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It's thunderwear!

Creator: Susan Sharpe
Reviewed by Moira Plowman

Description: A form fitting wrap which helps alleviate fear and nervousness, using a technique called 'maintained pressure.' It creates a light pressure on the skin which calms and reduces stress by allowing the dog to redirect its focus, resulting in the dog letting go of the old sensation and ultimately modifying its behaviour. It has been used successfully in thunder storms and other stress and fear situations, including motion sickness, separation anxiety, aggression and to reduce resistance to nail trimming and ear cleaning.

When used properly it has proven positive to increase:-

  • Balance
  • Self-confidence
  • Focus
  • Preparation for and during training
  • Animal to animal socialisation
  • Animal to human socialisation
  • Bonding
  • Relaxation
  • Gait awareness
Anti-Anxiety Wrap Size XXSmall

Best features:-
In my opinion this wrap is the best thing since sliced bread. I have five dogs and fireworks are my worst nightmare. Sal, my rescued bitch goes into panic mode, biting and barking, attacking furniture and anything else that happens to be in her way, climbing the walls etc when a rocket goes up. This sets off all my other dogs and pandemonium sets in Ė I have even contemplated leaving the country with them on Bonfire night.

I have tried absolutely everything, herbal remedies, Bach remedies, shutting her in the cage, the DAP dispenser. In desperation I went to the Vet who gave me sedatives but I didnít really like knocking her out. I went back and he gave me Diazapan which made no difference whatsoever.

This year at the Letchworth Agility Show in September I saw the Anxiety Wrap. It was a bit pricey but, being desperate, I thought I would give it a go, but I did not really believe that anything so simple could possibly be so effective.

It worked!
I followed all the instructions and when the fireworks started going off Sal just laid on the settee with me. She trembled but didnít bark or run around . She just lifted her head now and then when an extra loud bang went off. Because she was okay, my other dogs were okay and we had a calm and peaceful night. When I thought it was all over, I took the wrap off and, of course, half an hour later it started again. Sal started to go mad but I called her with the wrap in my hand and she practically asked me to put it back on, when I did she was absolutely fine again.

Anxiety WrapCould be improved:
Haven't found any unless you count the price as it is a little expensive. Oh yes, it's only available in black!

Production: Anxiety Wrap is like a leotard. It fits over the head. The front legs go through two holes, and there are two straps under the bum to hold it in place with an extra wrap around the body to keep it snug - so simple yet so effective. It's made of a breathable fabric and is easily adjustable within each size range and is guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Directions how to use etc. (as relevant):
The instructions were clear and precise. You are told initially to put it on your dog in stress-free situations in order that it gets used to wearing it. You donít speak to your dog and after a few moments it will quietly lay down.  You then  put it on when you believe there could be a problem, e.g. when you know there is a thunderstorm approaching or fireworks and it helps to control the fear etc. Once the situation has passed it is taken off but needs to be worn occasionally at stress- free times so that the wrap does not become associated with the fear.

Price: £32.99 for X-Small, Small and Medium and £35.99 for Large and X-Large + P&P.

Value for Money: Well worth every penny. Though it is a bit costly, it's a lot cheaper than the lifetime of tranquilizers.

Overall rating: 10/10 because it worked and gave me and my dogs a peaceful bonfire night

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About Susan Sharpe...
The Anxiety Wrap was invented by Susan Sharpe, the only certified Tellington Touch practitioner in the state of Indiana (USA) and compliments the Tellington Touch with Acupressure and Massage.

Susan has also successfully completed Purdue's Principles & Techniques of Behavior Modification course, which deals with canine development, social structure and prevention of behaviour problems including aggression. She is a member in good standing with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has completed Bob & Marian Bailey's beginners and advanced clicker training workshop. She served several years as a volunteer board member with the Huntington County Humane Society. 

Before leaving the traditional world of training Susan trained military style in areas, which included obedience, article search, obstacle course, tracking, drug detection and personal protection.

About the Reviewer
Moira Plowman has four Border Collies and a Welsh Sheep Dog. The oldest is 12; the youngest is two. She has been doing agility for the past ten years and competes at Novice/Intermediate level.

Moira works as a Finance Administrator in local government but will shortly be leaving as she has have taken voluntary redundancy. She wants to spend much more time with her dogs and hopes to take a course in Canine Massage.

From Dorothy Newstead...
Like all of your other reviewers I bought the Anxiety Wrap as a last desperate measure this year as my three year old collie bitch Buffy is absolutely terrified of fireworks. I started a couple of weeks before bonfire night putting it on her as soon as it became dark outside and then after a while I introduced the Crash Bang wallop disc playing nearby. Buffy always settled down to sleep shortly after me putting the wrap on and then about 45mins later I would take it off again and rub her coat to and fro.

When firework night came I put the wrap on as usual and waited for the uproar to begin. To my amazement Buffy dozed all the way through the evening and even managed a quick trip outside for a pee.

The anxiety wrap is wonderful is has taken the worry out of 5th of November for me and next year I am going to buy a second one for my young collie who is Buffy's half brother and who is showing the same fear of load noises that Buffy used to have

From Caroline Burman...
I would like to add my comments about this product. Having tried most products designed to help a dog afraid of loud noises, I purchased, I must admit with some doubts, the Anxiety Wrap. My elderly dog has a serious heart condition and fear increases her heart rate, which is very dangerous for her and she could need additional heart medication if the rate does not come down naturally.

The product was delivered quickly and I followed the instructions and she wore it in quiet and nice situations for a few days. She is used to wearing a coat, so getting her dressed was not stressful. We have just had a very noisy Guy Fawkes fortnight, without a panting, fearful, wild eyed dog. This morning the Sunday clay shoot started and we usually have a black lab trying to get behind the computer or in a cupboard, wrap quickly applied and she went and lay down on her bed, quite relaxed.

I can strongly recommend this product, yes it is not cheap, but to me it is worth its weight in gold. It may not work for all dogs, but I can truthfully say it is a blessing in this house.

From Patch GG...
I have a lovely Lurcher, a rescue, who is perfect in every way apart from one Ė he gets highly stressed toward dogs he doesn't know when at shows because they are overwhelming to him, with the noise, the activity levels, and the sheer numbers involved. I had been working on this with him, but was starting to wonder if he would ever be able to utilise his Agility training in a competition as his concentration around strange dogs in that atmosphere is almost non-existent due to his stress levels going in to overdrive, which makes his behaviour less than ideal to put it mildly.

A handler at my club recently bought an Anxiety Wrap for her dog, which had started suffering nervousness at competitions because of bangs in the distance, thunder when camping, and the hiss and crackle of tannoys. I have to admit I was sceptical Ė until I saw for myself how much it helped her dog relax on the way to and from the ring as well as being able to focus well while competing because of the effect still helping for a good while after the wrap was removed in the queue !

After seeing how much it helped her dog, and talking to her about it, I decided it had to be worth a try for my dog, so I sorted out ordering one. I was impressed with how quickly it arrived and the timing was perfect as it came in time for my favourite show at Burnham.

I put the Wrap on my dog and set off for the exercise area, with him wearing a muzzle to be on the safe side. A gent with his dog arrived at the same time so I let him know my dog got stressy so that we were both aware enough to make sure our dogs did not get too close. To my amazement, my dog barely gave his dog a glance and we walked part way along the area just a few feet apart. On the way back, several dogs in one group were off lead ahead of their owners but out of distance for me to let them know my dog might be reactive so their dogs playfully charged at my dog several times.

I expected that to be just too much for him, as he is not good at reading other dogs yet, but incredibly he coped really well and while interested in them he was not trying to lunge even when one ran right in to his face at high speed several times, trying to get him to play tag. They continued on and I was most taken aback at how well my dog did with that level of what is normally, to him, a frightening bombardment from which he would normally have reacted with defensive aggression.

got chatting, during which I explained about his dreadful past which included no socialisaton at all. When we all reached the car park, we stopped to chat a bit more, and that meant my dog having several other dogs either side and in front of him, which all ended up within easy reach because he had been so settled as we walked. Incredibly, not only was he totally calm about them, he was so relaxed he could have nodded off if we had been talking much longer !

I was so happy for my dog being so at ease that I had trouble not actually crying with happiness, I could not believe the difference in him. He still has some way to go, but thanks to his Anxiety Wrap, not only does it mean him being able to start enjoying the show atmosphere, the possibility of him being able to show off his own agility skills in the ring are now a reality, and not just an unlikely dream. (06/10/06)

From Brenda Tenten
I'd just like to add my agreement to everything Moira says about the wrap. Meg, at 11, has always been a 'spooky' dog where sounds are concerned. This year's November barrage was the least stressful she has ever had, despite being particularly noisy, because she wore the wrap. It is pricey, but not more than a couple of DAP diffusers, and will last a lot longer, I hope. I'll be fitting hers in time for the New Year fireworks, and hoping for another stress free night.

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