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Long lasting pet bed warmer

Manufacturer: Lenric C21 Ltd
Reviewed by Susan Vickers & Richard Marks

Description: A microwave pet bed warmer which releases heat gradually over a period of 10 hours or more during which it stabilises at around 52° (123° F), thus ensuring a constant and controlled source of warmth. Recommended for newly born puppies, the ill or the veteran dog.

MICROWAVE HEATPADFeatures include:-

  • 10-12 hours of warm and comfort
  • Ideal for newborn, convalescing and elderly dogs
  • No wires or plugs
  • Recommended by vets worldwide
  • Hygienic wipe clean plastic casing
  • Strong and durable
  • Bite resistant
  • Non-toxic Thermapol™ interior retains temperature
  • Round in shape to fit into any microwave oven
  • Never needs refilling
  • Can be used anywhere with ease - indoors or outside
  • Fits snugly into pet carrier or

Best features: The SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat pad is a circular, disc-shaped pad with a cloth cover. We used it on our 17/18 year old Toy Poodle Woollie who, once she got used to it, really liked it. Every time we opened the Microwave, she would wag her tail. Given the opportunity she would use it all the time.

We especially liked the fact that it is portable, waterproof and easy to clean.

Another good thing for agility people is that it can be used on cold days at shows or training to keep older dogs or puppies warm and comfortable while they are waiting.

It could be marketed as a replacement for the conventional hot water bottle for human use!

Could be improved: Overall we liked the product, but we have a few constructive comments. Specifically even though it is an ideal size for small dogs (and cats) it is not appropriate for medium/large dogs.

As it has to be totally cold before reheating, there are times when it might not be warm enough for long enough such as when you are going out. Also the initial heat - which is hot! - might deter some animals from using it at first.

We thought the thickness and hardness of the pad required it to be wrapped in a blanket to ensure the animal's maximum comfort. The manufacturer does sell two versions of a cuddly cushion at £12.95 each (Bruno and Bonzo - see right) but, of course, that adds an extra cost.

Style and design: Could be larger surface area and thinner or softer but this might reduce its heating capacity

Dog-shaped cushion for the Snugglesafe microwave heat pad.Cat-shaped cushion for the Snugglesafe microwave heat pad
Bonzo and Bruno cushions

Instructions for use: Good, clear and precise

Prices: Buy from Pet Shops or over the Internet

Delivery: Available on-line from Agilty Warehouse.

Value for money: Over a three year period, it does not seem expensive but the price could deter some buyers. If you had a larger dog, i.e. a GSD, you would require more than one pad.

Overall rating: 7/10 mainly because the size of the pad restricts it use and makes it less useful for medium and larger dogs.

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About the Reviewer
Susan Vickers is a veterinary nurse. She partakes in agility, obedience and flyball. Her partner Richard Marks also does Obedience and Agility. They have three dogs - a young collie (Saffie), one of the smallest agility dogs you've ever seen (Echo) and an elderly Toy X Miniature Poodle (Woollie).

They live in Watford.

From Kim Gladstone...
Having read the review on the heat pad I would just like to add one thing. On a cold day when your sitting in the car waiting for your run, its nice to have a spare to warm your own seat, I have one each for the dogs and am getting one for myself next autumn as I keep pinching theirs, well actually we share.

From Janet Strawbridge...
I have used this product for the last three years. It has been begged and borrowed by people with puppies as it is a sure way of getting a good nights sleep when you have a new puppy. I made myself a cover for it out of an old scarf. I have even used the heat pad for myself  placing it behind my back when driving to ease its soreness. Well worth the money. Wouldn't be without it. If it came with a cover I'd give it 10/10, no cover so 9/10. 

From Chris Kavallares, SnuggleSafe UK Business Development Manager ...
Just for background information. We used to have a border collie called Jake. He was exceptionally bright and very agile right up to the last few years of his life. These were spent mainly in convalescents from his ailing arthritic condition. We used our SnuggleSafe heatpad in his bedding and positioned it around his hind quarters. This with some prescribed medicine recommended by the vet helped ease his pain from his condition and improved his well being. He was finally put to sleep from, I hope, a happy lifetime of 15 years.

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