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Description: The Flexitag is a multi-purpose, fully personalised engraved dog identity tag. It is flat fitting with no dangly bits so is fully compliant with KC rules. It can also be used for cats and horses as well as children’s wristband, school bags and almost anything that could be lost and will speed up the process of being reunited with it's owner.


  • Light, slide-on flexible ID tags
  • Mix and match
  • 10 superior finished colours
  • 12 coloured silicone securing bands
  • Free personalised engraving
  • Diamond tip engraved for increased durability
  • Two sizes - small and large

Why did you agree to write this review?
After years of experimenting with discs, collar embroidery and other flat designs that were just not quite right and not transferrable to new collars, I finally found a product which I love so I wanted to share this with everyone in a similar position.

What was your experience with this product?
Between us, we have nine dogs - seven Border Collies, one Miniature Poodle and a Working Cocker Spaniel. All of them have a Flexitag attached to their collars.

I do like the crystals especially on my collars. I find that the tag holder loops over the crystals easily while the holder stops them from tarnishing. Another one of my dogs has a wide fitting, medical collar and the Flexitag fits it lovely. 

The tags also fit onto my harnesses. Not only does it fit my needs in the event of the dog being list but if I remove the harness or lose it the tag will help the harness find its way back to me.

What did you like about these products?
The product is as practical as it is beautiful. The tags come in a wide choice of lovely vibrant colours which match all my collars so I can colour co-ordinate my dogs - and this is a big bonus for me,

 They fit all of our collars which range from a sparkly Diamond Dogs Swarovski Crystal to day-to-day, flat training collars of varying shapes and sizes.

There is enough room on the tags to put all my details in-line with the UK regulations of the law. The engraving is clear and can be easily read as it is deep and doesn't rub off!

What do you think could be improved?
Nothing. It's perfect

Please comment on any instructions that come with this product.
The instructions are easy to understand and follow and the tag is simple to fit with no fiddly bits.

I have to say here that the service is brilliant. Nothing is too much trouble for owner Karen Jordan. She is very friendly and professional and obviously understands her business and the doggy world. My tags were ordered and received the following day.

What did you think of the design and quality of production?
I think they look great and fit well with the collars. My dogs have also been in the sea with them and the tags remained in perfect condition. They actually do what they are designed to do so it's top marks as far as I am concerned.

Also the packaging is ace. I felt like I was opening a gift that had been loving wrapped.

Price: Prices vary by size required. Includes free 1st class delivery

Rating: 10/10, the tags do exactly AS DESCRIBED. They're just what we have always been looking for.

Value for Money: Absolutely! Excellent value for money.

Would you recommend to friends and family?
I would highly recommend as Flexitags are such a brilliant product with great service and excellent quality.

For more information or to order, go to Flexitag website 

About the Reviewer...
Louise Bray has competed in Agility for around 35 years with several different breeds of dog.  Dogs and Agility are her passion.

She has been fortunate enough to compete at the very top level including competing at Crufts, Olympia and abroad for Great Britain at the BSD World Championships.

She lives in Kent and trains at Dartford DTC.


Leigh Heaps
I have been looking at the Flexitag for sometime, but was reluctant to spend the money as my mad Cocker Spaniel frequently loses her collar while out tearing through the bushes. On reflection, it could be because the dangly name tag was catching on the branches.  So far so good with the Flexitag. It's good quality, a nice design and comes in a variety of colours to match the collar. (August 2019)

First published 27th August 2019

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