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The easiest way to perfect turns

Presented by Silvia Trkman
Reviewed by Toni Dawkins

Description: Step by step instructions how to teach perfect turns with real life examples, detailed course analysis on where, when and why to use it and some more tricks on how to improve your dog's performance.


  • Why to teach it? (1.08 mins)

  • Where and when to teach it? (9.24 mins)

  • How to teach it? (27.54 mins)

  • Trouble shooting (47.04 mins)

  • Isolated tricks (55.41 mins)

Best Features: I loved this DVD. It explains exactly Silvia's method of teaching turns using her cik and cap commands. From how you start this without having the need for any agility equipment to how and where to use it in the ring.

Cik&Cap - The Easiest Way to Perfect Turns

Silvia shows courses from competitions where she would use her commands and why, including timings of what is quickest. I particularly like the timing section as it clearly shows that if your dog understands your verbal commands then you do not need to be on every jump to get it right.

It's very clear and easy to understand and, as you can download it, there is no waiting for a DVD to arrive in the post.

I have a lot of respect for Silvia. She really understands how dogs learn so recommend anything she does. Her website is great and well worth a look!

Could be improved: When you download sometimes your computer puts it in a strange place and it is not easy to find. This is probably more a computer problem but worth mentioning.

Production: Length: 1h. Choice of two formats - hard copy or download using a special code and save on postage.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Price: 35.90 plus VAT. 4.00 delivery for hard copy DVDs. No delivery charge for online video download. Available for purchase online from Agility Warehouse for dispatch anywhere.

Value for money: One could say it was a little expensive for a DVD but it is an hour long  and it's is a good DVD - one of the best I have seen. It's worth it as Silvia puts her whole method for running contacts on her website free to anyone and I don't know any other trainer who would do that.

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From Roger Teasdale
I have been a fan of Sylvia's approach to dog training having discovered her website a couple of years ago. This DVD builds on the information there about her method of training tight turns. I have taught my young dog to do Cik-Cik and Cap-Cap turns, based on my understanding of her method gained from her website but I have learned much more from this DVD and intend to put in more work to improve my dog's understanding and response to my Cik and Cap cues.

I have found her DVD to be well structured, progressive and informative, but it is also as stimulating and entertaining as her website. (14/12/10)

About the presenter...
Silvia Trkman has been doing agilty since 1992. She is 10 times national champion of Slovenia with three different dogs and 12 times a World Team member. with four different dogs, mostly with two dogs at a time. She has been FCI Agility World Champion twice.

She is best known for fast, happy and healthy dogs, tight turns and, of course, running contacts.

About the reviewer...
Toni Dawkins has been in agility for approx 15 years, making two dogs up to Agility Champion and between them winning every major final in the UK at least twice.

She writes articles on her young dog who has proved to be a bit of a challenge! Her youngest dog is due to start competing next year and she has taught him running contacts mostly by using Silvia's method so watch this space.

Toni is co-author of the best selling DVD Ultimate Contacts A Straightforward  Guide to Fast, Independent  20/20 Contacts, available from Agility Warehouse and Camddwr Canine?

First published: 11 November 2010



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