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New Years Honours List 2019


There are many pleasures in agility, but the one thing that never changes is the thrill of winning into a higher level and being recognised by your peers. Here we recognise the 1158 handlers and dogs who won out at KC and / or UK Agility events in 2019. Please put your hands together for all of them and their fabulous dogs who achieved this distinction last year. Well done. We are proud of you.

Everyone on the 2019 Honours List will be receiving an Agilitynet Winning Out Certificate. To allow for late applications and the inevitable corrections, we wait until mid-February before finalising the list. The deadline for additions or changes will be Wednesday, 15th January 2020. After that date, we cannot accept new applications or amendments.

So please check your details carefully. Email any corrections to Agilitynet as soon as possible.

If your name is not on the list and you have won out of a KC grade or moved up a level in UK Agility, there is still time to apply for a Winning Out Certificate via the on-line application form.

Massive thanks to our sponsors

HandlerDogBreedTownWon Into
Janet AbrahamsJust Swift (Swift)Working SheepdogCheshireSC Novice (UKA)
Gary AcockMakadigadi Maiden (Ottie)Border TerrierOxfordshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jo AdamsWildkap Who Dunnit (Cluedo)CrossbreedHantsGrade 6 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Katie AdamsAmaryllis Belladonna (Willow)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 3 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Michael AdamsBlack Lotus (Teagan)CollieWorcestershireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Caz AddyFreckled Florence (Flo)CrossbreedDevonGrade 6 (KC)
Debs AinsworthHawksflight Just Look at Me (Tarran)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenDorsetSC Novice (UKA)
Rosie AinsworthAugustus Mister Fluffer (Gus)CrossbreedGloucestershireSC Champion (UKA)
Rosie AinsworthSeren Dipity Doo Dah (Seren)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice, SC Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Kerry AlbistonKernikim’s Barnstormer (Barney)LurcherSouth YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Louise AldersonBlue Moon Lass (Bella)Spaniel CrossGreater ManchesterGrade 3 (KC)
Margaret AlexanderGinger Son of Chucky (Teddy)Poodle (Toy)GlasgowGrade 7 (KC)
Shannon AlexanderGo Go Golly (Diesel)RottweillerAyrshireGrade 3 (KC)
Rachel AllanColefordplum Inga (Isla)German Shorthaired PointerIsle of WightSC Novice (UKA)
Helen AllisonSmart Cookie Sooty (Sooty)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Bev AmorDragondream Zac’s My Dad (Zeta)Border CollieLancsGrade 6 (KC)
Lee AmosAwesome Paws Rookie (Rookie)Working SheepdogHerefordshireGrade 4 (KC) + Senior and Champion (UKA)
Robyn AndersonOtto Andersononeill (Otto)Miniature SchnauzerRenfrewshireGrade 2 (KC)
Joanne ApostolouGheluvelt Action from Angel AW/G (Kozen)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisHertfordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Sally ArchenholdSavath Myll Rudh (Bonny)Border CollieCornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Alyna ArnoldWillow Wonkas Golden Ticket (Willow)Spaniel CrossNorfolkGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Larry ArnoldFolkvang Razzle Dazzle (Spice)Spaniel (Working Cocker)KentGrade 3 (KC)
Larry ArnoldSavath Rudh Delight (Cici)Border CollieKentGrade 6 (KC)
Melynda ArnoldCinder Bella (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)NorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Jo AsherWispy Willow Keeps the Faith AW/S (Willow)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 7 (KC)
Jeni Aston / Janet Measham and Bobbie ShawJust James (Jamie)Spaniel (Working Springer)DevonSC Novice (UKA)
Alison AtkinsonLewes Lad (Benji)Spaniel (Working Cocker)West SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Amanda AtkinsonBella's Precious Jade (Jade)Working SheepdogDumfries and GallowayNovice (UKA)
Amanda AtkinsonBells Beau Delicious Boy AW/P (Beau)Working SheepdogDumfries and GallowayGrade 6 (KC)
Sophie Atkinson / Steve AtkinsonFenland Mad Star (Maddie)CollieLincolnshireGrade 7 (KC)
Victoria AtkinsonBella's Diamond Jessie (Jessie)Working SheepdogDumfries and GallowayGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Anna AusterAstra Zeus (Zeus)Border CollieYorkshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Ann AustinTiny Pocket Rocket (Pip)Poodle (Miniature)West MidlandsGrade 2 (KC)
Barry AyresAshlindt Ajax (Kep)Border CollieSurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Will BacchusA Messgae to You Rudi (Rudi)Spaniel CrossDevonSenior, SC Champion, Champion and CSC (UKA)
Will BacchusMoldash Fall In Follow Me (Aston)Spaniel (Cocker)DevonSC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Aljeana BaddleySkymara Rockin Robin (Tilly)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CheshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Christine BaileyBasileas Alpine Rose (Heidi)Miniature American ShepherdHantsGrade 7 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Victoria BaileyThe Binfield Bullet (Otis)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 3 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Angie BainEllswinder Yasmin at Gymanji (Yasmin)Spaniel (Working Cocker)KentGrade 5 (KC)
Karen BainbridgeGet Ezzie with It (Esme)Collie X SpanielCounty DurhamGrade 4 (KC)
Sarah BainesDoo Bie Doo (Mexi)Staffordshire Bull TerrierNorth YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Charlotte BakerWhat’a Friend (Buddy)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Senior, SC Champion, Champion and CSC (UKA)
Marianne BannermanI Ain’t Ginger (Dexter)Boston TerrierAberdeenGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sarah BarrKenquartz Worthwhile AW/B (Poppy)Retriever (Labrador)GloucesterSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Lynne BarracloughJakailu Carnelian of Tykesway AW/S (Lexi)Bearded CollieSouth YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Gwen BarrowmanLittle Lord Spudleigh (Spud)CrossbreedPerthshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Claire BartonAnnahoj Hendricks (Oakley)Spaniel (Cocker)WiltshireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Tracey BartonWeasleys Patronus Charmer (Ron)Jack Russell TerrierWest LothianGrade 3 (KC)
Lucy BassettJess’t Ball Obsessed AW/B (Jessie)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Ali BateFlirtie Gertie Wertie (Gertie)Patterdale TerrierSurreyGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ali BateMally Wally (Mally)Patterdale TerrierSurreyGrade 2 (KC)
Gloria BatesGuinevere Queen of Hearts (Gwen)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 6 (KC)
Katrina BaylissMajesticalglowing Amber (Agility Warrant Bronze)Spaniel (Cocker)DerbyshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Mariann BaylissCoral's Crush at Crai (Coral)Collie X SpanielWest MidlandsGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Mariann BaylissCorals Crush at Crai (Coral)Collie X SpanielWest MidlandsGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Mariann BaylissWhispering Ila Spirit (Ila)Collie X SpanielWest MidlandsSenior (UKA)
Nina BeachWestlodge Elvira (Elsa)RottweillerLancashireGrade 5 (KC)
Tanya BeardCeltic Star of Tychosmoon (Kyan)Working SheepdogEast SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Georgie Bearder / Davina WebsterDewey's Delight (Beth)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Susan BebbingtonJust Joules (Joules)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 6 (KC)
Susan BebbingtonNo Fears with These Ears (Mia)Jack Russell TerrierCheshireGrade 7 (KC)
Lorraine BedfordRainmark the Charmed One (Paige)Shetland SheepdogLeicesterGrade 4 (KC)
Mark BedfordRainmark the Power of Three (Phoebe)Shetland SheepdogLeicesterGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Alison BelcherChazak Skyfall AW/G (Oscar)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jane BellDebian Darlington AW/S (Saffy)Hungarian VizslaSurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Kate BellClomarah Golden Hind (Lexie-Liquorice)Retriever (Labrador)HertsGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Angela BennettDashing Lord Douglas (Douglas)West Highland White TerrierHertfordshireGrade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Christine BennettJackapoochi Puzzle (Puzzle)CrossbreedDevonSC Senior (UKA)
Elizabeth BennettClavaire Birdsong (Edie)Spaniel (Cocker)North SomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Elizabeth BennettMistesso Zaya (Barney)Spaniel (Cocker)North SomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Nikki BentleyDeanway Lemon Meringue (Fudge)Spaniel (Cocker)KentGrade 2 (KC)
Janice BeresfordPixie my pocket rocket (Pixie)Chihuahua (Smooth-coat)SurreyGrade 6 (KC)
Freeda BettsKaLoLiLoLi from Cornwall (Lola)CrossbreedBuckinghamshireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Suzanne BettsGolden Toffee Crisp (Toffee)Spaniel (Cocker)OxfordshireSC Novice (UKA)
Suzanne BettsHuntons Dream AW/S (Jazz)Spaniel (Cocker)OxfordshireSenior and Champion (UKA)
Ann BideDexter Littleman (Dexter)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Sara BinghamTisane Double Trouble (Benji)Poodle (Standard)SomersetGrade 6 (KC)
Susan BirchenoughBorderbrook Powder Blue (Jinks)CollieLancashireGrade 4 (KC)
Tracey BlackerAilla Most Beautiful (Ailla)CrossbreedBathSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Paula BlackieDevongem Ready to Soar (Harris)Spaniel (Working Cocker)East LothianGrade 6 (KC)
Andrew BloomfieldChippychoo (Chip)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 3 (KC)
Sarah BloorCleopatra's Gold (Cleo)Retriever (Labrador)BuckinghamshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sue BlundenWhirlwyn Wren (Wren)CrossbreedLeicsGrade 4 (KC)
Abby BlytheReady Steady Sprint AW/S (Sprint)Parson Jack Russell TerrierWiltshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Julia BoardMidnight Mystery Dream Star (Scooby)CrossbreedDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Karen BoardmanDevongem Tiz Unbeatable (Robyn)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LeedsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Bobbie BoaxBob's Marley of Liebaross (Marley)CollieDevonGrade 6 (KC)
Helen BoothRuby Rocks (Ruby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)ClevelandGrade 2 (KC)
Jacqui BoothScrumpy Bumpy Ding Dong (Scrumpy)CrossbreedDorsetNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Judy BostockDaisybeck Pip (Pip)Spaniel (Working Cocker)North YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Suzanne BoucherTilly the Trick Pleaser (Tilly)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Stephanie BowersAsbo Duracell Bunny (Alfie)CrossbreedLondonGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sam BowmanBrookehigh Biscuit (Brook)Spaniel (Working Cocker)StaffordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Marian BowyerDiagemtas Brodie (Brodie)Border CollieHampshireGrade 2 (KC) + Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Beryl BranderHettsolina Valentina (Hetty)CrossbreedHantsGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Anita BraySascha Lady of Atina (Sascha)Collie XWorcsGrade 6 (KC)
Tracy BrewerRio’s My Love on the Run AW/G (Rio)CrossbreedKentGrade 5 (KC)
Sally BriceStarmix Puzzle (Diego)CrossbreedLeicesterGrade 6 (KC)
Lindsey BridgesKirkbridgend Athena AW/B (Thea)Border CollieHantsSC Novice (UKA)
Lindsey BridgesKirkbridgend Rock Star AW/G (Elektra)Border CollieHantsGrade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Lindsey BridgesKirkwind Poppet At Kirkbridgend AW/D (Poppy)Border CollieHantsGrade 7 (KC) + CAP (UKA)
Jody BrigdenMr Skillywig (Buddy)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Emma BriggsFallowglade Black Ice (Charlie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LancashireGrade 2 (KC)
Lisa BriggsWhizzy Dizzy Rascal (Sidney)Border TerrierHampshireGrade 6 (KC)
Lesley BristowAviary Special Agent (Bond)Border CollieCambridgeshireGrade 5 (KC)
Vycki BrockJansanleis Polar Express to Pomkins (Vinnie)German Spitz (Mittel)MidlothianGrade 7 (KC)
Charlotte BrookeEllan-Vannin Floss of Kennafell TDCH (Floss)Border CollieHertfordshireGrade 2 (KC)
Faye BrooksLunatic Blue Marian (Luna)Working SheepdogNorth East LincolnshireGrade 7 (KC)
Karen BrooksDriving Miss Daisy Crazy (Daisy)WhippetOxonGrade 6 (KC) + Novice and SC Champion (UKA)
Karen BrooksTiger Tiger Burning Bright (Harley)WhippetOxonGrade 5 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Ria BroomeCascade Cherry Blossom (Olivia)WhippetBerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Shona BroomeChocolate Amber Curly Wurly (Amber)Springer X PoodleCumbriaSC Novice (UKA)
Shona BroomeDans Defender AW/S (Marshall)Retriever (Labrador)CumbriaGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Caroline BrownStarlight Espresso (Star)Border CollieSomersetGrade 3 (KC)
Emily BrownRooqui Ever the Jesster (Jesster)Border CollieKentGrade 6 (KC)
Gail BrownDakata Red Rocko (Rocky)Poodle (Toy)NorthamptonGrade 3 (KC)
Graeme BrownBordadale Eternal Flame (Amy)Border CollieWest LothianGrade 6 (KC)
Karen BrownWhisky Wallace AW/P (Wallace)CrossbreedMidlothianGrade 6 (KC)
Kate BrownSt Ia Flyer (Peppa)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 2 (KC)
Lauren BrownBannetstane Yer A Wizard AW/S (Blink)Border CollieNorth LanarkshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Lesley BrownPrincess Sophia the Diva (Sophia)Cavalier King Charles SpanielScotlandGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jo BruceAmiesta Spin Me Round (Dizzy)Bichon FriseLancashireGrade 5 (KC)
Becky BryantBatfink Bombs Away (Bomb)Border CollieWorcs.Grade 4 (KC)
Martin BryantWows Shaken From The Core (Trema)Border CollieWorcs.Grade 3 (KC)
Samantha BuckenhamFoiled Again Fingal (Fingal)Border CollieLincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Ellie BuffetPig as White as Milk (Summer)Staffordshire Bull Terrier XBerkshireSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Tracey BullockRiverspring Evie's Dream (Poppy)Spaniel (English Springer)Worcs.Grade 2 (KC)
Allie BunyanHoundbrae Foxglove (Blue)Japanese SpitzHantsSenior (UKA)
Mark BunyanHoundbrae Proud as a Peacock (Kaspa)Japanese SpitzHantsChampion and CSC (UKA)
Mark BunyanSuper Sonic Snow Princess (Snow)Japanese SpitzHantsSC Novice (UKA)
Sally BurchSome Finn Extra Special (Finn)Working SheepdogDownGrade 6 (KC)
Ian BurnardMisty Eve (Arwen)CrossbreedCornwallSC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Chloe BurnettMarrytudog Twist and Shout (Daisy)Miniature SchnauzerAberdeenshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Melanie BurnsDonut Runs with Jammin’ (Donut)CrossbreedGuernseyGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Simon BushellGaia’s Pocket Rocket AW/S (Nala)CrossbreedSurreyGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Tony ButcherJoel's Mission (Joel)CollieLincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Emma ButlerBekkis Xquisite (Kestrel)Border CollieHampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kevin ButlerTawvale Baku (Ice Baku)Japanese SpitzEssexGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Lesley BuxtonGaesten Desirable Dita (Zita)Lagotto RomagnoloGloucestershireSenior (UKA)
Ashley CainPenwalk Bright Girl Lucy (Flo)Spaniel (Cocker)Dumfries and GallowayGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Senior and Champion (UKA)
Elizabeth CainLoony Luna (Luna)Patterdale TerrierDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Elizabeth CainRambling Rose (Poppy)WhippetDevonSC Senior (UKA)
Elaine CairnsElaine's Black Magic (Jake)German Shepherd (Alsatian)Co. DurhamGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Alison CalcuttBya Short Ed (Eddie)Collie XDorsetGrade 6 (KC)
Alison CalcuttLucy with Diamonds (Lucy)Collie XDorsetGrade 7 (KC)
Helen CallBremners Girl (Tystie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Inverness-shireGrade 6 (KC)
Caroline CallanderOro Del Rio (Rio)Border CollieDumfriesshireGrade 3 (KC)
Evie CampbellAinmhithe Sonic Boom (Boomer)CrossbreedEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Maria CampbellRhiaWorking SheepdogWigtownshireChampion (UKA)
Nicky CampbellCuckoo Doodle Poo (Barney)CrossbreedOxfordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Chris CannonThe Dharma Larma (Dharma)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Kate Carden / Jackie TrueSandwick Fortune Cookie (Moose)Shetland SheepdogGloucestershireSC Novice (UKA)
Ros CarneyBlackjack Nigel AW/S (Eddi)Spaniel (Working Cocker)North LincolnshireGrade 7 (KC)
Liz CarpenterMoseleywood Inky AW/S (Inky)CrossbreedWest YorkshireSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Liz CarpenterMoseleywood Winnie AW/S (Winnie)CrossbreedWest YorkshireSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Penny CarpenterLizmark Misty Pearl (Merlin)Shetland SheepdogKentGrade 7 (KC)
Rachel CarpenterFruitloop in the Sky (Kite)Border CollieBristolSC Novice (UKA)
Samantha and Jake CarpenterQuickpaw Starman (Mutley)Miniature SchnauzerKentGrade 7 (KC)
Julia CarrLowick Black Angus of Milesend AW/S (Angus)Shetland SheepdogKentGrade 7 (KC)
Sheila CarrKirkbridgend Rhea (Rhea)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Ami CarterDaisy Lou (Daisy)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Nathalie CarterRocket Snoopster (Snoopy)CrossbreedDorsetGrade 3 (KC)
Pam CashmoreFoxtwist Second Edition (Mia)Border CollieWorcestershireGrade 7 (KC)
Debra CassidyLittle Buddy Boy (Buddy)Collie X SpanielDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Michael ChaineyDigaden Jubilee (Emmy)Parson Jack Russell TerrierOxfordshireSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Susannah ChalmersMiss Marshamallow AW/G (Marsha)PugWarwickshireGrade 4 (KC)
Pauline ChandlerCherry Cutie Pie (Cherry)Spaniel CrossCambridgeshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Pauline ChandlerJacey Lady (Jacey)Spaniel CrossCambridgeshireGrade 7 (KC)
Lynette ChantWightwonder Spook (Poodle)Poodle (Toy)DorsetGrade 6 (KC)
Debbie ChapmanFlo's on the Go (Flo)CollieOxfordshireGrade 3 (KC)
Sharon ChapmanEnchanting Wizard of Chaos (Wizard)Working SheepdogMerseysideGrade 5 (KC)
Jackie CheshireBertie Bumble Sticks AW/S (Bertie)CrossbreedNorthamptonGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gary ChesterJumping Jessie Beans AW/B (Jessie)Spaniel (Cocker)West SussexSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Shelley ChristmasAnnavah Ha'Penny (Sandor)BeagleNorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Shelley ChristmasFunfastquick Compulsion (Jess)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Abigail ChristopherSasha’s of Chocolate Curls AW/S (Sasha)CrossbreedDevonGrade 5 (KC)
Harry ChurchillHarrys Marley (Marley)CrossbreedBuckinghamSC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Lesley ClareCandy Spice (Spice)Collie XWest SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Carol ClarkGolledge Breeze (Flo)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Jill ClarkBlack Island Bramble (Bramble)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerwickshireGrade 3 (KC)
Jill ClarkSon of Treacle Tweed (Treacle)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerwickshireGrade 6 (KC)
Sally ClarkLeiborschy Artur (Arthur)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaNorth YorkshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Deb ClarkeTraigh Secret Safa Bell (Safa)Border CollieCumbriaSC Novice (UKA)
Kat ClarkeLady Fly Foxington (Fly)Collie XBristolGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Katie ClarkeNorbeck Tern AW/G (Willow)Retriever (Labrador)CumbriaGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Niamh ClarkeMeadowpark Jasmine (Jasmine)Cavalier King Charles SpanielCumbriaGrade 7 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Rosemary ClarkeLady Penelope of Bankhall (Penny)CrossbreedYorkshireGrade 6 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Martin ClaytonTemplehall Dobbie (Dobbie)Border CollieAngusGrade 5 (KC)
Kim ClellandCaldonbeck Lady Cheddleton (Disney)Border CollieWiltshireGrade 7 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Judy CockburnOn the Upi (Upton)Retriever (Labrador)North YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Sue CockellIronpaws Saphire Wolf (Luna)Miniature American ShepherdEnglandGrade 3 (KC)
Pete CoeDanehaven Isortog (Tog)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverWest SussexGrade 2 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Pete CoeTivalake Beautiful Girl (Riva)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverWest SussexGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Mandy ColbourneThe Faithmead Flyer (Pip)Border CollieCarmarthenshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Patricia ColeRoweland Honeysuckle (Honey)Cavalier King Charles SpanielOxfordshireSenior (UKA)
Chelsea ColesBorn Trippy AW/B (Tripp)Working SheepdogWiltshireGrade 4 (KC)
Karen ColesKing Ollie Bob (Ollie)CrossbreedShropshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Michelle ColesLimasmythe Coles Charrisma (Jake)German Shepherd (Alsatian)WiltshireGrade 4 (KC)
Rebecca ColleyEncore Wildest Dreams (Swift)CrossbreedNottinghamshireGrade 3 (KC)
Kirsty CollierBeesting Bouldermobile AW/S (Dozer)Border CollieLancashireGrade 7 (KC)
Adele CollingsBlack to Basics (Prince)CrossbreedDevonGrade 3 (KC)
Gina ColtonDexy Midnight Running AW/S (Dexter)CrossbreedRutlandGrade 5 (KC)
Zoe ColtonRicochet Rusty (Rusty)Jack Russell Terrier XDevonGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
James ConnLontons Ducking Donald (Fergus)Retriever (Golden)MorayshireGrade 3 (KC)
Robert ConnahTobago Approves (Molly)Spaniel CrossEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Robyn ConnellMoonshine Murphy (Murphy)Retriever (Labrador)LancashireGrade 7 (KC)
Bridget ConnollyChasing Chance (Chase)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Hannah ConwayDinky Inky Indigo (Indie)CrossbreedKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Poppi-Anna ConwayRose Gold Chandelier (Lottie)CrossbreedKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Anne CooganRemmiwoods Bright Star (Jesse)Pyrenean SheepdogRuislipGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Heather CookLynwood Hooli CDex (Hooli)Border CollieNottinghamshireSC Novice (UKA)
Joyce CookWay to Go Dancing Star (Maggie)Working SheepdogCo. DurhamGrade 3 (KC)
Rose CookMolly’s Fluffy Flyer (Annie)CrossbreedNorth YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Sally CookTynevermoor Jet (Jet)Border CollieNorth SomersetGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Susan CookOwlets Flyer (Cuillin)Retriever (Labrador)East LothianGrade 5 (KC)
Amy CookeCarreg Ddu Magi (Jasper)CrossbreedGwent / South WalesSC Novice (UKA)
Chloe CooperAint He Sweep (Sweep)MixedStaffordshireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Louise Claire CooperRoyajay Zacharius (Amigo)Poodle (Miniature)North YorkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Anna CorsonLittle Miss Zebedee (Margot)CrossbreedWorcestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Jennifer CostelloIdonea Icknieldway (Buddy)Retriever (Golden)NorfolkGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Lucy CostinKielia Ontari on Ice (Ontari)Border ColliePlymouthSC Novice (UKA)
Helen CottrellCrockston Master Pippin (Pippin)Border TerrierCambridgeshireSC Champion (UKA)
Helen CottrellStowthorney Phantom (Bramley)Border TerrierCambridgeshireNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Craig CoulsonLovelight Mountain Pine (River)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LancashireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Wendy CoulsonLovelight Mountain Pine (River)Spaniel (Cocker)LancashireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jennifer CoulterBouncing Bailey Boo (Bailey)CrossbreedAberdeenGrade 3 (KC)
Chloe CowanFitdoon Floyd (Floyd)Jack Russell Terrier XSouth AyrshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Gill CowieI Should Be So Lucky (Lucky)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 6 (KC)
James CoxZenvo Mints Little Devil (Taz)Border CollieKentGrade 7 (KC)
Annabel CoyleBuddy Coyle (Buddy)CrossbreedBerksSC Senior (UKA)
Caroline CravenNevrac midnight shuffle (Magic)PugTyne & WearGrade 3 (KC)
Caroline CravenSpratz Madam Mable (Mable)PugTyne & WearGrade 3 (KC)
Sarah CrouchBatfink Twist of Fate AW/G (Risk)Border CollieBerkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Joanna CrumbleyCoppercoy Adamine (Amber)Hungarian VizslaSurreyGrade 2 (KC)
Sue CuddonEred Yavanna AW/B (Luna)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenOxfordshireGrade 3 (KC)
Debbie CulleySorrento Sunny Jim (Sunny)Spaniel (Cocker)BucksGrade 4 (KC)
Cameron CummingBetty Millicent (Betty)Shih TzuSouth GloucestershireSC Novice (UKA)
Jennifer CurrellLady Colin of Gloucester (Colin)Miniature SchnauzerEdinburghGrade 4 (KC)
Sharon CurtisAstra Sage (Sage)Border CollieBerkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Diana Curtis-EllerbyAllgirloffarnham (Alice)CrossbreedHampshireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sheryl Cuthbertsonlilysall Golden Boy (Buddy)Miniature SchnauzerAyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Alisha D'AdamoMischievous Mika Mayhem (Mika)CrossbreedLancsGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Katie DableLexi Go Round (Lexi)CrossbreedStaffsSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Jane DaltonWhisky on the Roxy (Roxy)CrossbreedCumbriaCSC and WCSC (UKA)
Sacha Dane Le PageLongtimbers the Blue Wizard (Merlin)Border CollieDevonSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jim DarcyEmmanygan Black Poplar (Joules)Retriever (Labrador)RenfrewshireGrade 2 (KC)
Astrid DarraghTri Illusion (Maya)Jack Russell TerrierYorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Helen DaughertyMaster Sawbones of Rhumsaa (Fozzy)Working SheepdogIsle of ManGrade 4 (KC)
Caroline DaviesSampex Curiosity AW/S (Darcy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)ShropshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Georgina DaviesKilnhurst Cariad (Tikka)Miniature American ShepherdDevonSenior (UKA)
Georgina DaviesThe Pi Who Loved Me (Pi)CrossbreedDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Glynn DaviesAnother Roll of the Dice (Dice)Retriever (Labrador)DevonGrade 3 (KC)
Rob DaviesNutmeg Came to Sigroc (Meg)Working SheepdogKentGrade 6 (KC)
Sam DaviesRhyderz Curious Nell (Nell)Border CollieFlintshireGrade 4 (KC)
Maureen DavisWoody Be Magic (Woody)Working SheepdogDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Natasha DavisBreewhych Armani Girls Roc (Princess Leia)Border CollieSouth LanarkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Colin DavisonHe's Simply Sam (Sam)Collie X SpanielScottish BordersGrade 6 (KC)
Colin DavisonSteady Storm (Storm)MalteseScottish BordersGrade 5 (KC)
Caroline DawsonBecause I Said So (Mack)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jemma DayAnthony Bear AW/B (Yogi)Chinese CrestedNorthamptonGrade 4 (KC)
Jemma DayVergo Kanjeri Red Boy AW/S (Rolo)Yorkshire TerrierNorthamptonGrade 6 (KC)
Mandy Day-CalderSweet Benny Boy (Ben)Border CollieScottish BordersGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Mandy Day-CalderThe Only Jay in the Village (Jay)Border CollieScottish BordersGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Antonia De BearnLizzie of Letchmore AW/S (Lizzie)Jack Russell TerrierHertsGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Nicky DeakinDougie Dancer of Many Tears (Dougie)CrossbreedSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Vivien DeakinBio Busy be Busy (Busy)Jack Russell TerrierKentGrade 4 (KC)
Lesley DeanMelindhowr of Godrevy AW/B (Martha)Retriever (Golden)WorcestershireNovice (UKA)
Lesley DeanPrincess Moonglow AW/B (Nellie)Retriever (Golden)WorcestershireChampion (UKA)
Jenny DeclerkLittle Ricky (Ricky)Jack Russell TerrierNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Hilary DenyerDevonairs Kitty (Kitty)KelpieWiltshireSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Sheree DicksonGlenchess Georgette to Bernavia (Nina)Finnish LapphundNorthantsGrade 3 (KC)
Rhyann Dines-LucasKentredecim Jupiter Lass (Darcy)Retriever (Labrador)NorthamptonshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Andrew DixonStar of Your Day Dream (SuperNova)Spaniel CrossSomersetGrade 4 (KC) + Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Julie DixonHorningsham Noble (Gryffin)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Judith DobleSolar Sensation (Solar)Working SheepdogRCTGrade 7 (KC)
Louise DochertyBitsa Wispa AW/S (Wispa)Spaniel CrossBerkshireChampion, CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Louise DochertyChocolate Man AW/S (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)BerkshireGrade 5 (KC) + CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Gaye DoigMelindhowr of Portscatho (Cuilan)Retriever (Golden)GloucestershireSC Novice, Novice and Senior (UKA)
Melissa DoubledayOlanlynd Mynameis Tallulah (Tallulah)Spaniel (American Cocker)KentGrade 2 (KC)
Paul DougalMystic Star (Sydney)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Mark DouglasBalnaguard Storm (Floyd)Retriever (Labrador)West LothianGrade 4 (KC)
Jacqueline DoyleJemstone Jemma (Jemma)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CheshireSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Jacqueline DoyleSapphirus Ruby (Ruby)Spaniel (English Springer)CheshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Stephen DoyleCleulow Sapphire (Saphie)Spaniel (English Springer)CheshireSC Senior (UKA)
Lisa DrewGenroque Silver Jewel (Ellie)WeimaranerOxonGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Susan DringBarnaby of Blansby Park (Barnaby)Working SheepdogN. Yorks.Grade 3 (KC)
Jason DrinkwaterSapphire Star Amber (Amber)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Jason DrinkwaterSapphire Star Riley (Riley)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Nicola DrummondMaisie Moomles (Maisie)CollieDerbyshireGrade 7 (KC)
Nicola DrummondRed Hot Pocket Rocket (Nala)Collie (Smooth)derbyshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jim DruryFarwoodview Hayat Vicarage (Finn)Working SheepdogCo. DurhamGrade 7 (KC)
Julia DuckworthSquiretime Sariel (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)DevonSenior (UKA)
Sarah DugdaleNothin' Sweet About Me (Lyl)Staffordshire Bull TerrierOxfordSC Senior (UKA)
Mark DugganMillhanger Ballycasey AW/B (Millie)KooikerhondjeNorth LanarkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Nicky DunhillPepperbox Onyx (Zak)CollieCornwallGrade 6 (KC)
Caroline DunnPrancing Doodle Archie (Archie)CrossbreedCo.DurhamGrade 6 (KC)
Trevor EagleSkybound Clear for Take Off (Wish)Border CollieKentSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Trevor EagleThe Gobby Gazelle at Sevnine (Lola)CrossbreedKentSC Novice (UKA)
Maz EamesTed the Red Racer (Ted)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Teresa Eaton-WattsThe Domino Effect (Domino)CrossbreedEast Riding of YorkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Susan Ann EaveryRosie Posies Dream (Rosie)Working SheepdogEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Michelle EdeTiaSpaniel (Cocker)HerefordshireSC Senior (UKA)
Katie EdgarReggie to Rumble (Reggie)Border CollieAberdeenshireGrade 2 (KC)
Susan EdgeSpiderwick Castellano (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)PerthshireGrade 3 (KC)
Jen EdsonWhisper Merle (Merle)Border CollieBedfordSenior (UKA)
Janet EdwardsOh No Not My Daisy (Daisy)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 2 (KC)
Jenny EdwardsIt's About thyme (Thyme)Border CollieDerbyshireSC Novice (UKA)
Jenny EdwardsMilk flower of the Snow (Eiralys)WhippetDerbyshireSC Novice (UKA)
Julia EdwardsStarlight Jade (Jade)Retriever (Labrador)GloucestershireGrade 4 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Sharon EldridgeMerliedog's Dare Devil (Tag)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Shirley ElkinsShirkira Dare to Dream (Kira)Working SheepdogDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Amanda EllertonInto Gear Ready Steady Beau (Beau)Working SheepdogStaffordshireGrade 7 (KC)
David ElliottMoncrieffs Highland Flyer (Zeno)Working SheepdogWiltshireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
David ElliottRough n Tumble Toby (Toby)Working SheepdogWiltshireWCSC and WCAP (UKA)
Debbie ElliottKorsabian Lucky Charm (Tali)Border CollieWiltshireSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Leah EllisSugar Lemon Fizz AW/B (Purdie)Welsh SheepdogShropshireGrade 5 (KC)
Viv EllisLucindale Arif ti Bubagets of Aristopaps AW/S (Rufti-Tufti)PapillonEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Julia ElsonAndrays Perfect Storm of Nessaby (Storm)Working SheepdogCumbriaGrade 6 (KC)
Victoria EmersonTeddy Follow the Bear (Teddy)CrossbreedWorcestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Hayley EmptageDomino Springbok Spanner (Domino)Spaniel (Cocker)KentGrade 4 (KC)
Louise EtheridgeSilly Miss Millie (Millie)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 2 (KC)
Ros EtheridgeJay dee on Ice (JD)Working SheepdogGlosGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Louise EvansDragondream Blinkin Luna (Luna)Border CollieStaffordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Ann & Clive EverestDarian the Bookseller (Ollie)Border CollieBuckinghamshireGrade 6 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Jenny EverittMeg Did It Her Way (Meg)Border CollieEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Mark EverittDo the Monster Max (Max)Other breed, not listedEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Kaye FaiersSunndach Saint (Saint)Border CollieDorsetGrade 7 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Kirsty FanthorpeField Ranger Crusader (Orry)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverBedfordGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Lauren FanthorpeKirkwind Moonshine Blue (Rio)Border CollieBedfordGrade 3 (KC)
Sandrine FarrAviary Moon River AW/B (Zola)Border CollieHampshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Susan FarringtonPentredwr Tessa Time (Tessa)Bearded Collies (Working)KentGrade 6 (KC)
Alyssia FaulknerLil Pot Noodle (Lilly)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Gaye FelthamLady Tasha Phoxmoor AW/B (Tasha)Collie XEast SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Rachel FensomeThe Badger Bomb AW/S (Badger)Border TerrierBuckinghamshireGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Bernadette FergusonApache Run Rigg (Rigg)Working SheepdogScottish BordersGrade 6 (KC)
Michael FergusonLornford Iona Toller AW/G (Iona)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverFifeGrade 6 (KC)
Debbie FiggDebbemy Magical Swift (Swift)Border CollieKentGrade 4 (KC)
Emmy FiggDebbemy Powerful Emrys (Emrys)Border CollieKentGrade 4 (KC)
Isabel FindlayMaccadale Ash (Ash)Border CollieRenfrewshireGrade 6 (KC)
Ruaridh FindlayBonster Babe (Bonnie)Retriever (Labrador)AngusGrade 2 (KC)
Fiona FirthSmarta Than the Average Bear (Yogi)Collie XWiltshireCSC (UKA)
Melanie FirthDingle Dangle Dingo (Milo)Collie XDumfriesshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Jim FloodMontaki Dream of Magic (Bandit)Border ColliePerthshireGrade 4 (KC)
Suzanne FlowerMaisy Fleur de la Moor AW/B (Maisy)Jack Russell TerrierDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Chloe Forgham-JamesGem and Tonic (Gem)Working SheepdogStaffordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Colin FosterPain to the Maximus (Max)Working SheepdogNottinghamshireGrade 7 (KC)
Laura FosterKiki on a Jet Cascade (Kiki)Jack Russell TerrierNorth YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sally FosterTick Tock Beat the Clock AW/B (Tiki)Jack Russell TerrierNorth YorkshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Emily Fothergill / Maria FothergillGroesfaen Exuberant Zuba (Zuba)Border CollieNorth YorkshireSC Novice (UKA)
Emily FothergillMelneg Fantastic (Kane)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Kate FowlerFairlawne Sundance AW/B (Flora)Retriever (Labrador)LincolnshireGrade 2 (KC)
Laura FoxLou Olaf (Darcy)CrossbreedDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle FranklandBud Tastic AW/B (Buddy)CrossbreedMiddlesexGrade 5 (KC)
Michelle FranklandStrawberry Bonbon AW/B (Bonnie)CrossbreedMiddlesexGrade 6 (KC)
Miranda FrithWaltzing Wolly Ears 'n' All AW/S (Olly)Spaniel (Cocker)NorthamptonshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Kim FrostMadame Millie (Millie)Spaniel (English Springer)NorfolkGrade 3 (KC)
Ann FullerWynele Golden Delight (Ella)Collie (Smooth)EssexGrade 5 (KC)
Debbie Fuller / Allison SeniorDevongem Having Fun Trying (Fun)Border CollieDevonGrade 7 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Emma GabbottDevongem Its a Cruz (Cruz)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LancashireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ian GallagherThe Good The Bad and the Boris (Boris)Bichon FriseBedfordSC Novice (UKA)
Ema GamlinHappy Hen Harrier (Ruby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthumberlandGrade 2 (KC)
Amy GarcésEceni Standing Rock (Gatsby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)MiddlesexGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Marlety Garcia ValdesLucky Star in the Night (Lucky)CrossbreedCambridgeshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Ella GarwoodKrazy Kyuss Mayhem (Kayenne)CrossbreedDerbyGrade 4 (KC)
Rebecca GentMr Scrumble (Teddy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)EssexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Roz GentryZeb in Geer (Zebulun)Working SheepdogEast SussexChampion, CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Carol GibalaSweet Maple Girl (Maple)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Lisa GibbAvairy Super Diva (Skye)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Wendy GibbHoney Beard (Honey)CrossbreedDevonGrade 5 (KC)
Luanne GibbsStylomecon Challis AW/B (Reg)Spaniel (Cocker)StaffsGrade 4 (KC)
Beth GibsonMrs Fanny Annie (Fanny)CrossbreedAberdeenGrade 6 (KC)
Linda GilbertNaxshivan’s Timely Agatha (Agi)Spaniel (Cocker)North LincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Claire GilesOmegaville Part Time Lover of Poppywood (Timmy)PapillonLincsGrade 4 (KC)
Sue GilesIvormyth Master Imp (Impy)Border CollieDevonGrade 6 (KC)
Emily GillStourmere Snow Song (Timber)German Shorthaired PointerMonmouthshireGrade 2 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Nick GillSuperDooper LoopyCooper (Cooper)CrossbreedNorth SomersetGrade 3 (KC)
Samantha GillmanSam's Basil Brush (Basil)Working SheepdogBuckinghamGrade 2 (KC)
Lucy GlanvilleLayla's Lucky Day (Layla)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Rachel Glanville-Davey / Chris LoweBuddy Boy (Buddy)Patterdale TerrierBristolSC Champion (UKA)
David GlasgowWight Dragon Jenson (Jenson)Spaniel CrossIsle of wightGrade 3 (KC)
Nicky GleadowBoshanti Rollo (Loki)Tibetan TerrierWest SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Nicky GleadowMalocomi’s Gypsy Boy (Nero)Tibetan TerrierWest SussexSC Novice (UKA)
Gayle GlendinningSealpin Thrilling Degar AW/S (Finn)Spaniel (Working Cocker)AyrGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ortal GoldmanSeabrook Sharing Moments (Millie)Poodle (Miniature)BedfordshireGrade 6 (KC)
Kathryn GoldsworthyFluently Faulty (Luen)Border CollieWest LothianGrade 6 (KC)
Ivone Gomes da SilvaElla GomesLurcherBedfordSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Gen GonzalezOscar Dosca (Oscar)Collie XSurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Carol GoodaSapphire Star Lexi (Lexi)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Carol GoodaSapphire Star Reeva (Reeva)Working SheepdogSomersetSC Senior (UKA)
David GoodhandRegal Duchess (Toffy)Hungarian VizslaNorfolkGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Rebekah GoodwinPepski Ballerinski (Pep)CrossbreedDevonGrade 7 (KC)
Sandra GoodwinDevongem Dance Master (Rumba)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetSC Novice (UKA)
Sandra GoodwinStars Above Me AW/B (Keela)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Laura GorhamFeatherweight Flyer AW/S (Zab)BoxerCheshireGrade 5 (KC)
Janine GoughWheatlands Maisie (Maisie)Spaniel (English Springer)BerksGrade 2 (KC)
Rachel GouldDelphinium Jet (Merlot)Spaniel (Cocker)NorthamptonshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Dawn GrahamMany Tears Lexi Springs (Lexi)Spaniel (English Springer)OxfordshireSC Novice and Champion (UKA)
Hannah GranthamNorthborders Wasn't Rushed (Rush)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CheshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Helen GrayNicholforest Top Gun (Maverick)Retriever (Labrador)DumfriesshireGrade 4 (KC)
Lizzy GreenRiley William (Riley)Spaniel (Cocker)WorcesterGrade 4 (KC)
Roz GreeningRegi Sprocket Pocket Rocket (Reggie)Spaniel CrossGlosGrade 6 (KC) + Champion and CSC (UKA)
Janine GreenwoodLook Out Cally About (Cally)Jack Russell Terrier XBedfordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Serina GregoryStar Fried Chicken / Super Star (Star)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 3 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Vicki GregoryCrackers Jack Cookie AW/B (Cookie)Jack Russell TerrierBedfordshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Darren GrifffithsRussell Bussell (Russ)CrossbreedFlintshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Maria HaageBarleybay Bernadette at Smultronstig (Ronja)Retriever (Labrador)DownGrade 4 (KC)
Maria HaageSmultronstig Ben Boloparte (Oden)Retriever (Labrador)DownGrade 4 (KC)
Maria HaageSmultronstig Mischief Man (Loki)Retriever (Labrador)DownGrade 6 (KC)
John HaddockNot Another Redfire (Thor)Working SheepdogMerseysideGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Samantha HadinghamBen Behaving Madly (Benji)CrossbreedHampshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Linda HailstoneMae in the Mist (Mae)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Jackie HalePeaches of Fauldhouse (Tess)Spaniel (Cocker)ClackmannanshireGrade 6 (KC)
Samantha HallChuckleberry Flynn (Flynn)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 7 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Samantha HallMiss Issippi Blu (Blu)Border CollieCheshireGrade 7 (KC) + CSC, CAP, WCSC and WCAP (UKA)
Karen HallamPascala Shining Star Over Kiddshill AW/B (Pixie)Shetland SheepdogWiltsChampion (UKA)
Rachael Hamilton-HowardNota Nono (Nora)Retriever (Labrador)DevonGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Liz HammettBryedal Jandy (Oscar)Manchester TerrierGloucestershireSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Philippa HardmanJodie Jump (Jodie)CollieLancsGrade 6 (KC)
Judith HardyPetal Poo (Poppy)Border CollieDerbyshireGrade 2 (KC)
Carolyn HarperTonlynor D'Artagnan (Risk)Border CollieOxfordshireGrade 3 (KC)
Deborah HarperKaeleon Pippi Longstocking (Pippi)CollieSuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Janice HarrisJimjen Blanche (Perth)BeagleEssexSC Champion (UKA)
Janice HarrisJimjen Kiki (Kiki)BeagleEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Janice HarrisJimjen Lapwing (Ozzie)BeagleEssexSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Janice HarrisTottlefields Bizzy Rockin (Kinder)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CambsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Kathryn HarrisWhale of a Thyme (Moby)Working SheepdogCo, DurhamGrade 7 (KC)
Lynn HarrisonJanbell Feel the Force (Obi)Border CollieDurhamGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Wendy HartTaffy Turbo (Taffy)Welsh SheepdogWest MidlandsGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Amanda Hartley-HaversFlitey Kitey Russett Ranger (Kite)Spaniel (Working Cocker)West YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Georgia HattonMillipede de Winter (Millie)LurcherMerseysideSC Novice (UKA)
Georgia HattonUpsy Daisy Here We Go AW/S (Hoddy)LurcherMerseysideSC Novice (UKA)
Rachel HawkenCarfury Bal Dhu JW AW/B (Lendl)Staffordshire Bull TerrierCornwallGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Valerie HawkerLaceway Phoenix with Taytinja AW/S (Chase)Border CollieSurreyGrade 7 (KC)
Kerry Hawthorne-WhiteColnepoint Buttons (Toby)Spaniel (Cocker)EssexGrade 2 (KC)
Ailsa HayRann's Promise (AWS) (Rannoch)Border CollieTyne & WearGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Heather HayeKaibijo Flashdown a Gauche (Tai)Border CollieCheshireGrade 2 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Carol HaywoodDebsanna’s She’s the One (Toffee)Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)ShropshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Faith HaywoodLooney Talulah Hoodlum (Clover)CrossbreedWorcestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Bonnie HeathBirchenhead Hector AW/B (Winston)Retriever (Labrador)BerkshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Cindy HeidebluthChiltern's Gabor (Gabor Brandy)CollieBuckinghamshireSenior, Champion and CSC (UKA)
Jane HendersonMorgansr Mohican Smile (Smiley)Collie XCumbriaSC Champion (UKA)
Lia HendersonVenebling the Ghost (Pearl)Poodle (Standard)BerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Marian HendryCrackerJax (Jaxie)CrossbreedInverness-shireGrade 3 (KC)
Sarah HensonBertie B'Dazzled (Bertie)Jack Russell TerrierNorth LincolnshireGrade 2 (KC)
Sarah HensonFast and Fabulous Maisie (Maisie)Border CollieNorth LincolnshireGrade 2 (KC)
Nicki HewinesJazzmatazz Boy (Jazz)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 6 (KC)
Sarah HeyworthGraig Wen Bryn (Bryn)Lurcher CrossGwyneddGrade 3 (KC)
Josette HibbertRownwood Bracken (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)West MidlandsGrade 3 (KC)
Helen HickfordLamijah Strike It Lucky at Zarafa (Skittle)Poodle (Toy)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Bethany HicksFalconcliffe Spartan (Milo)Retriever (Labrador)LincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Lesley HicksLa La Paws Kir Royale (Fizz)Border CollieScottish BordersGrade 7 (KC)
Colin HillCowpat Cookie (Cookie)Cavalier King Charles SpanielDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Elaine HillBretam Lightning Flash (Frank)Cavalier King Charles SpanielDevonGrade 6 (KC)
Elizabeth HillHuxster Glade Blue Dash (Dash)Working SheepdogEssexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Nettie HillGo Go Gadget Gus (Gus)CrossbreedHerefordshireSC Senior (UKA)
Katherine HillsLaila MaeCrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Pat HillsHelianthemum Dare to Dream (Munchie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)KentGrade 5 (KC)
Pat HillsSpanbox Mr Chips (Chip)Spaniel (Cocker)KentGrade 6 (KC)
Heather HillsonBizzyberry Rocketman Rebus (Rebus)Border CollieLancashireGrade 3 (KC)
Heather HillsonLittle Lily Long Legs (Lily)Collie XLancashireSC Novice (UKA)
Martin HillsonInverlochy’s Funsize Twix (Twix)Working SheepdogLancashireGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Sam HinchliffeKenateen High Class (Racer Ron)Miniature PinscherNorthantsGrade 2 (KC)
Sam HinchliffeThe Rebel Rocket Reg (Rocket)Miniature PinscherNorthantsGrade 6 (KC)
Susan HinchliffeCurly Power (Curly)Poodle (Miniature)KirkcudbrightshireGrade 2 (KC)
Jo Hind-MortonSweet Peggy Sue (Peggy Sue)Jack Russell TerrierDurhamGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Zoe HindleCalm Before the Jack (Jack)CrossbreedWest YorkshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Emma HindsonEmma's Bonnie Lad (Wilf)German Wirehaired PointerDurhamGrade 2 (KC)
Pauline HoadleySilkmountain Wises Words (Bizzie)Poodle (Miniature)GwyneddGrade 2 (KC)
Robert HockingRiverspell Go with the Flow (Stella)Border CollieCornwallGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Donna HolmesNorthfen Rocco's Ember AW/B (Rocco)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Kevin HolmesNorthfen Mystic Moonlight (Cyrille)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 3 (KC)
Kim HolnessSanaigmore Shanachie (Fern)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Carole HoltMoonchester Mabel (Mabel)Miniature SchnauzerCheshireGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Roxane HoltJacanshe Solid Chocolate (Toby)Australian ShepherdOxonGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Penny HookNedd the Red (Nedd)Working SheepdogEast SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Ellie HorwoodI’m Buddy Bonkers (Buddy)Border CollieEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Julia HorwoodLittle Rusty Roo (Rusty)Cavalier King Charles SpanielNorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Naomi HoskerThe Star In The Skye AW/G (Skye)CrossbreedHertsGrade 7 (KC)
Karen HoskinTactless Tatty (Tatty)Border TerrierDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle HowSouth Island Rocket (Kiwi)CrossbreedEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Jennifer HowardJennifer's Lady of Duende (Lacey)Spaniel (Cocker)HerefordGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Karen HowellLittle Dinham Rocket AW/B (Summer)Spaniel CrossHampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Margaret HudsonBouncing Bodhi (Bodhi)Bearded Collies (Working)AngusGrade 3 (KC)
Margaret HudsonTammie Noorie AW/D (Tammie)Bearded Collies (Working)AngusGrade 7 (KC)
Kate HughesLoucovium Maisy (Maisie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DumfriesNovice (UKA)
Lynn HughesToby Callaevan Runnet (Toby)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 4 (KC)
Philippa HughesFluffscruff Firecracker (Tansy)LurcherLancashireGrade 4 (KC)
Rebecca HughesManormoore Fawny Girl (Dotty)WhippetGlosNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Rob HughesCuckoopen Acrux (Barney)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WorcestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Sophie HughesEusanit Cut and Run at Abacot (Toffee)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverDevonSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Sophie HughesEusanit Gem Stone at Abacot (Gem)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Nicole HumeFind Us Findefuchs (Findus)Working SheepdogBerwickshireGrade 3 (KC)
Sally HunterMiss Dottie of St. Barnabas (Dottie)CrossbreedWorcesterGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Rachel HurfordSpark a Flame Pocket Rocket (Oakley)Jack Russell TerrierLeicestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Caroline Mary HurstDevongem Born for Adventure (Todd)Spaniel (Cocker)NorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Penny HurtMontyMixedHerefordSC Champion (UKA)
Alan HutchesonSaxonsol Do What You Like (Bazil)Spaniel (Working Cocker)FifeGrade 3 (KC)
Nikki HutchesonSaxonsol Patience (Ozzy)Spaniel (Cocker)FifeGrade 7 (KC)
Alison HutchingsLord Woofalot (Mervyn)CrossbreedSouth GlosGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + Champion and CSC (UKA)
Rita HutchingsSidney Squidney Bean (Sid)Working SheepdogOxonGrade 5 (KC)
Helen IapichinoAviary Silver by Starlight (Ash)Border CollieBerkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Helen IapichinoObi Black Magic (Obi)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Rachel InnesVoodoo Su (Suzi)Spaniel (Cocker)DerbyshireNovice (UKA)
Angela IrvingAndronja Rouge (Wallace)Hungarian VizslaStirlingGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Rachael IrvingOswald the Great (Ozzy)CrossbreedGloucesterGrade 6 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Amanda IsonPeasblossom Dream for Amandian AW/B (Sadie)Spaniel (English Springer)CheshireNovice (UKA)
Alan JacksonAgain Buddy (Buddy)CrossbreedEast Riding of YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Amy JacksonScottish Duke ‘O’ Emerald Isle AW/S (Duke)CrossbreedFifeGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Cat and Gary JacksonGjerulff Star Legacy is Wauw (Wow)Shetland SheepdogSomersetGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Cat and Gary JacksonJolainey Sundance Kid (Redford)Cavalier King Charles SpanielSomersetGrade 3 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Sophie JacksonSophs Miracle Magic Minion (Sparrow)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Rebecca JamesDexters Mischief Managed (Dexter)CrossbreedStaffsGrade 3 (KC)
Rebecca JamesMuddylane Oak (Moby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WiltshireNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Lynn JamiesonJingles at Kesellielyn (Jinny)CrossbreedHertfordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ian JamisonSmultronstig Freyja Flute (Freya)Retriever (Labrador)DownGrade 4 (KC)
Claire JaquesHave Mabelicious Will Fly (Mabel)CrossbreedNorthantsGrade 2 (KC)
Ella JeakinsWellies Bobby (Buzz)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CambsGrade 3 (KC)
Gemma JefferyHotcallie Caradoc (Benji)Border TerrierKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Dawn JenkinsonPytchley Toffee (Molly)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthamptonshireGrade 3 (KC)
Holly JervisLady Bug Fly Away Home AW/B (Lady)Cavalier King Charles SpanielWrexhamGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Nicky JessepMayhems Order of the Phoenix (Phoenix)Border CollieEast Riding of YorkshireNovice and SC Champion (UKA)
Linda JessonTeddy of Willow World OAC (Teddy)Staffordshire Bull TerrierWiltsGrade 4 (KC) + CSC and CAP (UKA)
Caroline JoelssonThe Taggster (Tagg)Other breed, not listedArgyll & ButeGrade 5 (KC)
Jessica JohnsonShemella Frosted Moon (Remus)Border CollieBucksSC Novice (UKA)
Karen JohnsonHasty Hamish of Balcomie (Hamish)Border TerrierNorth AyrshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Lisa Anne JohnsonBonnie Blue Belle (Belle)Working SheepdogShropshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Megan Louise JohnsonRoyajay Jean Geanie (Riley)Poodle (Miniature)North LancashireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Imogen Johnson-YatesItzy Bitzy (Chester)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Chris JointDevongem Playing All Out (Cerin)Spaniel (Cocker)North YorkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Chris JointDoodledogs Zodiac’s Mila (Bracken)CrossbreedNorth YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Anita JonesSassy Cinnamon (Mia)Border CollieWiltshireGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Elaine JonesCockhill's Innuendo (Brooke)Poodle (Toy)FifeGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Helen JonesMae The Force Be with You (Mae)Working SheepdogPowysSenior (UKA)
Jeannette JonesDevonduet Happy Ending (Happy)PapillonDevonGrade 3 (KC)
Lisa JonesTole Ja So Ted (Teds)CrossbreedKentGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sue JonesBluebell Buddy AW/B (Buddy)CrossbreedKentGrade 4 (KC)
Wendy JonesJust Libby (Libby)Jack Russell TerrierWiltshireCSC (UKA)
Wendy JonesPandaroo (Panda)Jack Russell Terrier XWiltshireSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Lisa JordanStarcoast Switch (Switch)Border CollieKentGrade 3 (KC)
Elaine JuddMahinda Hunca Munca (KT)Retriever (Flat Coated)GloucestershireNovice (UKA)
Elaine JuddMahinda Morello (Tia)Retriever (Flat Coated)GloucestershireChampion and CSC (UKA)
Linda JuerAlbadhu Paws in a Million (Neo)Large MunsterlanderWest SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Linda JuerZinzion Pink Panther (Nacho)Cavalier King Charles SpanielWest SussexSC Champion, Champion and CSC (UKA)
Natalie JukesBlazing Arrow (Milo)Spaniel (Working Cocker)West SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Susan KallenbergMister Rupert Bear (Rupert)Poodle (Miniature)CardiganshireGrade 6 (KC)
Pamela KaneTriburle Starbucks AW/S (Bramble)Collie (Rough)DevonGrade 6 (KC)
Pamela KaneWicani Butterfly AW/G (Florence)Collie (Rough)DevonGrade 7 (KC)
Linda KarvounisAstra Chase Your Dreams (Chase)Working SheepdogNorth YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Alexis KayDevongem Hot Fuzz (Fuzz)Border CollieDevonSC Champion (UKA)
Alexis KayGunran Pc Plod (Pc)Border CollieDevonSC Champion (UKA)
Julia KearneyAy Kay Mai AW/S (Mai)CollieKentGrade 6 (KC)
Fiona KeastMum's Bright Star AW/S (Star)Working SheepdogBerkshireChampion (UKA)
Beverley KeenAmber Eyed Boy (Ralfie)CrossbreedLondonGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Peter KellandHeikym Finn Tastic AW/B (Finn)KromfohrländerCornwallGrade 7 (KC)
Rachel KellandKyscafter Frosty Jack AW/B (Mouse)Border TerrierCornwallGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Christina KellyFlash Bang Peek a Boo (Boo)Border CollieCheshireGrade 6 (KC)
Morag KellyIndistorm Eskapade (Esk)ColliePerth & KinrossGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Rhian KellyToasty Rosie Red Toes (Rosie)PomeranianFlintshireGrade 3 (KC)
Catherine KennedyBuddmanian Devil (Bud Bud)CrossbreedIsle of ManGrade 4 (KC)
Victoria KennedySaffy Lemme at Em Puppe Power AW/S (Saffy)Spaniel CrossGloucesterGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Victoria KennedyThe Black Ninja (Buca)Spaniel CrossGloucesterSC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Deborah KennyWinhocklin Barrett (Brass)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SurreyGrade 6 (KC)
Dina KennyDespinia So Impulsive Con UnAmor (Chupito)Chinese CrestedMerseysideGrade 5 (KC)
Dina KennyMatias Flor Miracolo Dell Anima Con UnAmor (Enzo)Chinese CrestedMerseysideGrade 4 (KC)
Grant KerrJings Crivens Help Ma Boab (Elsa)Collie X SpanielGlasgowGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Monica KerrKari Kasprowicz Lil' Kracker (Kari)Parson Jack Russell TerrierRoxburghshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Natalie KerrRocket Lets Get It On (Lexxi)PomeranianAberdeenGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ellie KeyworthAnnie Blue Morawel (Annie)Working SheepdogLincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ellie KeyworthHoney Morawel (Poppy)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Val KiddLa Phroaig Peat (Phroaig)Spaniel (Working Cocker)AberdeenGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sara KillelayIndy and Her Bones (Indy)CrossbreedLincolnshireSC Novice (UKA)
Sara KillelayMarm Mo Anam Chara (Marmite)CrossbreedLincolnshireNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Sara KillelayPitter Patter Parsnip (Parsnip)Border CollieLincolnshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Andrew KimberAranel Lily O'Brien (Brianne)Cavalier King Charles SpanielEssexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Beverley KimberEllemich Erotica Aranel (Bonnie)Cavalier King Charles SpanielEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Beverley KimberSweet Baby Bella (Bella)Cavalier King Charles SpanielEssexGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Alyssa KingSnakewood Little Freddie (Fred)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Carol KingMy Skies the Limit (Skie)Spaniel (English Springer)LincsGrade 6 (KC)
Carol KingStarlight Sunshine (Huey)Spaniel (Cocker)LincsGrade 4 (KC)
Carole KingDecoy Dream Lilly May Rice (Lilly)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorfolkGrade 3 (KC)
Carole KingKonungr Delight Duke (Duke)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorfolkGrade 2 (KC)
Isabel KingDevongem Black Brilliance (Ozzie)Spaniel (Cocker)West SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Naomi KingMalcolm Go Like Lightning AW/S (Malcolm)CrossbreedKentGrade 6 (KC)
Sandra KingLittle Irish Lexy (Lexy)Collie X SpanielBedfordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sue KingBruno Star Baby (Bruno)CrossbreedEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Mary KinnairdSupasillysully at Siddysways (Sully)Jack Russell TerrierNorfolkGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Jason KnightBirkcross Chasing the Storm (Storm)Border CollieKentGrade 4 (KC)
Leonie KnightBirkcross Echo in the Wind (Echo)Border CollieKentGrade 3 (KC)
Ray KnightJensen Back to Black (Jensen)Poodle (Miniature)DevonGrade 7 (KC)
Liz KnightsSkinny Love (Cobweb)LurcherNorfolkGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Sharon KnightsSharie's Labra Dora (Dora)Retriever (Labrador)NorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Emma KnowlesMapleshene Jonagold (Leo)Spaniel (Working Cocker)HampshireGrade 3 (KC)
Janet KoonjaPikehow Fudge (Willow)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CumbriaGrade 6 (KC)
Kim KrausharThe Skye Fox (Foxy)CrossbreedDevonGrade 7 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Magda KrolikowskaMy Mighty Mouse (Maniek)Miniature PinscherNorth AyrshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Elizabeth KukorSpoonful of Sugar (Fizzy)CrossbreedNottsGrade 2 (KC)
Richard KuoKilnhurst Corundum (Fox)Miniature American ShepherdEdinburghGrade 2 (KC)
Hayley LachesHayleys Total Pixelisation (Pixel)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Mathew LadeThat Thing Seren (Seren)Welsh SheepdogGloucestershireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Lee LaintonHe is Marvellous (Marley)CollieDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC)
Lee LaintonOswald Street Saint Ozzie (Ozzie)CollieDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC)
Lynda LairdCrazy about Swayze (Rupert)CrossbreedFifeGrade 5 (KC)
Lynda LairdFun Times with Bertie Bops (Bertie)CrossbreedFifeGrade 6 (KC)
Chloe LakinReady Peppy Go AW/G (Peppa)Jack Russell TerrierLeicestershireGrade 7 (KC)
Kate LamacraftGem of The Hub (Gem)CrossbreedBedfordshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Kate LamacraftRoxy Midnight Minx (Roxy)CrossbreedBedfordshireSenior (UKA)
Lynda Lambourne / Zoe LambournePrincess Trixabelle (Trixy)Miniature PinscherBedsGrade 2 (KC)
Helen LammasEddie of Abbey (Eddie)CrossbreedWorcsGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Rosie LanderApplewithy Samphire (Freddie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Orienne Langley-SadlerLynwood Gemma Flickety Flic (Flic)Border CollieCheshireSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Orienne Langley-SadlerLynwood Switch and Go (Switch)Border CollieCheshireSC Novice (UKA)
Michael LarkingMurphy Lark About (Murphy)CrossbreedGloucestershireNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Emma-Jane LaRocheTimtaurn Tarrica at Emmroche (Dita)Lagotto RomagnoloSurreyGrade 6 (KC)
Amanda LattimerIr & Int Ch Coalacre Georgie Porgie (Isaac)Portuguese PodengoAntrimGrade 5 (KC)
Helen LaughlinChoccy Woccy Wookie AW/B (Poppy)Spaniel CrossSalisburyGrade 4 (KC)
Elizabeth LaversSkayhorn Harlequin (Harley)Collie XDevonGrade 2 (KC)
Ian LawIndia Kilo AW/B (Brecon)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BristolGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Senior, CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Kerri LawTatanka Zi Wicahpi (Croyde)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BristolSC Novice (UKA)
Kim LawerEl Bandolero Rojo AW/B (Bandit)Working SheepdogCornwallNovice (UKA)
Sally LawnBright Star at Talbrag AW/S (Brig)Working SheepdogWest YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Karen LawsonAero Naughty Girl (Aero)CrossbreedWiltshireSC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Joanna LaxtonBonapartist Intuition (Douglas)BrittanyCheshireGrade 4 (KC)
Naomi LaytonBenny Two Toes Runforfun (Benny)CrossbreedCaerphillySC Novice (UKA)
Yvonne LeachNewry Lad AW/B (Fritz)Miniature SchnauzerAyrshireGrade 3 (KC)
Stephen LeackHolmelyne Red Devil Denva (Denva)Border CollieLancashireSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Tracey LeaneyLippys Thornton Boy (Heskey)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Zena LeeBorn Star (Bodie)Border TerrierDerbyshireGrade 7 (KC)
Gary LeeceFajojo Driftie (Drift)CollieRoxburgshireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Jody LeilKinnadie Bracken (Aoife)Spaniel (Cocker)AberdeenshireGrade 3 (KC)
Claragh LewisThe Mad One Floppy (Poppy)CrossbreedCo. AntrimGrade 2 (KC)
Emma LewisWedderbean Zeus (Harry)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CheshireSC Novice (UKA)
Iain & Melanie LewisShemella Black Shadow (Mercury)Border CollieBuckinghamshireSenior (UKA)
Iain & Melanie LewisShemella Drifting Snow (Drift)Border CollieBuckinghamshireNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Liz LewisDylanBeagleBristolSC Novice (UKA)
Louise LewisSuper Fly Chunky Monkey (Florrie)Border CollieShropshireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Mark LeybourneJarysmystic Maybe for Me (Emmie)CollieTyne and WearGrade 4 (KC)
Kerrie LiggetPocket Rocket Power (Poppy)Parson Jack Russell TerrierStirlingshireGrade 7 (KC)
Kerrie LiggetRapid Rosie (Rosie)Parson Jack Russell CrossStirlingshireGrade 7 (KC)
Lucy LightowlerFarwoodview Jupiter Ash (Ash)Working SheepdogNorth YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Susan LillicrapSassy Solo (Solo)PapillonHampshireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Valerie LindsaySuki Sue (Suki)CrossbreedHampshireGrade 5 (KC)
Jane LingThe Irish Frog (Kermit)MixedWest SussexGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Aleksandra LipinskaGemmadean Maia (Maia)Border CollieGloucesterSC Novice (UKA)
Joanne LivemoreFerrous Major Tom (Dexter)Border CollieEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Tracey LongleyHarlequin Shuffle (Elsie)Great DaneShropshireGrade 4 (KC)
Morgan LookerRocking Rolo AW/S (Rolly)CrossbreedShropshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Samantha LordNixtev Xylia AW/G (Xyla)German Spitz (Mittel)LancsGrade 7 (KC)
Gloria LottCotleigh's Mungo (Mungo)Spaniel (Cocker)DevonGrade 4 (KC)
Rachel LountLewiselm Rolo (Isabella)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LeicestershireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Margie LowryJessie Too (Jessie)CrossbreedCo. DownGrade 5 (KC)
Helen LoxamBriarquest Que Sera Sera (Bella)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LancashireNovice (UKA)
Hilary LucasMerrowlands Teaser (Teaser)Retriever (Labrador)SurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Kay LuisBrookview Brisa (Brisa)Spanish Water DogWiltshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Kat Luotonen-RussellPacoCrossbreedBristolSC Novice, SC Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Haylie MabeHerbie Sausage AW/B (Herbie)Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-haired)LeicestershireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Chloe MacdermottSilver Dapple Star (Martha)CrossbreedPembrokeshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Gail MacdonaldAlong Shot (Flynn)Working SheepdogEdinburghGrade 7 (KC)
Lorna MackinnonDream on Dixie (Dixie)Border CollieInverness-shireGrade 6 (KC)
Elaine MainLady Lucy of Wiggle Bottom (Lucy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)GlasgowGrade 6 (KC)
Janice MalcomsonGranddach Bright Star (Finlay)Fox Terrier (Wire)FifeGrade 4 (KC)
Janie MallinNixtev Xelina AW/S (Flurry)German Spitz (Mittel)Scottish BordersGrade 6 (KC)
Kathy ManganSarkam Special Reserve (Brodie)Border CollieCheshireGrade 2 (KC)
Jan MannersTemelora Emmas Gem (Gemma)PapillonOxonSC Novice (UKA)
Jan MannersTemelora Lisas Dream (Lisa)PapillonOxonGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Joanne MarksThe Copperhouse Rafamuffin (Rafa)Cavalier King Charles SpanielCornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Joy MarnellBasswood Malaghite (Ki)Retriever (Labrador)NottinghamGrade 7 (KC)
Caroline MarshOff Her Sprocker (Blossom)Spaniel CrossDorsetNovice (UKA)
Brenda MarshallPuzzle Time (Puzzle)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Sue MarsonCherryhog Merton Beauty (Mya)Border CollieCornwallGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Amanda MartinMy Boy Banjo (Banjo)Spaniel CrossEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Claire MartinMeisterwerk Slippa Nippa (Pippa)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Rena MartinWoody Reach for the Sky (Woody)Working SheepdogFifeGrade 2 (KC)
Ruth MartinDevongem Top Notch (Ink)Spaniel (Working Cocker)ArgyllGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Becky MasonIzzy Whizzy Bang Bang (Izzy)Border CollieSurreyGrade 2 (KC)
Carole MasonGilbert Goof AW/S (Marlo)CrossbreedDurhamGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Carole MasonMagpie Milly (Milly)Border CollieDurhamGrade 4 (KC)
Rachel MasonWhisper of Dramatic (Millie)Border CollieNorthamptonshireGrade 2 (KC)
Russell MasonWesley Persian Pride (Wes)CrossbreedStaffsGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Paul MasseyWocket Rocco the Fox (Rocco)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Luisa MatteiSagor Black Sedge (Beau)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthantsGrade 6 (KC)
Helen MatthewsLegally an Irish Blonde (Erin)LurcherLeicestershireGrade 6 (KC)
Susan MatthewsMr Bailey Boo (Bailey)Working SheepdogSheffieldSC Senior (UKA)
Moira MaxwellDinvin Nelly Bean AW/S (Nell)Border CollieWigtownshireGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Louise Maxwell-YoungGone with the Windels (Indie)Working SheepdogPowysSC Novice (UKA)
Sarah MayoBright Eyed Nellie (Nellie)Bearded CollieMonmouthshireSC Novice (UKA)
Wendy McAlenanKipperridge Holly (Holly)Retriever (Labrador)LiverpoolWCSC and WCAP (UKA)
Wendy McAlensnJonanelle Miranda (Abbie)Retriever (Labrador)LiverpoolSC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Michael McCartneyHalligalli Theatre of Dreams (Robbo)Border CollieLisburnGrade 7 (KC)
Jaime McCulloughMillie Mollie Mayhem (Millie)Border CollieCumbriaGrade 7 (KC)
Kerry McCulloughBreezing On By (Breeze)Working SheepdogCumbriaSenior (UKA)
Kerry McCulloughKilwhiss Dezire (Elsa)Border CollieCumbriaGrade 6 (KC)
Fiona McDillCountess Fleece of Fife (Fleece)German Shepherd (Alsatian)FifeGrade 3 (KC)
Lyndsey McDonaldNo Nonsense (Maggie)Border TerrierDevonSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Brian McDougallThere's Only One Eff In Fudge (Fudge)Border CollieSouth LanarkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Lauren McDowellKie to My Heart (Kiara)Working SheepdogFlintshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ian McgheeTalraz Laugh Out Loud (Rogue)Bearded CollieAyrshireGrade 3 (KC)
Suzanne McKeanSupa Screamin Witch (Opal)Jack Russell TerrierNorthumberlandGrade 7 (KC)
Mary MckieThe Breeze Kneeze AW/S (Breeze)CrossbreedDumfriesshireSC Senior (UKA)
Sarah MckinnonSuper Duper Cupar (Cupar)Working SheepdogBristolGrade 3 (KC)
Janice MclarenShanters Maize AW/S (Maize)Jack Russell TerrierEast AyrshireGrade 5 (KC)
Aleshia McLauchlinSproloki Spring Dancer (Loki)Spaniel CrossSouth LanarkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Caitlin McLaughlinKarbeni Dara Niamh (Niamh)Lagotto RomagnoloLondonderryGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Eleanor McMahonSpot the Birdie Twitcher Tor (Tor)CrossbreedNorthamptonshireGrade 6 (KC)
Pat McVeighIndie at Erinndarist (Indie)Collie XTaysideGrade 6 (KC)
Allan McWilliamMaille of Ardmeanach (Molly)Retriever (Labrador)BanffshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kate McWilliamDriving Maisie (Maisie)Retriever (Labrador)BanffshireGrade 3 (KC)
Jill MearsAnelu Aurora Borealis (Carraig)Spaniel (Cocker)Isle of WightGrade 2 (KC)
Heather MeeLamintone Dare to Dream AW/B (Nita)Australian ShepherdShropshireGrade 4 (KC)
Judith MellorThatledome Perfect Enough AW/B (Rosie)BoxerDerbyshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Fiona MelvilleBridges Court Diminuto (Dimi)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 3 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Rebecca MemberyBarkis Is Willing (Barkis)Border CollieCambsGrade 5 (KC)
Kelly MenearFreakin a Mabels (Mabel)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 6 (KC)
Kayleigh MerrittBuster Buddy (Buster)Jack Russell TerrierNorthamptonshireGrade 2 (KC)
Paula MerrymanA Gem of Interest (Gem)Working SheepdogDerbyshireCSC (UKA)
Paula MerrymanLeeBearDream Tizza Teeze (Teeze)CrossbreedDerbyshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Paula MerrymanPad Lad Too (Solo)Working SheepdogDerbyshireCSC and CAP (UKA)
Martina MikusovaTallowah La Belle Stella (Stella)BeauceronGloucestershireSC Novice (UKA)
Maureen MillarPlay It Again Sammy (Sam)CrossbreedAngusGrade 7 (KC)
Lisa MillerInverlochys Spooktacular (Spooky)CollieAngusGrade 6 (KC)
Lisa MillerInverlochys Starlight Jumpy River Tay (Tay)CollieAngusGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Rachel MillerToffee I Scream (Toffee)CrossbreedNorthamptonshireGrade 2 (KC)
Julie MillsZiggy Merle Dust (Ziggy)Border CollieShropshireGrade 3 (KC)
Jane MissinBeesting Galliard (Echo)Border CollieMerseysideSC Novice (UKA)
Cheryl Mitchell (Lulu)CollieNottinghamshireSC Novice (UKA)
Margaret MitchellMillie Dubh of the Knoll (Millie)Spaniel (English Springer)PerthshireGrade 5 (KC)
Colleen MoarDe-ranged Drover (Drover)CrossbreedPerthshireGrade 6 (KC)
Katy MoffatRosmarinus Spring Flowers (Rosie)Border CollieSurreyGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Joanne MoleWispa Woo (Wispa)CrossbreedEssexGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jane MolloyDizzydylan as Mad as a Hatter (Dylan)LurcherHertsGrade 3 (KC)
Linda MolvikBen Rinnes Dark Viking (Jack)Collie (Rough)BanffshireGrade 2 (KC)
Kay MolyneuxDecoris Mother of Dragons AW/G (Erin)Hungarian VizslaCheshireSC Senior and Champion (UKA)
John MoodieGoytre Saucie Devil (Duke)CollieEssexGrade 3 (KC)
Dee MooreShannandi Just a Dream for Coolaulin (Felicity)Poodle (Miniature)AyrshireGrade 2 (KC)
Dennis MooreBenedictus Bercarius (Ben)Border CollieSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Ellen MooreBaby Bell Bonkers Boo (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Ellen MooreKentixen Last Kiss (Erik)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Ellen MooreSlaney O'Connor (Jackson)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 6 (KC)
Emma MorganFranklin’s Fabulous Find AW/S (Frankie)CrossbreedNeath Port TalbotGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Lily MorganAchiever Diva (Honey)Spaniel (Cocker)WiltshireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Lily MorganBuster Brown Boy (Benson)Spaniel (Cocker)WitshireSC Novice (UKA)
Tamsin MorrisFingal Dingle Morris York (Fingal)Collie XAberdeenshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Darren MortonBarytes Black Pearl (Pearl)Miniature SchnauzerNottsGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Emma MortonWoolbails Saffron AW/B (Merit)Spaniel (Working Cocker)South YorkshireGrade 4 (KC) + Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Anne MoynaghWalker's Wee Deoch 'n' Doris (Doris)Collie XStrathclydeGrade 3 (KC)
Nicola MullingsGrade Runner (Pilgrim)Spaniel (Cocker)WorcestershireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Nicola MullingsWee Willy Wilson (Wilson)Working SheepdogWorcestershireNovice (UKA)
Rhiannon MulrenanOutta the Black (Parka)Working SheepdogWest SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Patricia MumfordGameflight Aspinal (Storm)Retriever (Labrador)DevonGrade 4 (KC)
Helen MurchTaras Starry Night AW/S (Ruby)DobermanDevonGrade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Rebecca MurdochTri-Skye (Skye)Jack Russell TerrierScotlandGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gill MurphyWilma Theconkeror (Wilma)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Claire MurrayMadam Popadopoulos (Poppy)CrossbreedCumbriaGrade 7 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Kerry MurraySecret Mystery Antartic Polar Bear (Phoenix)Shetland SheepdogWiltshireGrade 6 (KC)
Lynsey MurrayTemplehall Mint Condition (Mint)Border CollieDundeeGrade 4 (KC)
Sandra MurrayAilsa Witch of Wellesley (Ailsa)Border CollieEast KilbrideGrade 2 (KC)
Lisa MuscarellaBrandy Snap AW/P (Ezekiel)Hungarian VizslaCumbriaSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Tracey MyersPrince of Leon (Leon)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 5 (KC)
Tracey MyersQueen Cleopatra (Cleo)Chihuahua (Long-coat)LancashireSC Novice (UKA)
Karen NaishLady Black Pearl of Inca (Inca)Spaniel (English Springer)HampshireGrade 2 (KC)
Beth NakhlahCatch Me Charlie (Charlie)CrossbreedEssexGrade 3 (KC)
Deanne Leigh NashFly Bys Ultimate Rumour (Rumour)Welsh SheepdogHertsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Katy NashMolly Chops Is Awesome AW/B (Molly)CrossbreedDumfries and GallowayGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sharon NealBlue Mist in Mition (Misty)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Tracy NeillPullensbrook Firefly Merry (Merry)Spaniel (Working Cocker)East SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Tracy NeillSaddington Pippin (Pippin)Collie X SpanielEast SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Carol Neslen (Angus)CrossbreedSomersetNovice (UKA)
Nicola NeversTivalake Easy to Love (Izzy)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverHantsGrade 3 (KC)
Kathrine NewcombeIndie's Little Shadow AW/B (Indie)CrossbreedGwentGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sue NewingParisway Kandyman (Gibbs)Border CollieKentGrade 6 (KC)
Emma NicholsonCastomya Never Say Never (Meeka)Border CollieSuffolkGrade 3 (KC)
Emma NicholsonCastomya New Edition (Ettie)Border CollieSuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Holly NicholsonBoxing the Shepherd (Tiny)CrossbreedLincolnGrade 6 (KC)
Julie NicholsonBoo My Little Firecracker (Betsy Boo)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 3 (KC)
Trudy NicolleWightgem Titchy Optimist (Titch)Spaniel (Cocker)Isle of WightSC Novice (UKA)
Kath NodenJoemario Ice Ice Baby (Millie)Manchester TerrierCheshireGrade 2 (KC)
Amanda NormanCharleston Twist (Charlie)Spaniel CrossNorthantsGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jess NormanHardyljess Wispa upon a Star AW/ B (Wispa)Border CollieWest YorkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Clifford NorringtonBussel Belle Caramel AW/G (Buddy)Retriever (Golden)KentGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Louise NorrisHarlequins Jester (Harley)Spaniel (English Springer)KentGrade 7 (KC)
Carol NorwoodAstra Jig (Jig)CollieNorfolkSC Novice (UKA)
Alison O'ConnellGrease is the Word (Zuko)Working SheepdogLincsGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Lester O'ConnellCinn Chardain Bordie Boy (Hamish)Working SheepdogFifeGrade 7 (KC)
Margaret O'ConnellUp and Over Four Pawed Clover (Clover)Spaniel CrossFifeGrade 5 (KC)
Joe O'KaneDustonian Dame Tamantha (Tammy)CollieNorthamptonGrade 5 (KC)
Catherine O'RourkeIsadora Skywalker (Shmi)CollieLincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Dawn OliverBeckswych Fox in Sox (Mouse)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthumberlandGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Dawn OliverBeckswych La Volpe (Berry)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthumberlandGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Dawn OliverTranswells Johnstone of Beckswych (Hunter)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthumberlandGrade 4 (KC)
Jill OliverStardell Moon (Lucy)CollieLincolnshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sue OliverSlow Jam Sally AW/S (Pumpkin)Border TerrierHantsGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Sue OsgoodManypaws Dancing Moonbeam at Rhedec (Bryher)Border CollieHerefordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Barbara OwenWeircourt Ritz (Ritz)Border CollieCambs.Grade 4 (KC)
Andrea OxleyBreezybrook Laser (Wispa)Spaniel (Cocker)South YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Charlotte O’NeillHigh Flyer Harls AW/S (Harley)Collie X SpanielSomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Sharon PadleyKillington Kim (Kim)Spaniel (Cocker)Dumfries and GallowayGrade 7 (KC)
Sharon PadleyShelleys Shadow (Shelley)Spaniel (Cocker)Dumfries and GallowayGrade 7 (KC)
Emer PageKing of The Shadow Dancers (Shoka)Shetland SheepdogCo AntrimGrade 6 (KC)
Johanna PageAnnahoj Sleeping Lemons (Jelli)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Pauline PaigeMaisy’s Unlimited Affection (Maisy)Jack Russell Terrier XKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Janice PalfreyWillowhurst Hi I'm Martha AW/B (Martha)Collie (Smooth)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Linda Palmer-JenkinsWundai Back to the Future (Sapphire)Miniature SchnauzerSussexGrade 6 (KC)
Barry and Ann ParkerAmazing Bossy Boots AW/S (Gem)Jack Russell TerrierMilton KeynesGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Karen ParkerIt's Simply Jazz (Jazz)CrossbreedBucksGrade 7 (KC)
Rachel ParkerLivewires Time to Shine (Jade)Staffordshire Bull Terrier XLincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Gillian ParkinRannaleroch Rocotillo (Jinx)Australian ShepherdDurhamGrade 4 (KC)
Lucy ParkinPlinkie Belladonna Dinga (Ding)CrossbreedTyne and WearGrade 7 (KC)
Katy ParrottFestive Fig of Rivermeadow AW/D (Fig)Retriever (Labrador)West SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Kate PartridgeAeron Elann (Willow)Retriever (Labrador)ShropshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Michele PatientSkymara Silver Magpie (Pie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)EssexGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Michele PatientTea Leaf Winnie at Skymara (Winnie)Spaniel (English Springer)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Hannah PatrickAshlowrick Yngvi Episkey (Wrenna)Large MunsterlanderNorfolkGrade 2 (KC)
Isabel PattenSaint Nico Las (Nico)CrossbreedEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Carol PayneAlcumlow Heather at Sensevalley (Holly)Border TerrierLeicestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ashley PeachThe Nero (Nero)Border CollieLeicesterGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Tracy PeachAfterglow Song 'n Dance (Zing)Shetland SheepdogNorth YorkshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Frances PearcePandora Izadorable (Pan)CrossbreedDevonGrade 6 (KC)
Catherine PearsonRoyal Riley (Riley)CrossbreedHerefordshireSenior (UKA)
Lesley Pearson-SimmondsDaisymay is Peters Choice (Daisy)Jack Russell Terrier XKentGrade 4 (KC)
Steven PegramDisnae Like Stoppin (Dixie)Working SheepdogSouth LanarkshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Jane PenninckKizzi of Crackerhouse (Kizzi)Working SheepdogStaffordshireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Margaret PenningtonFoxfold Saracen (Raven)German Shepherd (Alsatian)Lancs.Grade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Sally PerksAll the Way Donder (Daisy)Retriever (Labrador)DevonSC Novice (UKA)
Debbie PerrinCinder Chela (Chela)Spanish Water DogHerefordshireSenior (UKA)
Katy PhillipsFoxtwist Set for Stardom (Bright)Border CollieBerksGrade 2 (KC)
Michele PhillipsBatfink Ruddy Eck (Roo)KelpieGlosGrade 7 (KC)
Michele PhillipsGoodgolly Miss Holly (Holly)CrossbreedGlosGrade 5 (KC)
Sarah PhillipsMagic Midnight Molly (Molly)Staffordshire Bull TerrierLincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Beverly PhilpTopaz Oak (Riley)Spaniel (Cocker)CornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Julia PhilpJaxstar So white (Matilda)CrossbreedSomersetSC Senior (UKA)
Trish PigginTrixlin Oh What a Frenzy (Harvey)Poodle (Miniature)NorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Corinna PippardSaunderswood Painted Lady AW/B (Megan)Shetland SheepdogGloucestershireSC Champion (UKA)
Amanda PocockKitty's Cocoa Bean (Evie)Spaniel (Cocker)SurreyNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Terry PocockLeebeardream Forever Blue AW/B (Flynn)CollieSurreyGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Di PoingdestreBramleycott Miss Rock'n Roll AW/G (Hazel)Shetland SheepdogShropshireGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Di PoingdestreFareway Floyd AW/S (Eddie)BeagleShropshireGrade 7 (KC)
Sarah PoppletonTroublicious Daisy (Daisy)Border CollieLeicestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Rachel PorterDdawn Run (Fizz)Retriever (Labrador)GloucesterGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Shel PottToffee to Go (Rupert)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 6 (KC)
Jackie PotterRough Diamond Chip (Chip)Working SheepdogGlosSC Novice (UKA)
Chris PottsEvie Beevie BStoke Princess (Evie P)CrossbreedHampshireSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Arlene PoultonLocheil Badger (Brock)Border CollieWigtownshireGrade 2 (KC)
Barbara PoultonSomerby Star (Kai)Spaniel (Cocker)LincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sue PowellSilver Wishes (Spray)Working SheepdogPowysGrade 7 (KC)
Chloe PowlingJess Summertime Falls (Bella)Spaniel (English Springer)ClackmannanshireGrade 7 (KC)
Chloe PowlingLookout Lookout Samy's About (Sam)Spaniel (Cocker)ClackmannanshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Jess PowlingThe White and Black Pearl (Pippin)Working SheepdogClackmannanshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Stella PreedyGracie Lou Freebush (Gracie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)HerefordSC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Sarah PrenticeShazonfire's Time to be Wild (Diggory)Poodle (Miniature)BirminghamGrade 7 (KC)
Sorcha PriceDusters Got You Pegged (Peggy)Working SheepdogBristolGrade 7 (KC) + Champion, CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Susan PriceHeartmade to Pioneer (Freja)Spaniel (Cocker)BordersGrade 3 (KC)
Nichola ProcterSilkmountains Dark Secret AW/S (Buddy)Poodle (Miniature)DevonGrade 6 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Heather ProctorMy Evie Wonder (Evie)Collie XBerksChampion and CSC (UKA)
Bella PughBella Boos Boy (Flash)Spaniel (Working Cocker)ShropshireGrade 2 (KC)
Stephanie PurvisFly Boy Floyd (Floyd)CrossbreedCo. DurhamGrade 2 (KC)
Karen PuzioJumpin' Jimi Jangles (Jimi)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Chris RaineGone In Ted (Ted)CollieLeedsGrade 6 (KC)
Charlotte RamseySteinway Mollie (Luna)WeimaranerNorfolkGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Denise RamshawTinka Star (Tinka)Collie XWest SussexGrade 6 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Abbey RanceSkybound Clear for Take Off AW/B (Rusty)Border CollieKentGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jessica RapinettWhoops a Bailey (Bailey)CrossbreedShropshireGrade 6 (KC)
Natalie RatcliffeFrankie Fangtastic (Frankie)CrossbreedSouth YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Nicola ReadmanPacolito Danish Design AW/B (Truffle)Parson Jack Russell TerrierNorth YorkshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Martyn ReedGo Crazy Maisie (Maisie)Border CollieEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Sharon ReederBexenolly Star Trooper (Robbie)Border CollieLancashireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Joanna ReesTail'n'Swift Sara Jes Barker (Sharick)Border CollieRCTGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Susan ReesBawdseylill Rudder (Barney)Retriever (Labrador)SuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Matthew ReevesDante's Need for Speed (Dante)Working SheepdogEast Riding of YorkshireGrade 7 (KC) + CAP and WCAP (UKA)
Anne ReidDevongem Lets Dance (Breeze)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LancashireGrade 2 (KC)
Grace ReidRuger Madadh (Ruger)Patterdale TerrierAberdeenGrade 3 (KC)
Grace ReidSquirrel McSquirrel (Squirrel)Retriever (Labrador)AberdeenGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Karen ReidSeryphina Kissed by Fire (Evie)Collie (Rough)GloucestershireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Kathryn ReidDashing Dandy Dodger (Dodger)Jack Russell TerrierNorthayrshireGrade 6 (KC)
Rosie ReidSplatterday Night Fever (Pixel)LurcherWiltshireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Kenneth RendallTiggy Lighting (Tiggy)Border TerrierLanarkGrade 5 (KC)
Jennie RichardsOscar Gingernut (Oscar)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Joanne RichardsCastomya Endless Love (Jem)Border CollieEssexGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Pippa RichardsBellpins Betcha Can't Kiss Me at Pippapins (Sugar)Miniature PinscherDevonSenior (UKA)
Ria RichesCreswickes Razel Dazel (Eva)Border TerrierSouth GlosSC Champion (UKA)
Ken RickettsTreasured Muttley (Muttley)Collie XBerksGrade 5 (KC)
Melanie RickettsMister Help Yourself (Moss)Working SheepdogGloucesterGrade 6 (KC)
Jennifer Ridley / Linda RidleyEllan-Vannin Beau Dream (Beau)CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Georgie RidoutKyscafter Kinky (Stella)Border TerrierCornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Oliver RigbyKelticemrald Felix Felicis (Rebus)Working SheepdogShropshireGrade 3 (KC)
Rose Marie RileyKissii Kom (Kissii)MixedEast SussexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Paul RobertsMorgans Sonny Jim (Sonny)CrossbreedCumbriaSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Martin RobinsonStar of Track and Field (Darcy)Spaniel CrossRoss-ShireGrade 6 (KC)
Carol RogersClear Run Geanie Us (Geanie)Working SheepdogRenfrewshireGrade 7 (KC)
Linda RogersonChristchurch Kiwi (Kiwi)Poodle (Toy)BerwickshireGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Linda RogersonLolita Lolly Pops (Lola)Spaniel CrossBerwickshireGrade 7 (KC)
Paula RoutledgeFolkvang Galaxy (Marco)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerksGrade 5 (KC)
Carol RowlandBlack Love (Lola)Spaniel (Cocker)NorthantsGrade 2 (KC)
Alison RowlandsNealejac Mini Egg (Rolo)Spaniel (Cocker)WiltshireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Hayley Rubery / Rose RuberyBasilea Ab Fab (Abbie)Miniature American ShepherdShropshireGrade 4 (KC)
Hayley Rubery / Rose RuberySurechanz Diamond Dust AW/S (Mia)Miniature SchnauzerShropshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Shauna RuberyLazing on a Sonny Afternoon (Sonny)CrossbreedBristolGrade 2 (KC)
Heidi RumbleRemedyclose Buckaroo AW/S (Sooty)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DorsetGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Justyna RurnyBertie Black Lad (Benji)Border CollieNorwichGrade 5 (KC)
David RussellChocolate Dream V.d Herikervlier (Imp NDL) (Vudu)PapillonShropshireGrade 5 (KC)
Sarah RymanSherrygold Witches This (Branston)Poodle (Toy)HampshireGrade 7 (KC)
Morgan SaltOrla My Golden Princess (Orla)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LeicestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Joanne Sanderson / Kath McHughKazura Autumn Knight (Gizzie)Shetland SheepdogCheshireSC Senior (UKA)
Hannah SansomeBrianna's Boy (Archie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CardiffGrade 3 (KC)
Hannah SansomeFace the Chase (Chase)Border CollieCardiffGrade 3 (KC)
Jessica SansomeNot a Mini Cooper (Cooper)Border CollieCardiffGrade 6 (KC)
Brea SargentPocket Rocket Doodlebug (Lexi)CrossbreedEast SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Julie SaundersMidnight Chocaholic (Izzie)CrossbreedEssexGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Susan SavageHier Piper Woodfold (Piper)Retriever (Labrador)LancashireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Susan SavageHiper Piper Woodfold (Piper)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ann-Marie SaxonPriorheath Dark Crystal (Gem)Spaniel (Cocker)ClevelandGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Gilli SayerMorgansr Chocolate Box (Blaze)Working SheepdogLancashireGrade 7 (KC)
Gilli SayerMorgansr Twist of Fate (Jive)Working SheepdogLancashireGrade 3 (KC)
Peter SchofieldTickle My Tum (Lola)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Tina SchusterBree Wee Squeeze Me (Breezer)German Shepherd (Alsatian)GloucestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Chris SchwarzSummergreen Blueberry Pie (Axl)Miniature SchnauzerManchesterGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Chris SchwarzSummergreen Pumpkin Pie (Bisley)Miniature SchnauzerManchesterGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lindsey ScottChewbacca Monkey Bear (Chewbacca)CrossbreedGlasgowGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Richy ScottKtwo's Marty McFly (Marty)CrossbreedScottish BordersGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sue ScottDalyan Lady AW/S (Sinsi)CrossbreedCumbriaGrade 6 (KC) + Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Tish ScottMazengarb Scotty (Alfie)Border TerrierNorthamptonshireGrade 3 (KC)
Tracie ScottHolmelyne Flyte (Flee)Border CollieDumfriesGrade 6 (KC)
Barry Sedgwick / Karen IngramBorderpops Blitz It (Shaun)Border CollieCheshireSC Novice (UKA)
Clarissa SeeleyWillow White Socks AW/B (Willow)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Elizabeth SewellRobina Lucky Take (Lucky)Jack Russell TerrierNorth YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Emma SharpeAllsorts Oreo Cookie (Oreo)Border CollieHampshireSC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Masha ShavernevaQazal Sarbaz Har Kala Rachi (Imp Bel) (Altai)SalukiLondonGrade 2 (KC)
Maxine ShellSnookbank Blonde Bombshell (Fern)Retriever (Labrador)NorthumberlandGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Maxine ShellSnookbank Rosemary AW/B (Rosie)Retriever (Labrador)NorthumberlandGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Charlotte ShepherdShepherds Black Knight (Yogi)CrossbreedLancs.Grade 2 (KC)
Kate ShepherdMiggy Mig Mig (Twiglet)LurcherWiltshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Maxine SheppardWillow Scruffbucket (Willow)CrossbreedWiltshireNovice, Senior and CSC (UKA)
Mavis SherwinA Diamond in the Woof AW/S (Skee)Working SheepdogLancashireGrade 5 (KC)
Danielle ShipmanMad Milo (Milo)LurcherNorth LincsGrade 3 (KC)
Danielle ShipmanTinker Time Toby (Toby)Jack Russell TerrierNorth LincsGrade 3 (KC)
Selena ShortDiagemtas Fever to Otterbarrow AW/B (Fever)Border CollieDevonGrade 5 (KC)
Sonia ShortVimick Frankel (Ace)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Rebecca SilkVarkata Last Jedi (Skye)Retriever (Labrador)Redcar & ClevelandGrade 2 (KC)
Tina SimpsonHawksflight The Phoenix AW/S (Phoenix)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenCornwallSC Champion (UKA)
Sara SinglehurstRadajasa’s Violette Szabo (Hebe)German Spitz (Klein)BedfordshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Lucy SinnottIt's Ahh Bear Necessities (Ozzie)Spaniel (Cocker)EssexGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Lucy SinnottIt’s Ahh Bare Necessities (Ozzie)Spaniel (Cocker)EssexGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Heather SkeltonOlivepies Clover Sunshine AW/S (Winnie)Spaniel (Cocker)HampshireGrade 6 (KC)
Amanda SladeBryngwrhyd Jacko (Jack)Spaniel (English Springer)SomersetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Nicola SlatterScruffy Love (Eve)Jack Russell TerrierCambsSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Emily SlevinKentixen Bee Orchid (Indie)Retriever (Labrador)BucksGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Amanda SmithThe She Devils Daughter (Chance)Working SheepdogAyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Ande SmithBramleycott Charlston (Gertie)Shetland SheepdogHantsGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Anna SmithCroms Hopscotch (Crombie)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Caren SmithKentredecim ColaTwist (Stanley)Spaniel (Cocker)EssexGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Celia SmithCrazy Daisy Daze (Daisy)Spaniel CrossDerbyshireGrade 3 (KC)
Chloe SmithMillie in a Puddle AW/B (Millie)Retriever (Flat Coated)GloucestershireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Chloe SmithMystical Dynamite (Denver)Jack Russell Terrier XGloucestershireGrade 4 (KC)
Ian SmithBarkaway Miss Millie (Millie)CrossbreedWorcesterGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Nina SmithDeedee Doodle Dandee (Deedee)CrossbreedNorthamptonGrade 6 (KC)
Sue SmithScintillating Sasha (Sasha)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Michaela Smith-MooreRosmarinus Tweed Cap (Tully)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Megan SmythChief Kaizer JoBurg (Kaizer)CrossbreedNottinghamshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Megan SmythLittle Green Monster (Envy)CrossbreedNottinghamshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Barry SollisRuse Madame Rouge (Indi)CrossbreedOxfordshireGrade 3 (KC) + Novice and CSC (UKA)
Alison SouttarCressida Gold of Troilus (Cressy)Retriever (Labrador)DevonSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jane SparreyMaisie Missy Minx (Maisie)Jack Russell TerrierDorsetGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Carolyn SpelmanShadwell Josh (Josh)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Nicky SpurgeonLarks Rooble Dooble AW/B (Ruby)CrossbreedEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Sarah SquireRazzamataz Bramble Storm (Jazz)CrossbreedDevonGrade 6 (KC)
Debbie StanleyLily's Panda Bear (Kai)Working SheepdogSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Kelly SteelJoke's on You (Joker)Working SheepdogHampshireGrade 3 (KC)
Laura SteeleWeslo Lucy Vamoosey (Lucy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)West LothianGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Becky SteensonRocky’s No Horror (Rocky)CrossbreedIsle of ManGrade 6 (KC)
Sam SteensonLittle Jedi Knight (Jed)CrossbreedIsle of ManGrade 6 (KC)
Gwen StephensonWhitesocks Girl AW/B (Poppy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)MerseysideGrade 6 (KC)
Hilary StewartPrincess Aastrina (Bo)Irish TerrierEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Kathryn StewartFreyasway Disco Diva (Diva)Border CollieLeicestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Penny StirlingHufflewuff Golden Snitch (Murphy)Poodle (Miniature)FifeGrade 6 (KC)
Penny StirlingOur Touch of Class (Macie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)FifeGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Emma StockAthena The Minibeast AW/S (Athena)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + Champion and CSC (UKA)
Jennifer StockingRosheen of Ainmhithe (Rosie)Working SheepdogWest MidlandsGrade 3 (KC)
Abbi StorerLe Belle Sauterelle AW/G (Darci)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 7 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Abbi StorerLe Monsieur Tricolore AW/S (Bingli)CrossbreedStaffordshireSenior (UKA)
Bridget StorerDeep Sea Urchin (Cally)Retriever (Labrador)WiltshireGrade 5 (KC)
Lynn StowellMiss Meggie Magool (Meggie)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Rick StowellDippee Daizee Doo (Daizee)CrossbreedSomersetSC Senior (UKA)
Nigel StricklandIxia pickle (Ixy)Retriever (Labrador)DevonGrade 3 (KC)
Jenny StrikeLirren after Eight (Pandamonium)Shetland SheepdogDorsetGrade 4 (KC)
Pip StroudSidney Stroud (Sid)Spaniel (Cocker)GloucestershireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Beth StuartThe Great Lord Archibold (Archie)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 2 (KC)
Tara StutchburyRodeo Gaga (Jess)Spaniel (English Springer)BerkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Lydia Sutheran / Jan DawsonFantastic Rebel (Evie)Bearded CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Wendy SwadloMayandream Mossy Mayhem (Moss)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WiltshireGrade 6 (KC)
Holly SwallowLola Love’s Verse (Lola)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Michèle Taffijn-du BoisTotal Touch Don’t Stop Me Now (Dutch RePlay)Shetland SheepdogThe NetherlandsGrade 7 (KC)
Lucy TarpeyAfterglow Curly Sue (Suzie)Poodle (Toy)LancsGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Lucy TarpeyPaws Powered by Diesel (Diesel)Spaniel (Cocker)LancsGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Deborah TaylorMalachis Magical Loki (Loki)CrossbreedHertfordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Helen TaylorKenquince Pavlova (Rabbit)WhippetDorsetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Helen TaylorMoonlight Maple (Lolly)Retriever (Labrador)DorsetGrade 2 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Helen TaylorPebble Beach (Pebble)CrossbreedDorsetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jean TaylorBest Friend Pepper (Pepper)Miniature SchnauzerDurhamGrade 6 (KC)
Jemma TaylorTuttlebees Defying Gravity (Sophia)Poodle (Toy)AyrshireGrade 2 (KC)
Luke TaylorSet The Goose Loose AW/B (Goose)CollieWiltshireSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Michael TaylorLady Megan Grace AW/G (Meg)Working SheepdogSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Sue TaylorDarashinai Kiyozawa (Shinya)Japanese Shiba InuLincolnshireGrade 3 (KC)
Sue TaylorHoshiko Kiyozawa (Shoya)LurcherLincolnshireGrade 3 (KC)
Sandra TearTazmanian Teddy AW/S (Teddy)Spaniel (Cocker)East SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Lisa TelfordYou Take Care Pet (Luna)CrossbreedMidlothianGrade 3 (KC)
Serena TernentShak’s Little Man AW/B (Rio)Staffordshire Bull Terrier XNorthumberlandGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Hol ThomasWindy Slinky O'Rainbow AW/S (Windy)CrossbreedConwySenior (UKA)
Sarah ThomasDevongem Dancin a Blur (Blur)Spaniel (Working Cocker)South GlosGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Sarah ThomasLotus Lightning Bolt (Lotus)LurcherBristolSC Novice (UKA)
Sarah ThomasVinyasa Blue Diamond AW/B (Vinyasa)WhippetBristolChampion (UKA)
Spencer ThomasProforza Parallel (Merit)Border CollieSouth YorksSC Novice (UKA)
Adam ThomsonAJ's Amazie Crazy Kollie (Mazie)Working SheepdogSouth LanarkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Kate ThomsonHowling Harmony Zack (Zack)CrossbreedGloucestershireSC Senior (UKA)
Kate ThomsonRazzlin Bright Eyed Betsy (Betsy)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Angie ThornleyWren You Have It Flaunt It AW/S (Wren)Working SheepdogLincolnshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sara ThurgoodTeignvalley Baikal (Nellie)Spaniel (Working Springer)DevonGrade 4 (KC)
Steve ThurgoodLeeglen Jenny (Meg)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DevonGrade 7 (KC)
Jenny TierneyThe Wisdom of Solomon (Solly)CollieLincolnshireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Annette ToweCherish Z Dablovy Studonky (Sherri)Shetland SheepdogLeicesterGrade 7 (KC)
Joanne TownEanie Meanie My Boy Mo AW/S (Elmo)Poodle (Miniature)WirralGrade 6 (KC)
Nikki TownsendRorkus Behaviour (Rorke)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Lucy ToyneGoldmali I Have a Dream (Rosa)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisSouth YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Carolyne TranquilleThey Call Me Mr Pig AW/S (Percy)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Dawn TranterChance of Fun (Chance)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 2 (KC)
Antoinette TraynorDealan of Maryville (Sonny)Poodle (Toy)TyroneGrade 7 (KC)
Judith TrickettTollpepper Soulace AW/S RL4 (Solo)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverGloucestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Gary TrickeyWicketMiniature SchnauzerGloucestershireSenior (UKA)
Sarah TrigwellTynevermoor Kita (Kita)Border CollieWiltsGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Joanne TroupUp In The Flames (Muntjac)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BristolGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jackie TrueSteele Steady Eddie (Eddie)Shetland SheepdogGloucestershireSenior and SC Champion (UKA)
Myra TubbMorgansR Fly in Finn (Finn)Working SheepdogNorthantsGrade 6 (KC)
Lyn TuckerSpirit of Adventure (Gizmo)Working SheepdogDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Michele TuckerBella Queen of Hearts (Bella)Spaniel (English Springer)WarwickshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Catriona TurnerCromhall Razzle Dazzle AW/S (Finn)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Ria TurnerBlack Tai Affair (Altair)Retriever (Labrador)SuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Shirley TurnerKentixen Misdemeanour (Scout)Miniature SchnauzerEast SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Jessica TurrillBlink N' Youll Miss Her (Bracken)Working SheepdogRutlandGrade 3 (KC)
Nicolle TwyfordShoshonemara Ocean Magic (Woody)Border CollieWest SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Carol TylerStardell Virgo (Tommi)CollieLeicestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Janet UlliottWood You Believe It Woody (Woody)Border TerrierSomersetSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Geraint UsherIrish Red Emmerald (Emmie)CrossbreedSwanseaGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Heidi VagueIalach Just a Gizzy Mo (Gizmo)Border CollieCornwallSC Champion (UKA)
Roxanne Van Der VlietAlexalee Buster (Rambo)Cavalier King Charles SpanielBristolGrade 4 (KC) + Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Roxanne Van Der VlietKassabaan Precious Star at Dutchmoon (Cassie)Poodle (Standard)BristolSC Novice (UKA)
Suzanna van EeghenBalletcor Zebas Starlight (Zeba)Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)CarmarthenshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sandra Van HeddegemBryn There Done That AW/S (Bryn)Border CollieAyrshireGrade 6 (KC)
Kath VealeTynevermoor Secret Mission (Axel)Border CollieBristolGrade 7 (KC)
Tracey VealeThe Marvel StanLee (Stanley)Collie XSuffolkGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Tracey VealeWorzel Gummidge (Zebedee)Spaniel (English Springer)SuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Pete VellacottAll That in a Pipedream (Tink)Collie XSomersetGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Tracy VenusRiverspell Beam Me Up (Flicka)Border CollieEssexNovice (UKA)
Nelson VerdeEd the Brown (Ed)Other breed, not listedSurreySC Novice (UKA)
Audrey WaiteKopey Tills Hills (Kopey)Working SheepdogAberdeenshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sabrina WaiteBotin Jupiter (Barney)Spaniel (Cocker)WiltshireGrade 6 (KC)
Sue WaldrenGameflight Flyer (Fern)Retriever (Labrador)HarrowGrade 3 (KC)
Claire WaldronMozzi Martian Monster (Mozzi)CollieDevonGrade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Roger WalfordBarnstorming Red Arrow (Barney)CollieBirminghamGrade 6 (KC)
Sally WalfordRedeskar Briar Boy (Dexter)Retriever (Labrador)SomersetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Debbie WalkerLeibwache Rock Steady (Bumble)Chinese CrestedSuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Heather WalkerSuperfly Ziggi Star (Ziggi)CrossbreedHertfordshireGrade 6 (KC)
Elizabeth WardLydgate Lady Joules (Joules)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Co. DurhamGrade 6 (KC)
Jill WardSkye Like Tyke (Milo)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Leigh WardJoevaness Eponine de Pavot (Lottie)PapillonKentGrade 6 (KC)
Lynne WardAeron Flare (Flare)Border CollieCambridgeshireGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle WardCount Tykeula (Tyke)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Michelle WardLittle Miss Minxi Monkey (Minx)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Donna WardleFlyby Choccywoccydoodah (Galaxy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LeicestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Darren WarnerCatch the Pigeon (Jess)KelpieWarwikshireGrade 6 (KC)
Dawn WarnockTragility Rocket Rio (Rio)Border CollieLincolnshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Chelsea WarrenJust Buzzin (Buzz)CrossbreedSouth GlosGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Annette WarwickAmsue’s Mini Me (Dexter)CrossbreedNorthamptonGrade 5 (KC)
Annette WarwickAmsue’s Pin Up Pup (Molly)CrossbreedNorthamptonGrade 7 (KC)
Annette WarwickTangaer Vitesse (IzzIe)Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)NorthamptonGrade 7 (KC)
Aileen WatsonSerenskye Dream Rockett (Rudi)CollieNorthamptonshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Alison WatsonTerrific Tesla AW/B (Tesla)Spaniel (Working Cocker)South GloucestershireGrade 3 (KC) + Champion and CSC (UKA)
Amy WatsonInka’s Gold (Inka)Working SheepdogAberdeenGrade 3 (KC)
Peter WatsonSilver Snowdrop (Nutmeg)Spaniel (Working Cocker)South GloucestershireSC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Clare WattersCocoChihuahua (Smooth-coat)WiltshireSC Novice (UKA)
Grace WattsOnly Wish Hard Enough (Orry)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverSurreyGrade 2 (KC)
Abi WeakeMiss Willow Eclipse AW/B (Willow)CrossbreedWest MidlandsCSC (UKA)
Abi WeakeMr. Parker Paws AW/G (Parker)Collie XWest MidlandsChampion (UKA)
Jess WealleansDreamorox Repeat Forever (Alfie)Border CollieEast YorkshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Emma WebbDancing Feet (Ellie)Retriever (Labrador)HampshireGrade 2 (KC)
Elaine WebberRhinestone Meadow (Winnie)Spaniel (Cocker)EssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jayne WeeksMile Away Moss (Moss)Working SheepdogHampshireGrade 5 (KC)
Sarah WellerDuke the Hazard of Valgrays (Duke)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisNorthamptonshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sarah WellerMazy Moomina of Ainmhithe (Mazy)CrossbreedNorthamptonshireGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Heather WellingsKenquartz Yellow Rose (Rosie)Retriever (Labrador)South BucksGrade 2 (KC)
Jenna WellsMy Little Georgie Boy (George)Border CollieSomersetSenior (UKA)
Sharon WensleyAvonskeep Kura Katana (Bella)Border CollieDevonChampion (UKA)
Katherine WestbyRed Ruby (Ruby)Hungarian VizslaBucksGrade 2 (KC)
Pippa WheelerRambling Rosie (Rosie)Collie XDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Lucy WheelwrightBasileas Super Mini Cooper (Cooper)Miniature American ShepherdEssexGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Janet WhincupSamphirebay Sea Breeze (Breeze)Retriever (Labrador)LancashireGrade 2 (KC)
Abbey WhitePawticularly Crazy Maisie (Maisie)Working SheepdogWorcesterGrade 7 (KC)
Dave WhiteAstra Tyg AW/B (Tyg)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Judith WhiteWitchy Willow (Willow)German Shepherd (Alsatian)DorsetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Lorna WhiteLegend of Zelda (Zelda)CrossbreedLeicesterGrade 5 (KC)
Millie White / Sierra MiltonHotter Than Hell AW/S (Dante)Working SheepdogBerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Rosy WhiteAnyone for Pimms (Pimms)CrossbreedDevonGrade 7 (KC) + SC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Rosy WhiteTess of My Patience (Tess)CrossbreedDevonWCSC and WCAP (UKA)
Trish WhiteGwynion Flax (Ziggy)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 7 (KC)
Trish WhiteHayganwire Oronsay (Juno)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaAberdeenGrade 4 (KC)
Gordon WhitemanMimi Mouse (Mimi)CollieEast SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Julie WhitneyKira Sprightly Not Knightly (Kira)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WarwickshireGrade 7 (KC)
Teri WhittakerJasper Juke (Jasper)Collie (Smooth)CornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Teri WhittakerJessica Wabbit AW/B (Jess)Collie (Smooth)CornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Melissa WhittetBlackchester Basil AW/S (Ben)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Scottish BordersGrade 7 (KC)
Melissa WhittetEildon Ace of Hearts (Ace)Spaniel (Working Cocker)RoxburghshireGrade 2 (KC)
Karen WhittlePip a Dee Doo Dah (Pippin)Spaniel (Cocker)LancashireGrade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Sam Wichard / Janet CarrWinsome Mystic Meg (Meg)Border TerrierGloucesterGrade 4 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Sam Wichard / Janet CarrWonder Witch Wood Winsome (Mavis)Border TerrierGloucesterSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Rachel WicksJackalantern Twister (Phoebe)Spaniel (Working Cocker)EssexGrade 3 (KC)
Dawn WilderEllie Rocket (Ellie)MixedWorcestershireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Helen WilkieSky Way to Heaven (Sky)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BuckinghamshireSC Novice (UKA)
Philippa WilkinsKenquince Mannerism (Tickle)Spaniel (English Springer)DevonGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Rebecca WilkinsHurststrath Liath Dougal (Jasper)Retriever (Golden)HantsSC Novice (UKA)
Charlotte WilkinsonSpin When You're Winnie (Winnie)CrossbreedCardiffGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Sue WillamsBronwen Bonbon (Bronwen)Working SheepdogCarmarthenshireSC Senior (UKA)
Sue WillamsIanto Banto (Ianto)Working SheepdogCarmarthenshireSC Senior (UKA)
Sue WillamsTwirly Merley Girl (Bluebell)CrossbreedCarmarthenshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Margaret WillardAlways Eager Annie AW/S (Isla)Spaniel (English Springer)West YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Angela WilliamsEronels Mother of Pearl (Inky)Miniature SchnauzerSomersetGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Catherine WilliamsLurcheroo Cael (Cael)LurcherWest SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Jan WilliamsOne in a Million of the Five Colors (Mac)Shetland SheepdogShropshireGrade 6 (KC)
Mark WilliamsRiverwatcher Buniq (Crunchie)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverSomersetSC Novice (UKA)
Robert WilliamsWaterfall Warrior (Sydney)Retriever (Labrador)StaffordshireGrade 5 (KC)
Sue WilliamsCintarshe Red Hawk's Eye (Tiki)PapillonKentGrade 3 (KC)
Alison WilliamsonRujaff Topsy Turvy AW/B (Dylan)Border CollieGloucestershireNovice, Senior, CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Bonnie WilsonLirren Magic Wish (Jazz)Shetland SheepdogEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Bonnie WilsonLittle Miss Molly Mae (Molly)German Spitz (Klein)EssexGrade 7 (KC)
Jenni WilsonWeynoake Ouija Queen (Luna)Border CollieAyrshireGrade 2 (KC)
Stephanie Wilson AstburyAgil a Tees Four Fun (Four)Staffordshire Bull Terrier XManchesterGrade 3 (KC)
Sarah WiltonBackstage Your a Star Buster (Buster)CrossbreedSomersetNovice (UKA)
Lynn WintonTapaidh Eidin Cailim (Tapaidh)Spaniel (English Springer)AberdeenGrade 3 (KC)
Eileen WischniaVentura Warrior for Cories (Murphy)Border CollieLeicestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Jasmine WiseLady Roxy IceandLemon (Roxy)CrossbreedPowysSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Jenny WittLavender Lillipip (Sophie)CrossbreedMerseysideSC Senior (UKA)
Jenny WittSakurastar Sunset (Maisie)Working SheepdogMerseysideGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Senior (UKA)
Jacqui Wood / Marianne DruryLicosateria Make Way for Dex AW/S (Dex)Shetland SheepdogEssexGrade 7 (KC)
Jacqui Wood / Marianne DruryYogi the Bearded Wonder AW/B (Yogi)CrossbreedEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Lily WoodfordFiynysmon Abbey of Chilternlily (Spider)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LeicestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Charlotte WoodlandYou're simply the Betts (Betty)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Mark Woodward-HuntCan’t Catch a Fraggle (Fraggle)Working SheepdogWiltshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kaz WoolfordCaldonbeck Little Ms Radley (Talli)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 3 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Melanie WrightMagilitas Rythms Gona Get Ya (Rhythm)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Melanie WrightMagilitas the Beat Goes On (Beat)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Melanie WrightMagilitas Undercover (Tala)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 3 (KC)
Gill WrightsonMagicbrill Milky Bar (Decker)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Carol WyeFablehawk Dreamtime (Sasha)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenSomersetGrade 3 (KC)
Debbie YatesIsfryn Spotless at Ferderyn (Dery)Spaniel (Welsh Springer)LincolnshireGrade 2 (KC)
Debbie YatesMoonreed Madness at Ferderyn (Flo)Spaniel (English Springer)LincolnshireGrade 2 (KC)
Gill YoungFerndel Florentine AW/G (Purdey)Hungarian VizslaIsle of ManGrade 7 (KC)
Janet YoungFitznister Alba Naecairn (Coulin)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverFifeGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Lesley YoungHogwarts Irish Finnigan (Finnigan)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Lesley YoungLolly Lola Lollipop AW/S (Lola)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Neil YoungRhendhoo That'll Dhoo (Rigby)Hungarian VizslaIsle of ManGrade 7 (KC)
Paula ZazzeroniRobbie Marquis of Lincroft (Robbie)Spaniel (Cocker)BedfordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Kaden ZhouCiadargi Anemone (Lorcan)Spaniel (Cocker)BerkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)