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The First Mini Dogs

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A super year for small dogs handlers...

The Mini Agility Dog of the Year competition was held for the first time in in 1987. Handlers agreed that it was 'nice to be accepted by all quarters as more than just a novelty.' ANd the rest, as they say, is history. The results say it all.

I think I speak for all 'Mini People,' as we've become known, wrote Pam Dowling in the December 1987 Letters to the Editor in Agility Voice when I say that we've had a super season and have been treated most generously. The entries have risen and fallen according to the venue, the weather and the number of Mini classes offered, but they have been up to 40 dogs and rarely below 20, which should encourage more clubs to include us next year.

End of Year Results

Place Handler Dog


1st Chloe Gardner Roxstaff Helena


  Brian Jones Ebony Sian


3rd Yvonne Fiddy Ginger Crackle


  Maureen Inkpen Brandy Dene


5th Kathrin Tasker Tanterlyn Carmen


From Yvonne (Fiddy) Black...
This article really brings back memories, all extremely happy. I was one of those Mini agility handlers, back in the days when we only had six dogs in a class and were fitted in during lunch with many a two hour drive just to find a show with a Mini class.

I have since moved on to Standard dogs both collies and currently Belgian Shepherds, Malinois, but will never forget what joy I had with Cindy (Ginger Crackle) the little NCDL rescue all those years ago.

I wish all handlers the best of fun with their dogs and hope you have all the success you dream of.

Does anyone else out there have any recollections and/or photos of the good ole days that they want to share?

Thanks to Sally Hopkins for finding this little gem.
Source: Agility Voice (August 1987)