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New Years Honours List 2018


There are many pleasures in agility, but the one thing that never changes is the thrill of winning into a higher level and being recognised by your peers. Here we recognise the 1993 handlers and dogs who won out at KC and / or UK Agility events in 2018. Please put your hands together for all of them and their fabulous dogs who achieved this distinction last year. Well done. We are proud of you.

Everyone on the 2018 Honours List will be receiving an Agilitynet Winning Out Certificate. To allow for late applications and the inevitable corrections, we wait until mid-February before finalising the list. The deadline for additions or changes will be Tuesday, 15th January 2019. After that date, we cannot accept new applications or amendments.

So please check your details carefully. Email any corrections to Agilitynet as soon as possible.

If your name is not on the list and you have won out of a KC grade or moved up a level in UK Agility, there is still time to apply for a Winning Out Certificate via the on-line application form.

Massive thanks to our sponsors

HandlerDogBreedTownWon Into
Kirsty AaronSeagrass Starlight (Lolly)Border TerrierBristolSC Novice (UKA)
Lou AbbeyKoira's Rudy Kangaroo (Rudy)LurcherGloucestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Janet AbrahamsJust Josephine (Josie)Working SheepdogCheshireGrade 3 (KC)
Eve AdamsMoriarty Holmes' Nemesis (Moriarty)CrossbreedIsle of ManGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Fred AdamsGeorgie Porky Puddin 'n Pie (George)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Jo AdamsWildkap Who Dunnit (Cluedo)CrossbreedHantsGrade 5 (KC)
Katherine AdamsDakata Bouncing Tigga (Tig)Poodle (Toy)MonmouthshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Katherine AdamsKitty Gwenllian (Gwenni)Bichon FriseMonmouthshireGrade 6 (KC)
Katie AdamsAmaryllis Belladonna (Willow)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Michael AdamsBlack Lotus (Teagan)Border CollieWorcestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Michael AdamsCloud City Destroyer (Chase)Border CollieWorcestershireGrade 4 (KC)
Sue AdamsHey Wots Up Doc (Doc)Working SheepdogWarwickshireGrade 4 (KC)
Vicky AdamsonHollyhoward's Golden Crest (Ruby)Retriever (Golden)East YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Caz AddyGolden Douglicious (Doug)CrossbreedDevonGrade 6 (KC)
Jennifer AgateSarkam Sky Rocket (Mac)Border CollieAntrimGrade 6 (KC)
Sue AikmanOur Willow (Willow)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Debs AinsworthHawksflight Just Look at Me (Tarran)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenDorsetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Rosie AinsworthAugustus Mister Fluffer (Gus)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Diane AitchisonCo's She's Mint (Polo)Parson Jack Russell TerrierEdinburghGrade 7 (KC)
Nichola AitchisonMud Bud (Buddy)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Kerry AlbistonKernikim’s Barnstormer (Barney)LurcherSouth YorkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Leanne AlderBlundasgems Midnight Onyx (Sidney)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NottinghamGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Margaret AlexanderGinger Lashes Beyonce Bum (Chica)CrossbreedGlasgowGrade 4 (KC)
Margaret AlexanderGinger Son of Chucky (Teddy)Poodle (Toy)GlasgowGrade 6 (KC)
Shannon AlexanderGo Go Golly (Diesel)RottweillerAyrshireGrade 2 (KC)
Kay AllenCories Crystal Lake (Lake)Border CollieDevonGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Tracy AllenIn a Jiff Cliff (Cliff)Working SheepdogDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Carissa AllumPipa of Ferndell (Pippa)Spaniel (English Springer)BerkshireSC Novice (UKA)
Mandy AlmackPolkadot Panda (Florrie)DalmatianNorth YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Angela AndersonStrictly Dasher (Dash)CrossbreedCambsGrade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Lauren AndersonDvojica Dolly Mixture (Toto)SchnauzerAyrshireGrade 6 (KC)
Lesley AndersonMerry Moss Don of Doune (Don)Retriever (Labrador)DumfriesshireGrade 6 (KC)
Robyn AndersonDinky Dynamite (Minnie)Poodle (Toy)AyrshireGrade 5 (KC)
Gail AndrewsGellisown Hettie (Casey)Spaniel (Working Cocker)PowysGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Vivien AntcliffeChoca Doodle Do (Harry)CrossbreedCumbriaGrade 7 (KC)
Gemma AnthonyKanga Rue (Rue)Spaniel CrossEssexGrade 7 (KC)
Vickie AppletonMadilor Hermia (Tinka)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaEast SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Lucy ArathoonMollie Collie (Mollie)Border CollieSomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Sally ArchenholdPannusred Hat Trick of Savath (Hattie)Border CollieCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Dawn ArcherThe Tail Spinner (Marley)Collie X SpanielAberdeenshireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Sarah ArcherBlue Bandit of Tanglorn (Blue)CrossbreedSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Sophie ArmitageAngel of the Night (Izzy)Spaniel (Welsh Springer)CheshireGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Kirsty ArmitsteadInca Queen of Hope (Inca)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Donna ArmstrongHill Billy Brodie AW/B (Brodie)Spaniel (Cocker)LincolnshireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Alyna ArnoldWillow Wonkas Golden Ticket (Willow)Spaniel CrossNorfolkGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Charlotte ArnoldArnolds Eclipse of the Moon (Shadow)Retriever (Labrador)West MidlandsGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Charlotte ArnoldCoombys Fast and Furious (Rio)Spaniel (Working Cocker)West MidlandsGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jeni ArnoldTazromanian Razmataz (Taz)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Larry ArnoldSavath Rudh Delight (Cici)Border CollieKentGrade 5 (KC)
Lindsay ArnottNot So Mini Paceman (Pace)Working SheepdogPerthGrade 4 (KC)
Lauren AshbyThe Lightning Thief (Percy)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jaquay AshfordFotherdale Dream Master (Dougal)Shetland SheepdogNorth YorkshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Louise AshmanFlynn My Blue Eyed Boy (Flynn)Working SheepdogSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Zoe AshmanMist in Time (Mist)Working SheepdogWorcsGrade 6 (KC)
Karen AshtonBrindle Bay Orchid AW/S (Lyka)Retriever (Labrador)EssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Nicola AshtonTriforce Nautilus (Harley)Australian ShepherdCumbriaGrade 5 (KC)
Nicola AshtonTriforce Zen Crazy (Zen)Australian ShepherdCumbriaGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Katy AshworthFiamette Sasha (Sasha)Working SheepdogCumbriaGrade 7 (KC)
Jeni AstonIckle Pickle (Ickle Pickle)Spaniel (English Springer)South DevonChampion (UKA)
Amanda AtkinsonBella's Precious Jade (Jade)Working SheepdogDumfriesshireSC Novice (UKA)
Amanda AtkinsonBells Beau Delicious Boy (Beau)Working SheepdogDumfriesshireSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Sophie Atkinson / Betty MayesLaetare Final Call (Jax)CollieLincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Victoria AtkinsonBella's Diamond Jessie (Jessie)Working SheepdogDumfries and GallowayGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Hannah AuldCaol Rona (Skyah)Shetland SheepdogHampshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Dorothy Austin / Lillian KeyesFallowfens Olympic Flame (Tia)Retriever (Golden)EssexGrade 3 (KC)
Dorothy Austin / Lillian KeyesHollinlake Lysander (Zanda)Retriever (Golden)EssexGrade 3 (KC)
Danielle AveryPoolhall Galaxy Rock (Phoebe)Retriever (Labrador)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Kevin AveryActive Pawz Asha Dasha (Asha)Other breed, not listedKentGrade 4 (KC)
Jennifer AylesMurrantye Visions N' Dreams (Bella)BoxerWest SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Gary AylingQuickpaw Lady Grinning Soul (Anke)Miniature SchnauzerEast SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Lorraine AylingQuickpaw Born to Run (Elfe)Miniature SchnauzerEast SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Lorraine AylingQuickpaw if Not for You (Klara)Miniature SchnauzerEast SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Anne AyresKasamdiamond Nia to Me (Nia)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Anne AyresMyter Secret Mission (Kidiri)Shetland SheepdogNorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Christine AyresPollyvinall Mooloolaba (Mia)Border CollieSurreyGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Nicola AyresLord Ralph Master of Chaos (Ralph)CrossbreedSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Pamela AyresLaird of Glenamara (Bruce)German Shepherd (Alsatian)Co DurhamGrade 3 (KC)
Will BacchusA Message to You Rudi (Rudi)Spaniel CrossDevonGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Will BacchusMoldash Fall in Follow Me (Aston)Spaniel (Cocker)DevonGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Christine BaileyBasileas Alpine Rose (Heidi)Miniature American ShepherdHantsGrade 6 (KC)
Jackalyn BainTimmi of Faside (Timmi)CrossbreedPeeblesshireGrade 6 (KC)
Wendy BainCouper He’s My Boy (Couper)Spaniel (Cocker)StirlingshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sarah BainesDoo Bie Doo (Mexi)Staffordshire Bull TerrierNorth YorkshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
William BairdKentixen Sweet Talk (Kali)Spaniel (Cocker)AberdeenshireGrade 2 (KC)
Charlotte BakerWhat'a Friend (Buddy)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 2 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Nicola Baker / Pat CooperDonannelle Black Freya (Tilly)Poodle (Miniature)EssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Nicola BakerSirensong Remember the Time (Ronnie)Poodle (Miniature)EssexGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Mel BaldwinJasmin Moore AW/S (Jazz)Border CollieSussexGrade 5 (KC)
Neris BallLough Fea Shy Lass (Shyla)Working SheepdogRoxburghshireGrade 7 (KC)
Jacqui BallantyneThe Polar Opposite (Lyra)LurcherBerkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Mirella BallestracciJewelruby Kirby Morgan (Kirby)DalmatianNorth LincolnshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Penny BantinIt's Sybil! (Sybil)LurcherGloucestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Christine BarberAwfyns Heart of Gold (Izzy)Other breed, not listedNorthamptonGrade 2 (KC)
Christine BarberMillie Sofia (Milly)Spaniel (Cocker)NorthamptonGrade 2 (KC)
Nikki BarberDevonairs Fizzy Pop (Cola)KelpieMiddxGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sarah BarkerHatts the Way Uh Huh Uh Huh (Hattie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)North YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Victoria BarkerLightning Flash Lulu (Lulu)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Eleanor BarlowDon’t Take the Mick (Mickey)Border CollieBuckinghamshireGrade 5 (KC)
Laura BarlowThat’ll Do Keith (Keith)CrossbreedEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Matthew BarlowSweet Marshmellow (Edith)Poodle (Toy)KentGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Alice BarnesMousey Moo (Mouse)RottweillerYorkGrade 4 (KC)
Sarah BarrKenquartz Worthwhile (Poppy)Retriever (Labrador)GloucesterGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Gwen BarrowmanLittle Lord Spudleigh (Spud)CrossbreedPerthshireGrade 5 (KC)
Julie BarryFlo Motion Go with The Flo AW/B (Flo)CrossbreedKentGrade 4 (KC)
Carolyn BartelousLouandi Thunderstorm (Tor)Border CollieE SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Carolyn BartelousTrex of Stonelink (Rex)Working SheepdogE SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Lis BarterMuppet Mania (Muppet)Retriever (Labrador)NorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Claire BartonApricot Sandboy (Alfie)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 3 (KC)
Jessica BartonNotterts Al Fa Petit Mischif (Meeko)Pyrenean SheepdogMonmouthshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lucy BassettJess’t Ball Obsessed (Jessie)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Gloria BatesGuinevere Queen of Hearts (Gwen)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gloria BatesMadgek Jumping Jack (Jack)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 5 (KC)
Gloria BatesMurphy the Greatest (Murphy)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 5 (KC)
Jayne BatesonPollyvinall Maroubra ChipWorking SheepdogBerkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Jennifer BathIn Fern No (Fern)CrossbreedFifeGrade 2 (KC)
Sue BatleyHainan's Tuhot Twandle (Buzz)Miniature American ShepherdNorfolkGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Katrina BaylissMajesticalglowing Amber (Milo)Spaniel (Cocker)DerbyshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Katrina BaylissMy Flash of Inspiration (Flash)Spaniel (English Springer)DerbyshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Mariann BaylissWhispering Ila Spirit (Ila)Collie X SpanielWest MidlandsGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Nina BeachCh. Foxthyme Back to Black JW ShCM (Angus)Lancashire HeelerLancashireGrade 3 (KC)
Nina BeachWestlodge Elvira (Elsa)RottweillerLancashireGrade 4 (KC)
Katrine Beaman-ScottGonetoground Tantalise (Chilli)Parson Jack Russell TerrierBerkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Gary Beamish / Sandra BeamishSangar Ty Mia Black Mist (Blax)German Shepherd (Alsatian)LincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Teresa BeamsBlack Shadow of Allingham (Shadow)Patterdale TerrierSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Georgie BearderCinderella Rockabella (Bella)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Julie BearderPaucelin Jester (Jester)Manchester TerrierGloucestershireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Frances BeattieBonny Black Willow (Willow)CrossbreedDunfermlineGrade 4 (KC)
Rebecca BebbingtonSee How the Cookie Crumbles (Crumble)Border Terrier XStoke-on-TrentGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Susan BebbingtonJust Joules (Joules)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 5 (KC)
Vicki BeereLittle Lucy Lou (Lucy)CrossbreedWest YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Annie BeggHighhouse Samir Blaze (Indy)Retriever (Labrador)West LothianGrade 6 (KC)
Alison BelcherChazak Skyfall (Oscar)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Alison BelcherFizztastic Twist of Fate (Fizz)Working SheepdogGloucestershireGrade 7 (KC)
Emily BelcherJamies Jazzerella (Jazz)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Jane BellHollohill Sorrel AW/S (Sorrel)Hungarian VizslaSurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Kate BellClomarah Golden Hind (Lexie-Liquorice)Retriever (Labrador)HertsGrade 2 (KC)
Lorraine BelshawBalmaclellan Owzats (Baxter)Jack Russell TerrierKirkcudbrightshireGrade 2 (KC)
Angela BennettDashing Lord Douglas (Douglas)West Highland White TerrierHertfordshireNovice and SC Champion (UKA)
Caroline BennettKazim Polar Express AW/S (Dylan)PapillonSuffolkGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Caroline Bennett-JaneLittle Miss Pickles (Pickles)Jack Russell TerrierWest SussexSC Novice (UKA)
Neil BennisonSezanne Fait Avec Amour (Lilllie)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenWest SussexGrade 5 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Helen BeresfordCornish Mole (Lily)West Highland White TerrierCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Janice BeresfordPixie My Pocket Rocket (Pixie)Jack Russell Terrier XSurreyGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lauren BerksSpringing Husky (Seb)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 5 (KC)
Kelly BerrymanLittle Rupert Bear (Rupert)Spaniel CrossGloucestershireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Sam BestPyrutes Powder Box (Megan)Border CollieHampshireGrade 4 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Suzanne BettsHuntons Dream (Jazz)Spaniel (Working Cocker)OxfordshireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Ian BickertonRoxy Tilly Floss (Roxy)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Ann BideDexter Littleman (Dexter)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sarah BidgoodPrickwillow Dazzling Daisy (Daisy)MixedCambsGrade 5 (KC)
Karen BiggsJenson Jackflash (Jenson)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Karen BiggsLight Flynntastic (Flynn)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Sara BinghamTisane Double Trouble (Benji)Poodle (Standard)SomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Nicki BinksTiny Jim (Jimmy)Collie XCambridgeshireGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Kylie BirchCh. Downriver Free Spirit (Spree)Australian Cattle DogSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Sharon BirdTimmy of Kellacott (Timmy)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Ruth BishHarrjak It’s Meant to Be (Romeo)Border CollieCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Paul BishopFlexfarm Dusk (Obi)Retriever (Labrador)Scottish BordersGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jessica BlackburnNothing Like FlossCollie XBucksGrade 2 (KC)
Michael BlackfordLittle Scruffy (Tiara)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Paula BlackieDevongem Ready to Soar (Harris)Spaniel (Working Cocker)East LothianGrade 5 (KC)
Ellie BlackwallBobbins Siri Starlight (Siri)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 2 (KC)
Sarah BlairHyde's Little Angel (Teal)Spaniel CrossEast LothianGrade 3 (KC)
Jamie BlakePowered by Fairy Dust Tink (Tink)Miniature SchnauzerEast SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Judith BlakeBud in a Bear Suit (Bud)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 7 (KC)
Andrew BloomfieldChippychoo (Chip)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 2 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Karen BlundellAnother Nice Tri (Roxy)Border CollieCounty DurhamGrade 4 (KC)
Karen BlundellNiceTri Reddy or Not (Ted)Working SheepdogCounty DurhamGrade 6 (KC)
Sue BlundenWhirlwyn Wren (Wren)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Julia BoardMidnight Mystery Dream Star (Scooby)CrossbreedDevonGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jessica BoardmanScraggle Rock (Maisy)Lurcher CrossLeicestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Jeanette BodeFlintstone Seventh Heaven (Wilma)CrossbreedSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Greg BodenMad Max Mischief Maker (Max)Spaniel (English Springer)West MidlandsGrade 4 (KC)
Verity BodycombeSharpshouses Harmony (Inka)German Shepherd (Alsatian)KentGrade 2 (KC)
Linda BoodJess Can Pick a Pocket or Two (Jess)Working SheepdogLincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Donna BoothDylan in Disguise (Scamp)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jacqui BoothScrumpy Bumpy Ding Dong (Scrumpy)CrossbreedDorsetSC Novice (UKA)
Margaret BoothJaerica Jubilee Gwyliau (Gwyl)Border CollieAngleseyGrade 4 (KC)
Margaret BoothPappretty Now and Forever for Burbridge (Jacques)PapillonAngleseyGrade 4 (KC)
Mari-Louise BoothFrankish Misty Blue (Kiki)DalmatianEast Riding of YorkshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Suzanne BoucherJigza Million (Jigz)Collie XBerkshireGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Paula BowdenCasey Love (Duffy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Paula BowdenJuanita Weavers Blue (Owen)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetSC Senior (UKA)
Joanna BowerElmleas Away in a Haize (Haize)Border CollieWest YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Emilia BowersNickila Blitzy Chocolatte (Blitzy)German Spitz (Mittel)StaffordshireGrade 5 (KC)
Marian BowyerDiagemtas Brodie (Brodie)Border CollieBerkshireSC Novice (UKA)
Marian Bowyer / Tyla BowyerSherebridge Marbled Mayhem (Luna)Border CollieBerkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Carole BoydWood the Dude (Woody)Spaniel CrossAyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kate BoyleBlack Gin (Gin)CrossbreedDorsetGrade 5 (KC)
Liz BradburyTrister Alfred Jingle (Merlin)PointerCornwallGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sarah BradfordKentredecim’s Ambassadors (Nia)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LincsGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Beryl BranderThe Gruffalo (Gruff)Yorkshire TerrierHampshireGrade 5 (KC)
Jean BrennanBouncing Billy Bongo (Billy)Spaniel CrossCambridgeshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jean BrennanEscher Tessellation (Escher)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisCambridgeshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jean BrennanMychi Chi (Chi)Shih TzuCambridgeshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jeff BrettPrickwillow Princess Amber (Amber)MixedCambsGrade 7 (KC)
Jeff BrettPrickwillow Princess Amy (Amy)MixedCambsGrade 7 (KC)
Jeff BrettThe Prickwillow Pretender (Splash)CollieCambsGrade 6 (KC)
Tracy BrewerRio’s My Love on the Run (Rio)CrossbreedKentGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sally BriceMusic to My Ears (Willow)Working SheepdogLeicestershireGrade 4 (KC)
Sally BriceStarmix Puzzle (Diego)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Vanessa BrickmanFotherdale Master Class AW/S (Tuppy)Shetland SheepdogDevonSenior and Champion (UKA)
Lindsey BridgesKirkbridgend Rock Star AW/S (Elektra)Border CollieHantsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Lindsey BridgesKirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend AW/G (Poppy)Border CollieHantsGrade 6 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Mhairi BrierleyLizzy as in Thin (Lizzy)Working SheepdogAberdeenshireGrade 7 (KC)
Jody BrigdenMr Skillywig (Buddy)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lisa BriggsBrewsters Millions (Bruce)Border TerrierHampshireGrade 7 (KC)
Lisa BriggsWhizzy Dizzy Rascal (Sidney)Border TerrierHampshireGrade 5 (KC)
Louisa BrighamSpelladix Tobias (Toby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)East YorkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ellie BrightNunney Delyth Luna (Luna)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetGrade 3 (KC)
Debbie BriscoQuintavia Whisper in Time (Tara)Spaniel (Cocker)StaffordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Lesley BristowBlakes Seven Bells (Blake)Border CollieCambridgeshireGrade 7 (KC)
Marion BristowFlorence the Flod (Florence)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisDevonGrade 2 (KC)
Kathryn BroadwayDragonridge Indefatigable (Harley)German Shorthaired PointerBuckinghamshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kathryn BroadwayQwassingburgh Alan (Finley)German Shorthaired PointerBuckinghamshireGrade 4 (KC)
Judith BroadwellReflex Rick (Rick)Working SheepdogDurhamGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Vycki BrockJansanleis Polar Express to Pomkins (Vinnie)German Spitz (Mittel)MidlothianGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Jackie BromwichFoxtwist Jess Had to Be (Dot)Border CollieWiltshireGrade 7 (KC)
Paul BrookesDunstone Devon (Devon)Border CollieKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Amanda BrooksCotton Picker (April)Cairn TerrierSomersetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Angie BrooksLicosateria Iz a Charmer (Merlin)Shetland SheepdogEast SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Faye BrooksLunatic Blue Marian (Luna)Working SheepdogNorth East LincolnshireGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Karen BrooksDriving Miss Daisy Crazy (Daisy)WhippetOxfordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Karen BrooksPoppywillow Popstar AW/S (Poppy)WhippetOxfordshireGrade 4 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Karen BrooksTiger Tiger Burning Bright (Harley)WhippetOxfordshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Shona BroomeDans Defender (Marshall)Retriever (Labrador)CumbriaGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Arlene BrownAon Gille at Inverlochy (Gille)CollieLanarkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Arlene BrownMcGee and My Shadow (McGee)Border CollieLanarkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Carol BrownFerncliffe Magical May (Poppy May)Miniature SchnauzerEssexGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Caroline BrownStarlight Espresso (Star)Border CollieSomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Chloe BrownJayenhope Crocus Breeze (Tarka)Retriever (Labrador)MidlothianGrade 5 (KC)
Chloe BrownLive Wire Light Up and Fire (Dexter)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Christine BrownThebertons Til De End (Tilly)Border CollieSuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Clare BrownHalloween Pumpkin (Pumpkin)Working SheepdogBerkshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Clarissa BrownMiss Minnieture Mania (Minnie)CrossbreedDerbyshireGrade 4 (KC)
Clarissa BrownMiss Rose Strike a Pose (Rosie)Working SheepdogDerbyshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Emily BrownRooqui Ever the Jesster (Jesster)Border CollieKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Hazel BrownGary the Snail (Gary)CrossbreedNorth YorkshireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jemma BrownHillsidejemz Fast N Furious (Herbie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Karen BrownBasileas American Dream (Tek)Miniature American ShepherdCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Kathleen BrownWindwalker Portobelo Belle (Pickles)WhippetMidlothianGrade 4 (KC)
Lauren BrownBannetstane Hogwarts March (Arrow)Border CollieNorth LanarkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Tracey BrownTragility River Tigris (Ruby)Border CollieDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Alison Browne / Christine BrelsfordNot My Fault (Abby)CrossbreedGreater ManchesterGrade 5 (KC)
Elaine BrownlieHeart of Two Tribes (Happy)CrossbreedClackmannanshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jo BruceAmiesta Sno Angel (Angel)Bichon FriseLancsGrade 4 (KC)
Jo BruceAmiesta Spin Me Round (Dizzy)Bichon FriseLancsGrade 4 (KC)
Jo BruceSheldobchi Star Anise for Amiesta (Ani)XoloitzcuintleLancsGrade 4 (KC)
Christina BryantThe New Avengers Girl (Purdey)CrossbreedHantsGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Samantha BuckenhamFoiled Again Fingal (Fingal)Working SheepdogLincsGrade 5 (KC)
Angela BuckleyKalon in Paws be Lucky (Kipper)Collie XBirminghamGrade 3 (KC)
Donna BuckleyTake the Crown (Mya)CollieNottinghamshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Fiona BullTawnyhill Velvet (Inca)Spaniel (Cocker)DorsetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Julie BullMy Forever Bouncing Bonnie (Bonnie)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Michelle BullDot the Eyes Cross the Tees (Tees)Jack Russell Terrier XYorkGrade 7 (KC)
Mark BunyanHoundbrae Foxglove (Blue)Japanese SpitzHantsGrade 3 (KC)
Mark BunyanHoundbrae Proud as a Peacock (Kaspa)Japanese SpitzHantsGrade 3 (KC) + Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Sally BurchSome Finn Extra Special (Finn)Working SheepdogCo. DownGrade 5 (KC)
Chloe BurnettMarrytudog Twist and Shout (Daisy)Miniature SchnauzerAberdeenshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Alison BurnsBekkis Zippadeedoodah (Nibs)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Tracy BurrBaileyCrossbreedBucksGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Liz BurrellFirst Summer Star (Hattie)Spaniel (Cocker)MerseysideGrade 6 (KC)
Amanda BusbyWhat Ya Doing Winnie (Winnie)Yorkshire TerrierHampshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Rachel BusbyDiagemtas Black Nitro (Nitro)Border CollieHampshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Mark BushTailspin Taz (Taz)Working SheepdogLancasterGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Sharon BushLittle Swift Paws (Swift)Working SheepdogLancasterGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sam ButchartHeartlands Nebraska (Torrin)Miniature American ShepherdWest LothianGrade 7 (KC)
Sam ButchartStarrytails Blue Mosaic (Tarik)Miniature American ShepherdWest LothianGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Julie ButcherOllie of Frankfort (Ollie)LurcherNorfolkGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Tony ButcherJoel's Mission (Joel)CollieLincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kev ButlerTawvale Baku (Ice Baku)Japanese SpitzEssexGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lee ButterworthHagrid of Hogwarts (Hagrid)Spaniel CrossKentGrade 5 (KC)
Lesley BuxtonGaesten Desirable Dita (Zita)Lagotto RomagnoloGloucestershireSC Senior (UKA)
Hayley Byrne-IngleEllz Bellz Flash of White (Ellie)CrossbreedEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Edward CadmanRazda Tally a While (Tally)Border CollieSuffolkGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lou CadmanMaddest Moment Yet (Daisy)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Ashley CainPenwalk Bright Girl Lucy (Flo)Spaniel (Cocker)Dumfries and GallowayGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Anne CairneyNowinme Knowing Roo (Roo)CollieNottinghamshireGrade 6 (KC)
Caroline CallanderOro Del Rio (Rio)Border CollieDumfriesshireGrade 2 (KC)
Anne CallowKerrocrink Furry Woof (Mist)Bearded Collies (Working)Isle of ManGrade 4 (KC)
Jane CameronBarneyCrossbreedIsle of WightSC Senior (UKA)
Karen CameronEternal Spryte (Spryte)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Leigh CameronLochiel Brooke (Brooke)CrossbreedAberdeenshireGrade 7 (KC)
Kirsty CampbellJassendue Napos (Inca)Hungarian VizslaSouth SomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Maria CampbellLittle Gem o' Cassie End (Rhia)Working SheepdogWigtownshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Nicola CampbellCuckoo Doodle Poo (Barney)CrossbreedOxfordshireGrade 6 (KC) + Senior, SC Champion, Champion and CSC (UKA)
Tess CampbellHiLo Lally Milo (Milo)CrossbreedEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Lu CandyKilnhurst Kandi at Wildkap (Craze)Working SheepdogSurreyGrade 6 (KC)
Lu CandyWildkap China Doll (China)Collie XSurreyGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Chris CannonThe Dharma Larma (Dharma)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Kate CardenLady Taya (Taya)CrossbreedGloucestershireSC Senior (UKA)
David CarlilePinna Ponna Paddy Power (Paddy)Shetland SheepdogCambridgeshireGrade 6 (KC)
Tania CarlyleHecky Thump It's Hector (Hector)Collie X SpanielDorsetGrade 2 (KC)
Elisabeth CarpenterMoseleywood Inky AW/S (Inky)CrossbreedLeedsGrade 7 (KC)
Elisabeth CarpenterMoseleywood Winnie (Winnie)CrossbreedLeedsGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Penny CarpenterLizmark Misty Pearl (Merlin)Shetland SheepdogKentGrade 6 (KC)
Samantha CarpenterQuickpaw Starman (Mutley)Miniature SchnauzerKentGrade 6 (KC)
Julia CarrLowick Black Angus of Milesend AW/B (Angus)Shetland SheepdogKentGrade 6 (KC)
Julia CarrRivvalee Dark Knight AW/S (Epic)Shetland SheepdogKentGrade 7 (KC)
Sheila CarrKirkbridgend Rhea (Rhea)CollieEast SussexSC Novice (UKA)
Ami CarterDaisy Lou (Daisy)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Jennifer CarterBorders Bramble (Bramble)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Scottish BordersGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Laura CarterBryning Take It to the Limit (Freddie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerkshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Nathalie CarterRocket Snoopster (Snoopy)CrossbreedDorsetGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Tracey CarterA Pocketfull of Mischief (Ruby)Spaniel (Cocker)West MidlandsGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Claire CartwrightNimble Nim (Nim)CrossbreedHertsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Marie CassidyChilli’s on Fire (Chilli)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Jean CassieMy Majestic Millie (Millie)Bearded CollieMidlothianGrade 2 (KC)
Tracey CassonDevils Kiss (Rosie)Jack Russell TerrierRoxbrughshireGrade 5 (KC)
Rachel CastleDaxpack Nicole Kidman (Jessica)Hungarian VizslaBucksGrade 2 (KC)
Carol CatonMaximus Giganticus (Max)Jack Russell TerrierSuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Stephen CatonBailey on the Rocks (Bailey)Working SheepdogSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
June CaunceBailey Baked Bean (Bailey)Working SheepdogLancsSC Novice (UKA)
Wendy CaveyPollyanna and the King (Polly)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Rosie CavillBobe of the Sportyheroes (Boo)Other breed, not listedGwentGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Amanda ChallonerVendeci Venus Viper (Amber)Retriever (Labrador)LeicsGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Susannah ChalmersMiss Marshamallow (Marsha)PugWarwickshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Gabrielle ChambersMidnight Dream Suki (Suki)Poodle (Miniature)SurreyGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Pauline ChandlerCherry Cutie Pie (Cherry)Other breed, not listedCambridgeshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Pauline ChandlerJacey Lady (Jacey)Other breed, not listedCambridgeshireGrade 6 (KC)
Lynette ChantNedlo’s Little Black Number (Clicka)Border CollieDorsetGrade 4 (KC)
Lynette ChantWightwonder Spooks (Poodle)Poodle (Toy)DorsetGrade 5 (KC)
Alex ChapmanJadetemple Golden Wish (Abi)Shih TzuMilton KeynesGrade 3 (KC)
Laura ChapmanTo Be Frank (Frankie)Border CollieWiltshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Marion ChapmanMiss Nellie (Nellie)Jack Russell TerrierKentGrade 2 (KC)
Lorraine ChappellShep a Roo of Afton (Shep)Border CollieBedsGrade 6 (KC)
Clare CharalambidesAlpine Star (Bella)Spaniel (English Springer)HertfordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Clare CharalambidesShelland’s Jumpin Jack Flash (Apollo)Cavalier King Charles SpanielHertfordshireGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Deborah CheethamDreampops Firefly (Kimi)Poodle (Miniature)LancashireGrade 2 (KC)
Jackie CheshireLillys Seen the Light (Lilly)Border CollieNorthamptonGrade 4 (KC)
Gary ChesterJumping Jessie Beans (Jessie)Spaniel (Cocker)West SussexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Pat ChesterChase Em Eddie (Eddie)Spaniel (English Springer)West SussexGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Belinda ChidlowHenry of Bolingbroke (Pickle)Lancashire HeelerShropshireGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Lynne ChisholmFlowing Brook (Darcey)Bearded CollieInvernessGrade 4 (KC)
Cathie ChittockJazzytrail Chara of Dawn (Chara)Working SheepdogSuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Cathie ChittockJazzytrail Ice Ice Baby (Isis)Working SheepdogSuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Rachel ChristieMy Achilles Heel (Achilles)Jack Russell TerrierEdinburghGrade 4 (KC)
Sue ChristieFarsetkees Willow's Girl (Rika)KeeshondCounty DownGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Abigail ChristopherSasha’s of Chocolate Curls (Sasha)CrossbreedDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Jan ChurchDowgri Dazzle (D'arcy)Border TerrierHampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jan ChurchKyscafter Rattler AW/S (Cyder)Border TerrierHampshireGrade 7 (KC)
Rebecca Chuter SmithBramleycott Mis Moneypenny (Bella)Shetland SheepdogHampshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Rebecca Chuter SmithWashtog Willow the Wisp (Willow)Chihuahua (Long-coat)HampshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jules ClaphamKilnhurst Cascata (Ripple)Working SheepdogBerkshireGrade 7 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Lesley ClareCandy Spice (Spice)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Lesley ClareNon Stop Pipparoo (Pippa)KelpieWest SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Gill ClarkKhanlorba Rambling Man (Vinny)Miniature SchnauzerNorthantsGrade 6 (KC)
Leann ClarkLuna Tic AW/G (Luna)Jack Russell TerrierEssexGrade 7 (KC)
Susan ClarkMertrisa Secrets and Magic of Stavods (Merlin)Collie (Rough)NorfolkGrade 2 (KC)
Wendy ClarkCodie One Kanobie (Codie)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Kat ClarkeLady Fly Foxington (Fly)CrossbreedBristolSC Novice (UKA)
Katie ClarkeNorbeck Tern AW/G (Willow)Retriever (Labrador)CumbriaSC Senior (UKA)
Niamh ClarkeMeadowlark Jasmine AW/B (Jasmine)Cavalier King Charles SpanielCumbriaGrade 6 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Rosemary ClarkeLady Penelope of Bankhall (Penny)CrossbreedWest YorkshireGrade 5 (KC) + Senior and CSC (UKA)
Ruth ClarkeShe's Buzzie a Trohirrim (Buzz)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Tamsin ClarkeRagmill Tilly (Tilly)Working SheepdogWiltshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Louise ClaytonPacolito Ready Seth Go (Seth)Parson Jack Russell TerrierNottsGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Martin ClaytonTemplehall Dobbie (Dobbie)Border CollieAngusGrade 4 (KC)
Jennifer CleghornBourbon Takes the Biscuit (Bourbon)CrossbreedCumbriaSC Novice (UKA)
Jennifer CleghornTilda Snapdragon (Tilly)Spaniel (Cocker)CumbriaGrade 7 (KC)
Kim ClellandCaldonbeck Lady Cheddleton (Disney)Border CollieWiltshireSenior (UKA)
Sally ColdwellPerodale Cupboard Love (Tui)Retriever (Golden)West SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Mary ColeGymanji Sound of Thunder (Dax)Spaniel (Cocker)KentGrade 3 (KC)
Denise ColesScott’s Just Jaccee (Jaccee)Collie XSomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Fran ColesProf Yaffels Looney Magpie (Luna)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenSuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Michelle ColesLimasmythe Coles Charmer (Rogan)German Shepherd (Alsatian)WiltshireGrade 4 (KC)
Shannon ColesTurbo Super Ted (Teddy)Spaniel CrossSomersetGrade 3 (KC) + Novice, SC Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Jane CollinsAkansha Bethan (Berta)German Shorthaired PointerHerefordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Zoe CollinsEzmerelda Pocket Rocket (Ezzy)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Zoe CollinsWay Hay Wally Woo (Wally)Spaniel (English Springer)BerkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gina ColtonDexy Midnight Running (Dexter)CrossbreedRutlandGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Zoe ColtonRicochet Rusty (Rusty)Jack Russell Terrier XDevonGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Harri Condie / Donna HolmesDroopy Master Detective (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Harri CondieThe Machine is Still On (Moira)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Patricia ConibereCausing Chaos as Usual (Chaos)CrossbreedDevonGrade 7 (KC)
Karen ConnalFintastic Finn McCool (Finn)Working SheepdogEast DunbartonshireGrade 6 (KC)
Robyn ConnellMoonshine Murphy (Murphy)Retriever (Labrador)LancashireGrade 6 (KC)
Bridget ConnollyJoss' Apprentice Tamu Tanne AW/S (Tanne)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Bernadette CookHigh Pow Storm (Storm)CollieCumbriaGrade 4 (KC)
Bernadette CookThat'll Do Driftby (Drift)CollieCumbriaGrade 4 (KC)
Jenny CookScruffy’s Protege (Diesel)Working SheepdogWorcesterGrade 4 (KC)
Joyce CookWay to Go Bright Star (Phoebe)Working SheepdogCo DurhamGrade 7 (KC)
Karen CookMy Locomotion (Mylo)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthantsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Kate CookAveegotun Field of Dreams with Bonamassa (Squidge)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Sarah CookWhitecross Enigma (Nadia)WeimaranerGloucesterGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Maggie CookeAviary the Dark Secret (Phoebe)Border CollieIsle of WightGrade 6 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Maggie CookeNashdom Little Flirt (Pandora)Border CollieIsle of WightGrade 7 (KC) + CSC, CAP and WCAP (UKA)
Debbie CooksonBeanie Houdini (Beanie)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 6 (KC)
Neal CoombesDreamorox Repeat Offender (Drift)CollieDorsetSC Novice (UKA)
Abbie CooperJust Miss Tilly (Tilly)Springer X PoodleKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Gillian CooperDougal Man of Mischief AW/B (Dougal)CrossbreedSurreyGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gillian CooperHayhill Butterfly AW/B (Lily)Spaniel (English Springer)SurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Samantha CooperTlws Tecwyn (Maddie)Working SheepdogGwyneddGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Judy CoppinGorgeous Shimmering Sunset (Taz)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Leigh CornfieldYogi Lemon (Yogi)Spaniel (Cocker)AyrshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gemma CornfordHotcallie Caradoc (Benji)Border TerrierKentGrade 2 (KC)
Kim CosansBrambledale Blue Shi (Shiloh)Bearded Collies (Working)MidlothianGrade 2 (KC)
Jennifer CostelloIdonea Icknieldway (Buddy)Retriever (Golden)NorfolkGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Kerri CostelloSpringaling Rubes (Ruby)Spaniel (Cocker)DerbyshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Dom CottonDevongem Tiz the Biz (Ink)Spaniel (Cocker)StaffordGrade 7 (KC)
Helen CottrellCrockston Master Pippin (Pippin)Border TerrierSuffolkSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Helen CottrellStowthorney Phantom (Bramley)Border TerrierSuffolkGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Grian CouncerMarco the Mega Babe (Marco)CrossbreedGlos.Grade 2 (KC)
Marie CourtCrumpsbrook Rather Magical (Flint)Large MunsterlanderNottinghamGrade 5 (KC)
Chloe CowanFitdoon Floyd (Floyd)CrossbreedSouth AyrshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gill CowieI Should Be So Lucky (Lucky)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Charlotte CoxVilros Triathlon Trev (Bryn)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + Novice and SC Champion (UKA)
Rachel CoxGive Hope a Chance (Hope)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Annnabel CoyleBuddy Coyle (Buddy)Retriever (Labrador)BerkshireSC Novice (UKA)
Steve CraggsKingsfield Glenmy (Glen)CollieDorsetGrade 6 (KC)
Isobel CrawfordRed Rubble Trubble (Teddy)CrossbreedWest YorkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Deborah CreaseBreurn Blue Moon (Tayen)Border CollieEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Claire CrichtonAlpine Peaks (Aspen)CrossbreedOxfordshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Carol CroninThe Brazen Raisin (Jackie)CrossbreedRepublic of IrelandGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Hannah CrookStillmoor Its Just Me (Enya)CollieCornwallGrade 7 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Hannah CrookStillmoor Reflections (Quest)Border CollieCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Kimberley CrookHoratio Wynne Etton Mess (George)Cavalier King Charles SpanielLincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Judi CrossTiksi Frosted Flame AW/S (Lottie)SamoyedKentGrade 5 (KC)
Lynn CrossStarlight Prancer (Bonnie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Isle of ManGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Sue CuddonHawksflight Take It All to Ered AW/G (Mischief)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenOxfordshireGrade 7 (KC) + Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Sandy CundyDesert Joe (Joey)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Deb CunninghamLoganCrossbreedIsle of WightNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Betty CurtisWizin Ms Sassy (Sassy)KelpieMiddlesexGrade 5 (KC)
Hillary CurtisDevonduet Simply Rufus (Rufus)Border CollieEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Jenny CurtisThe Herminator (Timo)Spaniel CrossOxfordshireGrade 7 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Michele CurtisWithout Rhyme or Reason (Rhyme)CollieKentGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Val CurtisLittle Jack Flash (Jack)Jack Russell TerrierDorsetGrade 6 (KC)
Maureen CuthbertAll in a Tizzy (Izzy)CrossbreedRoxburghshireGrade 5 (KC)
Maureen CuthbertSomething Amazing (Ame)Working SheepdogRoxburghshireGrade 5 (KC)
Christina CuttingKazaura's Winter Storm (Zander)Shetland SheepdogLeicestershireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sharon CuttingWelshspel Twister in a Spin (Fidgit)CollieKentGrade 6 (KC)
Katie DableLexi Go Round (Lexi)CrossbreedStoke on TrentGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Di DaltonMidnight Maple (Breeze)Spaniel (Working Cocker)South GloucestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Jane DaltonWhisky on the Roxy (Roxy)CrossbreedCumbriaCSC and WCSC (UKA)
Anne DalyJaffa Cake Foxy Lady (Jaffa)CrossbreedDorsetGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Annette DalyMaximilian Is Rainman (Max)CrossbreedWest MidsGrade 7 (KC)
Gill DalyIzar Handsome Boy (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)HertfordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gill DalyMullnetty Blue Lagoon (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)HertfordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sacha Dane Le PageLongtimbers the Blue Wizard (Merlin)Border CollieDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Carol DaniellHoneysmoke My Boy Asti (Asti)Spaniel (Cocker)Co DurhamGrade 7 (KC)
Jane DarlingFirst Mate Purl Darling (Purl)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Christine DarlingtonKentixen Sunup (Oska)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaAberdeenGrade 2 (KC)
Astrid DarraghFive a Day Momo (Momo)Jack Russell TerrierNorth YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Mandy DavenportAnd Then There Were Three (Marley)Spaniel (English Springer)CheshireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Kim DavidKeehoo Kitkat (Kitkat)Miniature PinscherSomersetGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + CSC and CAP (UKA)
Kim DavidKeehoo Tutti Frutti (Peaches)Miniature PinscherSomersetGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Stacey DavidFy Dyn Goly Gus (Buddy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)ShropshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Lisa DavidsonHarleyJack Russell TerrierAberdeenshireGrade 6 (KC)
Carys DaviesOtter Boy Pan (Pan)Working SheepdogAngleseyGrade 4 (KC)
Christina DaviesAshbourne's Regulus (Reggie)Japanese SpitzWest YorkshireGrade 7 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Georgina DaviesHarrjak Taking the Mick (Mickey)Border CollieDevonGrade 7 (KC)
Georgina DaviesKilnhurst Cariad (Tikka)Miniature American ShepherdDevonGrade 4 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Georgina DaviesThe Pi Who Loved Me (Pi)CrossbreedDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Glynn DaviesAnother Roll of the Dice (Dice)Retriever (Labrador)DevonGrade 2 (KC)
Rob DaviesNutmeg Came to Sigroc (Meg)Working SheepdogKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sam DaviesRhyderz Curious Nell (Nell)CollieFlintshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Yvonne DaviesCytas Aiming for the Top (Emma)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisGlamorganGrade 4 (KC)
Alistair DavisTheres Only One Jack the Lad (Lad)Working SheepdogDevonGrade 3 (KC)
Colin DavisonSteady Storm (Storm)MixedBordersGrade 4 (KC)
Kaiah DayValmis Youth (Ufo)Border CollieHampshireGrade 2 (KC)
William DayGameflight Snow Flurry (Mollie)Retriever (Labrador)EssexGrade 5 (KC)
Avril DaykinDark Beauty Layla (Layla)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Nicky DeakinDougie Dancer of Many Tears (Dougie)CrossbreedSurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Lesley DeanPrincess Moonglow (Nellie)Retriever (Golden)WorcsSC Champion (UKA)
Jenny DeclerkLittle Ricky (Ricky)Jack Russell TerrierNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Erica DentonMy Little Firecracker (Milo)Spaniel CrossNorth YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Natasha DerkaczPower of the Last Rolo (Rolo)CrossbreedDundeeGrade 7 (KC)
Ashley DewarWinnie the Sprocker (Winnie)Spaniel CrossPerhshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lesley DexterLolly Lola Lollipop (Lola)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 4 (KC)
Susan DickinsonMarley Treacle Saffy (Saffy)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 7 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Valerie DicksonScarlett’s Three Dot Dude (Ollie)Boston TerrierRoxburghshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Zoe DingleDaymers Dashing Diva (Erin)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Zoe DingleDaymers Twist and Spin (LC)CrossbreedCornwallSC Novice (UKA)
Karen DiproseSir Fergus (Fergus)Jack Russell TerrierKentGrade 4 (KC)
Judith DobleSolar Sensation (Solar)CollieRCTGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Bernadette DochertyLuck of the Irish (Luca)Working SheepdogSouth AyrshireGrade 6 (KC)
Louise DochertyBitsa Wispa (Wispa)Spaniel CrossBerksGrade 4 (KC) + Senior and CSC (UKA)
Louise DochertyChocolate Man (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)BerksGrade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Emily DodsworthSmall Brown Thing (Ella)Retriever (Labrador)East YorkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Julia DommettLa Petite Daisy (Daisy)Poodle (Toy)DorsetGrade 6 (KC)
Julia DommettSweetman Better Chance (Betty)PapillonDorsetGrade 7 (KC)
Georgia DougalReggie Naught (Reggie)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Mark DouglasBallinloan Zoomie Rascal (Moose)Retriever (Labrador)West LothianGrade 6 (KC)
Tracy DownCopsedown Dare to Dream (Wilf)Spaniel (English Springer)SomersetGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Nikki DownsTiggie Yum Yum (Tiggie)CrossbreedNorthamptonshireGrade 6 (KC)
Jacqueline DoyleJemstone Jemma (Jemma)Spaniel (Cocker)CheshireGrade 7 (KC)
Stephen DoyleCleulow Sapphire (Saphie)Spaniel (English Springer)CheshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Lynn DraperBryning Special Edition (Tilly)Border CollieLincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Pat DraperBekwey Bouncing Blodwyn (Blod)Japanese SpitzWiltshireGrade 4 (KC)
Pat DraperFoxtwist Flycatcher (Phoenix)Border CollieWiltshireGrade 5 (KC)
Lisa DrewGenroque Silver Jewel (Ellie)WeimaranerOxonGrade 2 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Susan DringBarnaby of Blansby Park (Barnaby)Working SheepdogNorth YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Jason DrinkwaterSapphirestar Amber (Amber)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 6 (KC)
Jason DrinkwaterSapphirestar Riley (Riley)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Pauline Droy-MooreKaliazar Dakota (Izzy)Border CollieEssexGrade 3 (KC)
Jim DruryFarwoodview Hayat Vicarage (Finn)CollieCounty DurhamGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Marianne DruryAinmhithe Can't Stop Me (Lexi)Working SheepdogEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Susan DruryFarwoodview Hopes Vicarage (Hope)CollieCounty DurhamGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Shirley DuckettTaranut Stormin Norman (Finn)BoxerGlasgowGrade 4 (KC)
Nicola DuckfieldCaptain Dambuster (Buster)Spaniel CrossWest GlamorganSC Novice (UKA)
Julia DuckworthMayandream Charlie Brown (Charlie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DevonSC Novice (UKA)
Julia DuckworthRainbowside Orange Lady (Molly)Spaniel (Cocker)DevonGrade 6 (KC) + CAP (UKA)
Karen DuffittDaisy Maisy (Daisy)Spaniel (Cocker)West YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Purdee DuffittSlathwaite Star (Ben)Spaniel (Cocker)West YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Mark DugganMillhanger Ballycasey (Millie)KooikerhondjeNorth LanarkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Mel DuncanMadmutts Galloway Samson AW/S (Samson)Working SheepdogWigtownshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Mel DuncanMadmutts Magical Mist (Mist)Working SheepdogWigtownshireGrade 4 (KC)
Mel DuncanMadmutts Red Mystery (Cadbury)Working SheepdogWigtownshireGrade 4 (KC)
Emma DunfordTerence Farmers Boy (Terry)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Caroline DunnPrancing Doodle Archie (Archie)CrossbreedCounty DurhamGrade 5 (KC)
Margaret DurbinWallgoff Mardi (Mardi)Jack Russell TerrierSomersetGrade 2 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Gill DuroeDialynne Candy Girl (Jess)BeagleNorthantsGrade 6 (KC)
Tracey DurrantJupavia Love is Forever (Lily)CollieSuffolkGrade 2 (KC)
Jess DuttonQuestgalore Five Dolla More (Dollar)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jenny EadesTeddy Toodles (Teddy)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 5 (KC) + Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Trevor EagleSkybound Wish Upon a Star (Wish)Border CollieKentGrade 6 (KC)
Gillian EalesGill's Winter Folly (Folly)Shetland SheepdogBerksGrade 5 (KC)
Cecilia EastwoodZeelukzak Star Trooper (Felix)SamoyedEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Cathy EatonDinaskarrek's Fascination (Dexter)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Cathy EatonLanherne River Tam (River)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Teresa Eaton-WattsThe Domino Effect (Domino)CrossbreedEast YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Susan Ann EaveryRosie Posies Dream (Rosie)CollieEssexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Michelle EdeTiaSpaniel (Cocker)HerefordshireNovice (UKA)
Gemma EdgeHearofriend Kody Luke (Luke)Spaniel (Cocker)NorthumberlandGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Susan EdgeSpiderwick Castellano (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)PerthshireGrade 2 (KC)
Sue EdgeworthAmati's Marksman AW/S (Tazar)Border CollieEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Peter EdneyShanowl Abracadabra AW/P (Abbie)Border CollieHampshireGrade 7 (KC)
Sally EdneyShanowl Edge of Glory (Rossi)Border CollieHampshireGrade 5 (KC)
Amber EdwardsKybensha Billow (Cooper)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Amber EdwardsLittle Alfie of Berrow (Alfie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 5 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Jenny EdwardsOff Er Rocker (Fennel)Spaniel (Cocker)DerbyshireGrade 6 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Jenny EdwardsStrip Teasel (Teasel)CrossbreedDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC)
Jenny EdwardsWykid Wych (Wych)CrossbreedDerbyshireSC Novice (UKA)
Julia EdwardsStarlight Jade (Jade)Retriever (Labrador)GloucestershireGrade 3 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Owen EdwardsWait for Me Meme (Meme)CrossbreedBedsGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sharon EldridgeAviary Moon Beam (DJ)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Issy EleyBarking Mad Tuxedo Lad (Henry)Patterdale TerrierCheshireGrade 5 (KC)
Michelle ElkinDecoymans Piper Tinsle at Tollelkin (Sukie)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverHertfordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Michelle ElkinTollelkin Water Dancer (Kenzi)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverHertfordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Shirley ElkinsKorsabian Got to Have Faith (Renn)Border CollieDevonGrade 5 (KC)
Rita EllaAgile Alfie (Alfie)CrossbreedShropshireGrade 2 (KC)
David ElliottRough N Tumble Toby (Toby)Working SheepdogWiltsGrade 7 (KC)
Debbie ElliottCleyside Misty Moondance (Misty)Working SheepdogWiltshireGrade 7 (KC)
Debbie ElliottKorsabian Lucky Charm (Tali)Border CollieWiltshireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Debbie ElliottLoony Bing on Loan (Bing)Spaniel (Cocker)KentGrade 4 (KC)
Fiona ElliottMon Flash de Brilliance (Flash)Border CollieNottinghamshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Leah EllisSugar Lemon Fizz (Purdie)Welsh SheepdogShropshireGrade 4 (KC)
Viv EllisLucindale Arif Ti Bubagets of Aristopaps (Rufti-Tufti)PapillonEssexGrade 4 (KC)
James EllisonMonkey the Sunshine Warrior (Mowgli)CrossbreedDerbyGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Pamela EllwoodBlack and White Blaze (Buddy)CrossbreedBerwickshireGrade 6 (KC)
Pamela EllwoodCoppicevistas Dimple (Angel)Spaniel (English Springer)BerwickshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Ben ElsworthyTri Lola (Lola)Working SheepdogGloucestershireGrade 6 (KC)
Jane EmmettMy Magical Miss Mitz (Mitz)CrossbreedBucksGrade 5 (KC)
Hayley EmptageKeidorah Hazle Nutz (Daisy)HavaneseKentGrade 6 (KC)
Alice EnglandFly by Mr Biggles (Mr Biggles)Poodle (Miniature)DevonGrade 2 (KC)
Lesley EnglandBella's Furry Dance (Bella)CollieCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Lesley EnglandCornish Maid by Dowgri (Bindi)Border TerrierCornwallGrade 7 (KC)
Lesley EnglandTrishanna Milky Bar Kid (Bailey)Poodle (Miniature)CornwallGrade 6 (KC)
Ros EtheridgeJay Dee on Ice (JD)CollieGlosGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Laura EvansImperial Kaos (KAO)Spaniel (Cocker)West SussexGrade 6 (KC) + Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Louise EvansDragondream Blinkin Luna (Luna)Border CollieStaffordshireGrade 6 (KC)
Michael EvansSnow Fairy (Kes)Spaniel (English Springer)West SussexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Susan EvansIntent on Mischief (Moss)Collie (Smooth)DorsetGrade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Ann & Clive EverestDarian the Bookseller (Ollie)Border CollieBuckinghamshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jenny EverittMeg Did It Her WayBorder CollieEssexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Robert EvesSolarwind Star of Destiny (Karma)Australian ShepherdEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Kaye FaiersSunndach Saint (Saint)Border CollieDorsetGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Senior (UKA)
Cassie FairchildThrejays Non (Nonnie)CollieSouth GlamorganGrade 3 (KC)
Janet FallDoreymiller's Betty Beau (Dice)Spaniel (Working Springer)NorthantsGrade 7 (KC)
Ashleigh FannRebelBorder CollieFifeSenior (UKA)
Teresa FaretraKilgetty Kip (Kip)Working SheepdogBerkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Debs FawcusComebyanaway Let's Dance (Scout)Border CollieSurreyGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Alice FeehanBarran Tridhathach Gorm (Barra)Border CollieSouth LanarkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Gaye FelthamLady Tasha Phoxmoor (Tasha)CrossbreedEast SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Viv FendickKilliebrae Pride and Joy (Joy)Working SheepdogCumbriaGrade 4 (KC)
Mick FernDakata Fizzy Letsget Wizzy (Fizz)Poodle (Toy)LincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Mick FernDoing It for the Wrinklies (Odie)Working SheepdogLincolnshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Mick FernIts All About Stan (Stan)Poodle (Toy)LincolnshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Angela FidlerPollgina Indypendant Oak (Oak)Retriever (Labrador)RutlandGrade 6 (KC)
Debbie FiggRooqui's Truly Magical (Echo)Border CollieKentGrade 7 (KC)
Zoe Fillery-HammondWavesong Jumping Jac Flash (Chip)Shetland SheepdogEast SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Emma FinchEnterprise Winter is Coming (Dax)Siberian HuskyShropshireGrade 6 (KC)
Isabel FindlayMaccadale Ash (Ash)Border CollieRenfrewshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Isabel FindlayMaccadale Finn (Finn)Border CollieRenfrewshireGrade 4 (KC)
Elise FinneyRose of Whitethorn (Darcy)CrossbreedEast YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Fiona FirthSmarta Than the Average Bear (Yogi)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 4 (KC)
Deborah FishPinrow Dark Shadow (Daisy)Tibetan TerrierNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Rob FisherRoad Runner Bobby Dazzler (Bob)Working SheepdogSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Meg FitzgeraldJodie Be Good (Jodie)LurcherAntrimGrade 5 (KC)
Rachael FlavellMax Moonlight (Max)Spaniel (English Springer)FlintshireGrade 6 (KC)
Melanie FlemingLittle Miss Bits and Bobs (Bitsy)CrossbreedSelkirkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Helen FletcherJoemario Just a Dash (Shimmy)Manchester TerrierStaffordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Fiona FloodElmleas Cally Away to Home (Cally)Border ColliePerthshireGrade 6 (KC)
Barbara Flood-PageTilly Quickstep (Tilly)Collie XPowysGrade 2 (KC)
Suzanne FlowerMaisy Fleur de la Moor (Maisy)Jack Russell TerrierDevonGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Alison FloyerTawnyhill Rufus (Rufus)Retriever (Golden)SurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Carol FolwellOctober Fantasy (Fanta)Working SheepdogTyne & WearGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Kate ForganFoxy Meg (Meg)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Chloe Forgham-JamesGem and Tonic (Gem)Working SheepdogStaffordshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Claudia FornariHooligan Hamish (Hamish)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Keely FosterAlly's Magic Super Socks (Ally)CollieStaffsGrade 5 (KC)
Rob FosterShadowfern Aife (Puzzle)Spaniel (Cocker)North YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Sally FosterPrecious Pippa (Pippa)Jack Russell Terrier XYorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Sally FosterTick Tock Beat the Clock (Tikie)Jack Russell TerrierYorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sue FosterTruly Madly Red (Red)Spaniel (Cocker)North YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Emily Fothergill / Janice DawsonFantastic Fella (Logan)CrossbreedNorth YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Emily FothergillLightning Shock of Stardom (Shock)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Emily Fothergill / Janice DawsonMelneg Fantastic (Kane)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Jess FournierQueen Flicktoria (Flick)CollieSomersetGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Yvette FowlerBright as a Button (Button)Border CollieWest SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Valerie FrancisStorm-Ing-Norman-Two (Storm)Working SheepdogEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Michelle FranklandBud Tastic (Buddy)CrossbreedMiddlesexGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Michelle FranklandStrawberry BonBon (Bonnie)CrossbreedMiddlesexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jodii FraserMagic Murphy (Murphy)Spaniel (English Springer)Inverness shireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Shirley FrenchWordencott Caramela (Twix)Spaniel (Working Springer)DevonGrade 4 (KC)
Kim FrostMadame Millie (Millie)Spaniel (English Springer)NorfolkGrade 2 (KC)
Merica FuardTollelkin Bay of Ice (Kyo)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverHertfordshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Dominique FuentesHere We Go Loopy Luna (Luna)CrossbreedLancsGrade 7 (KC)
Dominique FuentesMi As to Win (Mia)Border CollieLancsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Dominique FuentesThe CounTess Fuentes (Tess)CrossbreedLancsGrade 6 (KC)
Lucy FulfordIt's All about the Hoki Loki (Loki)Collie XSuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Ann FullerPlaisance Olive La Belle (Maggie)Collie (Smooth)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Ann FullerWynele Golden Delight (Ella)Collie (Smooth)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Catherine FullerCH Trijem Think Outside the Box (Taryn)Australian ShepherdEast SussexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Debbie Fuller / Allison SeniorDevongem Having Fun Trying (Fun)Border CollieDevonGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Jane FurlongPotty Dotty Doo Dar (Poppy)Spaniel CrossWest SussexGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Michelle GaleShoshonemara Ultimate Buzz (Buzz)Border CollieHampshireGrade 5 (KC)
Emma GallagherWhiterails Maisy Mouse (Maisy)CrossbreedCumbriaGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Janet GallagherWhiterails Teddy Bear (Teddy)Poodle (Miniature)CumbriaGrade 4 (KC)
Jackie GallonDesire Damsel (Martha)Poodle (Miniature)West SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Michelle GarbuttTail of Olympus Sunshine (Apollo)Working SheepdogCo. DurhamGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Amy GarcesEceni Standing Rock (Gatsby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)MiddlesexGrade 4 (KC)
Gloria GardnerThe Dirty Blond Bombshell (Lucy)CrossbreedEast SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Heather GardnerAliceholt Hantaywee Sioux (Bourbon)Spaniel (Cocker)SurreyGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Trevor GardnerOctober Sun (Jack)Working SheepdogTyne and wearGrade 6 (KC)
Carol Garland / Brian GarlandMidnight Minnie Minx (Kerry)Retriever (Labrador)North LincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Paul GarlandBeaglebug at Seabriar (Evie)BeagleSouth YorkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Clare GarnerEmything for You (Emy)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 2 (KC)
Alison GarrardFarm Girl Holly (Holly)Working SheepdogEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Chris GarrettLacinka Look Alike in Blue (Look)Border CollieBerkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Jennifer GarryMystical Dream (Ziva)Border CollieClackmannanshireGrade 5 (KC)
Steven GarstangRing Arounda Rosieroo (Rosie)Collie XSuffolkGrade 2 (KC)
Hannah GatesCute as a Buttons Bear (Buttons)Shih TzuBuckinghamshireSC Novice (UKA)
Geraldine GavaghanFossils Mr Fox (Riley)CrossbreedWest YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Rebecca GentMr Scrumble (Teddy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)EssexGrade 2 (KC)
Roz GentryZebulunWorking SheepdogEast SussexNovice, SC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Lisa GibbMidnight Raven (Trixie)Retriever (Labrador)GloucestershireGrade 4 (KC) + Senior and CSC (UKA)
Wendy GibbHoney Beard (Honey)CrossbreedDevonGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Ella GibbsLulu Pops (Lulu)CrossbreedWorcs.Grade 5 (KC)
Beth GibsonMrs Fanny Annie (Fanny)CrossbreedAberdeenGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Claire GibsonBarchil Round the Moon (Benjy)Border CollieKentGrade 5 (KC)
Claire GibsonOtta Pops (Otta)CrossbreedKentGrade 6 (KC)
Phillippa GibsonRoy Rocket of Yorkshire (Roy)Working SheepdogWiltshireGrade 5 (KC)
Sue GibsonJusta Kracka (Jacob)CrossbreedDerbyGrade 7 (KC)
Karen GiffordNot So Steady Teddy (Ted)Border CollieBedsGrade 5 (KC)
Linda GilbertNaxshivan’s Timely Agatha (Agi)Spaniel (Cocker)North LincolnshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Carol GilesZorro the Bold Caballero (Zorro)Welsh SheepdogSouth GlosGrade 6 (KC)
Sue GilesIvormyth Master Imp (Impy)Border CollieDevonGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Emily GillStourmere Snow Song (Timber)German Shorthaired PointerMonmouthshireSC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Nick GillSuperDooper LoopyCooper (Cooper)CrossbreedNorth SomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Peter GillDevonduet Pontstic Fin (Fin)Border CollieCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Linda GillanBertgan Roll of the Dice (Layla)Poodle (Miniature)East AyrshirreGrade 5 (KC)
Rachael GilmourBallinas Attention Seeker (Rogue)Working SheepdogRenfrewshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Rachael GilmourRedanmuir a Twist of Magic (Quiz)Border CollieRenfrewshireGrade 4 (KC)
Rachael GilmourRedanmuir Made in Heaven (Storm)Border CollieRenfrewshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
David GirlingDuchess Dottie of Highwoods (Dottie)CrossbreedEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle GladdingLanteague Paloma Faith at Startoonie (Evie)Shetland SheepdogEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle GladdingSheldonora Dawn of Tomorrow (Obi)Shetland SheepdogEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Lucy GlanvilleLayla's Lucky Day (Layla)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Tracey GledhillBella Boocat of Osprey (Bella)Spaniel (English Springer)West YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Lorna GlencrossSeavell Ted (Buddy)Shetland SheepdogWest LothianGrade 6 (KC)
Gayle GlendinningSealpin Thrilling Degar (Finn)Spaniel (Working Cocker)AyrshireGrade 2 (KC)
Heather GlouchkoffHemadamean Jet (Jet)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CumbriaGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Catherine GloverSunshine Amber Lady (Sally)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 2 (KC)
Jo-Ann GloverThe Sprockster (Toby)Spaniel CrossLeicesterGrade 5 (KC)
Lauren GoadFreddie Ready Go (Freddie)Working SheepdogKentGrade 5 (KC)
Victoria GoadMeg in a Million (Meg)Working SheepdogKentGrade 6 (KC)
Sheila GoddardMalaroc Must be Joking at Woodmeres (Eddie)Shetland SheepdogR.C.TGrade 4 (KC)
Jane GoddingComebyanaway Quickstep (Moss)Border CollieSurreyGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Aimee GoldingLuton's Lady (Lottie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)HertfordshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Stephen GoldingLornford Eider Duck 'n Dive (Ella)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverCheshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ortal GoldmanMeadowfair's Dark Star (Phoebe)Poodle (Miniature)BedfordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kathryn GoldsworthyFluently Faulty (Luen)Border CollieWest LothianGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ivone Gomes da SilvaElla Gomes (Ella)LurcherBedfordGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Fiona GommRevelations of Bersinkiac AW/B (Revel)CrossbreedEastbourneGrade 6 (KC)
Gen GonzalezOscar Dosca (Oscar)Collie XSurreyGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Lindsey GoochSulynbourne Tayen (Tayen)Bearded CollieLincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Carol GoodaSapphire Star Lexi (Lexi)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Carol GoodaSapphire Star Reeva (Reeva)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Alicia GoodchildPippa Don't Panic (Pippa)Jack Russell TerrierEast MidlandsGrade 4 (KC)
Maureen GoodchildCrystalgorse Onesie Nuff (Zipz)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
David GoodhandOldgillhead Aoibhean (Lola)Hungarian VizslaNorfolkGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Kym GoodhandWolfmeyer Glen Tilt (Hazel)Hungarian VizslaNorfolkGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lucy GoodwinDinaskarrek Aretemis (Rosy)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverSurreyGrade 3 (KC)
Rebekah GoodwinPepski Ballerinski (Pep)Collie XDevonGrade 6 (KC)
Sandra GoodwinStars above Me (Keela)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Paul GordonCoires Al Delights (De)Border CollieWarwickshireGrade 5 (KC)
Laura GorhamFeatherweight Flyer (Zab)BoxerCheshireGrade 4 (KC)
Annette GoswellBrave Baby Boy (Benson)CrossbreedDevonGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Rachel GouldDelphinium Jet (Merlot)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthamptonGrade 2 (KC)
Wendy GracieRuby Northumbrian Princess (Ruby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)North LanarkshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Linda GrahamKelticemrald Just Dudley (Dudders)Working SheepdogNorth YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sarah GrahamReivers Amazy Crazy Maisie (Maisie)Working SheepdogScottish BordersGrade 6 (KC)
Alison GrahameSweet Islay Gem (Gemma)Jack Russell TerrierLanarkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Annette GrassiThe Brea’s Knees (Brea)MixedDerbyshireGrade 2 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Diane GravesComebyanaway Kicks n Flicks (Jive)Border CollieCo DurhamGrade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Helen GrayNicholforest Top Gun (Maverick)Retriever (Labrador)DumfriesshireSC Novice (UKA)
Andrew GreenBristar Echo (Ralph)Miniature SchnauzerDevonGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Angela GreenEvie with Attitude (Evie)Welsh SheepdogSomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Caroline GreenJumping Java (Java)CrossbreedBuckinghamshireGrade 5 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Caroline GreenRun Run Rosie (Rosie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BuckinghamshireGrade 7 (KC) + Senior, Champion and CSC (UKA)
Elizabeth GreenRiley William (Riley)Spaniel (Cocker)WorcesterGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sharon GreenAinmhithe Pocket Rocket (Millie)CrossbreedEast YorkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Valerie GreenawayAntipodean Acrobat (Delilah)KelpieFifeGrade 6 (KC)
Valerie GreenawayTribbrook Mister Sulu (Samson)Australian ShepherdFifeGrade 5 (KC)
Roz GreeningFinbar Noir (Lincoln)Retriever (Labrador)GlosGrade 4 (KC)
Roz GreeningRegi Sprocket Pocket Rocket (Reggie)Spaniel CrossGlosGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice, SC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Emma GreenshieldsMaverick Millie (Millie)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 5 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Sandra GreigQuories Rhum on the Rocks (Rhum)Border CollieAberdeenshireGrade 5 (KC)
Yvonne GrenfellSeavall Trixster (Trixie)Shetland SheepdogSouth LanarkshireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Nicola GrieveMeiklebin Tess (Tess)Working SheepdogGlasgowGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Anne GriffithsManawyddan Flora Macdonald (Flora)PapillonShropshireGrade 6 (KC)
Alison GrimesStowledge Honeysuckle (Feebee)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DorsetGrade 6 (KC)
Teresa GroomCrazy Dayz with Blaze (Blaze)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sally GroveDevongem Freestyler (Glen)Border CollieHantsGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Sophie GroveAinmhithe Tahitian Pearl (Lulu)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Sophie GroveWoodside Treasure (Woody)Jack Russell TerrierSomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Katie GurneyCharuzian Ice Hawk (George)Boston TerrierPembrokeshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jeanna GwilliamNorlyght Sebelas of Amienko (Kheva)Pyrenean SheepdogGloucestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Maria HaageSmultronstig Mischief Man (Loki)Retriever (Labrador)Co DownGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Christine HagueKalle Finnish with Pride (Kalle)Border CollieLanarkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Caroline HairMargaux Mill on the Run (Millie)CollieKinrossGrade 7 (KC)
Jackie HalePeaches of Fauldhouse (Tess)Spaniel (Working Cocker)ClackmannanshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Suzanne HaleDriving Miss Crazy at Broadholme AW/S (IVY)Bearded Collies (Working)CeredigionGrade 6 (KC)
Becky HallStan the Candy Man (Stan)Working SheepdogCumbriaGrade 7 (KC)
Jenny HallHarry of New England (Bobby)Retriever (Labrador)NorfolkGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Nicola HallBaudwin Arc-Enciel (Miss G)Belgian Shepherd - GroenendaelLancashireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Suzanne HallLark van' t Livinusbos (Lark)Small MunsterlanderGloucestershireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Karen HallamKiddshill High Hopes (Trouble)Shetland SheepdogWiltsGrade 4 (KC)
Karen HallamPascala Shining Star AW/B (Pixie)Shetland SheepdogWiltsGrade 6 (KC)
Sarah HamblinKarma Naglis (Karma)XoloitzcuintleLincs.Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Faye HamiltonEarthwise Kentucky Woman (Lucy)Border TerrierSouth LanarkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Elizabeth HammettBryedal Jandy (Oscar)Manchester TerrierGloucestershireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Mary HamptonRobertsend Jasper (Jasper)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Sharon HarberSuper Fly Runnings (Fly)Working SheepdogHertfordshireGrade 2 (KC)
Becky HardingIn a Pickle Lily at Mallingdown AW/B (Lily)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Carol HardingRiqitta Sea Cokkie (Dougherty)Irish SetterWiltshireGrade 2 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Mary HardingFrites of Cnwch (Fritty)Border CollieCeredigionGrade 4 (KC)
Bernadette HardwickSundragon Lady (Flyss)Working SheepdogLincolnshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sue HardyWordencott Blitzen Tiz Perrandune (Blitz)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LeicestershireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Brian HareEar's Woody (Woody)Cavalier King Charles SpanielBedfordshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Nicole HareEau de Fox by Ainmhithe (Tala)CrossbreedBedfordshireGrade 4 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Lee HarfieldDevongem Tiz a Star (Tizzy)Spaniel (Working Springer)OxfordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Emer HarkinAculsia Find the Time (Floyd)Border CollieEast LothianGrade 4 (KC)
Wilson HarkinBannetstane Sunrise Angel (Red)Border CollieLanarkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Wilson HarkinStarlight Angel (Star)Working SheepdogLanarkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Kacey HarrisClynneparc Sophia (Jessie)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetSC Senior (UKA)
Laura HarrisWolfeline Eclipse (Dexter)German Shepherd (Alsatian)GlasgowGrade 4 (KC)
Rebecca HarrisMeadow Grass Dancer AW/G (Barnaby)Shetland SheepdogMiddlesexGrade 7 (KC)
Rona HarrisSpringpet Harry (Harry)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Catherine HarrisonKatepwa Akira (Lottie)Spaniel (Working Springer)NottinghamGrade 6 (KC)
Eleanor HarrisonBroevans Fun and Cheeky (Holly)Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)AberdeenshireGrade 4 (KC)
Katie HarrisonThat'll Do Tess (Tess)Working SheepdogChes.Grade 6 (KC)
Wendy HartTaffy Turbo (Taffy)Welsh SheepdogWest MidlandsSC Novice (UKA)
Maureen HartleyShelby Magic (Shelby)Border CollieBedsGrade 3 (KC)
Laura HarveyCataluna Gentle Hermione (Amber)Irish SetterLancashireGrade 5 (KC)
Lisa HarveyMutzlee Zazu (Milo)Miniature SchnauzerCoventryGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Julie HaslerBlack Iced Jem (Jem)CollieCambridgeshireGrade 4 (KC)
Donna HathawayChilterns Forget Me Not (Ralph)CrossbreedOxfordshireGrade 5 (KC)
Kelly HattRekorderlig Barney (Barney)Retriever (Labrador)WiltshireGrade 3 (KC)
Georgia HattonUpsy Daisy Here We Go AW/B (Hoddy)CrossbreedMerseysideGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Nicola HawkerLittle Roxy Rox Star (Roxy)Jack Russell TerrierNorth LincsGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice, SC Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Nicola HawkerUptown Funky Monkey (Hattie)German Shepherd (Alsatian)N LincsSC Novice (UKA)
Valerie HawkerJupavia Midnight Secret by Taytinja (Skyla)Border CollieSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Rachel HawleyMister Chocolate Man (Willis)Spaniel (Cocker)Cambs.Grade 6 (KC)
Sarah HawleySorrelberry Maternal Love (Grace)Spaniel (Welsh Springer)KentGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Jennifer HawthornCaine of Jenandcha (Caine)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Claire HayesDarkstorme Come Fly with Me (Wren)Border CollieKentGrade 5 (KC)
Claire HayesDarkstorme Dream Seeker (Darcey)Spaniel (Working Cocker)KentGrade 5 (KC)
Rosy HaynesWhat a Gem (Gem)Lurcher CrossBuckinghamshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jessica HaywoodDaphne Dil in the Spring (Daphne)Poodle (Miniature)StaffordshireGrade 2 (KC)
Jan HazelSassya Golden Wonder (Sass)Spaniel (Cocker)IpswichGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Kay HeardVista Sulla Collina (Ria)German Shepherd (Alsatian)RoxburghshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Becky Hearn-PercySnowflaker Fox (Polo)Retriever (Labrador)SuffolkGrade 3 (KC)
Cameron HeaynsCameron’s Cariad (Cara)Border CollieIsle of ManGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Mandy HecekFour Candles (Murphy)Working SheepdogCambsGrade 4 (KC)
Troy HedgerToddy's Red Hot Ginger (Zachery)Hungarian VizslaHertfordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Cindy HeidebluthChiltern's Gabor (Gabor Brandy)Working SheepdogBuckinghamshireGrade 4 (KC) + Novice and SC Champion (UKA)
Bruce HellingsworthTrijem Coogee Beach Babe at Carabaz (Rayna)Australian ShepherdSurreyGrade 3 (KC)
Alice HelyarMorganR Fleetbeck Thistle (Sam)Border CollieLancsGrade 5 (KC)
Marie HembrowMansergh Highland Wedding at Blairmore (Bridget)Border TerrierHantsGrade 4 (KC)
Marie HembrowRosmarinus Easter Bonnet at Blairmore AW/S (Ellie)Border CollieHantsGrade 4 (KC)
Jane HendersonHighlands Harry (Padfoot)Retriever (Golden)CumbriaGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jane HendersonMorgansR Mohican Smile (Smiley)Collie XCumbriaSC Senior (UKA)
Lia HendersonVenebling the Ghost (Pearl)Poodle (Standard)BerkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Anne HendrieDaisy Doo Do Well (Daisy)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Marian HendryPinecone Cowboy (Charlie)Spaniel (English Springer)Inverness-shireGrade 6 (KC)
Emma HendyBoltimus Maximus (Bolt)Border CollieSomersetGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Emma HendyZoe Star (Zoe)LurcherSomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Susan HenryFairweather Gib (Dougal)Spaniel (English Springer)Dumfries and GallowayGrade 4 (KC)
Jess HensonMiss Polly Dolly (Polly)Retriever (Labrador)WiltshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Robyn HeverMillie Moo Chops (Milo)Border CollieManchesterGrade 2 (KC)
Sarah HeyworthGraig Wen Bryn (Bryn)LurcherGwyneddGrade 2 (KC)
Jason HibberdOh What a Pickle (Pickle)MixedKentGrade 2 (KC)
Josette HibbertRownwood Bracken (Alfie)Spaniel (Cocker)West MidlandsGrade 2 (KC)
Bethany HicksFalcolncliffe Spartan (Milo)Retriever (Labrador)LincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Lesley HicksLalapaws Kir Royale (Fizz)Border CollieScottish BordersGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Kathryn HigginsThe Sniffing Scavenger (Kobi)Jack Russell TerrierBristolSC Champion (UKA)
Marilyn HigginsRounder Fly (Fly)Border CollieLeicestershireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Marilyn HigginsSergeant Pepper Lad (Skip)Border CollieLeicestershireGrade 6 (KC)
Jane HiggsLibby Fifty Seven (Libby)CrossbreedKentGrade 2 (KC)
Vanessa HighamHandsome Hugo (Hugo)CrossbreedNorthantsGrade 4 (KC)
Clive HildersleySnowballs Freddie (Fred)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Izzy HillLittle Dynamo Deno (Deno)CrossbreedHerefordshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Jane HillLittle Lady Cassandra (Cassie)Collie XDerbyGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Senior, Senior, SC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Jane HillStrawberry Dash (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)DerbyGrade 4 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Nettie HillGo Go Gadget Gus (Gus)CrossbreedHerefordshireSC Novice (UKA)
Sophie HillierKamikaze Kobe (Kobe)CrossbreedCaerphillyGrade 4 (KC)
Sophie HillierSuper Slick Swift (Swift)CrossbreedCaerphillyGrade 4 (KC)
Helen HillmanJim Joy April Frost (Barney)Retriever (Labrador)CumbriaGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Diane HillsMacey Molly (Molly)Collie (Smooth)CornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Diane HillsStar of Polgooth (Star)Other breed, not listedCornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Katherine HillsLaila MaeCrossbreedGlosNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Pat HillsSpanbox Mr Chips (Chip)Spaniel (Cocker)KentGrade 6 (KC)
Martin HillsonInverlochy’s Funsize Twix (Twix)Working SheepdogLancashireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sam HinchliffeThe Rebel Rocket Reg (Rocket)Miniature PinscherNorthantsGrade 5 (KC)
Sam HinchliffeThe Relentless Red Rudolph (Red)Miniature PinscherNorthantsGrade 4 (KC)
Sam HinchliffeThe Rouge Ruby Tuesday (Ruby)Miniature PinscherNorthantsGrade 5 (KC)
Jo Hind-MortonSweet Peggy Sue (Peggy Sue)Jack Russell TerrierDurhamGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Samantha HintonConan The Destroyer (Rico)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 2 (KC)
Julie HipkissWotzap Wotsthat (Eva)CrossbreedLincsGrade 5 (KC)
Teresa HistedRooqui Talented Trickster (Trick)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Andrea HobbsCh. Cartmel's Debellador AW/G (Ziggy)Portuguese Water DogEssexGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Melanie HobbsOllie the Pocket Rocket (Olyvar)Jack Russell TerrierBedfordshireGrade 2 (KC)
Suzie HobbsNefertiti's Pocket Rocket (Tia)Working SheepdogNorfolkSC Senior (UKA)
Kim HodsonTuxedo Charley (Charley)Collie XMiddlesexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Donna HoldernessZiva Flip Me Up Buttercup (Ziva)Collie XBedfordshireGrade 2 (KC)
Carol HoldsworthWilde Esprit of Tabouret AW/B (Oscar)CrossbreedEast SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Gwen HollandLlangeinwen Roxy (Roxy)Jack Russell TerrierAngleseyGrade 6 (KC)
Lisa HollerMorgans R Kiss The Blarney (Zeever)Working SheepdogBarnsleyGrade 4 (KC)
Jean HollickHector Trojan Prince (Hector)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Christine HolmesFisherbloom Winds of Winter (Rusty)Border TerrierNorthamptonshireGrade 3 (KC)
Donna HolmesNorthfen Rocco’s Ember (Rocco)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Kim HolnessCynhinfa Peggy (Fidget)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Carole HoltMoonchester Mabel AW/B (Mabel)Miniature SchnauzerCheshireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Roxane HoltJacanshe Solid Chocolate (Toby)Australian ShepherdOxonGrade 2 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Sylvia HoltLady Kymiecoo (Kym)Border CollieBucksGrade 3 (KC)
Joanne HolyoakWolstys Blue Eye Lass (Esther)Working SheepdogCumbriaGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Penny HookThe Bouncing Blue (Blue)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Ann HornerTri, Tri and Tri Again (Tri)Border CollieWirralGrade 2 (KC)
Bob HornerSorrel for That Dad (Sorrel)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DevonGrade 5 (KC)
Yvonne HornerDreamwork Rumor Has It (Rumor)Border CollieBerkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Yvonne HornerDreamwork Too Hot to Handle (Eddie)Border CollieBerkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Julia HorwoodLittle Rusty Roo (Rusty)Cavalier King Charles SpanielNorfolkGrade 3 (KC)
Kate HorwoodJust Jack Flash (Jack)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Naomi HoskerThe Star In The Skye AW/G (Skye)CrossbreedHertsGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Laura HoughtonBayard Banks Boy (Eddie)BeagleLancsGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Michelle HowBug a Jugs AW/S (Ruby)CrossbreedEssexGrade 7 (KC)
Michelle How / Ann HoneyballMishclans Emnm AW/S (Maggie)Working SheepdogEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Jennifer HowardJennifer's Lady of Duende (Lacey)Spaniel (Cocker)HerefordGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sarah HowarthBristle While You Work (Bristle)CrossbreedCheshireGrade 6 (KC)
Karen HowellLittle Dinham Rocket (Summer)Spaniel CrossHampshireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Karen HowellTalooma Midnight Lulu (Tilly)Retriever (Labrador)HampshireGrade 4 (KC) + Senior and CSC (UKA)
Caroline HowellsForestland Golden Plover (Rufus)Shetland SheepdogKentGrade 4 (KC)
David HudsonMy Herbtastic Boy (Herbie)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenAngusGrade 4 (KC)
Donna HudsonSpeedy Billy (Bill)Jack Russell TerrierWorcestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Kath HudsonStorm of the Century (Storm)Working SheepdogWiltshireGrade 4 (KC)
Margaret HudsonTammie Noorie AW/D (Tammie)Bearded Collies (Working)AngusGrade 6 (KC)
Dawn HughesEye Spy Rosealfies Firefly (Chive)Working SheepdogKentGrade 6 (KC)
Philippa HughesFluffscruff Firecracker (Tansy)LurcherLancashireGrade 3 (KC)
Karen HugoSabresnipe Pure Indulgence AW/S (Isla)Collie (Rough)LancsGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Sally HullWhattie What What (What)Border CollieLancashireGrade 3 (KC)
Tamzin HulleyPhoenix Roots (Roots)Border CollieWiltshireGrade 6 (KC)
Amanda HumphreySweet Lolapops (Lola)Spaniel CrossMid GlamGrade 2 (KC)
Sarah HumphreysRedanmuir Joebe Flynn (Joebe)CollieDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC)
Lynne HumphriesScooby Lou (Lottie)Jack Russell TerrierBristolSC Champion (UKA)
Joanne HunterPrecious Diesel (Diesel)WeimaranerLincsGrade 7 (KC)
Liz HunterCedarose Linnit (Jack)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Sally HunterMiss Dottie of St. Barnabas (Dottie)CrossbreedWorcesterGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sally HunterMiss Lily of Gamekeepers (Lily)CrossbreedWorcesterGrade 7 (KC)
Penny HurtMontyCrossbreedHerefordSenior (UKA)
Nikki HutchesonSaxonsol Patience (Ozzy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)FifeGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Valerie HutchinKeva Leaping Forth (Tiree)Border CollieLanarkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Alison HutchingsLord Woofalot (Mervyn)CrossbreedSouth GlosSC Novice, Novice, SC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Rita HutchingsSidney Squidney Bean (Sid)Working SheepdogOxonGrade 4 (KC)
Karen HyattEller Mary Averay (Eller)Spaniel (Working Cocker)North YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Denise HyettBuddy He'd M Boy (Buddy)CrossbreedKentGrade 5 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Denise HyettLittle Me Bellaboo (Bella)CrossbreedKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Helen IapichinoObi Black Magic (Obi)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Rachel InnesVoodoo Su (Suzi)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DerbyshireSC Senior (UKA)
Rachael IrvingOswald The Great (Ozzy)CrossbreedGloucesterGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Amanda IsonPeasblossom Dream for Amandian (Sadie)Spaniel (English Springer)CheshireGrade 4 (KC)
Elin IversenVerstone Blathnat Lily (Lily)Spaniel (Cocker)NottinghamGrade 3 (KC)
Elin IversenVerstone Mystik Rhonwen (Alice)Spaniel (Cocker)NottinghamNovice (UKA)
Alan JacksonAgain Buddy (Buddy)CrossbreedYorkGrade 3 (KC)
Alan JacksonJerry Deoso (Jerry)German Shepherd (Alsatian)YorkGrade 3 (KC)
Cat and Gary JacksonGjerulff Star Legacy is Wauw (Wow)Shetland SheepdogBristolSC Novice (UKA)
Cat and Gary JacksonJolainey Sundance Kid (Redford)Cavalier King Charles SpanielBristolGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Mike JacksonQuickpaw Mr Blue Sky (Boris)Miniature SchnauzerEast SussexGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Sophie JacksonSophs Miracle Magic Minion (Sparrow)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Gill JamesMeisterwurk Kia (Kia)Collie XDorsetGrade 6 (KC)
Rebecca JamesDexters Mischief Managed (Dexter)CrossbreedStaffs.Grade 2 (KC)
Tanya JamesReedfens Willows Wanderer (Hugo)Retriever (Labrador)EssexGrade 3 (KC)
Justine JanesJenson on the Button (Jenson)Working SheepdogDevonGrade 2 (KC)
Ella JeakinsWellies Bobby (Buzz)Spaniel (Cocker)CambsGrade 2 (KC)
Gemma JefferyHotcallie Caradoc (Benji)Border TerrierKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Maria JenkinsonDevongem Freedom of Flyte AW/S (Flyte)Border CollieLeicestershireGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Nicky JessepMayhems Order of the Phoenix (Phoenix)Border CollieEast Riding of YorkshireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Linda JessonJimbo of Willow World AW/B (Jim)RottweillerWiltshireCSC (UKA)
Linda JessonTeddy of Willow World (Teddy)Staffordshire Bull TerrierWiltshireChampion and CSC (UKA)
Caroline JoelssonEyeAm Ayr (Pennie)Border CollieArgyll & ButeGrade 3 (KC)
Caroline JoelssonThe Taggster (Tagg)CrossbreedArgyll & ButeGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Megan JohnsonCuasachiall Sionnach Beag (Fraoch)German Shepherd (Alsatian)North LanarkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Megan JohnsonRoyajay Jean Geanie (Riley)Poodle (Miniature)North LanarkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Allan JohnstonDusky Matilda (Tilly)Border CollieAyrshireGrade 2 (KC)
Jillian JohnstoneWestwood Storm (Storm)Border CollieCumbriaGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Anita JonesSassy Cinnamon (Mia)Border CollieWiltshireGrade 6 (KC)
Ann JonesConnie of Dean (Connie)Working SheepdogEast YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Ann JonesMorgan's Single Malt (Dougie)Working SheepdogEast YorkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Carol JonesNippy Pippi (Pippi)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Helen JonesMae The Force Be With You (Mae)Working SheepdogPowysGrade 5 (KC) + WCSC (UKA)
Helen JonesVausewood Mac (Mac)Working SheepdogSouth YorkshireChampion (UKA)
Karen JonesArrodare Rock On (Oscar)CollieCambridgeshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Karen JonesRosmak Midwinter Fable (Sam)CollieCambridgeshireGrade 7 (KC)
Karen JonesRosmarinus Morning Promise (Tennyson)CollieCambridgeshireGrade 7 (KC)
Nia JonesMacs in the Middle (Macsen)Working SheepdogCarmarthenshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Wendy JonesJust Libby (Libby)Jack Russell TerrierWiltshireChampion (UKA)
Wendy JonesPandaroo (Panda)Jack Russell Terrier XWiltshireSC Senior (UKA)
Laurel JordanLittle Miss Butter Me Up (Crumpet)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 4 (KC)
Lisa JordanFiretouch Supa Hi Voltage (Amp)Border CollieKentGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Caroline JoyceCaledonian Rockstar (Rocky)Spaniel (English Springer)GlasgowGrade 3 (KC)
Linda JuerAlbadhu Paws in a Million (Neo)Large MunsterlanderWest SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Linda JuerZinzion Pink Panther (Nacho)Cavalier King Charles SpanielWest SussexGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Natalie JukesBlazing Arrow (Milo)Spaniel (Cocker)West SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Alice JullienMiss Sweet Honey Bunny (Honey)CrossbreedHertsGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Susan KallenbergLord Flashheart (Jed)CrossbreedSir CeredigionGrade 6 (KC)
Pamela KaneTriburle Starbucks AW/S (Bramble)Collie (Rough)DevonGrade 5 (KC)
Pamela KaneWicani Butterfly AW/S (Florence)Collie (Rough)DevonGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Susan KapadiaGitdoon Watson (Watson)Bearded Collies (Working)FifeGrade 4 (KC)
Linda KarvounisAstra Chase Your Dreams (Chase)Working SheepdogNorth YorkshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Alexis KayDevongem Hot Fuzz (Fuzz)Border CollieDevonSC Senior (UKA)
Amanda KeaneCoco Proper Loonie (Coco)CrossbreedCumbriaGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Julia KearneyAy Kay Stig of Rock AW/B (Stig)CollieKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Fiona KeastMum’s Bright Star AW/B (Star)Working SheepdogBerkshireGrade 6 (KC) + Novice, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Samantha KeddieLocheil Designer Label (Shyla)Border CollieFifeGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Cathy KeithDevongem Pure Magic (Wicca)Border CollieEast LothianGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Angela KellyJoe’s Bedassling Girl (Winnie)Working SheepdogEast AyrshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Michael KellyMantricks Super Trooper (Rufus)Miniature SchnauzerCambridgeGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Hazel KembleRedwarren Swift AW/D (Swift)Hungarian VizslaCumbriaGrade 7 (KC)
Bob KempsterLenny Three Socks (Lenny)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Kelly KemsleyJozal Jumping Jackaroo (Josie)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Catherine KendallAinmhithe Irish Spring Gus (Gus)Collie XHertfordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Catherine KennedyBuddmanian Devil (Bud Bud)CrossbreedIsle of ManGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Victoria KennedySaffy Lemme at Em Puppe Power (Saffy)Spaniel CrossGloucestershireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Senior, Champion, CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Deborah KennyWinhocklin Barrett (Brass)Spaniel (Working Cocker)MiddxGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Deborah KennyWinhocklin Clip (Flack)Spaniel (Working Cocker)MiddxGrade 6 (KC)
Dina KennyDespinia So Impulsive Con UnAmor (Chupito)Chinese CrestedMerseysideGrade 4 (KC)
Anne KentPoison Ivy (Ivy)Patterdale TerrierPerthshireGrade 5 (KC)
Sandra KentAmber Apriot Fool (Amber)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 3 (KC)
Sandra Kent / Michael KentFly in Scottie (Scottie)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Diane KeohaneCastomya Peppermint Cream (Pepper)Border CollieKentGrade 7 (KC)
Donna KerseDarleyfalls Good Vibes (Vibe)Border ColliePeeblesshireGrade 4 (KC)
Caroline KeyJoy in the Morning (Joy)Welsh SheepdogBirminghamGrade 6 (KC)
Caroline KeyTikelet Pipit (Pip)Spaniel (Cocker)BirminghamGrade 4 (KC)
Caroline KeyTip Top Taff (Taff)Welsh SheepdogBirminghamGrade 4 (KC)
Alison KeyworthFoxy Roxy Morawel (Roxy)German Shepherd (Alsatian)LincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Josh KeyworthLily Morawel (Lily)Border CollieLincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Christine KillelayDibble of Lakelily (Chelli)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sara KillelayIndy and Her Bones (Indy)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sara KillelayMarm Mo Anam Chara (Marmite)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Sara KillelayPitter Patter Parsnip (Parsnip)Border CollieLincolnshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Sara KillelayYppup Elgguns (Kizzi)Border CollieLincolnshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Carol KingMy Skies the Limit (Skie)Spaniel (English Springer)LincsGrade 5 (KC)
Naomi KingMalcolm Go Like Lightning AW/B (Malcolm)CrossbreedKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sandra KingLittle Irish Lexy (Lexy)Collie X SpanielBedfordshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Tracy KingBring on the Brindle (Arkham)PugWorcestershireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Tracy KingForrest Gump (Mr Whippy)PugWorcestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Sarah KirkDarling Spirit Dee (Daisy)Poodle (Toy)RoxburghshireGrade 7 (KC)
Tracey KirkpatrickBalmyle Charcoal Thunder (Bentley)Retriever (Labrador)Scottish BordersGrade 6 (KC)
Julie KneeButterwell Ring of Gold (Rolo)Shetland SheepdogS DevonGrade 4 (KC)
Julie KneeReubicia Midnight Charmer (Archie)Shetland SheepdogS DevonGrade 4 (KC)
Jason KnightBirkcross Chasing the Storm (Storm)Border CollieKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Leonie KnightBirkcross Thunder in the Sky (Thunder)Border CollieKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ray KnightJensen Back to Black (Jensen)Poodle (Miniature)DevonGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Liz KnightsGrace for Life (Gracie)LurcherNorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Liz KnightsSkinny Love (Cobweb)LurcherNorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Sharon KnightsSharie's Labra Dora (Dora)Retriever (Labrador)NorfolkGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Billy KnowlerLet the Sparks Fly (Sparky)CrossbreedKentGrade 5 (KC)
Helen KnowlesMorgansR Meggy Moo (Meg)Working SheepdogCo DurhamGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Janet KoonjaPikehow Fudge (Willow)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CumbriaGrade 5 (KC)
Janet KoonjaPikehow Fudge (Willow)Spaniel (Cocker)CumbriaGrade 5 (KC)
Christine KoxLorreebee Romeo (Joey)Border CollieEssexGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Kim KrausharThe Skye Fox (Foxy)CrossbreedDevonGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Lara Krisky / Alison WhitelockA Sticky Situation (Treacle)CrossbreedEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Anne KruseMr Tambourine Man (Dexter)Collie XHertfordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Scott KyddAstra Kayla (Kayla)Border CollieAngusGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Dot KyteFlyBorder CollieWorcestershireSC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Barbara L'AngellierPeggy Parkway Joy (Peggy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)West SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Hayley LachesBlakanis Wild Is the Wind (Maverick)Retriever (Flat Coated)CoventryGrade 5 (KC)
Hayley LachesHayleys Comet Shooting Star (Nova)Siberian HuskyCoventryGrade 5 (KC)
Hayley LachesHayleys Total Pixelisation (Pixel)CrossbreedCoventryGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sue LackeyCalafia Winter Sky AW/B (Cali)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Rachel LadeUnstable Sable (Bronwyn)Welsh SheepdogGlos.Grade 3 (KC)
Lynda LairdCrazy about Swayze (Rupert)CrossbreedDunfermlineGrade 4 (KC)
Lynda LairdFuntimes with Bertie Bops (Bertie)CrossbreedDunfermlineGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Karen LakenTri This One (Dennis)Working SheepdogEssexGrade 7 (KC)
Kate LamacraftRoxy Midnight Minx (Roxy)CrossbreedBedfordshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Kate LamacraftSir Alfred the Destroyer (Alfie)CrossbreedBedfordshireNovice (UKA)
Kim LambertPlancelia Max (Max)Border TerrierDurhamGrade 4 (KC)
Rosie LanderApplewithy Samphire (Freddie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SomersetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Liz LandsmanAdeste Fidelis (Rue)Working SheepdogCentral ScotlandGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Becki LaneLittle Miss Tipsy Toes (Tipsy)CrossbreedDorsetGrade 6 (KC)
Brenda LangfordBriarcarn Orchid (Willow)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Brenda LangfordSkewes Ruby (Ruby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jonathan LangleyMagical Millie Too (Millie)Retriever (Labrador)ClywdGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Victoria LarkingMurphy Lark About (Murphy)CrossbreedGlosSC Novice (UKA)
Patricia LastSpiderwick Razzle Dazzle (Jet)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorwichGrade 4 (KC)
Ian LawIndia Kilo (Brecon)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BristolGrade 2 (KC) + Novice, SC Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Kim LawerEl Bandolero Rojo (Bandit)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Kim LawerMaximum Impact (Max)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Karen LawlorBaker Street Bullet (Sherlock)Miniature SchnauzerGreater LondonGrade 6 (KC)
Sally LawnBright Star at Talbrag (Brig)CollieWest YorkshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sally LawnTorwood Ardent Optimist at Talbrag (Bella)Retriever (Flat Coated)West YorkshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Caitlin LawrenceSweet Miss Mia (Mia)Border ColliePeeblesshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ann-Marie LawsonDufus McFly (Fly)LurcherFifeGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Rebecca LawsonMajestic Megster (Meg)Working SheepdogLeicestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Joanna LaxtonBonapartist Intuition (Douglas)BrittanyCheshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sarah LeaTa No Stopping Him (Tano)Patterdale TerrierWorcestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Yvonne LeachNewry Lad (Fritz)Miniature SchnauzerNorth AyrshireGrade 2 (KC)
Stephen LeackHolmelyne Red Devil Denva (Denva)Border CollieLancashireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
June LeadillOur Cudley Dudley (Dudley)CrossbreedChesterGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Tracey LeaneyLippys Thornton Boy (Heskey)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Sharon LearBottlesford All Gold (Poppy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WiltshireSC Senior (UKA)
Sharon LearBottlesford Lemon Truffle (Rio)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WiltshireChampion (UKA)
Emma LeathleyDonati's Dreamer (Bazil)Miniature SchnauzerNorthants.Grade 2 (KC)
Annette LeeCopper Bronze Delight (Sam)Hungarian VizslaNorth LincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Linda LeeBeacon Roxy (Roxy)CrossbreedPembrokeshireGrade 3 (KC)
Zena LeePerrileys Moonshine (Piper)Border TerrierDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC)
Jody LeilKinnadie Bracken (Aoife)Spaniel (Working Cocker)AberdeenshireGrade 2 (KC)
Barbara LeitchFagan's Apprentice (Marley)CrossbreedBerwickshireGrade 4 (KC)
Susan LeverGeorgia's Goldengirl (Gilly)Retriever (Golden)SomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Susan LeverLittle Tally Trouble (Tally)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Andrew LewisBlack Ninja in the Sky (Sky)Spaniel (Cocker)Vale of GlamorganGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Donna LewisMilesend Token of Love (Lucie)Shetland SheepdogNorthamptonshireGrade 6 (KC)
Doug LewisDeiter's Destiny of Valgrays AW/B (Deiter)German Shepherd CrossBerkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Iain LewisShemella Dark Star (Sirius)Border CollieBucksGrade 4 (KC) + Senior and CSC (UKA)
Iain LewisShemella Evening Mist (Mist)Border CollieBucksSenior (UKA)
Liz LewisEddieMixedBristolNovice and SC Senior (UKA)
Liz LewisGeordi de l'Oustaou de Padel (Geordi)Pyrenean SheepdogLeicsGrade 4 (KC)
Melanie LewisShemella Drifting Snow (Drift)Border CollieBucksSC Novice (UKA)
Melanie LewisShemella Moonlight Dream (Dream)Border CollieBucksSC Novice (UKA)
Vernon LidstonePolihale Gingersnap (Cassie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)GloucestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Kerrie LiggetPocket Rocket Power (Poppy)Parson Jack Russell TerrierStirlingshireGrade 6 (KC)
Kerrie LiggetRapid Rosie (Rosie)Parson Jack Russell TerrierStirlingshireGrade 6 (KC)
Susan LillicrapSassy Solo (Solo)PapillonHampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Zoe LindopRollsbrook Moonbeam (Luna)Manchester TerrierCheshireGrade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Helaina LinesHelianthemum Yahtzee (Ripple)Spaniel (Working Cocker)KentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Claire ListerDerpy Paws (Darcy)CrossbreedCambridgeshireGrade 7 (KC)
Claire ListerFoxfold Compromise (Katie)CrossbreedCambridgeshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lisa ListerHavocsmill Some Like It Hot (Mabel)Border CollieShropshireGrade 2 (KC)
Joanne LivemoreHenry Woodster (Woody)Parson Jack Russell TerrierEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Emma LlewellynElliotts Red Peril (Dino)Other breed, not listedKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Emma LlewellynSeegmillers Silver Bullet (Bullet)Other breed, not listedKentGrade 6 (KC)
Shauna LloydDare to Dream (Passion)Shetland SheepdogNorth East LincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Rita LloydsLittle Beau Creep (Beau)CrossbreedKentGrade 6 (KC)
Rita LloydsThe Artful Dotta (Dot)Working SheepdogKentGrade 7 (KC)
Kevin LoaneBrookbank Tay (Ruby)Border TerrierNorfolkGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jo LockMedlarway Dragons Breath (Idris)WhippetHerefordshireSC Novice (UKA)
Jo LockStormin' Norman (Twiglet)LurcherHerefordshireSC Champion (UKA)
Jo LoftPickle Pie (Dexter)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Jo LoftPickle Pie (Dexter)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Sophie LonsdaleHashtag Alf's Just Sayin (Alf)Working SheepdogWest YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Lisa LookerApollo Leven Mystery (Loxley)Spaniel (Cocker)WorcestershireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Joanna LoomesJoanna’s Bella Boo (Bella)Cavalier King Charles SpanielMawsleyGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Joanna LoomesJoanna’s Ruby Girl (Ruby)Cavalier King Charles SpanielMawsleyGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Philippa LordDarkly Dashing Dexter AW/B (Dexter)CrossbreedWorcesterGrade 6 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Tina LoveHeidron High Timer (Whiz)Shetland SheepdogSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Ellie LovejoySkymara Fern Dale (Maya)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Chris LoweMr Muscle (Mickey)Jack Russell Terrier XNorth SomersetSC Champion (UKA)
Jill LoweStriking Stormybex (Bex)Border CollieOxfordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Margaret LoweReivermorada Aster La Vista (Aster)Border CollieGlosGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Margie LowryJessie Too (Jessie)CrossbreedDownGrade 4 (KC)
Helen LoxamBriarquest Que Sera Sera (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)LancashireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Hilary LucasMerrowlands Teaser (Teaser)Retriever (Labrador)SurreyGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Hilary LucasMerrowlands Teaser (Teaser)Retriever (Labrador)SurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Carol LuckettNo Added Sugar (Kia-Ora)CrossbreedEssexGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Kay LuisBrookview Brisa (Brisa)Spanish Water DogWiltsGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Novice, Senior and CSC (UKA)
Team LunarWenhanjem’s Contact Light (Lunar)CrossbreedNorth LincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Esther LunardiAustmans Make My Day (Merlin)Australian Cattle DogAyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Esther LunardiRed Aroona AW/P (Skippy)Australian Cattle DogAyrshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Ruth LysonsArnpriors Signature (Harry)CollieBerkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Haylie MabeHerbie Sausage (Herbie)Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-haired)LeicestershireNovice (UKA)
Claire MacDonaldSpeckled Spring Dancer (Hettie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)North YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Iain MacDonaldStarrytails Little Mis Nami (Nami)Miniature American ShepherdSurreyGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Lesley MacEwanHazelcroft Luna Scamander (Luna)Border CollieLivingstonGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lesley MacEwanHolmelyne Aukley Devon AW/P (Devon)Border CollieLivingstonGrade 6 (KC)
Ruth MacGillRanchstar Agent Zero (Radar)Hungarian VizslaWiltsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Helen MacInnesElls Bells (Ellie)Border CollieRenfrewshireGrade 3 (KC)
Paul MackayWhinburn Sweet Whispers (Peri)Spaniel (Cocker)West LothianGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Hannah MacKenzieCikoria Planetsolaris (Kel)PapillonBlackpoolGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Marisa MackenzieJemny Suess (Suess)German Shepherd (Alsatian)AberdeenshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Marisa MackenzieOllie Ivor (Ollie)Retriever (Labrador)AberdeenshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sheila MacKenzieGoldens Uldale Plover (Ruby)Lakeland TerrierBerwickshireGrade 6 (KC)
Lorna MackinnonRunning into Orbit (Rio)Border CollieInverness-shireGrade 5 (KC)
Kevin MackintoshDevongem Star Lite Express (Sol)Spaniel (Working Cocker)AberdeenshireGrade 7 (KC)
Heather MacPhailCharlie’s Blue Angel (Lucy)Bedlington TerrierGlasgowGrade 7 (KC)
Melissa MacRaeBud to the Bone (Buddy)Jack Russell TerrierDumfriesGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Beverley MaguireCaldonbeck Cruise Control (Maverick)Border CollieWest SussexGrade 5 (KC) + SC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Elaine MainLady Lucy of Wiggle Bottom (Lucy)Spaniel (Cocker)LanarkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Jo MaiseyPixel Ate It (Pixel)CrossbreedOxonGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Sue MakepeaceRed Tangoroo (Tang)KelpieWorcestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Sue MakepeaceSox on Legs (Sox)CrossbreedWorcestershireGrade 4 (KC)
Janie MalinNixtev Xelina (Flurry)German Spitz (Mittel)Scottish BordersGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jan MannersTemelora Emmas Gem (Gemma)PapillonOxonGrade 5 (KC)
Jan MannersTemelora Lisas Dream (Lisa)PapillonOxonGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Helen ManningDexter's Daylight Runner (Dexter)Retriever (Labrador)CheshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Elizabeth MantelTismels Whole Nine Yards (Monty)Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)HampshireSC Novice (UKA)
Carole MarcusBettie Beaker (Bettie)Jack Russell Terrier XSurreyGrade 7 (KC)
Joanne MarksThe Copperhouse RafamuffinCavalier King Charles SpanielCornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Nicky MarrableHerda Ruemour (Rue)Working SheepdogEast SussexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Caroline MarshOff Her Sprocker (Blossom)CrossbreedDorsetGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Helen MarshBenjamin Button (Ben)Collie (Smooth)South GloucestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Brenda MarshallPuzzle Time (Puzzle)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Jillian MarshallDashing Dudley (Dudley)CrossbreedDownGrade 6 (KC)
Stuart MarshallKenine Starlit Kisses (Roxy)Cavalier King Charles SpanielStaffsGrade 7 (KC)
Stuart MarshallLittle Miss Bubble is Trouble (Darcie)Cavalier King Charles SpanielStaffsGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Stuart MarshallManawydden Dot Dash Dotty (Dotty)PapillonStaffsGrade 5 (KC)
Tina MarshallPopsicle Lazer Chaser (Poppy)Jack Russell TerrierEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Claire MartinMeisterwerk Slippa Nippa (Pippa)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Gill MartinMessano Teddy Bear (Bozo)Retriever (Golden)NorfolkGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Gill MartinSnowiecott Great and Good (Yogi)Retriever (Golden)NorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
James MartinBasileas Super Mini Cooper (Cooper)Miniature American ShepherdEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Jane MartinSkye is Not Blue (Skye)Working SheepdogRepublic of IrelandGrade 2 (KC)
Susan MartinOrdessa Blue Moon (Zola)Spaniel (Cocker)KentGrade 4 (KC)
Carole MasonGilbert Goof (Marlo)CrossbreedDurhamGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Carole MasonMagpie MillyBorder CollieDurhamGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sue MasonDigits a Diamond (Digit)Working SheepdogNorth DevonGrade 6 (KC)
Susan MathiasProfessor Lupin (Lupin)Collie XDevonChampion (UKA)
Luisa MatteiSagor Black Sedge (Beau)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthantsGrade 5 (KC)
Alison MatthewsFluich Classic Silver (Nessie)Gordon SetterEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Neil MatthewsHave I Got Jake for You (Jake)LurcherLeicestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Susan MatthewsKinnie Hd Fire (Riley)CrossbreedSouth YorkshireSC Novice (UKA)
Susan MatthewsMr Bailey Boo (Bailey)Working SheepdogSouth yorkshireSC Novice (UKA)
Nicole MawerLodon Scout (Sherlock)German Shorthaired PointerHantsGrade 4 (KC)
Nicole MawerSeymaw Napflion by Night (Chumley)WeimaranerHantsGrade 5 (KC)
Moira MaxwellDinvin Nelly Bean (Nell)Border CollieWigtownshireGrade 6 (KC)
Moira MaxwellTweed of Blades Meadow (Tweed)Border CollieWigtownshireGrade 4 (KC)
Pat MayJillity Bits (Jilly)CrossbreedCornwallSC Novice (UKA)
Bridget MayesCariad Crystal Spirit (Ria)CollieLincolnshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Pam MayhewStaby What (Danica)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 2 (KC)
Tina McAdamDreamorox Dare to be Brave (Cruz)Border CollieNottinghamshireGrade 6 (KC)
Wendy McAlenanJonanelle Miranda (Abbie)Retriever (Labrador)LiverpoolGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Wendy McAlenanKipperridge Holly AW/P (Holly)Retriever (Labrador)LiverpoolGrade 7 (KC)
Katherine McAllisterErikachen Deaglan (Ruffus)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverAntrimGrade 5 (KC)
Nicola McarthurChase to The Darkside (Chase)Border CollieRoxburghshireGrade 3 (KC)
Simon McBurnieWeemaes Maids a Milking (Mabel)Spaniel (Irish Water)AyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Carol McCannMistevally Dusk Dancer (Xena)Shetland SheepdogGreater ManchesterGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Michael McCartneyHalligalli Theatre of Dreams (Robbo)Border CollieCo AntrimGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Michael McCartneyHalligalli Theatre of Dreams (Robbo)Border CollieCo AntrimGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Jean McCloskeyKamakazi Leif (Leif)Spaniel CrossDumfries and GallowayGrade 5 (KC)
Sharon McCourtMagical Millie’s Marvels (Millie)Spaniel (English Springer)AyrshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Charlotte McCullochStan the Man Chars Dream Boy (Stan)Working SheepdogWarwickshireGrade 3 (KC)
Nicola McCullochCharcolas Just Been Tango'd (Tango)Working SheepdogWarwickshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kerry McCulloughKilwhiss Dezire (Elsa)Border CollieCumbriaGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Dawn McCutcheonJazzabelle of the Shire (Jazz)CrossbreedWigtownshireGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Chris McDermottOlive Holmes' Revenge (Olive)CrossbreedIsle of ManGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Fiona McDillCountess Fleece O Fife (Fleece)German Shepherd (Alsatian)FifeGrade 2 (KC)
Lyndsey McDonaldNo Nonsense (Maggie)Border TerrierDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Lyndsey McDonaldRocket Reggie (Reggie)Border TerrierDevonGrade 5 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Donna McDonnellBlack Sky’s Little Witch (Sky)Working SheepdogWiltshireSC Champion (UKA)
Kathryn McEwanHolmelyne Red Mack (Cuillin)Border CollieLothianGrade 4 (KC)
Alison McGannUrban Insignia (Whip)Working SheepdogCo. DurhamGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Kayleigh McGannCashis Catch Me if You Can (Drift)Working SheepdogDurhamGrade 4 (KC)
Kevin McGeeHillanvale Polly Flinders (Roxy)Staffordshire Bull TerrierWrexhamGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ian McGheeTalraz Full Gallop (Millie)Bearded CollieAyrshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ian McGheeTalraz Ring of Gold (Ringo)Bearded CollieAyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Melissa McgregorAlfie Furry Paws of Fury (Alfie)CrossbreedAberdeenGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Lesley McHattieKilliebrae Tam (Tam)Border CollieAberdeenshireGrade 7 (KC)
Trish MchughBlueshore Yoffy’s Star (Ted)BoxerWest MidlandsGrade 3 (KC)
Marion McIlhereneTopdevonaires Shooting Star (Buzz)PapillonSurreyGrade 7 (KC)
Claire McIlveenHappy Ever After (Happy)CrossbreedCo. AntrimGrade 3 (KC)
Euan McIntyreDougal the Fluffy Ears Flyer (Dougal)CrossbreedNorth AyrshireGrade 3 (KC)
Suzanne McKeanSupa Screamin Witch (Opal)Jack Russell TerrierNorthumberlandGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Alicea MckeeCairngrove Bossyboots (Molly)Cairn TerrierLancashireGrade 5 (KC)
Janet McKennaMichandy in Command (Ella)Poodle (Miniature)LincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Jennifer MckennaWayward Magic Star (Dexter)Spaniel (English Springer)LancsGrade 2 (KC)
Mary McKieThe Breeze Kneeze (Breeze)CrossbreedDumfriesshireGrade 6 (KC)
Sarah McKinnonSuper Duper Cupar (Cupar)Working SheepdogBristolGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Janice MclarenShanters Maize (Maize)Jack Russell TerrierAyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Bell McLeishIt's A Breeze (Breeze)Spaniel (Cocker)N LincsGrade 6 (KC)
Kirsten McLeodBangour Nightshade (Libby)Retriever (Flat Coated)West LothianGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Eleanor McMahonSpot The Birdie Twitcher Tor (Tor)CrossbreedNorthamptonshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Katie McManiganBonvivant Gonna Be Chaos at Borubears (Chaos)Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisKentGrade 6 (KC)
Lynsey McMinimeeCurly Piper (Piper)CrossbreedGlasgowGrade 6 (KC)
Laura McMullanGenius de Milo (Milo)Yorkshire TerrierLondonGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Olwyn McshaneJabiru Moonless Majestic (Tully)Retriever (Flat Coated)East AyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Terresa McTaggartRambling Bramble Rose (Bramble)CrossbreedStirlingshireGrade 7 (KC)
Pat McVeighIndie at Erindarrist (Indie)Working SheepdogAngusGrade 5 (KC)
Pat McVeighThe Stoorie Medoorie (Ruairi)Working SheepdogAngusGrade 4 (KC)
Grace MeadBonnie Boo (Bonnie)CrossbreedFlintshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Grace MeadOur Hidden Gem (Amber)CrossbreedFlintshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jill MearsAnelu Aurora Borealis (Carraig)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Isle of WightNovice (UKA)
Heather MeeLamintone Dare to Dream (Nita)Australian ShepherdShropshireGrade 3 (KC)
Terri MellowBombadier Gibson At Trevingey (Tank)PapillonCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Rebecca MemberyBarkis is Willing (Barkis)Working SheepdogCambsGrade 4 (KC)
Rebecca MemberyRhetts Gone with The Wind (Rhett)Working SheepdogCambsGrade 6 (KC)
Kelly MenearDevongem Freekin Wild (Psy)CollieCornwallGrade 7 (KC)
Kelly MenearFreekin a Mabels (Mabel)MixedCornwallGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sue MephamLola Ruff (Lola)CrossbreedCambs.Grade 4 (KC)
Paula MerrymanA Gem of Interest (Gem)Working SheepdogDerbyshireGrade 4 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Paula MerrymanLeeBearDream Tizza Teeze (Teeze)CrossbreedDerbyshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Paula MerrymanPad Lad Too (Solo)Working SheepdogDerbyshireGrade 6 (KC) + CSC and CAP (UKA)
Bethany MilchemZeus’s First (Boo)Tchiorny TerrierEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Kathryn MilhamLady Fizz of Valgrays (Fizz)Border CollieEast SussexSenior (UKA)
Maureen MillarDvojica Alive and Kicking (Jasper)DalmatianSouth AyrshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Maureen MillarMamabees Ghillie (Ghillie)Border CollieAngusGrade 6 (KC)
Maureen MillarPlay It Again Sammy (Sam)CrossbreedAngusGrade 6 (KC)
Val MillenBouncy Black Flash (Barney)CrossbreedKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Lisa MillerInverlochys Spooktacular (Spooky)Working SheepdogAngusGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lisa MillerInverlochys Wee Pip Squeak (Mousey)Working SheepdogAngusGrade 6 (KC)
Ruth MillsGunran Izzy Wizzy (Izzy)Border CollieCornwallGrade 7 (KC)
Ruth MillsHillsidejemz Raz Ma Taz (Taz)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sarah MillwoodTaranis Perfect Storm (Flex)Border CollieCornwallGrade 5 (KC) + Novice and Senior (UKA)
Alison MilnerRed Hot Chilli Mix (Chilli)Collie X SpanielHertsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Dawn MilnerKryptonite Soco (Soco)Working SheepdogWest MidlandsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Julie MilnerChikaramor High Hopes (Gibson)Border CollieLancashireGrade 3 (KC)
Nici MilnerLottie Does the Twostep (Lottie)German Shepherd (Alsatian)DerbyshireGrade 3 (KC)
Sierra MiltonHotter Than Hell (Dante)Welsh SheepdogBerkshireGrade 3 (KC)
David MiningDevongem Free Fall (Echo)Border CollieSomersetGrade 5 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Naomi MinneyDevil in Disguise at Zacabelz (Maggie)CrossbreedNorthamptonshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Elaine MitchellKylecroft Snow Shadow (Shadow)Shetland SheepdogWest LothianGrade 4 (KC)
Keri MitchellKezzies Krackin Kyra (Kyra)Border CollieWest LothianGrade 4 (KC)
Kirsty-Ann MitchellBordabears Blue Debutante (Koda Bear)Working SheepdogNorth East LincolnshireSC Novice (UKA)
Kirsty-Ann MitchellTisolara Taja Aero Flare (Nookie Bear)Border CollieNorth East LincolnshireGrade 5 (KC)
Lesanne MitchellIvan the Trevable (Trevor)Jack Russell TerrierSuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Liz MitchellJulestar Solstice Eclipz (Mia)Other breed, not listedIsle of ManGrade 4 (KC)
Margaret MitchellMillie Dubh of the Knoll (Millie)Spaniel (English Springer)PerthshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Margaret-Ann MitchellLettoch Finn of Rinnes (Finn)Retriever (Labrador)MorayGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Margaret-Ann MitchellWiggly Duffton Lad (Rannoch)Retriever (Labrador)MorayGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Shelley MitchellLittle Rainbow Peep AW/B (Rainbow)CrossbreedBerksGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Colleen MoarDuth's Dopey Dingo (Dutch)LurcherPerthshireGrade 4 (KC)
Katy MoffatRosmarinus Spring Flowers (Rosie)Border CollieSurreyGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Emma MoirWhat Love is All About (Eve)Spaniel (Cocker)AvonGrade 2 (KC)
Jane MolloyMadas a Hatter (Dylan)LurcherHertfordshireGrade 2 (KC)
Kay MolyneuxDecoris Mother of Dragons (Erin)Hungarian VizslaCheshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
John MoodieGoytre Saucie Devil (Duke)CollieEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Alison MooreTermlingtor Twiglet at Fwirranteree AW/B (Sigyn)Border TerrierIsle of ManGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Dennis MooreBenedictus Bercarius (Ben)Border CollieSurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Ellen MooreBaby Bell Bonkers Boo (Bella)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Ellen MoorePenny Bowes Valarie (Dottie)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Ellen Moore / Mandy ParkinsonSlaney O'Connor (Jackson)Spaniel (Cocker)SomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Louise MooreMorgans Rescue Jackanory (Jack)Working SheepdogTyne And WearGrade 3 (KC)
Adele MoranDevongem Tis Wizardry (Wizard)Spaniel (Cocker)StaffordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Avril MoranDevongem Rise n Shine (Trix)Spaniel (Cocker)StaffordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Emma MorganFranklin's Fabulous Find (Frankie)CrossbreedNeath Port TalbotGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lyn MorganBrazen Baja (Baja)Working SheepdogHampshireGrade 6 (KC)
Jane Morley / Viv HovellTri Star Jumping Jack (Jack)Jack Russell TerrierNottinghamGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Estelle MorrisThe Poppler Effect (Poppy)CrossbreedBucksGrade 6 (KC)
Juliet MorrisLlygota Gretel (Dot)Manchester TerrierCarmarthenshireGrade 5 (KC)
Juliet MorrisMansiya Gossip Girl (Gwladys)Manchester TerrierCarmarthenshireGrade 4 (KC)
Trisha MorrisKimedee Mr Bombastic (Toby)Poodle (Miniature)OxonGrade 4 (KC)
David MorrisonShanmill Jump for Joy at Sulynbourne (Maddie)Shetland SheepdogEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Kiesha MorrisonMoonlit Irish Dreams (Luna)CrossbreedRenfrewshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Kiesha MorrisonPick a Lillie (Lillie)Working SheepdogRenfrewshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Margaret MorrisonOrchid Lily from Solasta (Bonnie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Darren MortonBarytes Gem (Gemma)Miniature SchnauzerNottsGrade 7 (KC)
Emma MortonWoolbails Saffron (Merit)Spaniel (Working Cocker)South YorkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Rebecca MottramLady Bella Mottram (Bella)Spaniel (English Springer)MerseysideGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Lisa MugridgeMilwyr Black Velvet (Swift)Australian ShepherdTyne & WearGrade 3 (KC)
Emily MulhollandClanmirri All Dancing Mister Toddodd (Todd)Poodle (Miniature)West SussexGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Nicola MullingsWee Willie Wilson (Wilson)Working SheepdogWorcestershireGrade 4 (KC)
John MunroPhantom Countess (Tess)Working SheepdogAyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Rebecca MurdochTri-Skye (Skye)Jack Russell TerrierEast AyrshireGrade 3 (KC)
Elizabeth-Ann MurphyI Love My Boy Hope (Hope)Border CollieBanffshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lauren MurphyTyrannosaurus Dex (Dexter)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 3 (KC)
Olive MurphyDixie Dot (Dixie)CrossbreedCo DownGrade 5 (KC)
Roy MurphyHardyljessmischiefnight (Alfie)Border CollieCumbriaGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Anne MurrayOn a Wing and a Prayer with Jinx (Jinx)Working SheepdogHampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kerry MurraySecret Mystery Antartic Polar Bear (Phoenix)Shetland SheepdogWiltshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sue MurrayLeevale Findlay AW/B (Findlay)CrossbreedEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Aisling MurtaghMagic Mike (Mike)PapillonRepublic of IrelandGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Lisa MuscarellaBrandy Snap (Ezekiel)Hungarian VizslaWest YorkshireGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Tracey MyersElmo's on Fire (Elmo)Chihuahua (Long-coat)LancashireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Tracey MyersPrince of Leon (Leon)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Tracey MyersQueen Cleopatra (Cleo)Chihuahua (Long-coat)LancashireGrade 4 (KC)
Nicky NairnNedlo in a Black Top (Toppa)Border CollieHampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Beth NakhlahCatch Me Charlie (Charlie)CrossbreedEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Jodie NazimiMagic Mischief of Worsendon (Magic)CrossbreedEssexGrade 7 (KC)
Sharon NealBella Blue (Bella)CollieCornwallGrade 6 (KC)
Sharon NealBlue Mist in Motion (Misty)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Sharon NealThe Blue Blast (Blue)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 7 (KC)
Sue NealFrom Hungary with Love AW/S (Teria)Hungarian VizslaEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Meg NeilsonDochas Na'H Eilanan Siar (Dochas)CollieMidlothianGrade 4 (KC)
Meg NeilsonGigha Tir Mo Chridhe (Gigha)CollieMidlothianGrade 6 (KC)
Gemma NelliesBackwinds Midnight Rogue (Abi)Poodle (Miniature)ShropshireGrade 7 (KC)
Faye NemethFollyfleet Star Let (Jess)Border CollieCumbriaGrade 7 (KC)
Alexa Netty / Sue WoodcockSaffino Chocolat (Saffy)Spaniel CrossCambridgeshireGrade 2 (KC)
Kathrine NewcombeIndie's Little Shadow (Indie)MixedGwentGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sue NewingBexhill's Triple X Demon (Bex)Welsh SheepdogKentGrade 5 (KC)
Sue NewingParisway Kandyman (Gibbs)Border CollieKentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Alice NewportRebel Rascal Ralph (Ralph)CrossbreedEssexGrade 3 (KC)
Alice NewportWillow the Whirlwind (Willow)CrossbreedEssexGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Carolyn NewtonMy Boy Mr Mike at Boscally (Mike)Border CollieDevonGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Linda NichollsChazak Sparkling Star (Jack)Border CollieHampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Aemillia NicholsonLittle Miss Woo Woo (Wyllow)CrossbreedStaffsGrade 7 (KC)
Ashley NicholsonPeanut Butter Jelly Time (Peanut)PugSouth AyrshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ashley NicholsonRascaille Dreamholder (Zeus)PomeranianSouth AyrshireGrade 3 (KC)
Holly NicholsonBoxing the Shepherd (Tiny)CrossbreedLincolnGrade 5 (KC)
Jennifer NicholsonBurnawn Boy AW/B (Cody)Working SheepdogAyrshireGrade 5 (KC)
Jennifer NicholsonNessa Rose of Burnawn AW/S (Nessa)CrossbreedAyrshireGrade 7 (KC)
Julie NicholsonMy Mate Dobbie (Martha)CollieStaffsGrade 7 (KC)
Julie NicholsonPasteldawn Lord (Ted)WeimaranerStaffsGrade 6 (KC)
Heather NicolMaddie Red Rascal (Sputs)Border CollieEast AyrshireGrade 6 (KC)
Trudy NicolleKentredecim Popsicle (Lexi)Spaniel (English Springer)Isle of WightSC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Jackie NightingaleLord Jim of Ashby (Jimbo)Hungarian VizslaLeicestershireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Donna NixonLord Boombastic Fantastic (Charlie)Bichon FriseGlasgowGrade 4 (KC)
Tracey NorreyMannanans Mac Lir (Mac)Border CollieIsle Of ManGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Louise NorrisHarlequins Jester (Harley)Spaniel (English Springer)KentGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Vince NorrisBailey Bop (Bailey)Spaniel (English Springer)KentGrade 2 (KC)
Carol NorwoodWussy Willow (Willow)CollieNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Tamara NunleyBrenriga Wrapped in Ribbons AW/S (Ali)Bearded CollieBucksGrade 5 (KC)
Sara NunneyShow Me the Honey (Bumble)MixedRenfrewshireGrade 5 (KC)
Kimara NyeJackara Twix ‘n’ Twirl (Twix)Collie XWest sussexGrade 2 (KC)
Barbara O'BrienJoe Wheee (Joey)CrossbreedNorthamptonshireGrade 7 (KC)
Alison O'ConnellRomarhay Just an Initial (Q)CollieLincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Margaret O'ConnellUp and Over Four Pawed Clover (Clover)Spaniel CrossFifeGrade 4 (KC)
Kerry O'TooleLuna Red Firecracker (Luna)Border CollieEast YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Ben OggianoIzzy Wizzy Flecknoes Busy (Wispa)CrossbreedNorth DevonGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Dominique OgierSarnian Beau Lenny (Lenny)CollieChannel islandGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Dominique OgierWelshspel Thunder Crack (Digger)CollieChannel islandGrade 6 (KC)
Paul OgierJinx Padlock (Jinx)Jack Russell TerrierChannel islandGrade 7 (KC)
Anne OliverSilent Breeze (Breeze)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SurreyGrade 2 (KC)
Sue OliverSlow Jam Sally (Pumpkin)Border TerrierHantsGrade 3 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Wendy Oliver BeavisBasilea Sent a Dream (Zoom)Miniature American ShepherdSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Neil OlverNickila Infiniti and Byond (Buzz)German Spitz (Mittel)LincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Ian OrmrodMischievous Moment of Merle (Storm)Working SheepdogDumfries & GallowayGrade 7 (KC)
Jenna OrrDuke of Jencraig (Alfie)Border TerrierDownGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Julie OrrFantastic Master Fox (Odin)Retriever (Labrador)EdinburghGrade 5 (KC)
Bobbie OsborneMiss Batty Hattie (Hatty)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 3 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Lee OvensHowies Perplexing Tri (Hogan)Border CollieClacksGrade 7 (KC)
Colin OwenDynamite Dill (Dill)Working SheepdogWest MidlandsGrade 5 (KC)
Sian OwenA Little Game of Dominoes (Domino)Jack Russell TerrierGloucestershireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice and SC Champion (UKA)
Sue OwenSummer Daze (Summer)Working SheepdogWest MidlandsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Siobhan OwensMr Jethro Gibbs (Jethro Gibbs)Staffordshire Bull TerrierAntrimGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Andrea OxleyBreezybrook Laser (Wispa)Spaniel (Working Cocker)South YorkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Charlotte O’NeillHigh Flyer Harls (Harley)Collie X SpanielSomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Julie PaceyJasuebelle I Have Dream (Rufus)Spaniel (Cocker)NottinghamshireGrade 2 (KC)
Sharon PadleyKillington Kim (Kim)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DumfriesGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Emer PageKing of the Shadow Dancers (Shoka)Shetland SheepdogCo AntrimGrade 5 (KC)
Wendy PageAviary Special Branch (Bling)Border CollieNorth SomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Victoria PaineHe Can But Probably Wont (Murphy)Working SheepdogKentGrade 2 (KC)
Sarah PallisterGonegos White Rabbit (Teasha)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaNottinghamshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sarah PallisterMorezi Fear Hate Love (Reuben)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaNottinghamshireGrade 5 (KC)
Linda Palmer-JenkinsWundai Back to the Future (Saphire)Miniature SchnauzerSurreyGrade 5 (KC)
Karen PanterPamicks Peaceful Moment (Holly)Spaniel (Welsh Springer)KentGrade 2 (KC)
Karen PanterPowerscourt Eloquence (Indy)Spaniel (Cocker)KentGrade 3 (KC)
Gill ParishRowlandshire Selby West (Selby)Retriever (Flat Coated)DorsetGrade 3 (KC)
Graham ParkBannetstane Be Yourself (Rebus)Border CollieGlasgowGrade 4 (KC)
Brianna ParkerScamper Rosie Pearl (Scamp)CrossbreedBedfordGrade 3 (KC)
Grace ParkerReady Evie Lets Go Weavie (Evie)Jack Russell TerrierBucksGrade 4 (KC)
Karen ParkerIt's Simply Jazz (Jazz)Jack Russell Terrier XBucksGrade 6 (KC)
Rachel ParkerLivewires Time to Shine (Jade)Staffordshire Bull Terrier XLincolnshireGrade 3 (KC)
Sarah ParkerFlea Here Flea There (Jess)Working SheepdogSouth LanarkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Alison ParkesMaster Truffles (Truffles)Collie X SpanielArmaghGrade 2 (KC)
Lucy ParkinNellylicious Belladonna AW/G (Nell)Working SheepdogTyne and WearGrade 7 (KC)
Lucy ParkinPlinkie Belladonna Dinga (Ding)CrossbreedTyne and WearGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Tony ParmiterNightsabre Elara in Ebony AW/D (Ebony)Belgian Shepherd - GroenendaelOxfordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Katy ParrottFestive Fig of Rivermeadow (Fig)Retriever (Labrador)West SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Thomas ParrottOwlstone Midsomer Acer (Ace)Retriever (Labrador)West SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Lisa ParsonsTillyIsard (Tilly)Spaniel (English Springer)West SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Pat PartridgeGunran Gigi (Tia)Border CollieCornwallGrade 6 (KC)
Rachel PartridgeKyleburn Hermione (Lottie)Shetland SheepdogSurreyGrade 2 (KC)
Jana PascheMorgansR First Time Flyer (Extra)Collie XLancashireGrade 5 (KC)
Tania PatersonFunfastquick No Way Out (Nevis)Border CollieSelkirkshireGrade 3 (KC)
Gail PattenWee Willow Winkie (Willow)CrossbreedBedfordGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Mark PattendenKatsizz Ginger Snaps (Izzy)MixedKentGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Robin PealingSimplyfenntastic (Fenn)Spaniel CrossDevonSenior (UKA)
Alison PearceWiddershins Walrus (Herbie)Border CollieBerkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Christine PearceMiska Flashdance (Anna)Spaniel (Cocker)NorthantsGrade 2 (KC)
Katie PearceZelavik Sun Kissed Rose (Jemma)German Shepherd (Alsatian)DevonGrade 3 (KC)
Pauline PearceWaggerland Chewy (Chewy)Border CollieNorth SomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Lyn PearsonParasienta's Rosina Roja (Heidi)Poodle (Toy)DevonGrade 4 (KC)
Lyn PearsonReubicia Wild Chestnut (Tallis)Shetland SheepdogDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Lesley Pearson-SimmondsToby to the Rescue (Toby)CollieKentGrade 4 (KC)
Lesley Pearson-SimmondsWhite Tornado of Valgray (Polly)Working SheepdogKentGrade 6 (KC)
Lois PeckoverRizuklo Mummy’s Boy (Doody)Poodle (Miniature)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Heather PedleyCaselbarn Santa’s Sparkle (Porridge)Polish Lowland SheepdogLeicestershireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Steven PegramDisnae Like Stoppin (Dixie)Working SheepdogSouth LanarkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Debbie PerrinCinder Chela (Chela)Spanish Water DogHerefordshireSC Champion (UKA)
Doreen PetcheyZambullidor Zahori (Nina)Spanish Water DogEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Alison PhillipsFoxtwist Red Request (Red)Border CollieBerksGrade 7 (KC)
Jayne PhillipsStinker Belle (Belle)CrossbreedSouth GlosSC Novice (UKA)
Michele PhillipsGoodgolly Miss Holly (Holly)CrossbreedGlosGrade 4 (KC)
Molly PhillipsStarrytails Little Chief (Kaiser)Miniature American ShepherdBerksGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Sarah PhillipsMagic Midnight Molly (Molly)Staffordshire Bull Terrier XLincolnshireGrade 4 (KC)
Julia PhilpJaxstar So White (Matilda)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Sue PhippsMiles of Smiles (Milo)Border CollieMid GlamGrade 6 (KC)
Sue PhippsStarrytails Lil Sunshine (Ringo)Miniature American ShepherdMid GlamGrade 4 (KC)
Trish PigginSculbrook Lady Be Good (Prudence)Poodle (Standard)NorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Alison PilkingtonDunoon Meg (Meg)Border TerrierNorth YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Mandy PillingStillmoor Just in Time (Leia)Border CollieCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Mandy PillingStillmoor One Direction (Jasper)Border CollieCornwallGrade 6 (KC)
Nicola PillingLittle Miss Blue Skye (Skye)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Nicola PillingRebel Yell Rik Oshay (Ricky)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 4 (KC)
Corinna PippardSaunderswood Painted Lady (Megan)Shetland SheepdogGloucestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Becky PlanckWithout a Clewer (Benson)CrossbreedKentGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Julie PlantLucasetti's Oz Meister (Ozzy)CrossbreedStaffsGrade 6 (KC)
Sue PlawCinnamon Moonlight (Kizzie)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 3 (KC)
Amanda PocockKitty's Cocoa Bean (Evie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SurreyGrade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Terry PocockLeebeardream Forever Blue (Flynn)CollieSurreyGrade 3 (KC)
Di PoingdestreBramleycott Miss Rock'n Roll (Hazel)Shetland SheepdogShropshireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Di PoingdestreFareway Floyd (Eddie)BeagleShropshireGrade 6 (KC)
Caroline PollardFreda Flea (Flea)Jack Russell TerrierHampshireGrade 7 (KC)
Helen PooleThe Wesham Whirlwind (Isla)Border CollieLancashireGrade 2 (KC)
Joanne PopplewellBuddy the Elf (Buddy)CrossbreedEast YorkshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Rachel PorterDawn Run (Fizz)Retriever (Labrador)GloucestershireSC Novice (UKA)
Carol PosnetteGreymantle Ariel (Briar)Swedish VallhundHantsGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jackie PotterCornerstones Super Spud (Spud)CollieGlosGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Chris PottsEvie Beevie BStoke Princess (Evie P)CrossbreedHampshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Karin PoundA Kilo of Tri 'n Error (Kilo)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Maxine PountneyDonegal Aaron (Joey)Spaniel (English Springer)West midlandsGrade 3 (KC)
Wendy PowellCotrye Fire n' Ice (Fire)Border CollieLancsGrade 5 (KC)
Chloe PowlingLookout Lookout Samys About (Sam)Spaniel (Cocker)ClackmannanshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jess PowlingJess Summer Time Falls (Bella)Spaniel (English Springer)ClackmannanshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Emma PrattDunnydals Sticky Toffe Pudd of Lyndalla (Isla)DalmatianFifeGrade 3 (KC)
Maureen PreedyMaltings Beatrice (Grace)Retriever (Labrador)WiltsGrade 3 (KC)
Carol PrenticeGood Day Sunshine (Dilys)Spaniel (Cocker)West MidlandsGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle PrenticeDon’t Take the Micky Mouse (Mouse)Spaniel (Working Cocker)HertsGrade 4 (KC)
Evelyn PriceCarraig Maizzey Amazes Me (May May)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Debbie PrinceBridget Lisicki (Pippa)German Shepherd (Alsatian)East AyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Katherine PritchardDevongem Catching Fire (Murphy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DerbyshireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Nichola ProcterSilkmountains Dark Secret (Buddy)Poodle (Miniature)DevonGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Novice and Senior (UKA)
Nichola ProcterTrentishoes Wild One (Sky)CrossbreedDevonChampion (UKA)
Heather ProctorMy Evie Wonder (Evie)CrossbreedBerksGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Andrew PrynnPrynners Paddypower (Patrick)RottweillerCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Lorna PuckettDeefa Dee Dee (Deefa)Retriever (Labrador)North SomersetGrade 6 (KC)
Michael PughBrynbach Nell (Nell)Border CollieGwentGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Emma PullanBlundasgems Black Diamond (Lexi)Spaniel (Working Cocker)North yorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Adele PummeryGo Grace Go (Grace)Working SheepdogEssexGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sarah QuirkeRocky Eye of the TerrierCrossbreedCo. DublinGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Beth RachlisMorgansR Swizzie Rascal (Izzie)CrossbreedNewcastle upon TyneGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Ian RadfordAdric of Alzarius (Adric)CrossbreedHerefordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Ian RadfordChase Me Chelsea (Chelsea)KelpieHerefordshireGrade 5 (KC)
Monique Rafique KingMiss Betsy Bedazzled (Betsy)Bichon FriseWest SussexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Monique Rafique KingMonique’s Favorite Biscuit (Oreo)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sharon RamsayDemolition Dougal (Dougal)Portuguese Water DogFifeGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Denise RamshawTinka Star (Tinka)Collie XWest SussexSenior (UKA)
Abbey RanceSkybound Clear for Take Off (Rusty)Border CollieKentGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jessica RapinettWhoops a Bailey (Bailey)CrossbreedShropshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Dave RawlinsStubleywood Gold and Black (Freddie)Border CollieWest YorkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Fran RaynerShona Rayner (Shona)CrossbreedWiltshireGrade 2 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Will RaynerEdison Air So Cool (Eddie)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + Novice, CSC and WCSC (UKA)
Marian ReaDrummands Mia (Mia)CrossbreedAntrimGrade 6 (KC)
Nicola ReadmanStrayhead Electra AW/S (Millie)Retriever (Labrador)North YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Ellen RedhouseWillowswind CelaenoRetriever (Flat Coated)East SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Rosalyn RedmanLochlin's Mischief (Lockie)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 7 (KC)
Diane ReedBlue Mavrick (Mavrick)Bearded CollieEssexGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Diane ReedMoon Fish Merle (Moon)CollieEssexGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sara ReedCaptain Curley (Todd)CrossbreedDevonGrade 3 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Sharon ReederBexenolly Star Trooper (Robbie)Border CollieLancashireGrade 4 (KC)
Julie ReeksEclipse of the Bon Bon (Bonnie)Working SheepdogGlosGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Joanna ReesTail'n Swift Sara Jes Barker (Sharick)Border CollieRhondda Cynon Taf.Grade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Susan ReesBawdseylill Rudder (Barney)Retriever (Labrador)SuffolkGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Susan ReesLucky Lottie of Sawston (Lucy)Retriever (Labrador)SuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Sandra Rees-PedlarHousty Sky's Jan (Poppy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)HertfordshireGrade 5 (KC)
Dyan ReeveCatching Fire (Ozcar)KelpieEast RenfrewshireGrade 7 (KC)
Tracey ReeveLiv’s Buddy (Buddy)CollieDevonGrade 5 (KC)
Matthew ReevesDante's Need for Speed (Dante)Working SheepdogEast yorkshireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Grace ReidRuger Madadh (Ruger)Patterdale TerrierAberdeenshireGrade 2 (KC)
Jackie ReidSianworth Spirit of Lewis (Lewis)Border CollieCumbriaGrade 5 (KC)
Kathryn ReidDashing Dandy Dodger (Dodger)Jack Russell TerrierNorth AyrshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Rosie ReidSplatterday Night Fever (Pixel)LurcherWiltshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Claire RendelThutamba Wulff (Jet)Retriever (Labrador)SurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Emma ReynoldsSpeedy Jet (Jet)Border CollieIsle of WightGrade 2 (KC)
Helen RichardsBroachdale Rocky Two (Louis)Spaniel (Cocker)NottinghamshireGrade 4 (KC)
Jennie RichardsOscar Gingernut (Oscar)Hungarian VizslaCornwallGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Pippa RichardsBellpins Betcha Can't Kiss Me at Pippapins (Sugar)Miniature PinscherDevonGrade 7 (KC)
Teresa RichardsStarrytails Kinky Boots (Bootzyboo)Miniature American ShepherdCambsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Anna RichardsonNevo Naut (Neville)CrossbreedSurreyGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Ria RichesCreswickes Razel Dazel (Eva)Border TerrierBristolSC Senior (UKA)
Ria RichesWarmley Jake (Jake)Border TerrierBristolSenior (UKA)
Sandra RichmondBella-Donna Star (Bella)CollieEast SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Sandra RichmondLittle Miss Elousia (Ellie)CollieEast SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Sandras RichmondTis My Life (Aimee)CollieEast SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Ken RickettsTreasured Muttley (Muttley)Collie XBerksGrade 4 (KC)
Melanie RickettsMister Help Yourself (Moss)Working SheepdogGloucestershireSenior and CSC (UKA)
Louise RiddioughNorakim Lady Martha AW/B (Bella)Cavalier King Charles SpanielBucksGrade 6 (KC)
Tracy RileyCastomya New Recruit (Dink)Border CollieMiddlesexGrade 6 (KC)
Kelly RimmerMr Davidson (Harley)Jack Russell TerrierWorcestershireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Anne RipleyAfterglow Curly Whirly (Rodel)Poodle (Toy)Perth and KinrossGrade 4 (KC)
Jennifer RipleyOne Spark of Light (Figment)Working SheepdogFifeGrade 4 (KC)
Lindsay RobertsJolly Molly Strebor (Molly)Spaniel (English Springer)LancashireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Lindsay RobertsLady Strebor (Pippa)Collie X SpanielLancashireGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Nicola RobertsDame Millie Vanilli (Millie)CrossbreedNottinghamshireGrade 2 (KC)
Paul RobertsMorgans Sonny Jim (Sonny)CrossbreedCumbriaGrade 7 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Sue RobertsYealand Lil Amazing Grace (Gracie)Border CollieLancashireGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Alan RobertsonBoomtang Blue Buzztastic AW/S (Blue)KelpieEast KilbrideGrade 6 (KC)
Jill RobertsonAmiryck Sweet Dreams (Jazzer)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Christine RobinsonKilnrae Pursuit (Bailey)Gordon SetterPowysGrade 4 (KC)
Ian RobinsonPilling Tri Ruby (Ruby)Border CollieEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jacquie RobinsonCachucha's Golden Arrow (Fraser)Poodle (Miniature)EssexGrade 5 (KC)
Jacquie RobinsonKalwig Aces High (Bertie)Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)EssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Martin RobinsonStar of Track and Field (Darcy)Spaniel CrossRoss-ShireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Andrea RobsonPolar Star Boy (Fudge)Retriever (Labrador)Tyne and WearGrade 4 (KC)
Andrea RobsonWestfield Holly (Phoebe)Retriever (Labrador)Tyne and WearGrade 5 (KC)
Christine RobsonCherrybeau's First Lieutenant (Misha)Miniature PinscherHighlands and IslandsGrade 6 (KC)
Jo RobsonKite Born To FlyBorder CollieShropshireGrade 5 (KC)
Jo RobsonReggie RocketBorder Terrier XShropshireGrade 7 (KC)
Jo RobsonRonnie Foxy YoyoBorder Terrier XShropshireGrade 6 (KC)
Tracey RodgersJezze Spirit (Jasper)Miniature SchnauzerSouth AyrshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Nathalie Rogemond-WestfieldBachwoods Biloxi (Lexi)Retriever (Labrador)BerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Doreen RogersRedanmuir Macgregor (Mac)Border CollieMidlothianGrade 6 (KC)
Jenna RogersIt’s a Buddy Miracle (Buddy)CrossbreedFifeGrade 2 (KC)
Malcolm RogersKigaro Dusty of Applepatch (Daphne)Spaniel (Working Cocker)FlintshireGrade 7 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Marcia RogersApplepatch Myherin (Harry)Spaniel (Cocker)FlintshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Marcia RogersRebel Princess (Pippamay)CrossbreedFlintshireGrade 6 (KC)
Sam RooneyIvyburn Miss High & Mighty (Five)Border CollieDevonGrade 7 (KC)
Tina RoseSherco Dream Racer (Skye)German Shepherd (Alsatian)BerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Gill RossElla Has Left the Building (Ella)CrossbreedAngusGrade 6 (KC)
Sandra RossMollyfoross of Valgrays AW/P (Molly)Working SheepdogWest SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Paula RoutledgeFolkvang Galaxy (Marco)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerksGrade 4 (KC)
Angela RoweBright Sapphire Star (Ruby)Border TerrierWest MidlandsNovice (UKA)
Angela RoweHall of Dreams Seven Wonders AW/B (Buddy)Shetland SheepdogWest MidlandsSC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Patsy RoweSonidun Sweet Magic (Ruby)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Nicola RowlandsKingscote Amazing Grace (Grace)Shetland SheepdogSomersetSC Champion and Champion (UKA)
Hayley Rubery / Rose RuberySurechanz Diamond Dust (Mia)Miniature SchnauzerShropshireGrade 5 (KC)
Claire RumaryBruce of Exmoor (Bruce)Retriever (Labrador)SomersetNovice (UKA)
Heidi RumbleRemedyclose Buckaroo (Sooty)Spaniel (Cocker)DorsetGrade 2 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Justyna RurnyBertie Black Lad (Benji)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
David RussellChocolate Dream v.d Herikervlier (Vudu)PapillonShropshireGrade 4 (KC)
Gina RussellBlissful Thinking (Bliss)Border CollieCo DurhamGrade 6 (KC)
Janice RussellSeahaven Bewitched by Cedarlake (Tegan)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverNorth YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Janice RussellSh.Ch. Riverwatcher Yakone at Cedarlake AW/G (Zoe)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverNorth YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Sian RyanPatouche Jaimee (Indy)BrittanyLincsGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Tracy RyanJachols What Izzit (Izzy)Spaniel CrossDorsetGrade 7 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Sarah RymanSherrygold Witches This (Branston)Poodle (Toy)HantsGrade 6 (KC)
Pauline SabeyForever in My Shadow (Lulu)CollieNorthantsGrade 5 (KC)
Elizabeth SaggersTake a Magic Moment (Ellie)CrossbreedEast SussexGrade 7 (KC)
Morgan SaltOrla My Golden Princess (Orla)Spaniel (Cocker)LeicestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Ann SandersRiley Errant (Riley)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Karen SandersThe Merle of Valgrays (Darcy)Working SheepdogWorcsGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Natalie Sanders / Katie SandersRuby Red Rose Flower (Amber)Retriever (Labrador)BedfordshireGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Joanne Sanderson / Kathleen McHughKazura Autumn Knight (Gizzie)Shetland SheepdogCheshireSC Novice (UKA)
Samantha SandersonBabbingtons Almighty Aramis (Aramis)Working SheepdogNottinghamSC Novice (UKA)
Samantha SandersonBabbingtons Amazing Abe (Abe)Working SheepdogNottinghamCSC, CAP and WCAP (UKA)
Samantha SandersonBabbingtons Harry Houndini (Harry)Yorkshire TerrierNottinghamCSC, CAP and WCAP (UKA)
Jessica SansomeNot a Mini Cooper (Cooper)Border CollieCardiffGrade 5 (KC)
Christine SaundersCroxlea Custom Design (Mazzy)Border CollieBath and North East SomersetGrade 3 (KC)
Melinda SavvaRiva the Diva (Riva)Jack Russell Terrier XNorth SomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Ann-Marie SaxonSeggamyr Narrogin Nipper (Hunter)Spaniel (Working Cocker)Co. DurhamGrade 7 (KC)
Sally SayersA Star Indie Making (Indie)Working SheepdogNorth YorkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Kay ScarlettDealbreaker Abbie AW/S (Abbie)Border CollieWest YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Peter SchofieldTickle My Tum (Lola)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Anneka ScholesMeddobe Spice's Wyecliffe (Otto)Swedish VallhundBucksGrade 4 (KC)
Kay SchynsDevongem Ellish Quick (Stewie)Border CollieCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Jackie ScottTwifinity Special Edition (Ronnie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)SuffolkGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jackie ScottWill I Am Junior (Billybob)Spaniel (Cocker)OxonGrade 6 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Kerry ScottMilhausen Octavia (Elsa)German Shorthaired PointerGlosSC Novice (UKA)
Richy ScottKtwo's Marty McFly (Marty)CrossbreedScottish BordersGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Tish ScottMazengarb Scotty (Alfie)Border TerrierNorthamptonshireGrade 2 (KC)
Michelle SeabrookKorsabian Star Chaser (Chase)Border CollieDevonSC Novice (UKA)
Jane SearlSunlight Sunshine Roxy (Roxy)Border CollieBucksGrade 5 (KC)
Jane SellerElswish Dark Legend (Jamie)Border CollieNorthumberlandGrade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jemma SelmanajNala’s Naughty But Nice (Nala)CrossbreedKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sara SeymourTiptopjack Talented Mr Rip (Ripley)Spaniel (Cocker)DevonGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Amy ShandParangeles Artistry (Clyde)Poodle (Toy)SutherlandGrade 2 (KC)
Beth ShanklandLanemark Foxy Fluffball (Kiera)Border CollieEast AyrshireGrade 5 (KC)
Melanie SharingSnoopy Point the Way (Snoopy)CrossbreedCumbriaGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Laura SharpeErkenwyne Othello at Rosettia (Otto)Manchester TerrierLincolnGrade 5 (KC)
Alison ShawMy Wishful Thinking (Pip)CrossbreedGlos.Grade 2 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Craig Sheaf (Penny)CrossbreedCheshireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Christina SheardDancing Diva of Valgrays (Darcy)Working SheepdogSurreyGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Pam ShentonBuzzbee Kyle (Buzz)Border ColliePowysGrade 4 (KC)
Trish ShentonTimothy of Hadlow AW/S (Timmy)Working SheepdogShropshireGrade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Ashleigh ShepherdLuna Tunes (Luna)Retriever (Labrador)DurhamGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Catherine ShepherdRairatesal Angle Jangles (Teasel)PapillonEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Kate ShepherdMiggy Mig Mig (Twiglet)LurcherWiltshireSC Novice (UKA)
Dean SheppardAlf the Mouth (Alfie)Border CollieEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Maxine SheppardWillow Scruffbucket (Willow)CrossbreedWiltshireCSC (UKA)
Danielle ShipmanMad Milo (Milo)LurcherNorth LincsGrade 2 (KC)
Karen ShircoreGracie-Boo (Grace)DobermanKentGrade 2 (KC)
Janice ShortStardell Elara (Ellie)Border CollieBuckinghamshireGrade 4 (KC)
Selena ShortDiagemtas Fever (Fever)Border CollieDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Becky ShuteVelvets Mini (Mini)Spaniel (Cocker)BucksGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Sarah ShutePango Kuri (Ebony)Spaniel (Working Cocker)NorthantsGrade 4 (KC)
Gill SimmonsFenellark Wild Thing at Stormblizz (Jovie)Border CollieLeicestershireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Melanie SimonsSilkmountain Frozen Twist (Boris)Poodle (Miniature)BerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Ann SimpoleWestcoast Cornish Chaos (Teddy)CollieCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Ann SimpoleWestcoast Delight (Ky)CollieCornwallGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Stephanie SimpsonMorgan's Take a Chance on Me (Archie)Working SheepdogTyne and WearGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Tina SimpsonHawksflight The Phoenix AW/S (Phoenix)Belgian Shepherd - TervuerenCornwallGrade 7 (KC)
Sara SinglehurstRadajasa's Violette Szabo (Hebe)German Spitz (Klein)BedfordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Hazel SisiPrincess Mia of Creetown (Mia)Staffordshire Bull TerrierWigtownshireGrade 3 (KC)
Heather SkeltonOlivepies Clover Sunshine (Winnie)Spaniel (Cocker)HantsGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Tracey SkeltonKentredecim Impeccable (Amber)Poodle (Miniature)SurreyGrade 7 (KC)
Raquel SlackBowser Shadow of Guineas (Bowser)SchnauzerLincolnshireGrade 3 (KC)
Amanda SladeBryngwrhyd Jacko (Jack)Spaniel (English Springer)SomersetChampion and CSC (UKA)
Jakki SlaminCrumpsbrook Sommer Eiche (Lottie)Large MunsterlanderNorfolkGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Barbara SlossGypsyflight Duchess (Kyla)Spaniel (English Springer)South LanarkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Melanie SmallMummy's Little Pocket Rocket (Amber)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 7 (KC)
Brooke SmilesIzzy Wizzy Just Got Busy (Izzy)MixedSuffolkGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Brooke Smiles / Marianne DruryLicosateria Make Way for Dex (Dex)Shetland SheepdogEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Brooke SmilesPolkadot Pop (Poppy)Staffordshire Bull Terrier XSuffolkGrade 7 (KC)
Caz SmilesZiggy the Wizz Kid Zoozarr (Ziggy)MixedSuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Amanda SmithTessmanian She Devil (Tess)Border CollieAyrshireGrade 5 (KC)
Ann SmithKinda Kookie (Kookie)Retriever (Golden)WiltshireSC Champion (UKA)
Anna SmithCrom Hopscotch (Crombie)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Caren SmithKentredecim Cola Twist (Stanley)Spaniel (Cocker)EssexGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Carolyn SmithGatekeeper Nutmeg (Mali)Spaniel (Cocker)CarmarthenGrade 5 (KC)
Carolyn SmithJackalantern Minstral (Gwen)Spaniel (Cocker)CarmarthenGrade 5 (KC)
Celia SmithStrictly Ola (Ola)CrossbreedDerbyshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Chloe SmithMillie in a Puddle (Millie)Retriever (Flat Coated)GloucestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Chloe SmithMystical Dynamite (Denver)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Duncan SmithParishholm Parkin (Hugo)Spaniel (Cocker)EdinburghGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Gill SmithNorthborders Red Storm AW/G (Branston)Border Terrier XLancashireGrade 7 (KC)
Glynis SmithDixie Dee Angel (Dixie)CrossbreedNorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Heather SmithShine on Meeka Moon (Meeka)CrossbreedDevonSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Ian SmithBarkaway Miss Millie (Millie)CrossbreedWorcesterGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Janet SmithHarry Botreaux (Harry)Working SheepdogBerkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Linda SmithMany Tears Rae Detector (Rae)Border CollieCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Nina SmithHathrens Moonlight (Isla)German Shepherd (Alsatian)NorthamptonGrade 5 (KC)
Rachel SmithWait a Mo Beau (Beau)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Steve SmithZakaboo Artic Fox (Brenda)Spaniel (Working Cocker)GloucestershireGrade 4 (KC)
Susan SmithTwirls Just Wanna Have Fun (Twirl)Working SheepdogNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Valerie SmithCryhavoc Contradiction (Nancy)WhippetKentGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ruth Smith - HowellGypsy in My Soul (Gypsy)CrossbreedLeicesterGrade 5 (KC)
Michaela Smith-MooreRosmarinus Tweed Cap (Tully)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Megan SmythChief Kaizer JoBurg (Kaizer)CrossbreedNottinghamshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Megan SmythLittle Green Monster (Envy)CrossbreedNottinghamshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Megan SmythLiving the Life (Rylee)CrossbreedNottinghamshireGrade 4 (KC)
Paula SnellDexter’s Doodle Dash (Dexter)CrossbreedNorth SomersetGrade 2 (KC) + Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Barry SollisRuse Madame Rouge (Indi)CrossbreedOxfordshireGrade 2 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Helen SoperFandabidozi Star Buck (Trek)Border CollieBuckinghamshireGrade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Sandra SouthernwoodSoldaze Minstrel (Minstrel)Border CollieBucksGrade 7 (KC)
Simone SouthwartForever Effervescent (Rosie)Spaniel (Cocker)LeicesterGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Catherine SowerbyTallulah Starlight (Pippin)Bearded CollieSouth AyrshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Dorothy SparkeBright Phoebe of the Green (Phoebe)MixedSuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Nicola SparkesAdmiral Jack (Jack)Jack Russell TerrierCambridgeshireGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Nicola SparkesAdmiral Tom Tom Nelson (Tom)Jack Russell Terrier XCambridgeshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Nicola SparkesMiss Jessica Jackflash (Jess)Jack Russell Terrier XCambridgeshireGrade 7 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Jane SparreyMaisie Missy Minx (Maisie)Jack Russell TerrierDorsetGrade 2 (KC)
Abi SpeakeWordencott Choco Breeze (Breeze)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DevonGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Amanda SpeedAmazing Blue Skye (Skye)Staffordshire Bull TerrierLancsGrade 7 (KC)
Carolyn SpelmanShadwell Josh (Josh)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 4 (KC)
Elaine SpencerGannow Tresco Charlee (Charlee)CrossbreedBirminghamGrade 6 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Megan SpringBetty Spaghetty (Betty)CrossbreedNorthantsGrade 5 (KC)
Megan SpringBouffant Madness (Mable)CrossbreedNorthantsGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Sue SpringCoopers Don`t Jinks Me (Jinks)CollieBristolGrade 7 (KC)
Nicky SpurgeonLarks Rooble Dooble (Ruby)CrossbreedEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Sarah SquireRazzamataz Bramble Storm (Jazz)CrossbreedDevonGrade 5 (KC)
Sarah StanbridgeDelicate Sound of Thunder (Echo)Spaniel (Working Cocker)HampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Selina StandlickSay What You Will (Willow)CrossbreedCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Emma StanfordStormyisles Brigadoon (Toby)Shetland SheepdogWest SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Debbie StanleyLily's Little Miss Meira (Keira)Working SheepdogSuffolkGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Claire StantonWizzlitt Just a Little Bitt (Wizz)CrossbreedLincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Carole StapleySpooky Star (Spooky)Working SheepdogDerbyshireGrade 7 (KC)
Annie StarkWaymaker Midas Touch (Koura)Poodle (Miniature)DevonGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Jean StarnesMy Boy Bill (Bill)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 6 (KC)
Jean StarnesThat's My Boy Bob (Bob)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Kim SteelePepperoni Steeler (Pepper)CrossbreedWiltshireSC Champion (UKA)
Laura SteeleWeslo Where She Bean (Cara)Spaniel (Cocker)West LothianGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Becky SteensonRocky's No Horror (Rocky)CrossbreedIsle of ManGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sam SteensonLittle Jedi Knight (Jed)CrossbreedIsle of ManGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sam StephensThat’ll Do Lad (Laddy)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Richard StephensonBeacon's Bounce (Beaky)Collie XConwyGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Richard StephensonHandbags Halo (Baggy)Collie XConwyGrade 4 (KC)
Carla StevensPolly the Wooly Doodlebug (Pollie)CrossbreedDevonGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Helena StevensBlackberries 'n' Cream (Benji)Cavalier King Charles SpanielWest SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Liz StevensRhadamanthys of Arabia (Rhad)CrossbreedEssexGrade 4 (KC)
Lynn StevensHillmoor Lace Sherebridge (Lace)Border CollieCo DurhamGrade 5 (KC)
Judy StewartTrenod's Tichy Dhu (Tichy)Lurcher CrossCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Lorna StewartJolly Gee Jinx (Jinx)Working SheepdogAyrshireGrade 5 (KC)
Lorna StewartWhacko Jacko (Jackson)Working SheepdogAyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Radana StewartDaddy's Big Boy (Rocky)Italian GreyhoundLeedsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Kathryn StickneyShego Crazy (Crave)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DevonGrade 7 (KC)
Penny StirlingHufflewuff Golden Snitch (Murphy)Poodle (Miniature)FifeGrade 5 (KC)
Emma StockAthena the Minibeast (Athena)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice, SC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Sue StockChaotic Cerys from Nana-Erth (Cerys)CrossbreedHerefordGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Jane StockdaleThe Teflon Don (Blake)Spaniel (Working Cocker)West YorkshireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Caroline StocksRuby the Midget (Ruby)CrossbreedDevonGrade 5 (KC)
Amy StocktonMoonbaby's Little Mad Moment for Papikoi (Maddi)Miniature American ShepherdShropshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Carole StoneIn the Ringoing Mad (Ringo)CrossbreedStaffordshireGrade 7 (KC)
Catherine StoneFinn Flintstone (Finn)Collie XWest SussexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Claire StonesStormbeck Flicker of Gold (Flic)Border CollieGwyneddGrade 4 (KC)
Abbi StorerLe Belle Sauterelle (Darci)CrossbreedStaffsGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC) + SC Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Abbi StorerLe Monsieur Tricolore (Bingli)CrossbreedStaffsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Bridget StorerDeep Sea Urchin (Cally)Retriever (Labrador)WiltsGrade 4 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Rick StowellDippee Daizee Doo (Daizee)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 2 (KC)
Ann StreetMeggies Treet (Meg)Working SheepdogWest LothianGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Len StreeterNosey Patch of the Bay (Patch)Working SheepdogIsle of WightGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Robyn StrongConfido in Saxa (Rocky)German Shepherd (Alsatian)AberdeenshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Pip StroudSidney Stroud (Sid)Spaniel (Working Cocker)GloucestershireSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Kimberly StuartKnock Knock Knock Penny (Penny)CrossbreedShropshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jan StubbsBasileas Little Tyke Tyler (Tyler)Miniature American ShepherdLeedsGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Debbie StylesLestys Zip Zip Hooray (Zippy)Border CollieDorsetGrade 7 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Christine SummerfieldIts All about Jazz (Jazz)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Christine SummerfieldMeisterwerk Daisy (Daisy)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 5 (KC)
Rebekah SurmanBrecksend Nodding Thistle at Braveshot (Logan)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 2 (KC)
Rebecca SurplicePenwills Gabby (Kai)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DorsetGrade 4 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Wendy SwadloMayandream Mossy Mayhem (Moss)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WiltshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Jodi SwansonClashnoir Rubi Carys (Maggie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)East LothianGrade 7 (KC)
Sandra SwarbrickTai Lawr Tess (Tess)CollieLancashireGrade 2 (KC)
Tina SyvretMutley de Jez Vert (Mutley)CrossbreedJerseyGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sarita TaggartLazy Lenny (Ralph)PugNorth AyrshireGrade 4 (KC)
Gemma TappinDevongem Absolute Believer at Gemgray (Faith)Spaniel (Cocker)OxonGrade 6 (KC)
Robert TappinSouthlorn Dejays Octaglen (Glen)Working SheepdogOxonGrade 7 (KC)
Lindsay TappingSage of the Shire (Sage)DalmatianSuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Lisa TarryKatajack Deppity Dawg (Depp)CollieKentGrade 5 (KC)
Oliver TattonNever a Moment of Dullness (Thea)Working SheepdogWorcestershireGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + CSC, CAP, WCSC and WCAP (UKA)
Debbie TavenerEaglespur Red Hot (Ayla)Manchester TerrierCheshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Debbie TavenerSilver Bear (Uschi)Miniature SchnauzerCheshireGrade 4 (KC)
Avril TaylorFifth Time Lucky (Milo)CrossbreedNorthamptonshireGrade 7 (KC)
Claire TaylorAlfie’s Legacy (Noah)Spaniel (English Springer)CumbriaGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Claire TaylorMadam Popadopoulos (Poppy)CrossbreedCumbriaGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Deborah TaylorMalachis Magical Loki (Loki)CrossbreedHertsGrade 4 (KC)
Julie TaylorJoyshan Autumns Dream (Angel)Retriever (Golden)West YorkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kim TaylorBottlesford Odd One Out (Chilli)Spaniel (Working Cocker)CornwallGrade 5 (KC)
Luke TaylorSet the Goose Loose (Goose)CollieWiltshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Novice, Novice and SC Senior (UKA)
Michael TaylorLady Megan Grace AW/S (Meg)Working SheepdogSurreyGrade 4 (KC)
Rebecca TaylorApollo Rocket Ship (Apollo)Poodle (Toy)NorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Sharron TaylorRufty’s Wacky Racer (Alfie)Working SheepdogNorth SomersetGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Sue TaylorDansharley Spirit (Druid)Spaniel (English Springer)CornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Tina TaylorZephon Stormchasing to Tispitza (Merlin)German Spitz (Mittel)SurreyGrade 3 (KC)
Sue TeagerSvena Sorcery (Saffy)Cavalier King Charles SpanielSuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Sandra TearTazmanian Teddy (Teddy)Spaniel (Cocker)East SussexGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sarah TellisDylanSpaniel (Welsh Springer)GloucestershireSenior (UKA)
Zoe TentenStar of Tullulah (Nico)Working SheepdogWest MidlandsGrade 7 (KC)
Frances ThatcherBarley Dreamer (Katie)Working SheepdogEast SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Frances ThatcherDancing with the Stars (Poppy)CollieEast SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Frances ThatcherRed Bear (Red)Working SheepdogEast SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Frances ThatcherSunshine Jack (Jack)Working SheepdogEast SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle ThearleDeubrique Atuncan AW/G (Benji)Spanish Water DogLincolnshireGrade 6 (KC)
Claire ThomCassiopeia Shining Star (Cass)Border CollieAyrshireGrade 7 (KC)
Barbara ThomasSpot the Difference Lad (Spot)CollieCumbriaGrade 4 (KC)
Hol ThomasBobby Slinky Crackerjack (Bobby)Spaniel (Working Springer)ConwyNovice (UKA)
Hol ThomasWindy Slinky O'rainbow (Windy)CrossbreedConwyGrade 6 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Jan ThomasLittle Miss Twinkle Paws (Jodie)WhippetMid GlamorganGrade 4 (KC)
Kate ThomasDubh Cu Boo (Boo)CrossbreedScottish BordersGrade 4 (KC)
Sarah ThomasVinyasa Blue Diamond (Vinyasa)WhippetBristolGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Novice, SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Shelley ThomasKerfcollie Lilac Harlequin (Harley)Border CollieWarwickshireGrade 5 (KC)
Shelley ThomasPendleway Sugar and Spice (Spice)Border CollieWarwickshireGrade 5 (KC)
Lindsay ThomasonGunfield Majestic Wingman (Stanley)Hungarian VizslaWiltshireGrade 2 (KC)
Isabelle ThompsonDidgeridoo That (Didji)KelpieLanarkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Julie ThomsonDodger of Wesleys (Dodger)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 6 (KC)
Kate ThomsonHowling Harmony Zack (Zack)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Angela ThornleyWren You Have It Flaunt It (Wren)Working SheepdogLincolnshireGrade 2 (KC)
Katie ThorpePixie Wixie Woo (Pixie)CrossbreedEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Steve ThurgoodLeeglen Jenny (Meg)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DevonGrade 6 (KC)
Judy ThurlowErkenwyne Lady Guinevere (Kita)Manchester TerrierEssexGrade 6 (KC)
Jenny TierneyThe Wisdom of Soloman (Solly)CollieLincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ann TiffanyGoldeneye Dottie Doodle (Dottie)Spaniel (Cocker)West YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Ann TiffanyKentridecim Sweet Alabama (Dash)Spaniel (Cocker)West YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Claire ToddStorm's Buddy Be Mine (Buddy)Working SheepdogCo DurhamGrade 4 (KC)
Toni TomkissDesperately Seeking Suzie (Suzie)CrossbreedNorthamptonGrade 6 (KC)
Toni TomkissHelengeli Hector (Harry)Poodle (Toy)NorthamptonGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Fiona TompsettMiss Princess Freya of Radbrooks (Poppy)Cavalier King Charles SpanielBerksGrade 6 (KC)
Fiona TompsettRadbrooks Panzanella (Pansy)Cavalier King Charles SpanielBerksGrade 6 (KC)
Tracey TomsBabbington Mr Doogie (Doogie)Retriever (Golden)LincolnshireGrade 7 (KC)
Abi TooneDaubnay's Beautiful Millie (Millie)Miniature SchnauzerHampshireGrade 2 (KC)
Jane ToshGlens Ye Caine Emno Listening (Caine)Working SheepdogAngusGrade 5 (KC)
Jacky TowellsMaximus Buddy (Maximus)Collie X SpanielDevonGrade 4 (KC)
Joanne TownEanie Meanie My Boy Mo (Elmo)Poodle (Miniature)WirralGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Denise TraubeLexi Fallowbreck (Lexi)Spaniel CrossNorfolkGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lisa TraverseEuropa Moon (Lola)Boston TerrierMorayshireGrade 7 (KC)
Antoinette TraynorDealan of Maryville (Sonny)Poodle (Toy)Co TyroneGrade 6 (KC)
Judith TrickettTollpepper Soulace (Solo)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverGloucestershireSC Senior (UKA)
Judith TrickettTollpepper Tartu (Finn)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverGloucestershireGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Nicola TrickettThorntonfern Kestrel (Kessie)Retriever (Golden)WarksGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Sandie TricksMagic Spells (Magic)CrossbreedOxfordshireGrade 5 (KC)
Paula TriggsMorcan Pocket Rocket (Hyper)WhippetNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Paula TriggsOff Like a Shot (Ammo)WhippetNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Myra TubbLightning Gem (Gem)Working SheepdogNorthantsGrade 6 (KC)
Jean TuckSaunderswood Fire Fly of Craygill AW/S (Maddie)Shetland SheepdogStaffsGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jean TuckTooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AW/S (Zac)Shetland SheepdogStaffsGrade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Janet TuckerJust a Little Smudge (Smudge)CrossbreedDevonGrade 2 (KC)
Gay TunnicliffeYeldust True Savannah with Witchdancer (Savannah)Collie (Smooth)LincsGrade 5 (KC)
Catriona TurnerCromhall Razzle Dazzle (Finn)Spaniel (Cocker)CambridgeshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Clare TurnerMorgansR Katie’s Star (Star)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Katie TurnerKytoc Bud He’s Awesome (Buddy)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Nick TurnerEtz Cetera (Ezio)CrossbreedSuffolkGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ria TurnerBlack Tai Affair (Altair)Retriever (Labrador)SuffolkGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Sally TurnerKehala French Connection (Hallie)Belgian Shepherd - GroenendaelKentGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jessica TurrillBlink n' Youll Miss Her (Bracken)Working SheepdogRutlandGrade 2 (KC)
Angie TydemanTattie All Over (Tatts)CrossbreedEast SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Angie TydemanWhispy Whoops a Daisy (Whisp)CrossbreedEast SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Claire TyeSomerset Amber (Amber)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WiltshireSenior (UKA)
Carol TylerStardell Virgo (Tommi)CollieLeicestershireGrade 2 (KC)
Edita UherkovichovaFranorst Lady Pamela AW/B (Inni)Large MunsterlanderGlasgowGrade 5 (KC)
Janet UlliottWood You Believe It Woody (Woody)Border TerrierSomersetGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Kathryn UsherIrish Red Emmerald (Emmie)CrossbreedSwanseaGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jane ValentineJeroben by Golly Miss Holly Tullamore AW/G (Aoife)Irish Red & White SetterNorthantsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Roxanne Van Der VlietAlexalee Buster (Rambo)Cavalier King Charles SpanielBristolSC Novice (UKA)
Roxanne Van Der VlietFancy Little Caesar (Caesar)Cavalier King Charles SpanielBristolGrade 3 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Suzanna van EeghenBalletcor Zebas Starlight (Zeba)CorgiCarmarthenshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jordan VaughanHatty in Wonder World (Hatty)CrossbreedWarwickshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Nicky VaughanThe Sorcerers Apprentice (Bailey)CrossbreedWarwickshireGrade 4 (KC)
Kath VealeTynevermoor Secret Mission (Axel)Border CollieBristolGrade 6 (KC)
Jim VearncombeRubymist Cherry Manhattan with Ruption Knightcott (Cherry)BoxerSomersetGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Tracy VenusRiverspell Beam Me Up (Flicka)Border CollieEssexGrade 7 (KC)
Mary VernonAlimar Spark Magic (Spark)Patterdale TerrierBerwickshireGrade 7 (KC)
Eileen WadeHon-Ye-Go Harper (Harper)Spaniel (Working Cocker)South LanarkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Karen WainwrightDarciemy Black to the Future (Darcie)CrossbreedNorthantsGrade 4 (KC)
Sabrina WaiteBotin Jupiter (Barney)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WiltsGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Isabelle WakefieldIzzy's Little Lulunatic (Lulu)Spaniel (American Cocker)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Charlotte WakeleyTurboed to Infinity (Buzz)Border CollieNorthamptonshireGrade 4 (KC)
Bob WakelinRuby Loo (Ruby)CrossbreedLincsGrade 7 (KC)
Meg WaldenMaster Charlie Chillington (Charlie)CrossbreedGloucestershireGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Claire WaldronMozzi Martian Monster (Mozzi)Border CollieDevonGrade 5 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Roger WalfordRedcross of St. George (Georgie)CollieBirminghamGrade 6 (KC)
Alyson WalkerRosie’s Dot Dot Dash (Rosie)Poodle (Toy)StaffsGrade 4 (KC)
Caroline WalkerTwisting Turning Twix (Twix)Jack Russell TerrierGloucesterGrade 7 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Debbie WalkerCountryways William (Fen)Spaniel (Working Springer)North SomersetGrade 5 (KC)
Heather WalkerOscy Bo Jangles (Oscar)CrossbreedWorcestershireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Heather WalkerSuperfly Ziggi Star (Ziggi)CrossbreedHertfordshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Scott WalkerDen Den the Menace Boy (Dennis)Working SheepdogNottinghamshireGrade 7 (KC)
Scott WalkerTia Titch Girl (Tia)Border CollieNottinghamshireGrade 7 (KC)
Sharon WalkerSnap Crackle & Olly Pop (Olly)Border CollieNottinghamshireSC Novice (UKA)
Tracy WalkerMy Perfect Storm (Storm)CollieEast SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Tony WallaceThe Absolute Monty (Monty)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Brónagh WalshFearnach God of Thunder (Zeus)Shetland SheepdogCo AntrimGrade 7 (KC)
Cathy & Mick WalshKillkenny Cat (Abbey)Spaniel (English Springer)WarwickshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Hannah WalshLeiborschy Brunhilda Ad Lib (Hilda)Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaWest YorkshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Hollie WalshCarmel’s Delight (Simba)Poodle (Toy)LancashireGrade 5 (KC)
Hollie WalshJet Set Go Agility (Jet)CrossbreedLancashireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Shonagh WaltersonWee Cabrach Terror (Scrabble)CrossbreedAberdeenshireGrade 5 (KC)
Jeff Walton / Jackie ScottWill I Am Junior (Billybob)Spaniel (Cocker)OxonGrade 6 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Debs WardTiggers Press (Tiggs)Staffordshire Bull TerrierEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Debs WardWho the Roo at You (Roo)Retriever (Golden)EssexGrade 4 (KC)
Elizabeth WardLydgate Lady Joules (Joules)Spaniel (Working Cocker)DurhamGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Eric WardHarlequin Hearty (Harley)CrossbreedYorkGrade 7 (KC)
Hayley WardLittle Legs Ria (Ria)Border CollieHertsGrade 2 (KC)
Jean WardLightrider's Kelson Blue (Kelson)Working SheepdogIsle of ManGrade 2 (KC)
Jill WardSkye Like Tyke (Milo)Border CollieYorkGrade 2 (KC)
Lynne WardAeron Flare (Flare)Border CollieCambridgeshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Michelle WardBat Eared Bill (Bill)Lurcher CrossWest SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle WardCount Tykeula (Tyke)CrossbreedWest SussexGrade 4 (KC)
Michelle WardLarojess Razzle Dazzle (Razzle)Border CollieWest SussexGrade 5 (KC)
Claire WardenFlash Me a Smile AW/S (Flash)Border CollieNorthamptonGrade 6 (KC)
Donna WardleFlyby Choccywoccydoodah (Galaxy)Spaniel (Working Cocker)LeicestershireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Rachel WardleFlyby Irish Pipsqueak (Pip)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 5 (KC)
Martin Wardle- RogersNorlincs Taser (Taser)CollieLincolnshireGrade 3 (KC)
Darren WarnerCatch the Pigeon (Jess)KelpieWarwickshireGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Harriet WarnerKenquartz Redwing (Matilda)Spaniel (Working Cocker)StaffordshireGrade 3 (KC)
Dawn WarnockTragility Rocket Rio (Rio)Border CollieLincolnshireGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Chelsea WarrenJust Buzzin (Buzz)CrossbreedBristolNovice (UKA)
Clere WarsopSalix Willow the Wisp (Willow)CrossbreedEssexGrade 2 (KC)
Annette WarwickAmsue’s Mini Me (Dexter)CrossbreedNorthamptonGrade 4 (KC)
Annette WarwickAmsue’s Pin Up Pup (Molly)CrossbreedNorthamptonGrade 6 (KC)
Helen WasherGunran Revolution (Neo)Border CollieCornwallGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Ruth WatersWatercombe Zobaggs (Zoe)CollieDorchesterGrade 2 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Gwen WatertonOne Last Chance (Shep)Working SheepdogDorsetGrade 5 (KC)
Alison WatsonTerrific Tesla (Tesla)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BristolGrade 2 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Megan WatsonCharlie’s a Darling (Charlie)Cavalier King Charles SpanielAngusGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Kelsey WattZachariah Dingle (Zak)CrossbreedMidlothianGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Tracey Dawn WattComic Companion (Mojo)Retriever (Labrador)Isle of ManGrade 6 (KC)
Tracey Dawn WattVinny Vidi Vici (Vinny)Spaniel (Cocker)Isle of ManGrade 4 (KC)
Jacqui WattsDakta’s Bare Behind (Dicky Doo Dah)Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)HampshireGrade 4 (KC)
Vivien WattsTara's Tickabee Boo (Tara)Spaniel CrossDevonGrade 6 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Anne-Marie WaughChazak Magical Mayhem (Pixie)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 7 (KC)
Anne-Marie WaughChazak Sky's the Limit (Magpie)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 4 (KC)
Ayshea WaughKilnhurst Kamali Seil (Amaruq)Miniature American ShepherdMid LothianGrade 7 (KC)
Ayshea WaughRed Star Princess (Star)Cavalier King Charles SpanielMid LothianGrade 6 (KC)
Michelle WaughChazak Dream a Little Dream (Alvin)Border CollieGloucestershireGrade 7 (KC)
Abi WeakeMiss Willow Eclipse (Willow)CrossbreedWest MidlandsGrade 7 (KC) + SC Senior, Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Abi WeakeMr. Parker Paws (Parker)Collie XWest MidlandsGrade 6 (KC) + CSC (UKA)
Jess WealleansDreamorox Repeat Forever (Alfie)Border CollieEast YorkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Elaine WebberRhinestone Meadow (Winnie)Spaniel (Working Cocker)EssexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Jayne WeeksMile Away Moss (Moss)Working SheepdogHantsGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice (UKA)
Jayne WeeksTrouble Adrift (Drift)Working SheepdogHantsGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Sarah WellerMazy Moomina of Ainmhithe AW/S (Mazy)CrossbreedNorthantsGrade 5 (KC)
Jenna WellsMy Little Georgie Boy (George)Border CollieSomersetSC Senior (UKA)
Lesley WellsLittle Lady of Valgray (Lady)Working SheepdogCambridgeshireGrade 5 (KC)
Alice WestonStubleywood Which Way Witch (Myrtle)Border CollieNorthamptonshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Angela WheateMillie Picolina (Millie)Border CollieEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Ken WheateDarleyfalls Double O'Seven (Bond)Border CollieEssexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Ronald & Fiona WheatleyRuby of Raughton Head at Loiriston (Ruby)Border TerrierPerthshireGrade 2 (KC)
Susan WheatleyCharterwood Lydia (Lydia)BeagleLincolnshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Suzanne WheelerAgapanthus Lily (Shadow)Spaniel (English Springer)GloucestershireSC Novice (UKA)
Lucy WheelwrightRub a Dub Tub (Toby)CrossbreedEssexGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Fiona WhelanDark Foreigner (Doyle)CrossbreedBerkshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Kim WhillansBally Bod (Bod)Working SheepdogScottish BordersGrade 7 (KC)
Kim WhillansBally Kearney (Kearney)Working SheepdogScottish BordersGrade 5 (KC)
Anne WhiteTy Du Tosca (Tosca)CollieHerefordGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Carole WhiteBagmed Will I Am (Frankie)Miniature SchnauzerCo AntrimGrade 5 (KC)
Dave WhiteAstra Tyg (Tyg)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Debbie WhiteTip Top Lollipop (Bizley)CrossbreedCambridgeshireGrade 7 (KC) + Senior (UKA)
Jean WhiteSaffron Summer Daze (Summer)Spaniel (Cocker)SuffolkGrade 5 (KC)
Lorna WhiteLegend of Zelda (Zelda)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Louise WhiteBlue Eyes that Fly (Lottie)Border CollieCheshireGrade 2 (KC)
Millie WhiteMagnificent Mr Mutley (Mutley)CrossbreedLeicestershireGrade 3 (KC)
Pam WhiteAstra Skye Blue Ningaloo (Skye)Border CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Phillip WhiteBlack Boy Albert (Freddie)Retriever (Labrador)Isle of WightSC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Trish WhiteGwynion Flax (Ziggy)CollieGloucestershireGrade 6 (KC)
Becky WhitehouseBadgerberry Cienna (Krunchie)Spaniel (Cocker)West MidlandsGrade 6 (KC)
Karen WhitehouseKazanpaul Creme de la Creme (Erin)German Shorthaired PointerStaffordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Gordon WhitemanFreddie the Great (Freddie)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Gordon WhitemanMimi Mouse (Mimi)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 3 (KC)
Julie WhitneyKira Sprightly Not Knightly (Kira)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WarwickshireGrade 6 (KC)
Julie WhitneyMaimees Escapologist (Seamus)Irish SetterWarwickshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Julie WhitneyWhitescourt Jojo (Tia)Spaniel (Working Cocker)WarwickshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Teri WhittakerJessica Wabbitt (Jess)Working SheepdogCornwallGrade 2 (KC)
Melissa WhittetBlackchester Basil (Ben)Spaniel (Cocker)Scottish BordersGrade 6 (KC)
Ken WhittingtonTri Again Ben (Benny)Working SheepdogBedfordshireSC Champion (UKA)
Heather WhittyHoodston FergusCrossbreedGlasgowGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Carol WickerMimbre Bombette AW/B (Jazz)Manchester TerrierNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Robert WicksNorthborders with a Twist (Eliza)Spaniel (Working Cocker)EssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Cyanne WilcoxRippleabulls Abracadabra (Napoleon)PugManchesterGrade 2 (KC)
Sharon WildLanokk Imrus (Harry)Hungarian VizslaMilton KeynesGrade 6 (KC)
Jane WildeKiaminogue's Give Me a Tri (Kira)Border CollieSuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Jane WildeKiaminogue's Lady Lucy (Penny)Border CollieSuffolk.Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Jane WildeKiaminogue's Touch of Class (Millie)Border CollieSuffolk.Grade 6 (KC)
Amy WilkinsonIntack Ruby Tuesday (Bramble)Border TerrierStaffordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Andrea WilkinsonMilo from Tomorrow (Milo)Border CollieWarksGrade 2 (KC)
Charlotte WilkinsonSpin When You're Winnie (Winnie)CrossbreedCastleton, CardiffGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Robyn WilkinsonIndie Red (Indie)LurcherRoxburghshireGrade 7 (KC)
Stephanie WilkinsonThe Showstopper (Juno)Working SheepdogStaffordshireGrade 6 (KC)
Tamsyn WillcocksTeg Dreyson (Bramble)BeagleCornwallGrade 4 (KC)
Christina WilliamsBrodie McSnoogle (Brodie)Spaniel (English Springer)NorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Debbie WilliamsBlamorder Just Like Magic (Sundae)Collie (Smooth)HerefordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Helen WilliamsLyca Knacker Nudger (Lyca)CrossbreedLancsGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Helen WilliamsTinkabell Run Pell Mell (Tinka)CrossbreedLancsGrade 3 (KC)
Jackie WilliamsDrumnascamp Inky (Millie)Spaniel (Cocker)Co AntrimGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Kate WilliamsLurcheroo Cael (Cael)LurcherWest SussexGrade 2 (KC)
Liz WilliamsDecoymans Piper Lupus AW/S (Teal)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverBedfordGrade 7 (KC)
Robert WilliamsRuby Red Moment (Ruby)Retriever (Labrador)StaffordshireGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Robert WilliamsWaterfall Warrior (Sydney)Retriever (Labrador)StaffordshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sue WilliamsCintarshe Silver Obsidian (Obe)PapillonKentGrade 6 (KC)
Susan WilliamsBronwen Bonbon (Bronwen)Working SheepdogCarmarthenshireGrade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Susan WilliamsIanto Banto (Ianto)Working SheepdogCarmarthenshireGrade 4 (KC)
Wendy WilliamsGood Tri Floss (Floss)Working SheepdogShropshireGrade 6 (KC)
Alison WilliamsonRujaff Topsy Turvy (Dylan)Border CollieGLOSGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior and SC Champion (UKA)
Becky WillicombeDakota Dream of Planetsolaris (Vixen)PapillonLancashireGrade 2 (KC)
Pauline WillisAedan a Happy Affair (April)Poodle (Toy)DorsetGrade 4 (KC)
Pauline WillisSchoolpiece Summer Baby (Summer)Poodle (Toy)DorsetGrade 4 (KC)
Anna WillittFinnCrossbreedSomersetNovice (UKA)
Bonnie WilsonLirren Magic Wish (Jazz)Shetland SheepdogEssexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Hayley WilsonKeep Your Lucky Eye Blue (Kyle)CollieNorthamptonshireGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Lauren WilsonMedvebergi Maszkos Hexe Buxanando with Fozzifeet (Juno)LeonbergerLanarkshireGrade 2 (KC)
Angela WiltshireLomondhills Beachboy (Freddie)CrossbreedFalkirkGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Christine WindsorBrocolitia Radley (Radley)Lakeland TerrierCambridgeshireGrade 5 (KC)
Keith WingettBrambledale Bessie Brown (Bessie)Bearded Collies (Working)DEVONGrade 2 (KC)
Jacob WinterPipster the Brave (Pip)CrossbreedE YorksGrade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Holly WintertonLakesfarm Claudio (Frodo)Retriever (Golden)WickwarGrade 3 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Sue WintonLittle Jessie Tastic (Jess)Spaniel (Cocker)RugbyGrade 6 (KC)
Sue WintonPursley Merlot (Ghillie)Spaniel (Cocker)RugbyGrade 4 (KC)
Marilyn WisehamAeron Jess (Jess)ColliePowysGrade 5 (KC)
Cathy WithallStorm Wolfdesigns (Storm)CrossbreedDevonGrade 4 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Iwona WithamGreenfox Gamekeeper (Keeper)Spaniel (Cocker)CambridgeshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Wendy WithingtonDiamond Jack Daniel (Jack)CollieNorth YorkshireGrade 7 (KC)
Jenny WittLavender Lillipip (Sophie)CrossbreedMerseysideGrade 6 and Grade 7 (KC) + Champion (UKA)
Jenny WittSakuraStar Sunset (Maisie)Working SheepdogMerseysideGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Corinna WolfmanHarjenda Boss Jose Mourino (Alfie)HavaneseLondonGrade 7 (KC)
Amy WoodIdlewild Mockingbird (Scout)Working SheepdogNottsGrade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 (KC)
Jacqui Wood / Marianne DruryYogi the Bearded Wonder (Yogi)CrossbreedEssexGrade 5 (KC)
Craig WoodheadBufalo Gal Go Roun D'Outside (Buffy)CrossbreedDerbyshireGrade 4 (KC)
Emma WoodlandCollonges Beta Boy (Spud)BrittanyWiltshireGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Bridget WoodmanKernow Dumpling (Ernie)Border TerrierCornwallGrade 3 (KC)
Alison WoodwardCloudhowe Fernitickles (River)Spaniel (Cocker)PerthGrade 5 (KC)
Sonia WoodwardNutty Milkshake (Milkshake)Spaniel (Cocker)BirminghamGrade 2 (KC)
Kaz WoolfordCaldonbeck Little Ms Radley (Talli)Border CollieEast SussexGrade 2 (KC) + SC Senior (UKA)
Natalie WoolfordBillza Boomerang (Bill)Working SheepdogCarmarthenshireGrade 7 (KC)
Natalie WoolfordHurry Cain (Cain)Welsh SheepdogCarmarthenshireGrade 6 (KC)
Ali WordenSmiley Rylee (Ryley)Working SheepdogSalisburyGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Allison WrightZing Along Zak (Zak)CollieNorfolkGrade 7 (KC)
Margaret WrightBall Istick Marley (Marley)Retriever (Labrador)CheshireGrade 5 (KC) + SC Senior and Senior (UKA)
Margaret WrightJaspwright Lanty (Lanty)Retriever (Labrador)CheshireCSC and CAP (UKA)
Melanie WrightMagic Dream Charmer at Magilitas (GT)Shetland SheepdogNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Melanie WrightMagilitas Rhythms Gona Get Ya (Rhythm)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 6 (KC)
Melanie WrightMagilitas the Beat Goes On (Beat)Border CollieNorfolkGrade 5 (KC)
Nicola WrightLegacy Blue Lightening (Lacey)Collie XHertfordshireGrade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Tina WrightBalidorn Cinnamon Fantasy (Annie)Bearded CollieEssexGrade 2 and Grade 3 (KC)
Gill WrightsonMagicbrill Wilberforce (Rolo)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerkshireGrade 6 (KC)
Gill WrightsonMagicbrill's Little Cracker (Jaffa)Spaniel (Working Cocker)BerkshireGrade 4 (KC)
Sharon WyattLove to the Nines (Murphy)German Shorthaired PointerHampshireSC Novice (UKA)
Carol WyeAbsolutely Red (Abi)Working SheepdogSomersetGrade 7 (KC)
Carol WyeBasileas Bright Moon (Phoebe)Miniature American ShepherdSomersetGrade 6 (KC) + SC Champion (UKA)
Sally WynesMy Last Chance (Asher)German Shepherd (Alsatian)SomersetGrade 4 (KC) + Champion and CSC (UKA)
David YaldenDitzy Gorgeous Girl (Daisy Mae)Staffordshire Bull TerrierTyne and WearGrade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 (KC)
Jess YeatesTruffleshuffle (Truffle)CrossbreedSomersetGrade 3 (KC)
Jenni YorkDansharley Maverick (Charlie)Spaniel (English Springer)West SussexGrade 6 (KC)
Jackie YorkstonClever Bob (Harris)Retriever (Labrador)StirlingGrade 2 (KC)
Alison YoungFreddies Chance (Freddie)Spaniel (Cocker)SurreyGrade 7 (KC)
Fiona YoungDistant Runner (Breagha)Collie XEdinburghGrade 6 (KC)
Gill YoungFerndel Florentine (Purdey)Hungarian VizslaSantonGrade 6 (KC)
Jackie YoungStar Annise (Dizzie)Bichon FriseBerkshireChampion (UKA)
Karen YoungRock Concerto (Connie)Bearded CollieWest SussexGrade 7 (KC) + SC Novice and Novice (UKA)
Karen YoungRock Sonata (Natta)Bearded CollieWest SussexGrade 6 (KC) + SC Senior and Champion (UKA)
Neil YoungRhendhoo That'll Dhoo (Rigby)Hungarian VizslaIsle of ManGrade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (KC)
Pam YoungJazzmin Seren (Seren)Working SheepdogWest SussexGrade 4 and Grade 5 (KC)
Vicki YoungOreo Twist N'dunk (Oreo)CrossbreedBinfieldGrade 6 (KC)
Gina ZantboerSpice It Up (Spice)Working SheepdogSuffolkGrade 4 (KC)
Anson Zheng / Doris LoBreezybrook Gabbi (Affogato Gabbi)Spaniel (Working Cocker)West YorkshireGrade 7 (KC) + Novice (UKA)
Vanessa ZimmermanKilnhurst Kanta (Louis)Miniature American ShepherdBerwickshireGrade 2 (KC)