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Training drills for dog and handler...

Authors: Connie Sellers Lane & Michelle Waugh
Reviewed by Katy James

Description: This is an invaluable workbook which gives you the understanding and expertise to teach your dog all the jump and tunnel skills for the current agility era. A mixture of short paragraphs, diagrams and photographs are used in a simple chapter by chapter layout, working through from the basics to proofing exercises.

Audience: This workbook is aimed at handlers wanting to better understand and/or learn each individual jump and tunnel skill needed to participate in agility. For optimal success, some basic knowledge of agility is probably needed, but this book is still perfect, whether you are a handler with competitive ambitions in mind, or just want to have some fun with your dog!


  • Pre-skills

  • Tight Turns

  • Turning Point

  • Loose Turns

  • Jump Blinds

  • Tunnel Skills

  • Backside of Jumps

  • Jump Threadles

  • Course Plans

If you are looking for a clear, but detailed workbook to learn or improve your agility skills and handling, then this is the book for you!

With the use of diagrams, photographs and step-by-step instructions, it is easy to follow and provides a clear understanding of how to perform each skill. Not only does the workbook teach you how to perform the skill, it also provides proofing exercises so that you can find out how well your dog understands the criteria, ready to be tested in full courses.

Each skill is broken down into clear step-by-step, reward-based exercises which, if followed, will ensure your dog acquires the solid foundations needed for independent and confident skills.

The book is split into chapters and is cleverly contrived so that dog and handler progress their skills as learning is established. Starting with pre-skills, each skill is outlined, one by one, based on its degree of difficulty. I especially liked the use of training tips in each chapter, which provide insights to help with any issues that may arise in training. Obviously, this is where working with a trainer would be an extra asset, alongside this book, as every dog is different in its learning process.

To be able to work through the exercises outlined in the workbook, a small amount of space and minimal equipment is needed, which is ideal for most people. The final chapter does require more space and equipment, as it provides full course plans to test your skills and handling at increased speed and in different situations.

Overall, this workbook has the dual benefits of being detailed, yet easy to follow, covering all the skills and handling techniques required to give you, and your dog, amazing agility foundations. It is logical and progressive, with clear guidance, including details such as distance between obstacles and cues for your dog, to ensure every aspect of teaching the skill is covered.

I highly recommend this book and will be using it when I am working with my doggies!

Price: 19.99 + 2.99 p&p from Performance Dog Also available from and good bookshops everywhere. Prices may vary.


  • 253 x 187mm

  • 140 pages

  • Spiral bound

  • 300 colour illustrations

  • 20 Full course plans

About the reviewer...
Katy James
is an agility instructor and handler.

First published 4th August 2022


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