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Wendy Hart & her Velcro boy.

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Glancing through the Agilitynet Show Diary for next year, really comprehensively prepared. Thank you.
Tony Parminter

You do a great job.
Jill Robertson

Had four people contact wanted to purchase my fencing. Will certainly use your site again.
Jenie Eastman

I've just had a look at your list (Find a Club) - you are great to provide that service. Thank you.
Karen Laker

Appreciate everything you do for us.
Sarah Howarth

Can I take this opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks for all of your hard work over the years.
Alison Kirby-Cooper (nee Edgington)

We actually sold the crate yesterday.  It was from an enquiry we had from Agilitynet over a month ago. Thank you for letting us advertise on your site.
Beryl Rounsley

I was totally amazed to receive my Hall of Fame Rosette. It is such a lovely idea and I shall really enjoy having it - It is the lovely reminder of the happiest of times. It was sweet of Linda to recommend me- she is always full of surprises - and very kind of you to include me. Thank you so much.
Faith Whitely

Lovely tribute to all the retired dogs. Thank you.
Alyson Walker  

Thank you for this. Such a lovely thing to do to remember the oldiesí careers.
Donna McDonnell  

Well done Ellen Rocco. You worked hard to do this tribute.
Donna Lewis

Good work on the website by the way. I always find your show diary much more user friendly than Agility Services Online and Plaza! 
Claudia Fornari

Can you add to your amazing Agilitynet diary the Valley Farm AC show. P.S. Keep the good work up.
Nigel Rudd

Thank you Ellen Rocco for running the [Retired Dogs Tribute] page. Great to read all the lovely stories. 
Allison Campbell

Love the League (SAL) and have made lots of friends in it. We have a real laugh at shows and Iím still in touch with some people through Covid. Takes me five minutes to have chat on the phone or FaceTime as some are really down through all this. Stay safe and keep up the good work!
Tracy Brewer

We couldn't do it without you either. 
Kathryn Milham


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