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Celebrating more than 20 years of Agility...

Chatsworth Country Fair has played host to Agility for more than 21 years, many of them as a Kennel Club licensed Show. The Country Fair continues to be one of the UKís premier outdoor attractions with more than 100,000 visitors annually coming to see all that is best with the British Countryside.

John Wykes and Jade came 5th with Robert Andrews (judge)Agility history was made in 1995 when Chatsworth hosted the final of the Land Rover Jump & Drive, a unique competition never seen in Agility since. A test of both the handlerís driving skills and a dog's speed. With the accuracy of the handler who had to drive a cone course in a 110 Defender Land Rover before running their dog many took part. Trophies still adorn winner's cabinets.

Incidentally, the judge with John Wykes in the picture was Roberts Andrews, one of the first people in agility to have KC specification equipment for hire which he supplied from a trailer.

The following year we ran the first KC Show for Large dogs. The ring was just in front of the wonderful Chatsworth House, providing a backdrop like no other Agility show. With hundreds of shopping stands offering everything from handmade goods, vintage cars and, of course, your doggy supplies Chatsworth became a firm favourite amongst many of the Agility community.

This was the year that the Chatsworth Main Ring flooded. Luckily that was after the large crowds had been entertained the large crowds with a Sunday Jump & Drive Final. Sadly it was also the day that Prince Diana died. It was an eventful day all round.

The Agility 'pitch' has become an ever more popular country fair attraction with the development of a picnic and food court area around the ring where people enjoy watching Agility with an amusing commentary. After more than 21 years and four different Chatsworth organisers, the Show now rests in the hands of Sarah Green who commented 'Agility is wonderful.'

Being situated in front of the house and at the confluence of major footfall across the site, Chatsworth has developed what can only be described as a special atmosphere, with 1000ís watching the ring through the day as the crowd enjoy the efforts of the partnerships however well the dogs have done.

In 2008 Chatsworth Country Fair became a three day event, giving us the opportunity to welcome Small and Medium sized dogs - or as then known as Mini / Midi dogs - strut their stuff. Now with a full day devoted to competitions for Small and Medium dogs and a few classes for the lower graded Large dog, Chatsworth Friday provides the perfect showcase to those of less stature whilst Chatsworth Saturday keeps its tradition offering competition for Large dogs.

We were pleased to welcome Show President Alan Titchmarsh in 2010 along with one of the Red Sock community who help steward the event and a representative from our sponsor for the Chatsworth Challenge! Luckily they didnít disappoint or embarrass themselves too much; the crowds loved it and Alan Titchmarsh taking first place so worked out well all round.

In 2013 Chatsworth welcomed Skinnerís Pet Foods as principle sponsor and hosted the final of the Skinnerís Sevens Pairs competition, won by Shirley & Pete Wells winning £777 of prize money with the day proving hugely popular with the finalists. William Delamore from Skinner's said: 'This Agility competition was our first foray into the Agility world for our brand and Skinner's is delighted to continue to sponsor Agility events throughout the year.'

Once again Skinnerís Pet Food will be sponsoring the Chatsworth Agility Arena in 2016 including sponsoring 3 classes each day which ensures everyone will get the chance to win some Skinnerís goodies. On Saturday Skinnerís continue their support of Agility with the Chatsworth Grand Prix for Large dogs.

Chatsworth is special and this year one of the UK's finest outdoor displays The Red Arrows along with other major attractions like the Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry and so much more adds to the Agility atmosphere.

With Graded classes on both days for all sizes of dogs, why not try something a little bit different from your normal Agility routine. Chatsworth offers you something that no other Agility show can. There is something for everyone on a fantastic day out not only for you with your dogs but the whole family.

About CSA
Country Shows Agility offers feature ring shows at large public events. With commentary for the Agility community and viewing public to enjoy along with a range of classes for all sizes of dogs each venue is a unique experience. Each competitor gets a complimentary ticket to each event and with car parking close to the ring at all of our events, these shows are great to bring the family to as well as enjoying competing with the dog. Run in a relaxed manner with traditional processing of paper entries and hand written tickets at the ring we promise to remember your dogs name by the end of the weekend!

For more information, contact: CSA, 2 Medley Grove, Leamington Spa, Warks CV31 2GA. Tel. 01926 315335 Email: rover.pro@virgin.net