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Essential Foundation Jumping Skills

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Lee Windeatt's first DVD...

Description: This DVD is aimed at teaching young dogs and puppies to jump correctly right from the beginning. It can also be used for putting the foundation back into competing dogs of all grades.

Essential Foundation Jumping SkillsTopics

  • Warm Up and Cool Down
  • Rewards
  • Startline Wait
  • Safety
  • Lead Leg
  • Straight Lines
  • Front  and Rear Crosses
  • Serpentine
  • Grid Work
  • Figure Eights
  • Sequences

Tell us a bit about your experience with this DVD
I purchased this DVD because I was struggling with my young dog's extension to collection and striding which was resulting in knocked bars. I tried many different techniques, including those I have successfully used on my other dogs, to no avail. After watching Lee's DVD and implementing his methods, my dog's success rate has skyrocketed. I am now able to effectively provide my dog with the information he needs to run clean.

What did you like about this DVD?
In this DVD Lee stresses safety, proper biomechanics, and discusses how to properly maintain an agility dog to help ensure a long and successful agility career. I found Lee's techniques to be refreshing considering that there can be a tendency, in the sport of agility, to push for too much too soon without fully understanding potential repercussions.

The information Lee provides regarding to the 'lead leg' and his strategies for conveying to the dog the information necessary to execute properly timed lead changes helps ensure that a dog is able to maximize his/her speed, natural abilities, and also help to minimize stress on the dog's body. These techniques are presented in a straightforward, easy to understand manner and would be useful to all handlers.

Handlers will also learn creative strategies for addressing common mechanical malfunctions such as: over jumping, bar knocking, knocking spreads, early take off, etc.

Was there anything you think could be improved?
This DVD met and exceeded my expectations. I have no suggestions for improvement.

What did you think of the presentation?
The format of this DVD was extremely easy to follow. The information and techniques were well presented in a dynamic, quick fire delivery, designed to inspire and evolve your agility understanding and learning, and were followed up by several examples of dogs that were at different ages and stages of ability.

Additionally, the summaries at the end of each chapter were very helpful.

With optional English subtitles for hearing impaired viewers.

Format: UK PAL Format. 16.9 Aspect ratio. All regions. AC3 AUDIO

Price: 25.00 + p&p

Value for money: There is a lot of information included in this DVD and it is a great value.

To order, go direct to http://leewindeatt.co.uk/

About the reviewer...
Heidi Pichotta is an equine and canine bodyworker specializing in a variety of soft tissue modalities designed to optimize performance, aid in recovery, and minimize injuries. Heidi has been a therapist for over 15 years and enjoys helping people and their animal athletes perform to their very best ability.

In her spare time, she enjoys training and competing in agility and other dog sports with her three dogs. At the forefront of each of her dogs' training program is a focus on soundness, biomechanical correctness and mental stability.

Heidi lives in Wisconsin (USA)

First published: 29 January 2014