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What the best dressed agility handler used to wear

Sue Ashby did this delightful cartoon of a typical agility couple in the mid-1980s. It appeared in the Agility Voice Newsletter (April 1985). What a far cry from the designer track suits, running shorts and trainers of today! And if you're wondering about their dog, it's asleep thus avoiding panic!.

Mr & Mrs Agility
From top to bottom

Her Him
  • Sun brolly (if hot)
  • Sun top
  • Springboard to help small dogs over springs (or automatic clapper for Mary Ray)
  • Wellies (if wet)
  • Earplugs so not to hear elimination whistle
  • Oxygen mask for long courses
  • Tight trousers to distract the judge
  • Torch to help dog in tunnel
  • Glucose for energy for long courses
  • Sou-Wester (if wet)
  • Sun glasses (if bright)
  • Compass to find way round the course
  • Spare safety pins for ring numbers
  • Bucket and shovel for accidents (or seaside agility weekends)
  • Shoe lace untied (excuse for falling over)
Reprinted with kind permission of John Gilbert from the April 1985 edition of the Agility Voice Newsletter. Many thanks to Bill McLaughlin for lending agilitynet his wonderful collection of Agility Voices.


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Fashion Circa 1985