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Manufacturer: Back on Track
Reviewer: Sue Culmer

Description: The Back on Track Dog Rug is a dog coat made of polyester/polypropylene fabric with a ceramic power melted into the weave. The ceramic particles reflect body heat in an infrared wave, a form of energy with a highly documented pain-relieving effect. It helps to ease inflammation, reduce muscle pain and increase blood circulation. Back on Track also does leg or joint wraps and bedding all incorporating the special ceramic fabric.


  • Both water resistant and breathable
  • Lined with heat inducing ceramic fabric
  • Reflectors on each side
  • Zipper opening for the tail.
  • Adjustable in the front via lacing.

What I liked about this product?
One of my Small dogs has a back problem and  I was told hed never do Agility again. I bought him a Back on Track Dog Rug at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival, and he loves it. When I put it on as it makes him go all silly, and he gets really excited. At the Festival, he had a clear round and/or a place everyday and at Dogs in Need week as well. With all the back problems he has had, anything he does and enjoys is a bonus.

In 2007, Louise Raine's collie Luna damaged her shoulder doing agility, After trying other treatments, Louise started using Back on Track and says, 'I was so impressed with Luna's recovery I decide to it on myself.. and again, it was amazing.'

I was so impressed that I bought a knee brace for myself as I was supposed to be having an operation due to a painful cartilage tear. At the end of a day doing agility, I was finding my knee was very painful. Since using the knee brace, the pain has eased considerably and my doctor has now advised that I don't have the knee operation after all.

Since then I've been able to stand on my feet and judge all day. At Paws in the Park, I judged all day, wearing two knee braces. For those who were there, it must have looked a bit odd as it was a hot day and there I was standing in the middle of the ring with two black knee braces and a pair of white shorts. But it was worth it as my knees were hardly aching at all at the end of the day.

I have also bought several of the products for family and friends and recommended them to many others all of which are very impressed with the results they have achieved.

I think the Back on Track Dog Rug is an good idea as it keep muscles warmed up and ready for any activity and also aids recovery from injury.

What I think could be improved:
There's nothing I can think of. Several Agility friends have also bought products for either their dogs or themselves and the comments I have heard are all very positive.

Design & Quality: 
I think it is very well made with quality long lasting materials. It is available in various sizes and is adjustable so it fits all shapes and sizes of dog.  It comes in a practical black colour. The garments for people also available in a grey colour.

The Dog Rug comes with very easy instructions about to how use initially and and what to do for prolonged use. There are clear washing instructions etc.

Price: From 36.10 + delivery & VAT. Available from Camddwr Canine or Agility Warehouse.

Value for Money: Very Good. If the coat helps with my dog's aches and pains, it's well worth it.

Overall rating: 10/10. It's a brilliant idea and concept for dogs, horses and people. I really like the idea of any drug free pain relief whether it be for my dog, horse or myself. Last Christmas many people at my club wanted items for their dogs and themselves. Between us, we spent over 600 and everyone gave me a glowing report. What more can I say!

Available from Agility Warehouse

About the Reviewer
Sue Culmer lives in Kent and work as a dog agility instructor and horse riding instructor. She has been competing in Agility for 17 years and she judges regularly. At present she competes with six dogs. Mad... yes!


More praise for the Back on Track dog coat from Jodie Sorensen...
My seven year old collie x suffered a shoulder injury in the middle of July 2007.  He was given several courses of anti-inflammatories by the vets which, in the short term, seemed to do the trick.

Upon returning to moderate levels of activity, he was showing signs of occasional stiffness and recurring lameness so we went back to the vets for a course of acupuncture - this provided the same results short term but did not seem to fix the recurring problem.  Our vets then referred us to a physiotherapist who was fantastic and after only a few weeks of treatment he was the fittest he'd been in six months. 

Upon re-introducing him to Any Size jumping classes in Easter 2008, he seemed to have good days with the odd occasional stiff days. I purchased a Back on Track coat for him and was amazed by the results. The stiffness disappeared and his physio now only sees him once every two months for a check up. I was so impressed I also bought the mesh coat for the summer months to ensure he doesn't stiffen up. 

He is now nearly 9 and is still training twice a week and competing regularly at full height with no signs of stiffness or lameness.  I would recommend the product to anyone who wants to offer their dogs a bit of extra protection against strains, aches and pains. (15/11/09)

From Christine Bailey...
Just wanted to add to the review of the Back on Track coat that it is also available in a very lightweight mesh version that is suitable to wear in the house. I bought one at Shrewsbury (I think) and 14-year-old Tasha is now wearing it as a nightgown. Im also using it on Danny for the hour he is in the car at training while I run another dog. It's supposed to warm up the muscles prior to exercise. None of my dogs really feels the cold so this is ideal.

Lots of people last year seemed to use one at training, for warm-up and, when its really cold, between runs. (31/01/09)

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First publisher 08 October 2009


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