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Winning Out in 2019


On-line Application Form....
Framed Cert

The Agilitynet Winning Out Certificates and New Years Honours List are our ways of celebrating people’s accomplishments in winning out or moving up at a Kennel Club or UK Agility show. 
It all started back in 2003 when Agilitynet’s own John Leslie won out of G1 with his big white Standard Poodle and we realised that no one - other than us and a few club mates - knew what he had done. So we decided to do something about it.
Since then, every January on New Years Day, we post a list of people who won out the previous year. As always, this is a free listing for UK-based competitors.
How it works
Enter your details below exactly as you wish them to appear. Then tick the box or boxes of the level(s) or grade (s) you have moved into, You can include KC and UKA awards on the same form. Please complete only one form per dog.
Please type with care!
Check that you have used Capital letters where appropriate (not BLOCK CAPS) especially for Handler’s name and Dog’s Registered name and everything is spelled correctly. If you are applying for someone else, please double check that they have not applied for themselves. What you type is what you get!
You will then get an automatic confirmation by email. If there is an error, please let us know immediately. 
In  order to ensure that you are included on the New Years Honours List, you must submit your details no later than 27th December.
On 1st January, the New Year’s Honours List will be published on for all to see. 

Application Form

Only wins in 2019 Kennel Club or UKA shows count.

PLEASE use Upper and lower case, punctuation and correct spelling!

1. Handler / Owner and Dog as you wish the information to appear on the certificate. (Please use Capital Letters e.g. George not george)
Handler First Name required
Handler Last Name required
If the owner and the handler are not the same person and you want a certificate for both then please tick this box
Dog's KC / UKA Name requiredN.B. Agility Warrant can be included e.g. AW/S
Dog's Pet Name  
Breed requiredN.B. All Spaniel types are under 'S'
All Retrievers are under 'R'... and so on
If your breed isn't here, please email us
2. Details of win(s) please tick the grade(s) that were won INTO or achieve during 2019 ONLY! Remember one form per dog only.
Kennel Club Logo
Grade 2 Grade 5
Grade 3 Grade 6
Grade 4 Grade 7
UK Agility Logo
Steeplechase Novice Novice
Steeplechase Senior Senior
Steeplechase Champion Champion
Steeplechase Champion (CSC) Champion (CAP)
Steeplechase Win Champion (WCSC) Win Champion (WCAP)
3. Posting details. Your certificatge will be sent here.
Submitted by - YOUR Name required
YOUR email address required
Send to postal Address - line 1 required
line 2  
line 3  
Town / City required
Post Code required(Please include the space in the middle!)
If you want to receive the Certificate to present to the handler, please tick here
Please let the handler know about this, to avoid duplicate requests!
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This free service is only open to UK based compeditors.
To give us time to correct all entries and collect all names,the Certificates will be sent out at the end of February
If you move up after you have applied for a Winning out Certificate or need to make any changes, just email us [replace the _at_ by the usual @ symbol]
If you have any questions not answered on this page, please send an email to [replace the _at_ by the usual @ symbol]