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Bach Flower Remedies for Agility

Co-sponsors of the 2023 Winning Out Certificates

Restoring natural balance and well being...

Dr. Edward Bach first discovered the Bach Flower Remedies in the 1930s. The remedies work on the emotions, gently restoring well-being. Any member of your family (including your dog) who is in need of emotional support can use them. The Remedies work extremely well on animals especially dogs. Chris Drinkhall describes a few that could of help to anybody involved in the sport of agility.

The Remedies mentioned below are just a selection of the 38 that are available to use either singularly or combined up to seven in a bottle with spring water.

The Remedies are completely harmless. If the wrong Remedy is chosen, it just doesnít work. Full stop. It wonít cause any ill effects.

The recommended dosage is four drops four time a day. Add the drops to a treat; you can also add 6-8 drops to the dogís drinking water.

'I have a questionnaire that I send out to any one interested in the Bach Flowers for either themselves or a pet,' says Chris Drinkhall, one of the few practitioners in the UK specialising in animals. ' I also like to talk to the owners where possible.  I post the remedies out to the client with full instructions. When the right remedies are chosen, the results can be very impressive.'


Remedy Symptoms Plant
Larch For the handler and dog that lacks confidence.
Aspen Would help if the owner or dog is apprehensive about competing.
Chestnut Bud For the dog which repeatedly makes the same mistakes and is hard to train.
Gentian The handler that gets disappointed when competing could take this remedy.
Clematis For the owner or dog who lack concentration.

 Heather For the noisy dog that barks itís way round the course.

Olive. This remedy could be taken when the dog or owner are tired.
 White Chestnut This remedy will help the handler to get good nights sleep and stop worrying thoughts

About the author...
Chris Drinkhall FBIH BFRP
is one of the few people in the country qualified to treat both people and animals with the Bach Flowers. She holds the qualification of Bach Flower Registered Practitioner. Although Chris is qualified to treat both people and animals, she specialises in dogs with anti-social or behavioural problems.

If you would like any more information about the Remedies,
please contact: Chris Drinkhall
FBIH RBFP Registered Bach Flower Practitioner
on e-mail

Picture credit: http://www.bachcentre.com/



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