and just for a change the sun has come out, too!
Fran Cobb

Thank you for what you do, many of us appreciate the magnitude of running it.
The Barking Tricksters

Thanks for your work in keeping these databases, really appreciated.
Gill Vann

It is so brilliant what you do with the certificates. It really motivates me for the year ahead.
Claire Murray

Thanks very much for all your work.
Adrian Dornford-Smith (Glandore DTC of Ulster Chair)

It really is appreciated that you are also helping to promote the fundraising and the work of the Trust, too.
Laura Evans - Kye's Fundraising

Obviously, one of the largest factors in our success is Agilitynet.
Stephen Bartholomew - Active Fun Shows 

Happy New Year and thanks for all the hard work keeping the website etc. running.
Kate Lamacraft

Thanks Ellen Rocco. You are a Star
Michael McCarthy

Thank you so much for all your hard work you do.
Simon Bushell


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